Denotation Graph Node Index

Nodes s with a large enough denotation ⟦ s ⟧ have their own HTML page:
500 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧|
100 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 500
50 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 100
10 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 50
5 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 10
Each page provides a sample of up to 100 images from the node's denotation (each image is linked to its own page), links to the most similar nodes, links to the parent nodes in the denotation graph, and an expandable link that shows its children and (part of) the hierarchy below it.

Index to nodes s with 100 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 500

|⟦ s ⟧|s
#ImagesNode label
49adult skate (pmi)
49jump bike (pmi)
49person eat meal (pmi)
49group of girl_child (pmi)
49adult and man standing (pmi)
49blond-haired woman (pmi)
49many (pmi)
49adult standing wear street (pmi)
49standing on field (pmi)
49adult use computer (pmi)
49handstand (pmi)
49baby play (pmi)
49adult wear blue shirt sit (pmi)
49man and adult look (pmi)
49person walk with person (pmi)
49person help adult (pmi)
49adult wear black clothing play instrument (pmi)
49wear orange vest (pmi)
49enjoy themselves (pmi)
49protect (pmi)
49guitar player (pmi)
49muzzle (pmi)
49young girl run (pmi)
49person wear black clothing play instrument (pmi)
49person take nap (pmi)
49adult face (pmi)
49catcher (pmi)
49tip (pmi)
49aisle (pmi)
49adult in background (pmi)
49man and person look (pmi)
49remove (pmi)
49bowl alley (pmi)
49person raise arm (pmi)
49woman sleep (pmi)
49person wear hat walk (pmi)
49mountainside (pmi)
49adult engage (pmi)
49person wait for train (pmi)
49adult look at phone (pmi)
49person wear backpack (pmi)
49have clothing (pmi)
49military man (pmi)
49share (pmi)
49debris (pmi)
49person sit and talk (pmi)
49backward (pmi)
49man talk to woman (pmi)
49two person laugh (pmi)
49two adult ride (pmi)
49look to be (pmi)
49castle (pmi)
49group of child play (pmi)
49food in kitchen (pmi)
49man ride motorcycle (pmi)
49wooden fence (pmi)
49adult standing in front of person (pmi)
49sword (pmi)
49walk past (pmi)
49process (pmi)
49woman listen (pmi)
49red and white uniform (pmi)
49person wear shirt sing (pmi)
49person wear shirt smile (pmi)
49ballet dancer (pmi)
49person perform dance (pmi)
49man wear shirt play guitar (pmi)
49tan dog run (pmi)
49wooden bench (pmi)
49black clothes (pmi)
49person standing in crowd (pmi)
49adult wear clothing walk down sidewalk (pmi)
49play with child (pmi)
49peace sign (pmi)
49wear brown shirt (pmi)
49adult with umbrella (pmi)
49enjoy beverage (pmi)
49mohawk (pmi)
49one sit (pmi)
49adult and child play (pmi)
49walk through street (pmi)
49farm (pmi)
49jump to catch (pmi)
49green dress (pmi)
49adult wear shirt smile (pmi)
49young female (pmi)
49video game (pmi)
49wear white dress (pmi)
49sit in restaurant (pmi)
49woman compete (pmi)
49play soccer on field (pmi)
49person and child play (pmi)
49child hold hand (pmi)
49brown and white dog run (pmi)
49standing with arm (pmi)
49group of person play (pmi)
49pigtail (pmi)
49two person walk on street (pmi)
49above (pmi)
49adult on beach (pmi)
48person be rock climb (pmi)
48person with mustache (pmi)
48direct (pmi)
48congregate (pmi)
48adult wear red clothing sit (pmi)
48two man play stringed instrument (pmi)
48person hold bottle (pmi)
48they sit (pmi)
48man play instrument and sing (pmi)
48adult give speech (pmi)
48some car (pmi)
48man with mustache (pmi)
48small dog run (pmi)
48run on street (pmi)
48little girl run (pmi)
48college (pmi)
48person sit talk (pmi)
48heavy clothing (pmi)
48white dog jump (pmi)
48rider race (pmi)
48look at man (pmi)
48person wear clothing standing on street (pmi)
48person watch woman (pmi)
48do trick on skateboard (pmi)
48asian woman standing (pmi)
48moped (pmi)
48some man work (pmi)
48woman seat (pmi)
48wear red hat (pmi)
48drive down (pmi)
48three woman sit (pmi)
48flame (pmi)
48older couple (pmi)
48adult with clothing walk (pmi)
48merchandise (pmi)
48senior citizen (pmi)
48three young girl (pmi)
48person read paper (pmi)
48cook in (pmi)
48some adult wear (pmi)
48african american woman (pmi)
48sit in boat (pmi)
48man wear blue clothing sit (pmi)
48asia (pmi)
48adult with mustache (pmi)
48volleyball player (pmi)
48woman and adult (pmi)
48person play reed instrument (pmi)
48asian person look (pmi)
48man ride skateboard (pmi)
48person kayak (pmi)
48walk in front of building (pmi)
48peek (pmi)
48gift (pmi)
48adult wear shirt sing (pmi)
48adult hold piece (pmi)
48earring (pmi)
48newborn baby (pmi)
48man sit play instrument (pmi)
48adult wear shirt ride bike (pmi)
48red and white (pmi)
48race on track (pmi)
48offer (pmi)
48two individual (pmi)
48adult prepare meal (pmi)
48look out window (pmi)
48sand dune (pmi)
48two person converse (pmi)
48wait for person (pmi)
48look window (pmi)
48asian woman sit (pmi)
48adult chat (pmi)
48man and woman look (pmi)
48adult hold flag (pmi)
48street scene (pmi)
48wear sweater (pmi)
48rapid (pmi)
48brown-haired woman (pmi)
48assist (pmi)
48person tie (pmi)
48peak (pmi)
48standing in kitchen (pmi)
48joy (pmi)
48child lean (pmi)
47woman wear pink clothing (pmi)
47person ride on bike (pmi)
47person with hat and clothing (pmi)
47contest (pmi)
47bird fly (pmi)
47child play in fountain (pmi)
47wear yellow (pmi)
47man standing next to adult (pmi)
47man and person dance (pmi)
47man wear jacket look (pmi)
47crash (pmi)
47camouflage (pmi)
47man sit on sidewalk (pmi)
47person hang out (pmi)
47adult with glasses sit (pmi)
47female child (pmi)
47person with glasses sit (pmi)
47two boy standing (pmi)
47woman walk down city street (pmi)
47assemble (pmi)
47blue bike (pmi)
47computer screen (pmi)
47athlete walk (pmi)
47and one (pmi)
47belly (pmi)
47adult carry child (pmi)
47man wear green shirt (pmi)
47three lady (pmi)
47standing with hand (pmi)
47sew (pmi)
47person wear pink shirt (pmi)
47skateboarder do trick (pmi)
47person hold something (pmi)
47person and woman dance (pmi)
47demonstration (pmi)
47two adult play game (pmi)
47skater jump (pmi)
47work on street (pmi)
47person jump up (pmi)
47adult look down (pmi)
47couple dance (pmi)
47tennis court (pmi)
47garment (pmi)
47adult read paper (pmi)
47picnic (pmi)
47pass person (pmi)
47cycle (pmi)
47catch wave (pmi)
47strike pose (pmi)
47gray-haired man (pmi)
47hold infant (pmi)
47person wear clothing ride bicycle (pmi)
47happy person (pmi)
47task (pmi)
47person hold phone (pmi)
47man and woman dance (pmi)
47walk with adult (pmi)
47two man play (pmi)
47adult in room (pmi)
47bowl ball (pmi)
47animal fly (pmi)
47some bike (pmi)
47car parking (pmi)
47person carry child (pmi)
47man drink beer (pmi)
47person paddle (pmi)
47man compete (pmi)
47look into camera (pmi)
47sailboat (pmi)
47adult with haircut (pmi)
47two boy sit (pmi)
47pigeon (pmi)
47boy kick ball (pmi)
47practice martial art (pmi)
47maneuver (pmi)
47portrait (pmi)
47blow bubble (pmi)
47school child (pmi)
47adult and woman dance (pmi)
47braid (pmi)
47man and adult dance (pmi)
47dreadlock (pmi)
47wooden floor (pmi)
47that sit (pmi)
47man jog (pmi)
47actor (pmi)
47wet dog (pmi)
46black person sit (pmi)
46adult walk down path (pmi)
46standing on leg (pmi)
46gallery (pmi)
46handbag (pmi)
46person watch something (pmi)
46adult draw (pmi)
46perform routine (pmi)
46group of person watch (pmi)
46chicken (pmi)
46uniform adult (pmi)
46person wear scarf (pmi)
46african woman (pmi)
46person sit on ledge (pmi)
46rise (pmi)
46black and white dog jump (pmi)
46adult prepare (pmi)
46man walk dog (pmi)
46swing bat (pmi)
46orchestra (pmi)
46person wear black hat (pmi)
46wear blue hat (pmi)
46person run race (pmi)
46orange safety vest (pmi)
46look through telescope (pmi)
46person do trick on bike (pmi)
46adult hold person (pmi)
46adult surround by person (pmi)
46busy city (pmi)
46man hold bag (pmi)
46person dance with adult (pmi)
46adult wear black hat (pmi)
46child sit in chair (pmi)
46person with face (pmi)
46map (pmi)
46fur (pmi)
46live (pmi)
46adult walk with person (pmi)
46large piece (pmi)
46hold dog (pmi)
46some adult be (pmi)
46gray hat (pmi)
46walk outside (pmi)
46some person play (pmi)
46blond person standing (pmi)
46gymnastics (pmi)
46person wear vest work (pmi)
46man on bike ride (pmi)
46some instrument (pmi)
46woman and person standing (pmi)
46german dog (pmi)
46carry backpack (pmi)
46person wear stripe clothing (pmi)
46two child run (pmi)
46young blond girl_child (pmi)
46person flip (pmi)
46person sing and play stringed instrument (pmi)
46rider jump (pmi)
46storm (pmi)
46walk stair (pmi)
46man write (pmi)
46walk wear snow (pmi)
46person climb wall (pmi)
46hold woman (pmi)
46army (pmi)
46dog splash (pmi)
46dust (pmi)
46blond woman sit (pmi)
46adult play reed instrument (pmi)
46man stop (pmi)
46adult help adult (pmi)
46black shoe (pmi)
46run with ball (pmi)
46rider ride bike (pmi)
46two adult standing on street (pmi)
46person raise hand (pmi)
46german shepherd (pmi)
46horseman (pmi)
46punch (pmi)
46child eat (pmi)
46shawl (pmi)
46participant (pmi)
46pink top (pmi)
46sack (pmi)
46little boy jump (pmi)
46bicycle race (pmi)
46person hug (pmi)
46hold racket (pmi)
46person with white clothing (pmi)
46athlete perform trick (pmi)
45dog play with toy (pmi)
45u (pmi)
45notebook (pmi)
45person wear clothing and pant standing (pmi)
45little blond child (pmi)
45wear black coat (pmi)
45mop (pmi)
45adult give presentation (pmi)
45lick (pmi)
45look in direction (pmi)
45drape (pmi)
45african american (pmi)
45adult drive (pmi)
45child make face (pmi)
45public street (pmi)
45person sit wear clothing (pmi)
45overweight person (pmi)
45person with purse (pmi)
45person standing on beach (pmi)
45person observe (pmi)
45adult hold up sign (pmi)
45factory (pmi)
45person paddle boat (pmi)
45adult have drink (pmi)
45hind leg (pmi)
45boy play game (pmi)
45dog play wear water (pmi)
45person sit next to person (pmi)
45headdress (pmi)
45monument (pmi)
45woman converse (pmi)
45put hand (pmi)
45tights (pmi)
45wear pink (pmi)
45adult tie (pmi)
45adult wear clothing talk to adult (pmi)
45child wear clothing jump (pmi)
45crown (pmi)
45adult dance with adult (pmi)
45run on field (pmi)
45standing with person (pmi)
45dinner table (pmi)
45man wear jacket walk (pmi)
45two man have conversation (pmi)
45group of young adult (pmi)
45play saxophone (pmi)
45athlete catch ball (pmi)
45man standing in front of building (pmi)
