Denotation Graph (HTML version)

This page provides an index in the Denotation Graph introduced by Young et al. (2014). There are three kinds of pages: node pages, denotational similarity (pmi) pages and image pages.

Node pages

Nodes s with a large enough denotation ⟦ s ⟧ have their own HTML page:
500 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧|
100 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 500
50 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 100
10 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 50
5 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 10
Each page provides a sample of up to 100 images from the node's denotation (each image is linked to its own page), links to the most similar nodes, links to the parent nodes in the denotation graph, and an expandable link that shows its children and (part of) the hierarchy below it.

Image pages

Each image has a page which shows its five captions, and links to its nodes in the denotation graph (numbers indicate the number of captions that lead to the node).

Denotational similarity pages

The denotational similarity pages (under the "pmi" directory) show the denotational similarities of each node.

The paper

P. Young, A. Lai, M. Hodosh, J. Hockenmaier From image descriptions to visual denotations: New similarity metrics for semantic inference over event descriptions Transactions of the Association for Computational Linguistics (TACL), to appear. pdf