45person with arm (pmi)
45adult hold bottle (pmi)
45older man play instrument (pmi)
45man take photograph (pmi)
45baseball clothing (pmi)
45drill (pmi)
45do handstand (pmi)
45heart (pmi)
45adult tend (pmi)
45adult wear costume (pmi)
45some age (pmi)
45three worker (pmi)
45young man play stringed instrument (pmi)
45scaffold (pmi)
45ask (pmi)
45small boy play (pmi)
45parachute (pmi)
45carry flag (pmi)
45person sing and play guitar (pmi)
45person talk with person (pmi)
45adult and woman pose (pmi)
45person sit on curb (pmi)
45pay (pmi)
45group standing on street (pmi)
45child sit on bench (pmi)
45person sit on beach (pmi)
45person wear clothing talk to adult (pmi)
45man watch man (pmi)
45two person walk down sidewalk (pmi)
45half (pmi)
45blond adult standing (pmi)
45other standing (pmi)
45man wear clothing lean (pmi)
45person make food (pmi)
45have picture (pmi)
45adult wear vest work (pmi)
45winter clothes (pmi)
45adult turn (pmi)
45person wear cowboy hat (pmi)
45take walk (pmi)
45talk with adult (pmi)
45man wear black clothing sit (pmi)
45person walk past (pmi)
45try (pmi)
45person follow (pmi)
45black skirt (pmi)
45red outfit (pmi)
45adult hold phone (pmi)
45man play wind instrument (pmi)
45snow cover mountain (pmi)
45candle (pmi)
45man take break (pmi)
45sleep on bench (pmi)
45tournament (pmi)
45small table (pmi)
45child sit on floor (pmi)
45child gather (pmi)
45tripod (pmi)
45nurse (pmi)
45person catch (pmi)
45adult take nap (pmi)
45adult ride bike down street (pmi)
45adult play brass instrument (pmi)
45person and woman pose (pmi)
44finish line (pmi)
44white animal (pmi)
44he look (pmi)
44person play outside (pmi)
44person wear mask (pmi)
44adult wear clothing standing on street (pmi)
44nighttime (pmi)
44three person play instrument (pmi)
44adult sit in room (pmi)
44multicolored (pmi)
44large black dog (pmi)
44standing behind him (pmi)
44doll (pmi)
44oppose player (pmi)
44lead person (pmi)
44disc (pmi)
44guy play stringed instrument (pmi)
44person lean against wall (pmi)
44yellow t-shirt (pmi)
44wing (pmi)
44person cut (pmi)
44woman and adult standing (pmi)
44one play instrument (pmi)
44escalator (pmi)
44hand in air (pmi)
44person row boat (pmi)
44concentrate (pmi)
44three young boy (pmi)
44jet (pmi)
44clear day (pmi)
44person standing next to man (pmi)
44person wrestle (pmi)
44white car (pmi)
44person wear hard hat (pmi)
44give adult (pmi)
44woman with purse (pmi)
44person talk into microphone (pmi)
44casual clothing (pmi)
44man kiss (pmi)
44hold rope (pmi)
44pull cart (pmi)
44contraption (pmi)
44group of person play game (pmi)
44woman wear black clothing standing (pmi)
44fill with person (pmi)
44hug person (pmi)
44polo (pmi)
44wooden table (pmi)
44white dog play (pmi)
44dirt rider (pmi)
44adult hold something (pmi)
44ice person (pmi)
44kid walk (pmi)
44boy climb (pmi)
44some lady (pmi)
44black adult sit (pmi)
44adult wear clothing sing into microphone (pmi)
44woman drink (pmi)
44child play with ball (pmi)
44two dancer (pmi)
44dog play in grass (pmi)
44prepare to throw (pmi)
44person enjoy day (pmi)
44man on street (pmi)
44person wear clothing ride (pmi)
44elderly woman sit (pmi)
44large room (pmi)
44boulder (pmi)
44white beard (pmi)
44child wear shirt sit (pmi)
44enjoy drink (pmi)
44jockey (pmi)
44dog run across grass (pmi)
44dirt cyclist (pmi)
44hold book (pmi)
44soccer match (pmi)
44blue and white shirt (pmi)
44accompany (pmi)
44passersby (pmi)
44woman rest (pmi)
44dot (pmi)
44patient (pmi)
44person play accordion (pmi)
44adult watch child (pmi)
44laundry (pmi)
44sit on stair (pmi)
44dirt biker (pmi)
44bright orange clothing (pmi)
44person sit in restaurant (pmi)
44adult show (pmi)
44person wear dress sit (pmi)
44long clothing (pmi)
44lab coat (pmi)
44woman pose for camera (pmi)
44dog run wear snow (pmi)
44person wear clothing sing into microphone (pmi)
44person show person (pmi)
44three woman walk (pmi)
44television (pmi)
44singer perform (pmi)
44weld (pmi)
44adult sing and play stringed instrument (pmi)
44furry (pmi)
44have ball (pmi)
44white horse (pmi)
44pave road (pmi)
44skateboarder jump (pmi)
44workman (pmi)
44adult with purse (pmi)
44female standing (pmi)
44paint wall (pmi)
44adult standing next to man (pmi)
44man with sunglasses (pmi)
44trick in air (pmi)
44group of young child (pmi)
44bright clothing (pmi)
43library (pmi)
43person sleep on bench (pmi)
43two man wear clothing standing (pmi)
43person with cap (pmi)
43push stroller (pmi)
43attempt (pmi)
43adult sing and play guitar (pmi)
43person on cellphone (pmi)
43street musician (pmi)
43little girl wear clothing (pmi)
43hip (pmi)
43two adult run (pmi)
43observer look (pmi)
43competitor (pmi)
43furniture (pmi)
43some young boy (pmi)
43person wear green clothing standing (pmi)
43fish net (pmi)
43hook (pmi)
43single (pmi)
43person clothing look (pmi)
43adult stretch (pmi)
43three young child (pmi)
43sister (pmi)
43two girl_woman sit (pmi)
43group of worker (pmi)
43ice athlete (pmi)
43man and child (pmi)
43adult play accordion (pmi)
43furry dog (pmi)
43black glasses (pmi)
43empty street (pmi)
43football field (pmi)
43foreign country (pmi)
43person have (pmi)
43line street (pmi)
43tall person (pmi)
43some teens (pmi)
43adult walk wear clothing (pmi)
43man push cart (pmi)
43show child (pmi)
43person walk in front of building (pmi)
43press (pmi)
43child look at camera (pmi)
43watch in background (pmi)
43walk together (pmi)
43adult wear white shirt sit (pmi)
43meadow (pmi)
43adult wear scarf (pmi)
43adult perform dance (pmi)
43person wear stripe shirt (pmi)
43older woman sit (pmi)
43shave head (pmi)
43wear goggles (pmi)
43green short (pmi)
43man come (pmi)
43person walk stair (pmi)
43have food (pmi)
43person wear clothing take photo (pmi)
43blue bag (pmi)
43man squat (pmi)
43person with clothing and pant (pmi)
43young man jump (pmi)
43forehead (pmi)
43narrow street (pmi)
43woman jog (pmi)
43stringed instrument on street (pmi)
43person wear coat look (pmi)
43person paint picture (pmi)
43she look (pmi)
43little blond girl_child (pmi)
43some child standing (pmi)
43child get (pmi)
43boy with shirt (pmi)
43eat something (pmi)
43person walk through street (pmi)
43man sit on couch (pmi)
43adult play hockey (pmi)
43other child (pmi)
43play stringed instrument on street (pmi)
43man smile at camera (pmi)
43explore (pmi)
43adult wear pink shirt (pmi)
43woman with sunglasses (pmi)
43white apron (pmi)
43man sit on bike (pmi)
43adult standing in front of wall (pmi)
43blue suit (pmi)
43two man play guitar (pmi)
43use cellphone (pmi)
43rainy day (pmi)
43man sit on floor (pmi)
43christmas tree (pmi)
43child kick ball (pmi)
43group of woman standing (pmi)
43person do stunt (pmi)
43valley (pmi)
43oriental woman (pmi)
43person wait wear line (pmi)
43two adult laugh (pmi)
43adult wear dress sit (pmi)
43adult fight (pmi)
43little girl smile (pmi)
43street line (pmi)
43some adult talk (pmi)
43nice day (pmi)
42large wave (pmi)
42adult with hat and clothing (pmi)
42group of person eat (pmi)
42person in field (pmi)
42person wear black shirt standing (pmi)
42play piano (pmi)
42she sit (pmi)
42man look at adult (pmi)
42woman bend (pmi)
42rocky beach (pmi)
42person wear shirt jump (pmi)
42adult race (pmi)
42two adult pose for picture (pmi)
42two black person (pmi)
42black leather jacket (pmi)
42person clean (pmi)
42search (pmi)
42woman eat food (pmi)
42man with blue clothing (pmi)
42play set (pmi)
42snap (pmi)
42chin (pmi)
42person wear shirt walk down street (pmi)
42laptop computer (pmi)
42woman drink beverage (pmi)
42obstacle course (pmi)
42person perform jump (pmi)
42woman wear clothing pose (pmi)
42person wear skirt (pmi)
42two man walk street (pmi)
42woman play volleyball (pmi)
42adult wear green clothing standing (pmi)
42man climb rock (pmi)
42person bowl (pmi)
42adult sit next to person (pmi)
42run across field (pmi)
42adult wear skirt (pmi)
42dance wear clothing (pmi)
42person wear red (pmi)
42adult with white clothing (pmi)
42adult standing in crowd (pmi)
42group of adult gather (pmi)
42sniff (pmi)
42two adult converse (pmi)
42fall off (pmi)
42woman talk to man (pmi)
42hold purse (pmi)
42adult have discussion (pmi)
42man cook food (pmi)
42cook on (pmi)
42denim jacket (pmi)
42young asian child (pmi)
42work clothing (pmi)
42smile boy (pmi)
42paint face (pmi)
42woman sit on couch (pmi)
42person wear red clothing look (pmi)
42white ball (pmi)
42man wear blue clothing walk (pmi)
42drive street (pmi)
42turban (pmi)
42person and child standing (pmi)
42address (pmi)
42white skirt (pmi)
42standing in front of group (pmi)
42standing on corner (pmi)
42playground equipment (pmi)
42middle person (pmi)
42underwear (pmi)
42three man look (pmi)
42tile floor (pmi)
42hold beer (pmi)
42man sit at desk (pmi)
42eyeglasses (pmi)
42couple kiss (pmi)
42instrument on sidewalk (pmi)
42hold cellphone (pmi)
42man wear coat standing (pmi)
42young boy smile (pmi)
42two adult wait (pmi)
42adult lean against wall (pmi)
42look at cellphone (pmi)
42crowd of person sit (pmi)
42three male (pmi)
42serve food (pmi)
42adult talk into microphone (pmi)
42person surround by plant (pmi)
42bend over (pmi)
42some construction worker (pmi)
42yell (pmi)
42group watch man (pmi)
42tattoo adult (pmi)
42young black person (pmi)
42man with tattoo (pmi)
42recline (pmi)
42adult wear hat walk (pmi)
42person standing on platform (pmi)
42two man walk down street (pmi)
42urban street (pmi)
42child play in sand (pmi)
42person in group (pmi)
42young blond boy (pmi)
42cage (pmi)
42drive down street (pmi)
42appear (pmi)
42man wear clothing jump (pmi)
42two person surround (pmi)
42two large dog (pmi)
42crowd area (pmi)
42rooftop (pmi)
42woman stop (pmi)
42group of cyclist (pmi)
42stir (pmi)
42man wear clothing run (pmi)
42child wear blue shirt (pmi)
42sit with person (pmi)
42legging (pmi)
42person with cane (pmi)
41wear purple shirt (pmi)
41elderly lady (pmi)
41hiker walk (pmi)
41soccer uniform (pmi)
41standing next to each other (pmi)
41man wear shirt ride bike (pmi)
41hispanic person (pmi)
41adult snowboard (pmi)
41bead (pmi)
41wear red coat (pmi)
41firetruck (pmi)
41person look out window (pmi)
41adult on horse (pmi)
41adult lie down (pmi)
41person with gray hair (pmi)
41explain (pmi)
41sip (pmi)
41arch (pmi)
41adult lounge (pmi)
41bracelet (pmi)
41hula (pmi)
41olympics (pmi)
41person walk on beach (pmi)
41girl_woman dance (pmi)
41find (pmi)
41flow (pmi)
41person lay on ground (pmi)
41belonging (pmi)
41woman sit on chair (pmi)
41blazer (pmi)
41curly hair (pmi)
41adult wear uniform (pmi)
41enjoy food (pmi)
41some woman standing (pmi)
41suv (pmi)
41walk in city (pmi)
41they look (pmi)
41male and adult (pmi)
41african child (pmi)
41dog wrestle (pmi)
41beret (pmi)
41person wear clothing and hat standing (pmi)
41watch group (pmi)
41snowy field (pmi)
41sit on motorbike (pmi)
41man play guitar and sing (pmi)
41adult standing on rock (pmi)
41steer (pmi)
41black person standing (pmi)
41woman and man (pmi)
41dog carry stick (pmi)
41enjoy meal (pmi)
41play instrument on sidewalk (pmi)
41store window (pmi)
41person wear outfit (pmi)
41teach child (pmi)
41man and person pose (pmi)
41team person (pmi)
41eastern person (pmi)
41person wear orange clothing work (pmi)
41young man play guitar (pmi)
41black adult standing (pmi)
41foliage (pmi)
41wait for bus (pmi)
41person protest (pmi)
41stomach (pmi)
41boxer (pmi)
41two woman wear (pmi)
41twirl (pmi)
41baseball hat (pmi)
41person with scarf (pmi)
41standing in front of microphone (pmi)
41person focus (pmi)
41old man standing (pmi)
41adult wear stripe clothing (pmi)
41toe (pmi)
41adult and child standing (pmi)
41pine tree (pmi)
41watch by person (pmi)
41get hair (pmi)
41musician perform on stage (pmi)
41band member (pmi)
41male and person (pmi)
41man wear white shirt standing (pmi)
41curtain (pmi)
41guy work (pmi)
41alleyway (pmi)
41man with stringed instrument (pmi)
41person standing with arm (pmi)
41large window (pmi)
41person wear clothing and pants walk (pmi)
41man play stringed instrument and sing (pmi)
41blue wall (pmi)
41person play sport (pmi)
41person with clothing and hat (pmi)
41do something (pmi)
41person talk to person wear clothing (pmi)
41person with blue shirt (pmi)
41man wear white clothing sit (pmi)
41jumper (pmi)
41female sit (pmi)
41dry (pmi)
41coffee shop (pmi)
41sell fruit (pmi)
41brightly color clothing (pmi)
41hug adult (pmi)
41group of some man (pmi)
41person catch wave (pmi)
41blue stripe shirt (pmi)
41series (pmi)
41they be (pmi)
41adult talk to person wear clothing (pmi)
41man wear glasses sit (pmi)
41male and woman (pmi)
41adult with clothing and pant (pmi)
41baseball field (pmi)
41mountain climber (pmi)
41person look window (pmi)
40multicolored clothing (pmi)
40some person wear clothing standing (pmi)
40most (pmi)
40person wear white shirt walk (pmi)
40tablecloth (pmi)
40person hold infant (pmi)
40female walk (pmi)
40food stand (pmi)
40person hit tennis ball (pmi)
40slice (pmi)
40look over (pmi)
40man wear clothing and pants standing (pmi)
40arrange (pmi)
40woman walk across street (pmi)
40adult with blue shirt (pmi)
40person wear blue jean (pmi)
40person play with dog (pmi)
40person wear blue shirt look (pmi)
40redheaded woman (pmi)
40man sit down (pmi)
40be wear water (pmi)
40person hold boy (pmi)
40adult clothing look (pmi)
40woman write (pmi)
40two woman sit at table (pmi)
40shield (pmi)
40adult play stringed instrument on street (pmi)
40adult wear cowboy hat (pmi)
40asian man standing (pmi)
40pose with person (pmi)
40cold day (pmi)
40look at screen (pmi)
40long coat (pmi)
40three person smile (pmi)
40person wear red shirt standing (pmi)
40red scarf (pmi)
40skates (pmi)
40chop (pmi)
40bicycle on street (pmi)
40athlete perform (pmi)
40person sit and look (pmi)
40man wear blue shirt standing (pmi)
40other woman (pmi)
40wet street (pmi)
40other walk (pmi)
40jump through air (pmi)
40adult hold infant (pmi)
40standing in front of store (pmi)
40play on street (pmi)
40man eat food (pmi)
40person standing with hand (pmi)
40sandwich (pmi)
40open field (pmi)
40couple pose (pmi)
40person rock climb (pmi)
40bring (pmi)
40person pause (pmi)
40three person wear (pmi)
40rock band (pmi)
40hold shovel (pmi)
40group of person ride (pmi)
40tan coat (pmi)
40rollerskates (pmi)
40kilt (pmi)
40child slide down slide (pmi)
40adult hold boy (pmi)
40change (pmi)
40man hold stick (pmi)
40light brown dog (pmi)
40dig hole (pmi)
40person play stringed instrument on street (pmi)
40adult on boat (pmi)
40person play saxophone (pmi)
40three dog run (pmi)
40adult with cane (pmi)
40tackle person (pmi)
40hold paper (pmi)
40person look at woman (pmi)
40adult be rock climb (pmi)
40black animal (pmi)
40red and white shirt (pmi)
40person kick soccer ball (pmi)
40some man look (pmi)
40emerge (pmi)
40skating (pmi)
40public place (pmi)
40some person play game (pmi)
40man wear clothing talk to person (pmi)
40think (pmi)
40crowd watch adult (pmi)
40three person ride (pmi)
40person wear shirt run (pmi)
40photographer take picture (pmi)
40person on field (pmi)
40cover in graffiti (pmi)
40carry shop bag (pmi)
40navigate (pmi)
40hockey game (pmi)
40adult wear backpack (pmi)
40woman with umbrella (pmi)
40play in pool (pmi)
40smile at person (pmi)
40woman sit on floor (pmi)
40some white (pmi)
40person wear black shirt sit (pmi)
40long-haired man (pmi)
40standing on path (pmi)
40kiss person (pmi)
40man wear black hat (pmi)
40man snowboard (pmi)
40street market (pmi)
40two adult compete (pmi)
40fix bike (pmi)
40child slide slide (pmi)
40nature (pmi)
40person wear vest standing (pmi)
40man and adult pose (pmi)
40well dress person (pmi)
40man on stage (pmi)
40white suit (pmi)
40paw (pmi)
40athlete ride (pmi)
40single person (pmi)
40woman with child (pmi)
40adult bowl (pmi)
40public transportation (pmi)
40overweight adult (pmi)
40band play music (pmi)
40adult wear clothing and pant standing (pmi)
40ride brown horse (pmi)
40child watch person (pmi)
40person look at water (pmi)
40some young child (pmi)
40use laptop (pmi)
40man wear black clothing play instrument (pmi)
40young boy wear clothing (pmi)
40artist take picture (pmi)
40group of person watch adult (pmi)
40child leap (pmi)
40child wear shirt standing (pmi)
40girl_woman play instrument (pmi)
40adult wear blue shirt look (pmi)
40man wear clothing speak (pmi)
40woman reach (pmi)
39person make gesture (pmi)
39adult wear clothing take photo (pmi)
39person wear shirt lean (pmi)
39ballerina (pmi)
39group wear clothing (pmi)
39person wear hat look (pmi)
39amusement park (pmi)
39standing next to car (pmi)
39drive car (pmi)
39pop (pmi)
39sit outdoors (pmi)
39woman with hat (pmi)
39guy play guitar (pmi)
39man play brass instrument (pmi)
39woman and adult sit (pmi)
39tall adult (pmi)
39person wear gray shirt (pmi)
39man swim (pmi)
39adult wear black shirt sit (pmi)
39standing person (pmi)
39test (pmi)
39woman wear dress sit (pmi)
39golden (pmi)
39person wear clothing play percussion instrument (pmi)
39adult wear gray shirt (pmi)
39group play soccer (pmi)
39look through microscope (pmi)
39horizon (pmi)
39adult wear hard hat (pmi)
39marry (pmi)
39man wear clothing and jean standing (pmi)
39man wear vest (pmi)
39adult wear orange clothing work (pmi)
39man with helmet (pmi)
39athlete wait (pmi)
39cop (pmi)
39standing next to woman (pmi)
39person wear clothing and jean walk (pmi)
39look adult (pmi)
39adult with arm (pmi)
39sit on train (pmi)
39adult raise (pmi)
39man ride bike on street (pmi)
39man standing wear clothing (pmi)
39adult wear coat look (pmi)
39dog chase (pmi)
39team compete (pmi)
39chase animal (pmi)
39pray (pmi)
39calf (pmi)
39adult standing with arm (pmi)
39fluffy dog (pmi)
39man fly (pmi)
39person sit in boat (pmi)
39no shoe (pmi)
39boy wear shirt sit (pmi)
39knit cap (pmi)
39band of person (pmi)
39apple (pmi)
39march band (pmi)
39adult wear shirt lean (pmi)
39adult with scarf (pmi)
39black wetsuit (pmi)
39police officer standing (pmi)
39wear wetsuit (pmi)
39martial artist (pmi)
39man wear black clothing walk (pmi)
39cello (pmi)
39person speak to person (pmi)
39pink pant (pmi)
39wife (pmi)
39carry person (pmi)
39earphone (pmi)
39woman and person sit (pmi)
39two person wear hat (pmi)
39third man (pmi)
39letter (pmi)
39china (pmi)
39man sit on stool (pmi)
39two adult wear clothing walk (pmi)
39yellow car (pmi)
39three adult be (pmi)
39young student (pmi)
39kiss adult (pmi)
39point at something (pmi)
39walk by building (pmi)
39person splash (pmi)
39person sit next to adult (pmi)
39watch entertainer (pmi)
39person push stroller (pmi)
39person have time (pmi)
39rollerskating (pmi)
39adult sleep on bench (pmi)
39climb face (pmi)
39person standing on corner (pmi)
39adult wear clothing play percussion instrument (pmi)
39video camera (pmi)
39dog chase ball (pmi)
39person give person (pmi)
39bike on road (pmi)
39cape (pmi)
39green coat (pmi)
39adult wear red clothing look (pmi)
39crowd of person gather (pmi)
39person wear dress dance (pmi)
39drink coffee (pmi)
39college person (pmi)
39two man pose (pmi)
39professional athlete (pmi)
39woman on street (pmi)
39person wear red shirt sit (pmi)
39little girl jump (pmi)
39diver (pmi)
39man with guitar (pmi)
39football player run (pmi)
39wig (pmi)
39dude (pmi)
39male and female (pmi)
39red instrument (pmi)
39oriental man (pmi)
39mug (pmi)
39two horse (pmi)
39stay (pmi)
39some person run (pmi)
39adult sit wear clothing (pmi)
39spotlight (pmi)
39green tree (pmi)
39sit on bus (pmi)
39some other (pmi)
39black male (pmi)
39group hang (pmi)
39atv (pmi)
39asian girl_child (pmi)
39some adult play instrument (pmi)
39woman wear black shirt (pmi)
39feather (pmi)
39adult wear white (pmi)
39watch performer (pmi)
39person on sidewalk (pmi)
39person wear hat work (pmi)
39motorcycle person (pmi)
39retriever (pmi)
39canvas (pmi)
38rifle (pmi)
38woman wear blue shirt (pmi)
38person wear blue shirt walk (pmi)
38black purse (pmi)
38large amount (pmi)
38two black adult (pmi)
38conduct (pmi)
38person wear water (pmi)
38child kneel (pmi)
38person play instrument on sidewalk (pmi)
38adult play saxophone (pmi)
38sit on motorcycle (pmi)
38jungle gym (pmi)
38group wear (pmi)
38group of man walk (pmi)
38happy adult (pmi)
38three person play (pmi)
38walk up (pmi)
38dancer dance (pmi)
38two person sing (pmi)
38canyon (pmi)
38outdoor area (pmi)
38hula hoop (pmi)
38person walk on path (pmi)
38person grind (pmi)
38person behind him (pmi)
38adult wear clothing ride bicycle (pmi)
38workshop (pmi)
38two adult jump (pmi)
38engine (pmi)
38kick up (pmi)
38man pass (pmi)
38lone athlete (pmi)
38child jump in air (pmi)
38mount (pmi)
38person wear clothing laugh (pmi)
38work on bike (pmi)
38citizen (pmi)
38play string instrument (pmi)
38snowsuit (pmi)
38man wear white clothing look (pmi)
38adult with gray hair (pmi)
38harbor (pmi)
38elderly gentleman (pmi)
38adult standing in field (pmi)
38small child standing (pmi)
38two man wear clothing (pmi)
38lie on ground (pmi)
38dark jacket (pmi)
38girl_woman walk down street (pmi)
38three friend (pmi)
38attractive person (pmi)
38diner (pmi)
38walk building (pmi)
38three child standing (pmi)
38stone step (pmi)
38child reach (pmi)
38khaki (pmi)
38person standing in background (pmi)
38person standing in front of store (pmi)
38open door (pmi)
38man play reed instrument (pmi)
38younger boy (pmi)
38adult wear stripe shirt (pmi)
38hold clothing (pmi)
38man participate (pmi)
38rest head (pmi)
38instructor (pmi)
38entertainer sit (pmi)
38skyline (pmi)
38sit on person (pmi)
38performer sit (pmi)
38person at work (pmi)
38adult talk with person (pmi)
38push child (pmi)
38person face each other (pmi)
38professional (pmi)
38adult sell food (pmi)
38barricade (pmi)
38green sweater (pmi)
38man wear blue clothing look (pmi)
38play on playground (pmi)
38orange uniform (pmi)
38crop (pmi)
38ride in boat (pmi)
38chase dog (pmi)
38have beverage (pmi)
38young black adult (pmi)
38athlete kick ball (pmi)
38athlete throw ball (pmi)
38kayaker (pmi)
38child sit on ground (pmi)
38enjoy ride (pmi)
38person play football (pmi)
38person clap (pmi)
38two police officer (pmi)
38woman with dark hair (pmi)
38wrestler (pmi)
38person standing wear snow (pmi)
38adult show person (pmi)
38caucasian man (pmi)
38person wear some black (pmi)
38standing on city street (pmi)
38carry basket (pmi)
38same (pmi)
38look at him (pmi)
38adult dive (pmi)
38adult cut (pmi)
38person play with child (pmi)
38two asian man (pmi)
38fist (pmi)
38adult have fun (pmi)
38two teens (pmi)
38asian man sit (pmi)
38operate (pmi)
38adult with clothing and hat (pmi)
38bath (pmi)
38hold pole (pmi)
38standing in area (pmi)
38adult look at woman (pmi)
38adult wear clothing and pants walk (pmi)
38waterway (pmi)
38gather table (pmi)
38adult wear shirt walk down street (pmi)
38two child smile (pmi)
38lone man (pmi)
38player standing (pmi)
38singer sing (pmi)
38adult sit next to adult (pmi)
38adult play with dog (pmi)
38gather around table (pmi)
38crawl (pmi)
38some person sit around table (pmi)
37person with bag walk (pmi)
37man play accordion (pmi)
37person with clothing look (pmi)
37person and person talk (pmi)
37middle eastern person (pmi)
37person with orange clothing (pmi)
37walk through water (pmi)
37three adult pose (pmi)
37person tackle person (pmi)
37boy hang (pmi)
37person ride down street (pmi)
37person with clothing and jean (pmi)
37straw (pmi)
37attractive adult (pmi)
37raincoat (pmi)
37red chair (pmi)
37sit on blanket (pmi)
37brick road (pmi)
37bass (pmi)
37adult kick ball (pmi)
37person walk in city (pmi)
37jump on trampoline (pmi)
37person wear clothing play drum (pmi)
37instrument set (pmi)
37adult wear clothing play drum (pmi)
37two animal (pmi)
37woman and man standing (pmi)
37man wear yellow shirt (pmi)
37adult wait to cross street (pmi)
37man and woman pose (pmi)
37person and child look (pmi)
37woman wear jacket walk (pmi)
37motocross rider (pmi)
37couple walk down street (pmi)
37man sit outside (pmi)
37blue tank top (pmi)
37theater (pmi)
37brown dog walk (pmi)
37picture with camera (pmi)
37adult wear vest standing (pmi)
37smaller dog (pmi)
37black and tan dog (pmi)
37girl_child dance (pmi)
37marathon runner (pmi)
37man walk down road (pmi)
37person wear clothing walk on street (pmi)
37woman kiss (pmi)
37young child look (pmi)
37full gear (pmi)
37person decorate (pmi)
37donkey (pmi)
37take picture with camera (pmi)
37wear baseball cap (pmi)
37tricycle (pmi)
37plank (pmi)
37wipe (pmi)
37climb tree (pmi)
37group of woman sit (pmi)
37do dance (pmi)
37adult surf wave (pmi)
37put up (pmi)
37play keyboard (pmi)
37adult walk with adult (pmi)
37awning (pmi)
37two adult wear clothing sit (pmi)
37group relax (pmi)
37two white dog (pmi)
37crowd of onlooker (pmi)
37defend (pmi)
37group of person listen (pmi)
37jump over obstacle (pmi)
37child swing on swing (pmi)
37spectator look (pmi)
37man surf wave (pmi)
37person use cellphone (pmi)
37athlete skate (pmi)
37woman watch person (pmi)
37woman and person walk (pmi)
37adult make food (pmi)
37white hair (pmi)
37long blond-hair (pmi)
37wear robe (pmi)
37adult wear clothing and jean walk (pmi)
37black and red clothing (pmi)
37cook in kitchen (pmi)
37adult wear black shirt standing (pmi)
37person in air (pmi)
37chinese man (pmi)
37man give speech (pmi)
37adult do (pmi)
37get picture (pmi)
37person talk with adult (pmi)
37person watch them (pmi)
37some paper (pmi)
37red and black (pmi)
37adult and child look (pmi)
37scream (pmi)
37look at computer (pmi)
37some person perform (pmi)
37woman leap (pmi)
37two adult walk on street (pmi)
37play video game (pmi)
37climb plant (pmi)
37man with camera (pmi)
37two young boy play (pmi)
37some adult pose (pmi)
37race bike (pmi)
37adult climb wall (pmi)
37person do skateboard trick (pmi)
37person check phone (pmi)
37some man walk (pmi)
37young boy wear (pmi)
37man wear blue (pmi)
37adult wear clothing laugh (pmi)
37eat at restaurant (pmi)
37three person perform (pmi)
37make turn (pmi)
37person surround by tree (pmi)
37person work on street (pmi)
37bunch of adult (pmi)
37limb (pmi)
37adult wear dress dance (pmi)
37pair of person (pmi)
37young child walk (pmi)
37defender (pmi)
37person with clothing and pants (pmi)
37person hold arm (pmi)
37person dance wear clothing (pmi)
37run marathon (pmi)
37person with red shirt (pmi)
37she standing (pmi)
37man standing on stage (pmi)
37room full (pmi)
37woman wear scarf (pmi)
37person walk with adult (pmi)
37large group sit (pmi)
37adult wear blue shirt walk (pmi)
37person leap into air (pmi)
37group of individual (pmi)
37other sit (pmi)
37adult wear hat work (pmi)
37person embrace (pmi)
37lay in grass (pmi)
37walk on road (pmi)
37person wear red clothing walk (pmi)
36ball on field (pmi)
36stump (pmi)
36orange cone (pmi)
36fruit stand (pmi)
36person talk to adult wear clothing (pmi)
36jump into (pmi)
36new york city (pmi)
36rake (pmi)
36woman walk along street (pmi)
36boy play instrument (pmi)
36man play hockey (pmi)
36adult talk to adult wear clothing (pmi)
36play on (pmi)
36child cry (pmi)
36person hold tool (pmi)
36electronic device (pmi)
36adult and adult walk down street (pmi)
36pink outfit (pmi)
36love (pmi)
36cyclist ride bike (pmi)
36player kick ball (pmi)
36person hug person (pmi)
36construction work (pmi)
36middle adult (pmi)
36adult clean (pmi)
36daytime (pmi)
36umpire (pmi)
36adult wear white shirt walk (pmi)
36be child (pmi)
36temple (pmi)
36person dance on stage (pmi)
36story (pmi)
36guy jump (pmi)
36pastry (pmi)
36person with dreadlock (pmi)
36white blouse (pmi)
36symbol (pmi)
36monk (pmi)
36adult work on street (pmi)
36sit in car (pmi)
36medium (pmi)
36person wear orange shirt (pmi)
36clutch (pmi)
36man wear blue jean (pmi)
36tree trunk (pmi)
36person and adult talk (pmi)
36play in park (pmi)
36adult play outside (pmi)
36person with ponytail (pmi)
36adult wear clothing and hat standing (pmi)
36table cover (pmi)
36jump into swim pool (pmi)
36adult hug person (pmi)
36rock formation (pmi)
36woman hang (pmi)
36adult and person talk (pmi)
36sheep (pmi)
36conference (pmi)
36adult with face (pmi)
36man sit on step (pmi)
36group of adult talk (pmi)
36adult move (pmi)
36person appear to be (pmi)
36terminal (pmi)
36hispanic adult (pmi)
36person wear white hat (pmi)
36child read book (pmi)
36person and person walk down street (pmi)
36shirtless boy (pmi)
36two toddler (pmi)
36adult sit on curb (pmi)
36adult male (pmi)
36person on skateboard (pmi)
36glass of beverage (pmi)
36dirt trail (pmi)
36adult give person (pmi)
36older male (pmi)
36two football player (pmi)
36man sleep on bench (pmi)
36carry toy (pmi)
36rugby (pmi)
36japanese person (pmi)
36release (pmi)
36cab (pmi)
36person sit on stair (pmi)
36three construction worker (pmi)
36woman take (pmi)
36person with person (pmi)
36pose for photograph (pmi)
36rush (pmi)
36man hold beverage (pmi)
36two older woman (pmi)
36adult play with child (pmi)
36somebody (pmi)
36cement wall (pmi)
36red truck (pmi)
36adult wear some black (pmi)
36adult paint picture (pmi)
36man with red clothing (pmi)
36person walk together (pmi)
36person play piano (pmi)
36grasp (pmi)
36group sing (pmi)
36person with clothing sit (pmi)
36torch (pmi)
36dressed all (pmi)
36downtown area (pmi)
36golden retriever (pmi)
36blond-haired child (pmi)
36person hug adult (pmi)
36two young lady (pmi)
36adult and person walk down street (pmi)
36lens (pmi)
36person socialize (pmi)
36dog run on beach (pmi)
36person strike pose (pmi)
36adult push stroller (pmi)
36man read paper (pmi)
36yellow coat (pmi)
36sit car (pmi)
36blond woman standing (pmi)
36bathe (pmi)
36man walk across street (pmi)
36adult with clothing look (pmi)
36biker ride (pmi)
36two person wrestle (pmi)
36adult play instrument on sidewalk (pmi)
36group jump (pmi)
36standing on hill (pmi)
36woman prepare food (pmi)
36dribble (pmi)
36dog chase dog (pmi)
36walk through grass (pmi)
36shovel snow (pmi)
36chip (pmi)
36year (pmi)
36adult on cellphone (pmi)
36person and adult walk down street (pmi)
36young guy (pmi)
36asian person work (pmi)
36golf (pmi)
36adult raise arm (pmi)
36viewer (pmi)
36miss (pmi)
36cup of beverage (pmi)
36choir (pmi)
36person wear costume standing (pmi)
36black-haired person (pmi)
36hold bouquet (pmi)
36adult wear blue jean (pmi)
36entertain group (pmi)
36glide (pmi)
36leave (pmi)
36white surfboard (pmi)
36person teach child (pmi)
36student sit (pmi)
36art gallery (pmi)
35adult and man sit (pmi)
35woman wear clothing lean (pmi)
35group of person standing on street (pmi)
35left arm (pmi)
35parent look (pmi)
35brown-haired man (pmi)
35two gentleman (pmi)
35attractive woman (pmi)
35boy swim (pmi)
35haul (pmi)
35two woman be (pmi)
35that read (pmi)
35man with black clothing (pmi)
35name tag (pmi)
35ascend (pmi)
35back flip (pmi)
35man make (pmi)
35woman cook (pmi)
35woman look at person (pmi)
35new york (pmi)
35try to make (pmi)
35person play baseball (pmi)
35briefcase (pmi)
35calm water (pmi)
35high heel (pmi)
35person serve food (pmi)
35gray beard (pmi)
35catch air (pmi)
35which be (pmi)
35adult walk wear street (pmi)
35board game (pmi)
35small black dog (pmi)
35two child be (pmi)
35person kiss person (pmi)
35two woman dance (pmi)
35person suspend (pmi)
35entertainer on stage (pmi)
35adult sit and talk (pmi)
35look over shoulder (pmi)
35person ride bicycle down street (pmi)
35adult hug adult (pmi)
35child watch adult (pmi)
35adult sit on ledge (pmi)
35sit against wall (pmi)
35tow (pmi)
35motorcycle driver (pmi)
35highway (pmi)
35man perform on stage (pmi)
35two woman work (pmi)
35person walk by building (pmi)
35mountain range (pmi)
35well dress adult (pmi)
35right arm (pmi)
35person watch game (pmi)
35guy talk (pmi)
35person look at man (pmi)
35child wear red shirt (pmi)
35man close (pmi)
35two person go (pmi)
35some person wear clothing (pmi)
35work on laptop (pmi)
35run on track (pmi)
35adult hold tool (pmi)
35toddler boy (pmi)
35person pose with person (pmi)
35hotel (pmi)
35asian city (pmi)
35dance wear street (pmi)
35man cross (pmi)
35mic (pmi)
35person wear shirt sit at table (pmi)
35wear life jacket (pmi)
35eastern adult (pmi)
35content (pmi)
35long table (pmi)
35outdoor table (pmi)
35woman wear jacket (pmi)
35group wear clothing standing (pmi)
35purple jacket (pmi)
35watch two person (pmi)
35standing on boat (pmi)
35help man (pmi)
35man get (pmi)
35man wear blue shirt sit (pmi)
35return (pmi)
35person wear clothing talk on cellphone (pmi)
35person in park (pmi)
35boy on bike (pmi)
35bound (pmi)
35gather on (pmi)
35urban setting (pmi)
35elderly couple (pmi)
35play on swing (pmi)
35mountaintop (pmi)
35read magazine (pmi)
35sculpt (pmi)
35black boy (pmi)
35adult wrestle (pmi)
35squirt (pmi)
35man on boat (pmi)
35cyclist race (pmi)
35adult standing talk (pmi)
35rally (pmi)
35person wear sunglasses sit (pmi)
35two adult dressed (pmi)
35person wear clothing and pant walk (pmi)
35person wear clothing stare (pmi)
35black and white stripe clothing (pmi)
35younger woman (pmi)
35wait at stop (pmi)
35standing on ladder (pmi)
35shrub (pmi)
35adult and adult talk (pmi)
35blue ball (pmi)
35yellow dress (pmi)
35try to catch ball (pmi)
35two girl_woman walk (pmi)
35harvest (pmi)
35person group (pmi)
35white and black dog (pmi)
35adult play piano (pmi)
35some cyclist (pmi)
35wear tank top (pmi)
35black-haired adult (pmi)
35woman paint (pmi)
35adult wear clothing talk on cellphone (pmi)
35man hit ball (pmi)
35child play wear snow (pmi)
35person and man sit (pmi)
35two girl_child play (pmi)
35man gesture (pmi)
35sailor (pmi)
35colorful costume (pmi)
35man work on computer (pmi)
35gather on street (pmi)
35person standing wear line (pmi)
35boy wear clothing look (pmi)
35child play on playground (pmi)
35person wear clothing hold hand (pmi)
35person wear clothing ride horse (pmi)
35wall cover (pmi)
35adult use cellphone (pmi)
35person kick (pmi)
35boy lean (pmi)
35some grass (pmi)
35red bandanna (pmi)
35person wade (pmi)
35group of adult work (pmi)
35adult sit talk (pmi)
35baseball uniform (pmi)
35woman wear black (pmi)
35carry umbrella (pmi)
35hot day (pmi)
35person wear tank top (pmi)
35woman get (pmi)
35adult swing (pmi)
34bike ride (pmi)
34person hold purse (pmi)
34marker (pmi)
34man drive (pmi)
34female tennis player (pmi)
34two person look at something (pmi)
34man with hat and clothing (pmi)
34person look into distance (pmi)
34pave path (pmi)
34man make face (pmi)
34adult wear clothing and pant walk (pmi)
34person head (pmi)
34entertainer pose (pmi)
34do back flip (pmi)
34get ready (pmi)
34red umbrella (pmi)
34adult standing with hand (pmi)
34person enjoy beverage (pmi)
34walk in field (pmi)
34standing outside building (pmi)
34rocky shore (pmi)
34group dressed (pmi)
34work on (pmi)
34poke (pmi)
34adult look window (pmi)
34everyone (pmi)
34ice cream cone (pmi)
34adult sit on grass (pmi)
34performer pose (pmi)
34person in restaurant (pmi)
34person with clothing on (pmi)
34scrubs (pmi)
34tall man (pmi)
34man play violin (pmi)
34standing in doorway (pmi)
34woman wear white clothing walk (pmi)
34large field (pmi)
34walk wear hand (pmi)
34jump ramp (pmi)
34man race (pmi)
34face mask (pmi)
34woman and child sit (pmi)
34person sit on motorcycle (pmi)
34adult interact (pmi)
34toy in mouth (pmi)
34label (pmi)
34hold glass (pmi)
34blond adult walk (pmi)
34get ready to throw (pmi)
34person sit work (pmi)
34two hockey player (pmi)
34woman and adult walk (pmi)
34person standing outside building (pmi)
34person in kayak (pmi)
34sit work (pmi)
34scratch (pmi)
34they standing (pmi)
34woman and child (pmi)
34adult with cap (pmi)
34woman wear clothing sing (pmi)
34downtown (pmi)
34little girl wear (pmi)
34companion (pmi)
34hi (pmi)
34three young woman (pmi)
34dry grass (pmi)
34crowd of person look (pmi)
34walk through park (pmi)
34person wear clothing sit in chair (pmi)
34woman ride horse (pmi)
34small dog jump (pmi)
34man sit on rock (pmi)
34adult sit on wall (pmi)
34canopy (pmi)
34child ride bicycle (pmi)
34play person (pmi)
34ice cone (pmi)
34woman carry purse (pmi)
34woman gather (pmi)
34large bag (pmi)
34street person play instrument (pmi)
34adult make gesture (pmi)
34some person eat (pmi)
34person standing in front of group (pmi)
34person wear clothing perform (pmi)
34street adult play instrument (pmi)
34adult hold purse (pmi)
34person with no shirt (pmi)
34person jump bike (pmi)
34near person (pmi)
34person kiss adult (pmi)
34two girl_woman standing (pmi)
34person play string instrument (pmi)
34group of young boy (pmi)
34run on sand (pmi)
34big city (pmi)
34group of person hang (pmi)
34male walk (pmi)
34person with no clothing (pmi)
34adult with clothing sit (pmi)
34man wear clothing talk to adult (pmi)
34adult kiss person (pmi)
34dog swim wear water (pmi)
34sweep street (pmi)
34child standing on street (pmi)
34adult with dreadlock (pmi)
34tan short (pmi)
34young lady sit (pmi)
34adult speak to person (pmi)
34male look (pmi)
34some adult dance (pmi)
34stuff (pmi)
34hold balloon (pmi)
34tug (pmi)
34three person walk down street (pmi)
34three child sit (pmi)
34person wear clothing cross street (pmi)
34group of person smile (pmi)
34man wear cowboy hat (pmi)
34some person smile (pmi)
34person in midair (pmi)
34care (pmi)
34terrier (pmi)
34woman sit on step (pmi)
34cable (pmi)
34ingredient (pmi)
34adult wear hat look (pmi)
34guy be (pmi)
34run in marathon (pmi)
34person hold object (pmi)
34gravel (pmi)
34boy play wear water (pmi)
34panel (pmi)
34person standing on city street (pmi)
34man use phone (pmi)
34male play instrument (pmi)
34person show child (pmi)
34blond person walk (pmi)
34standing outdoors (pmi)
34play trumpet (pmi)
34adult look out window (pmi)
34walk away (pmi)
34adult carry purse (pmi)
34person standing on ladder (pmi)
34person carry purse (pmi)
34man play stringed instrument on street (pmi)
34boy lay (pmi)
34bottle of water (pmi)
34play with stick (pmi)
34hotdog (pmi)
34wear glove (pmi)
34person on surfboard (pmi)
34group of adult look (pmi)
34lady walk down street (pmi)
34hold box (pmi)
34standing in middle of street (pmi)
34person hold racket (pmi)
34woman wear dress dance (pmi)
34kite (pmi)
34cream cone (pmi)
34dirt hill (pmi)
34unload (pmi)
34stance (pmi)
34three dog play (pmi)
34man wear shirt sing (pmi)
34standing nearby (pmi)
34adult wear clothing cross street (pmi)
34red shoe (pmi)
34walker (pmi)
34boy wear red clothing (pmi)
34man wear uniform (pmi)
34drink from cup (pmi)
34adult dance wear clothing (pmi)
34adult do jump (pmi)
34suspender (pmi)
34auditorium (pmi)
34adult run down street (pmi)
34red toy (pmi)
34red tank top (pmi)
34this (pmi)
34person congregate (pmi)
34man take (pmi)
34person wear hat and clothing standing (pmi)
34adult kiss adult (pmi)
34person with dog (pmi)
34smile for picture (pmi)
34excite (pmi)
34group of guy (pmi)
34man wave (pmi)
34adult stroll (pmi)
34person wear clothing watch (pmi)
34person sit on motorbike (pmi)
33adult wear hat and clothing standing (pmi)
33young asian man (pmi)
33person wear black walk (pmi)
33dog play in field (pmi)
33cross bridge (pmi)
33adult check phone (pmi)
33little boy wear clothing (pmi)
33sample (pmi)
33man play saxophone (pmi)
33person play keyboard (pmi)
33person on bicycle ride (pmi)
33adult watch woman (pmi)
33group of person pose for picture (pmi)
33black man standing (pmi)
33adult do flip (pmi)
33wooden structure (pmi)
33spike (pmi)
33man give presentation (pmi)
33street performer play instrument (pmi)
33man wear clothing dance (pmi)
33child wear clothing smile (pmi)
33adult standing on ladder (pmi)
33split (pmi)
33pink coat (pmi)
33black jean (pmi)
33adult run wear race (pmi)
33group of woman walk (pmi)
33percussion instrument set (pmi)
33flower dress (pmi)
33adult standing in front of group (pmi)
33facility (pmi)
33some woman sit (pmi)
33red wall (pmi)
33person climb face (pmi)
33man with glasses sit (pmi)
33white sweatshirt (pmi)
33tell (pmi)
33flute (pmi)
33sari (pmi)
33bulldozer (pmi)
33walk along side (pmi)
33snow cover hill (pmi)
33watch dog (pmi)
33colorful outfit (pmi)
33motorcycle racer (pmi)
33some male (pmi)
33man walk city street (pmi)
33person wear shirt and pants standing (pmi)
33man hold flag (pmi)
33gray coat (pmi)
33adult wear red clothing walk (pmi)
33digital camera (pmi)
33person wear t-shirt standing (pmi)
33adult do skateboard trick (pmi)
33adorn (pmi)
33adult slide (pmi)
33adult paddle boat (pmi)
33formal clothing (pmi)
33drum set (pmi)
33boy leap (pmi)
33group of runner (pmi)
33woman with long hair (pmi)
33zone (pmi)
33dog chew (pmi)
33eat at table (pmi)
33adult wear clothing walk on street (pmi)
33work on building (pmi)
33plain (pmi)
33brown dog standing (pmi)
33walk up stair (pmi)
33person and person wear clothing (pmi)
33pose with adult (pmi)
33man fight (pmi)
33cut food (pmi)
33sing song (pmi)
33ride bicycle on street (pmi)
33city person (pmi)
33person standing next to car (pmi)
33small girl_child (pmi)
33person sit play stringed instrument (pmi)
33gray suit (pmi)
33blue skirt (pmi)
33another look (pmi)
33person with glasses and clothing (pmi)
33person carry shop bag (pmi)
33adult with ponytail (pmi)
33adult wear red shirt standing (pmi)
33person wear blue clothing talk (pmi)
33blue boat (pmi)
33canal (pmi)
33standing on street corner (pmi)
33woman with black hair (pmi)
33adult wear white hat (pmi)
33person wear clothing be (pmi)
33play in yard (pmi)
33team of adult (pmi)
33person with pant (pmi)
33adult wear shirt and pants standing (pmi)
33nail (pmi)
33look at her (pmi)
33green bike (pmi)
33bicycle rider (pmi)
33city adult (pmi)
33man in background (pmi)
33person check (pmi)
33adult talk with adult (pmi)
33adult show child (pmi)
33shower (pmi)
33ice skate (pmi)
33african-american man (pmi)
33teal clothing (pmi)
33man perform stunt (pmi)
33adult wear blue clothing talk (pmi)
33two man play game (pmi)
33small brown dog (pmi)
33top hat (pmi)
33girl_child pose (pmi)
33burn (pmi)
33hood jacket (pmi)
33soccer player kick ball (pmi)
33open mouth (pmi)
33two person engage (pmi)
33blond adult look (pmi)
33riverbank (pmi)
33warm (pmi)
33person wear jacket talk (pmi)
33adult wear clothing hold hand (pmi)
33person wear shirt take picture (pmi)
33person sit surround (pmi)
33adult with clothing and pants (pmi)
33woman hold purse (pmi)
33some person ride (pmi)
33person sit on bus (pmi)
33man pose for camera (pmi)
33man wear gray shirt (pmi)
33adult sit play stringed instrument (pmi)
33warehouse (pmi)
33man wear clothing take picture (pmi)
33person carry backpack (pmi)
33person wear clothing sleep (pmi)
33young girl wear clothing (pmi)
33man play tennis (pmi)
33band of adult (pmi)
33wilderness (pmi)
33buck horse (pmi)
33group of person wear clothing (pmi)
33person look up (pmi)
33rod (pmi)
33person in store (pmi)
33walk with child (pmi)
33dog watch (pmi)
33driveway (pmi)
33up in air (pmi)
33street entertainer play instrument (pmi)
33lady smile (pmi)
33man use computer (pmi)
33adult wear red shirt sit (pmi)
33surf in ocean (pmi)
33man take nap (pmi)
33hug each other (pmi)
33large stick (pmi)
33large pile (pmi)
33bra (pmi)
33yarn (pmi)
33two man smile (pmi)
33adult with orange clothing (pmi)
33baby look (pmi)
33person run marathon (pmi)
33progress (pmi)
33adult with clothing and jean (pmi)
33scuba (pmi)
33adult practice (pmi)
33woman pose for photo (pmi)
33person perform routine (pmi)
33group cheer (pmi)
33adult teach child (pmi)
33adult float (pmi)
33performer on stage (pmi)
33three man talk (pmi)
33person standing in kitchen (pmi)
33pamphlet (pmi)
33adult wear clothing stare (pmi)
33female dancer (pmi)
33wear brown jacket (pmi)
33little baby (pmi)
33blond person look (pmi)
33long beard (pmi)
33lead adult (pmi)
33jump through (pmi)
33adult perform stunt (pmi)
33asian woman walk (pmi)
33man do skateboard trick (pmi)
32adult wear shirt sit at table (pmi)
32black car (pmi)
32go down slide (pmi)
32person standing on path (pmi)
32person walk along sidewalk (pmi)
32check out (pmi)
32entertainer play music (pmi)
32middle eastern adult (pmi)
32person in crowd (pmi)
32dog jump over hurdle (pmi)
32woman crouch (pmi)
32young woman smile (pmi)
32adult with no clothing (pmi)
32person give adult (pmi)
32person fold (pmi)
32two adult fight (pmi)
32adult give adult (pmi)
32asian adult work (pmi)
32( (pmi)
32group of adult dance (pmi)
32hold plate (pmi)
32stick out (pmi)
32person make jump (pmi)
32sit next to each other (pmi)
32woman wear red clothing standing (pmi)
32walk in rain (pmi)
32wave on surfboard (pmi)
32person swim in pool (pmi)
32bib (pmi)
32video (pmi)
32long black hair (pmi)
32group of person relax (pmi)
32adult wear clothing ride (pmi)
32rub (pmi)
32large dog play (pmi)
32woman with scarf (pmi)
32tarp (pmi)
32person have meal (pmi)
32adult wear white clothing play instrument (pmi)
32woman standing next to person (pmi)
32woman walk dog (pmi)
32cricket (pmi)
32army person (pmi)
32kid jump (pmi)
32adult sit on beach (pmi)
32man wrap (pmi)
32person wave flag (pmi)
32person wear clothing kneel (pmi)
32roadway (pmi)
32drive bike (pmi)
32adult jump into air (pmi)
32walk through field (pmi)
32white room (pmi)
32animal standing (pmi)
32two adult walk down sidewalk (pmi)
32substance (pmi)
32system (pmi)
32two adult ride bike (pmi)
32surround by adult (pmi)
322 (pmi)
32man sing and play instrument (pmi)
32person wear clothing and pants sit (pmi)
32girl_woman be (pmi)
32clean window (pmi)
32child hand (pmi)
32motorcycle rider (pmi)
32two member (pmi)
32gentleman sit (pmi)
32some direction (pmi)
32hold little girl (pmi)
32establishment (pmi)
32child play on beach (pmi)
32bay (pmi)
32adult with no shirt (pmi)
32adult wear black clothing play stringed instrument (pmi)
32adult hit tennis ball (pmi)
32person wear red clothing play instrument (pmi)
32play on grass (pmi)
32person pick (pmi)
32person standing wait (pmi)
32scientist (pmi)
32numerous person (pmi)
32performer play music (pmi)
32child wear jacket (pmi)
32person wear green clothing sit (pmi)
32sit on outside (pmi)
32look at food (pmi)
32person with shirt and pant (pmi)
32reflective vest (pmi)
32softball (pmi)
32goatee (pmi)
32person wear black clothing play stringed instrument (pmi)
32person wear suit sit (pmi)
32man help person (pmi)
32some person walk street (pmi)
32adult with red shirt (pmi)
32menu (pmi)
32play with soccer ball (pmi)
32round table (pmi)
32person wear clothing and jean sit (pmi)
32person wear white clothing play instrument (pmi)
32child point (pmi)
32use machine (pmi)
32fall leaf (pmi)
32adult watch him (pmi)
32level (pmi)
32sit in circle (pmi)
32hold tennis racket (pmi)
32man wear black clothing look (pmi)
32person ride in boat (pmi)
32person wear sweater (pmi)
32group of adult pose (pmi)
32ice rink (pmi)
32white dog walk (pmi)
32brown bag (pmi)
32person standing in front of microphone (pmi)
32large number (pmi)
32person wear shirt and jean standing (pmi)
32staff (pmi)
32lady be (pmi)
32adult and woman walk down street (pmi)
32other person standing (pmi)
32bark (pmi)
32kimono (pmi)
32eat ice cream (pmi)
32cup of coffee (pmi)
32service (pmi)
32adult wear shirt and jean standing (pmi)
32young girl pose (pmi)
32soldier standing (pmi)
32chain link fence (pmi)
32person look at book (pmi)
32person standing with person (pmi)
32wear straw hat (pmi)
32band play instrument (pmi)
32jogger (pmi)
32large group standing (pmi)
32orange dress (pmi)
32adult wear sunglasses sit (pmi)
32play board game (pmi)
32sell good (pmi)
32person sit on train (pmi)
32seat man (pmi)
32adult standing in front of microphone (pmi)
32person talk to each other (pmi)
32red skirt (pmi)
32person ride scooter (pmi)
32wood floor (pmi)
32basketball team (pmi)
32sit on sofa (pmi)
32adult hug (pmi)
32suspend in air (pmi)
32short dress (pmi)
32two adult wear hat (pmi)
32boy wear clothing walk (pmi)
32person and woman walk down street (pmi)
32two child pose (pmi)
32adult ride on bike (pmi)
32two white person (pmi)
32band play on stage (pmi)
32three young person (pmi)
32asian lady (pmi)
32child play outside (pmi)
32young black man (pmi)
32woman wear green clothing (pmi)
32yellow top (pmi)
32group of adult play instrument (pmi)
32play with person (pmi)
32go slide (pmi)
32man wear clothing talk on phone (pmi)
32person with hat sit (pmi)
32person watch in background (pmi)
32woman take photograph (pmi)
32guitar on street (pmi)
32woman relax (pmi)
32white chair (pmi)
32happen (pmi)
32sit with adult (pmi)
32girl_woman play (pmi)
32tug-of-war (pmi)
32group walk on street (pmi)
32man standing in front of person (pmi)
32drawing (pmi)
32standing near person (pmi)
32person with vest (pmi)
32firefighter standing (pmi)
32dark clothes (pmi)
32two blond person (pmi)
32man balance (pmi)
32buck (pmi)
32possession (pmi)
32person wear helmet ride bike (pmi)
32young boy be (pmi)
32ride bike on road (pmi)
32young man skateboard (pmi)
31two white adult (pmi)
31man with no shirt (pmi)
31man on phone (pmi)
31watch athlete (pmi)
31person walk outside (pmi)
31person run in marathon (pmi)
31help him (pmi)
31two old man (pmi)
31adult wear jacket talk (pmi)
31be clothing (pmi)
31adult with glasses and clothing (pmi)
31play golf (pmi)
31person with glasses look (pmi)
31young toddler (pmi)
31wield (pmi)
31man play instrument on sidewalk (pmi)
31person wear clothing hold (pmi)
31person look out (pmi)
31work person (pmi)
31parent sit (pmi)
31some spectator (pmi)
31bike parking (pmi)
31white person standing (pmi)
31adult standing on beach (pmi)
31woman smile for camera (pmi)
31dark suit (pmi)
31two man sit at table (pmi)
31woman hold sign (pmi)
31man store (pmi)
31open air market (pmi)
31man have hand (pmi)
31plaid (pmi)
31team play game (pmi)
31take turn (pmi)
31person show adult (pmi)
31lady wear clothing (pmi)
31man talk into microphone (pmi)
31person and adult perform (pmi)
31business attire (pmi)
31lady wait (pmi)
31race around track (pmi)
31man wear clothing pose (pmi)
31deliver (pmi)
31man standing on ladder (pmi)
31person child (pmi)
31adult wear clothing and pants sit (pmi)
31pottery (pmi)
31bike on trail (pmi)
31adult kayak (pmi)
31can be see (pmi)
31sit in lawn chair (pmi)
31woman and child walk (pmi)
31sprint (pmi)
31black man sit (pmi)
31person run on street (pmi)
31adult rock climb (pmi)
31person compete wear race (pmi)
31white adult standing (pmi)
31person standing on field (pmi)
31person wear shirt play (pmi)
31walk on trail (pmi)
31girl_woman wear clothing sit (pmi)
31adult see (pmi)
31white person sit (pmi)
31man wear hard hat (pmi)
31adult wear shirt take picture (pmi)
31adult wear clothing and jean sit (pmi)
31hit volleyball (pmi)
31uniform man (pmi)
31black backpack (pmi)
31man surround by person (pmi)
31construct (pmi)
31man ride dirt bike (pmi)
31person drive car (pmi)
31green ball (pmi)
31man ride bike down street (pmi)
31standing next to wall (pmi)
31person hold gun (pmi)
31entertain crowd (pmi)
31guest (pmi)
31tail (pmi)
31person practice art (pmi)
31small dog play (pmi)
31man hold up sign (pmi)
31food cart (pmi)
31adult wear suit sit (pmi)
31signal (pmi)
31sit at table in restaurant (pmi)
31person blow (pmi)
31adult play string instrument (pmi)
31excitement (pmi)
31man sit play stringed instrument (pmi)
31two middle-aged person (pmi)
31connect (pmi)
31person wait at stop (pmi)
31jump high (pmi)
31woman wear red shirt (pmi)
31person standing on boat (pmi)
31child smile at camera (pmi)
31two person take picture (pmi)
31topless person (pmi)
31run wear water (pmi)
31adult and person perform (pmi)
31five (pmi)
31adult wear orange shirt (pmi)
31standing next to him (pmi)
31white glove (pmi)
31mingle (pmi)
31two person eat (pmi)
31standing in front of adult (pmi)
31group bike (pmi)
31man kick ball (pmi)
31man talk to man (pmi)
31woman wear black clothing walk (pmi)
31slab (pmi)
31tan hat (pmi)
31leather (pmi)
31egg (pmi)
31adult with glasses look (pmi)
31white truck (pmi)
31man wear clothing play percussion instrument (pmi)
31man work on project (pmi)
31person look through microscope (pmi)
31standing in street (pmi)
31audience watch (pmi)
31guy ride bike (pmi)
31person walk wear hand (pmi)
31hospital (pmi)
31man standing in room (pmi)
31boy wear shirt standing (pmi)
31person down street (pmi)
31jean jacket (pmi)
31young man wear clothing (pmi)
31some person jump (pmi)
31judge (pmi)
31adult wear red clothing play instrument (pmi)
31attack (pmi)
31sit on horse (pmi)
31two lady sit (pmi)
31adult and adult perform (pmi)
31woman athlete (pmi)
31man walk down city street (pmi)
31ride down road (pmi)
31adult play sport (pmi)
31dark-haired child (pmi)
31american person (pmi)
31child wear pink clothing (pmi)
31young asian boy (pmi)
31team play (pmi)
31adult hold ball (pmi)
31play tug-of-war (pmi)
31person gather around table (pmi)
31person sell fruit (pmi)
31younger child (pmi)
31surfer catch wave (pmi)
31person take picture of person (pmi)
31adult wear outfit (pmi)
31african man (pmi)
31adult wear shirt jump (pmi)
31white snow (pmi)
31child wear shirt walk (pmi)
31man with no clothing (pmi)
31adult hold object (pmi)
31child kick soccer ball (pmi)
31cross road (pmi)
31some work (pmi)
31woman hit ball (pmi)
31splash water (pmi)
31cause (pmi)
31person with head (pmi)
31three musician (pmi)
31play on field (pmi)
31sundress (pmi)
31person standing next to woman (pmi)
31person play trumpet (pmi)
31child do trick (pmi)
31woman pass (pmi)
31sports field (pmi)
31man be rock climb (pmi)
31play guitar on street (pmi)
31person climb rock wall (pmi)
31man wear hat walk (pmi)
31asian adult look (pmi)
31person read magazine (pmi)
31painter (pmi)
31group of person wear clothing standing (pmi)
31woman standing look (pmi)
31adult wear mask (pmi)
31adult row boat (pmi)
31adult look at man (pmi)
31struggle (pmi)
31some member (pmi)
31athlete fight (pmi)
31perform move (pmi)
31white fence (pmi)
31two person cross street (pmi)
31person wait for bus (pmi)
31young boy wear shirt (pmi)
31boy wear (pmi)
31person sweep street (pmi)
31cattle (pmi)
31person sit in grass (pmi)
31target (pmi)
31person row (pmi)
31write on it (pmi)
31hold bike (pmi)
31athlete fly through air (pmi)
31mannequin (pmi)
31walk in park (pmi)
31child participate (pmi)
31sit wear water (pmi)
31person with shirt standing (pmi)
31transport (pmi)
31adult with bag walk (pmi)
31man with clothing standing (pmi)
31young boy pose (pmi)
31young boy wear clothing play (pmi)
31rural area (pmi)
31green uniform (pmi)
31adult do trick on bike (pmi)
31sit on wooden bench (pmi)
31man hold cup (pmi)
31interview (pmi)
31two person ride bicycle (pmi)
31apartment (pmi)
31african boy (pmi)
31black and white stripe shirt (pmi)
31adult ride dirt bike (pmi)
31colorful dress (pmi)
31person enjoy themselves (pmi)
31two person speak (pmi)
31person standing on street corner (pmi)
31person and person perform (pmi)
31eat snack (pmi)
31patron (pmi)
31athlete catch wave (pmi)
31adult play keyboard (pmi)
31person wear black standing (pmi)
31strum (pmi)
31group of person sing (pmi)
31baby sleep (pmi)
31person wear white shirt look (pmi)
31man wear white shirt sit (pmi)
31blond woman walk (pmi)
31some bag (pmi)
31skip (pmi)
31walk bike (pmi)
31india (pmi)
31person gather table (pmi)
30man with clothing and hat (pmi)
30large group of person sit (pmi)
30standing against wall (pmi)
30child pose for camera (pmi)
30red bicycle (pmi)
30adult wear white shirt look (pmi)
30white bird (pmi)
30person wear orange clothing standing (pmi)
30boy kick soccer ball (pmi)
30blond woman look (pmi)
30woman watch adult (pmi)
30person work on laptop (pmi)
30hold by woman (pmi)
30standing on road (pmi)
30man pose for photo (pmi)
30two adult wrestle (pmi)
30black dog standing (pmi)
30wheeler (pmi)
30join (pmi)
30group of adult perform (pmi)
30skin (pmi)
30group of person dressed (pmi)
30woman wear pink shirt (pmi)
30sit on swing (pmi)
30person look at cellphone (pmi)
30wander (pmi)
30play wear street (pmi)
30adult wear clothing and pant sit (pmi)
30family standing (pmi)
30ride surfboard (pmi)
30man do trick on bike (pmi)
30woman gaze (pmi)
30wear green jacket (pmi)
30blue and white (pmi)
30man standing on rock (pmi)
30dog carry ball (pmi)
30some air (pmi)
30two bikers (pmi)
30supermarket (pmi)
30kitchen counter (pmi)
30person wear sweater sit (pmi)
30happy child (pmi)
30big smile (pmi)
30purple dress (pmi)
30bald person standing (pmi)
30wet sand (pmi)
30person with long brown hair (pmi)
30discuss something (pmi)
30person wear wetsuit surf (pmi)
30person seat at table (pmi)
30man cover (pmi)
30adult standing next to woman (pmi)
30woman smoke cigarette (pmi)
30rag (pmi)
30wakeboard (pmi)
30two entertainer perform (pmi)
30adult wear clothing sit in chair (pmi)
30adult walk together (pmi)
30dirt field (pmi)
30camouflage clothing (pmi)
30outdoor restaurant (pmi)
30drink water (pmi)
30ride vehicle (pmi)
30person entertain group (pmi)
30man wear clothing sit at table (pmi)
30get haircut (pmi)
30play cello (pmi)
30give thumb (pmi)
30person eat at restaurant (pmi)
30adult with long brown hair (pmi)
30sit on adult (pmi)
30two person sit in chair (pmi)
30person wear apron (pmi)
30red suit (pmi)
30young man play game (pmi)
30run on path (pmi)
30walk on grass (pmi)
30man climb wall (pmi)
30illuminate (pmi)
30baby cry (pmi)
30suite (pmi)
30adult raise hand (pmi)
30adult wear clothing watch (pmi)
30individual sit (pmi)
30apartment building (pmi)
30two middle-aged adult (pmi)
30woman hold microphone (pmi)
30some man be (pmi)
30man dig (pmi)
30musician play music (pmi)
30run down path (pmi)
30city square (pmi)
30person and adult wear clothing (pmi)
30bunch of child (pmi)
30group of adult walk street (pmi)
30woman help child (pmi)
30snowboarder jump (pmi)
30climb stair (pmi)
30man wear clothing play (pmi)
30spar (pmi)
30some man wear (pmi)
30open present (pmi)
30three man walk (pmi)
30person hold beer (pmi)
30adult wear apron (pmi)
30person site (pmi)
30depict (pmi)
30mess (pmi)
30person wear clothing point (pmi)
30person do handstand (pmi)
30glass window (pmi)
30perform in front of group (pmi)
30child fall (pmi)
30pizza (pmi)
30adult sit work (pmi)
30some color (pmi)
30person sweep (pmi)
30crowd wait (pmi)
30person shave (pmi)
30run path (pmi)
30adult wear t-shirt standing (pmi)
30person wear yellow clothing standing (pmi)
30food on grill (pmi)
30jeep (pmi)
30close eye (pmi)
30metal fence (pmi)
30person hold cellphone (pmi)
30brick path (pmi)
30man wear clothing play drum (pmi)
30man and person walk down street (pmi)
30long dress (pmi)
30woman wear clothing play stringed instrument (pmi)
30some other adult (pmi)
30adult face each other (pmi)
30dance with woman (pmi)
30boy wear clothing run (pmi)
30golf ball (pmi)
30person wear clothing and pant sit (pmi)
30trick on bicycle (pmi)
30some beverage (pmi)
30person bend over (pmi)
30greet (pmi)
30gather outside (pmi)
30paperwork (pmi)
30off (pmi)
30some person sit on bench (pmi)
30watch event (pmi)
30adult with shirt and pant (pmi)
30rear (pmi)
30buy food (pmi)
30launch (pmi)
30group of young woman (pmi)
30tan person (pmi)
30trench coat (pmi)
30adult walk busy street (pmi)
30shoulder bag (pmi)
30person hold rope (pmi)
30walk on busy street (pmi)
30person look at screen (pmi)
30greenery (pmi)
30person wear brown clothing (pmi)
30three individual (pmi)
30tutu (pmi)
30eat lunch (pmi)
30woman make face (pmi)
30prepare food in kitchen (pmi)
30person clothe (pmi)
30person recline (pmi)
30make something (pmi)
30dog and dog (pmi)
30some friend (pmi)
30some onlooker (pmi)
30baseball bat (pmi)
30man hold piece (pmi)
30sew machine (pmi)
30sell item (pmi)
30group wear clothing walk (pmi)
30person hold dog (pmi)
30sight (pmi)
30wear bikini (pmi)
30person lead (pmi)
30person with backpack walk (pmi)
30adult with clothing on (pmi)
30man have arm (pmi)
30adult fold (pmi)
30empty (pmi)
30traveler (pmi)
30fellow (pmi)
30two male adult (pmi)
30two adult sing (pmi)
30adult wear shirt run (pmi)
30old man look (pmi)
30man hike (pmi)
30seagull (pmi)
30man and adult walk down street (pmi)
30city park (pmi)
30dirty clothing (pmi)
30hunch (pmi)
30adult appear to be (pmi)
30some person walk on street (pmi)
30person hold adult (pmi)
30hold small child (pmi)
30two dog wrestle (pmi)
30adult eat meal (pmi)
30boy wear blue clothing (pmi)
30standing together (pmi)
30here be person (pmi)
30two person play soccer (pmi)
30adult wear green clothing sit (pmi)
30man wear stripe clothing (pmi)
29young girl be (pmi)
29laboratory (pmi)
29man with clothing and pant (pmi)
29two woman laugh (pmi)
29adult serve food (pmi)
29black dog walk (pmi)
29woman wear coat (pmi)
29victory (pmi)
29person standing outside of building (pmi)
29person outside (pmi)
29boy hold (pmi)
29grandmother (pmi)
29two adult cross street (pmi)
29yellow flower (pmi)
29woman sit look (pmi)
29woman with haircut (pmi)
29person play golf (pmi)
29adult wear hat play instrument (pmi)
29surround person (pmi)
29two bike (pmi)
29swim cap (pmi)
29person wear robe (pmi)
29security guard (pmi)
29get air (pmi)
29athlete ski (pmi)
29three adult perform (pmi)
29group of dancer (pmi)
29man wear clothing and pant standing (pmi)
29adult look through microscope (pmi)
29woman hold cup (pmi)
29parka (pmi)
29lit (pmi)
29person crowd (pmi)
29include person (pmi)
29person wear hat play instrument (pmi)
29athlete play (pmi)
29table full (pmi)
29three person wait (pmi)
29fatigue (pmi)
29adult and person wear clothing (pmi)
29man standing in front of wall (pmi)
29sheet music (pmi)
29woman wear jacket standing (pmi)
29adult with black shirt (pmi)
29colorful shirt (pmi)
29old woman sit (pmi)
29person standing of building (pmi)
29adult carry backpack (pmi)
29wear plaid shirt (pmi)
29adult wear tank top (pmi)
29binoculars (pmi)
29artist work (pmi)
29barber (pmi)
29spray water (pmi)
29perform on street (pmi)
29walk across bridge (pmi)
29athlete jump in air (pmi)
29man wear clothing sing into microphone (pmi)
29adult with vest (pmi)
29walk person (pmi)
29adult hold cellphone (pmi)
29person wear black play instrument (pmi)
29rose (pmi)
29blue vest (pmi)
29three adult play instrument (pmi)
29man wear some black (pmi)
29adult and person work (pmi)
29standing under umbrella (pmi)
29man wear apron (pmi)
29surf on wave (pmi)
29man and woman walk down street (pmi)
29wear sandal (pmi)
29japanese adult (pmi)
29person play board game (pmi)
29person meet (pmi)
29man wear vest work (pmi)
29two dog standing (pmi)
29two man run (pmi)
29two person standing on sidewalk (pmi)
29some young girl (pmi)
29person use laptop (pmi)
29person ride brown horse (pmi)
29person walk on road (pmi)
29person rollerskating (pmi)
29group of lady (pmi)
29person work on bike (pmi)
29adult hold adult (pmi)
29two performer perform (pmi)
29topless adult (pmi)
29fell (pmi)
29warm clothing (pmi)
29wear collar (pmi)
29child wear shirt look (pmi)
29world (pmi)
29college man (pmi)
29adult and adult wear clothing (pmi)
29white clothes (pmi)
29two woman sit on bench (pmi)
29person wear black coat (pmi)
29vary (pmi)
29man have discussion (pmi)
29child jump into pool (pmi)
29wear sweatshirt (pmi)
29play in background (pmi)
29coffee cup (pmi)
29adult strike pose (pmi)
29adult paddle (pmi)
29white adult sit (pmi)
29city worker (pmi)
29person in area (pmi)
29afternoon (pmi)
29trick on ramp (pmi)
29adult embrace (pmi)
29adult climb up (pmi)
29shelter (pmi)
29adult with hat sit (pmi)
29group of adult walk down street (pmi)
29person carry flag (pmi)
29group of person wear (pmi)
29two blond adult (pmi)
29trot (pmi)
29person wear orange vest (pmi)
29athlete tackle person (pmi)
29reflect (pmi)
29lay on floor (pmi)
29adult sweep street (pmi)
29adult wear skirt walk (pmi)
29collection (pmi)
29catch tennis ball (pmi)
29person play guitar on street (pmi)
29woman go (pmi)
29woman standing wear clothing (pmi)
29adult play guitar on street (pmi)
29two little kid (pmi)
29be both (pmi)
29boy work (pmi)
29athlete swing (pmi)
29girl_child wear (pmi)
29woman wear coat standing (pmi)
29cloudy sky (pmi)
29be about to hit (pmi)
29measure (pmi)
29dog and dog play (pmi)
29wear bathe suit (pmi)
29restaurant table (pmi)
29adult hold arm (pmi)
29person and adult work (pmi)
29aviator (pmi)
29adult look at cellphone (pmi)
29very child (pmi)
29girl_child swing (pmi)
29man sing and play guitar (pmi)
29adult standing in kitchen (pmi)
29man sing and play stringed instrument (pmi)
29person standing in area (pmi)
29man peer (pmi)
29adult wear brown clothing (pmi)
29two asian child (pmi)
29adult with short hair (pmi)
29person standing on grass (pmi)
29adult walk down busy street (pmi)
29person bicycle on street (pmi)
29adult standing around (pmi)
29adult and adult work (pmi)
29tennis player hit ball (pmi)
29run through area (pmi)
29group of construction worker (pmi)
29little boy smile (pmi)
29asian couple (pmi)
29person enjoy meal (pmi)
29three asian person (pmi)
29person hold little girl (pmi)
29alcohol (pmi)
29large ball (pmi)
29he be (pmi)
29protection (pmi)
29nightclub (pmi)
29wheelbarrow (pmi)
29small wave (pmi)
29wedding dress (pmi)
29man hold tool (pmi)
29adult shave (pmi)
29some young adult (pmi)
29person wear skirt walk (pmi)
29woman hold drink (pmi)
29youngster (pmi)
29man play outside (pmi)
29perform for group (pmi)
29person and person work (pmi)
29play frisbee (pmi)
29adult jump up (pmi)
29three person sit at table (pmi)
29adult pose with person (pmi)
29long stick (pmi)
29flower shirt (pmi)
29countryside (pmi)
29standing with adult (pmi)
29racquet (pmi)
29girl_woman wear clothing walk (pmi)
29person pose with adult (pmi)
29summer clothing (pmi)
29person wear headphone (pmi)
29snowy day (pmi)
29fight over (pmi)
29man wear stripe shirt (pmi)
29adult work on laptop (pmi)
29adult wear clothing be (pmi)
29person dance wear street (pmi)
29person standing next to each other (pmi)
29ad (pmi)
29conductor (pmi)
29man wrestle (pmi)
29athletic clothing (pmi)
29play red (pmi)
29dog with spot (pmi)
29two dog play wear snow (pmi)
29red flag (pmi)
29standing adult (pmi)
29adult walk on beach (pmi)
29person with black shirt (pmi)
29write something (pmi)
29bodysuit (pmi)
29child with hair (pmi)
29woman adult (pmi)
29wait for subway (pmi)
29small baby (pmi)
29person play on stage (pmi)
29standing at podium (pmi)
29do trick in air (pmi)
29person wear blue clothing work (pmi)
29person with short hair (pmi)
29child listen (pmi)
29person get hair (pmi)
29bend down (pmi)
29glance (pmi)
29two dog run through grass (pmi)
29two young child play (pmi)
29ticket (pmi)
29person sit read book (pmi)
29wear blue helmet (pmi)
29dog catch tennis ball (pmi)
29tattoo man (pmi)
29dark glasses (pmi)
29shake hand (pmi)
28man with black hair (pmi)
28three woman talk (pmi)
28person walk in rain (pmi)
28adult follow (pmi)
28two bicyclist (pmi)
28tennis match (pmi)
28person wear pants walk (pmi)
28sit on boat (pmi)
28elder person (pmi)
28couple of man (pmi)
28group of soldier (pmi)
28large group of person standing (pmi)
28carry instrument (pmi)
28person shine (pmi)
28oar (pmi)
28adult with shirt standing (pmi)
28play bass (pmi)
28soar (pmi)
28blue building (pmi)
28play in water fountain (pmi)
28bald adult standing (pmi)
28tan adult (pmi)
28adult hold beer (pmi)
28adult wear red (pmi)
28person walk building (pmi)
28adult show adult (pmi)
28person put hand (pmi)
28scuba diver (pmi)
28person do dance (pmi)
28long dark hair (pmi)
28three person dance (pmi)
28sunhat (pmi)
28group of young girl (pmi)
28hold child hand (pmi)
28adult check (pmi)
28person wear suit talk (pmi)
28adult wear shirt play (pmi)
28knit hat (pmi)
28person have good time (pmi)
28adult wear headphone (pmi)
28wear gray jacket (pmi)
28go street (pmi)
28height (pmi)
28ride on motorbike (pmi)
28carry something (pmi)
28sit in front of computer (pmi)
28waterfront (pmi)
28roller (pmi)
28play cricket (pmi)
28adult wear dress walk down street (pmi)
28wear blue short (pmi)
28perform skateboard trick (pmi)
28adult dance on stage (pmi)
28person at table (pmi)
28three boy play (pmi)
28adult blow (pmi)
28female singer (pmi)
28poodle (pmi)
28cross busy street (pmi)
28take shot (pmi)
28small boy sit (pmi)
28watch two adult (pmi)
28play in ocean (pmi)
28two young girl play (pmi)
28person work on building (pmi)
28stone bench (pmi)
28angel (pmi)
28martial arts clothing (pmi)
28watch tv (pmi)
28dark blue shirt (pmi)
28dog in field (pmi)
28second person (pmi)
28adult wear black walk (pmi)
28hamburger (pmi)
28work on something (pmi)
28man engage (pmi)
28violinist (pmi)
28adult carry shop bag (pmi)
28orange suit (pmi)
28breakdancing (pmi)
28musician sit (pmi)
28person walk with child (pmi)
28carry object (pmi)
28girl_woman run (pmi)
28wear clothes (pmi)
28man standing wear street (pmi)
28woman hold camera (pmi)
28give sign (pmi)
28person wear clothing hold baby (pmi)
28work adult (pmi)
28pavilion (pmi)
28hold basketball (pmi)
28green sweatshirt (pmi)
28standing in road (pmi)
28well dress man (pmi)
28carry stick in mouth (pmi)
28two hiker (pmi)
28some person ride bike (pmi)
28tall plant (pmi)
28incline (pmi)
28christmas (pmi)
28adult wear black play instrument (pmi)
28group sit on bench (pmi)
28person fix bike (pmi)
28person standing wear water (pmi)
28walk wear water (pmi)
28two person and person (pmi)
28bike drive (pmi)
28person with hand (pmi)
28two person kiss (pmi)
28half pipe (pmi)
28adult work on building (pmi)
28man sing on stage (pmi)
28greyhound dog (pmi)
28lie on floor (pmi)
28hold leash (pmi)
28dog play with dog (pmi)
28person standing outdoors (pmi)
28two small dog (pmi)
28person wear sweatshirt (pmi)
28two other woman (pmi)
28play with each other (pmi)
28play red instrument (pmi)
28small child look (pmi)
28adult hold little girl (pmi)
28two man jump (pmi)
28man do jump (pmi)
28adult walk stair (pmi)
28lady wear clothing walk (pmi)
28play some instrument (pmi)
28adult wear black coat (pmi)
28two man ride (pmi)
28muddy water (pmi)
28try to hit (pmi)
28adult wear black clothing play guitar (pmi)
28woman and man sit (pmi)
28group of person jump (pmi)
28adult standing on corner (pmi)
28dirt bike rider (pmi)
28two adult surround (pmi)
28sit at restaurant (pmi)
28person hold book (pmi)
28snowy street (pmi)
28person cook in kitchen (pmi)
28man shop (pmi)
28cold weather (pmi)
28adult wear sweater sit (pmi)
28person pray (pmi)
28little girl be (pmi)
28standing wear hand (pmi)
28female look (pmi)
28man wear clothing wait (pmi)
28two child jump (pmi)
28large city (pmi)
28green top (pmi)
28perform skateboard (pmi)
28appear to be person (pmi)
28chisel (pmi)
28orange pant (pmi)
28standing wear shirt (pmi)
28adult wear clothing kneel (pmi)
28some adult perform (pmi)
28person wear top (pmi)
28standing next to bike (pmi)
28adult dance with woman (pmi)
28watch her (pmi)
28person ride bicycle on street (pmi)
28pretty person (pmi)
28asian descent (pmi)
28adult sit on motorcycle (pmi)
28person in city (pmi)
28adult walk wear hand (pmi)
28dress man (pmi)
28woman with clothing walk (pmi)
28skier ski (pmi)
28adult sit on motorbike (pmi)
28wear blue dress (pmi)
28person walk across bridge (pmi)
28person with white shirt (pmi)
28standing on dock (pmi)
28ball with racket (pmi)
28man sit on park bench (pmi)
28match outfit (pmi)
28person with shirt and jean (pmi)
28man shave (pmi)
28person wear dress walk down street (pmi)
28person with shirt and pants (pmi)
28woman wear coat walk (pmi)
28dog bound (pmi)
28tall tree (pmi)
28person standing at podium (pmi)
28play together (pmi)
28construction clothing (pmi)
28fish boat (pmi)
28man with gray hair (pmi)
28hold food (pmi)
28man wear backpack (pmi)
28two elderly woman (pmi)
28blurry (pmi)
28hear (pmi)
28two person and person standing (pmi)
28person wear clothing and hat sit (pmi)
28enjoy view (pmi)
28person smile at person (pmi)
28hop (pmi)
28person look in direction (pmi)
28person wear jean walk (pmi)
28woman wear skirt walk (pmi)
28football player tackle person (pmi)
28dance floor (pmi)
28snowshoe (pmi)
28green vest (pmi)
28polish (pmi)
28pose wear clothing (pmi)
28white tent (pmi)
28adult read magazine (pmi)
28person wear short standing (pmi)
28boy walk down street (pmi)
28woman wear white clothing standing (pmi)
28little dog run (pmi)
28adult wear clothing sleep (pmi)
28man wear orange shirt (pmi)
28chalkboard (pmi)
28volleyball game (pmi)
28adult standing next to car (pmi)
28man wear suit talk (pmi)
28have head (pmi)
28child take picture (pmi)
28crowd of spectator (pmi)
28climb ladder (pmi)
28adult standing at podium (pmi)
28person wear black clothing walk down street (pmi)
28group of three adult (pmi)
28person surf on wave (pmi)
28flock (pmi)
28standing behind counter (pmi)
28man paddle boat (pmi)
28person dance with woman (pmi)
28adult focus (pmi)
28person wear black clothing play guitar (pmi)
28jump on bike (pmi)
28man standing in group (pmi)
28girl_woman wear clothing standing (pmi)
28barefoot man (pmi)
28person do something (pmi)
28person wear glasses look (pmi)
28seem (pmi)
28athlete pose (pmi)
28two person on bike (pmi)
28woman perform dance (pmi)
28blue blanket (pmi)
28red apron (pmi)
28person wear short walk (pmi)
28pretty adult (pmi)
28summer day (pmi)
28shop center (pmi)
28adult wear suit talk (pmi)
28run down field (pmi)
28one play stringed instrument (pmi)
28person on bench (pmi)
28sit on dock (pmi)
28adult wear sweater (pmi)
28catch toy (pmi)
28person enjoy drink (pmi)
28big rock (pmi)
28tee-shirt (pmi)
28adult wear clothing hold baby (pmi)
28athlete sit (pmi)
28look at ocean (pmi)
28take drink (pmi)
28go down street (pmi)
28sandy area (pmi)
27baseball pitcher (pmi)
27child write (pmi)
27adult ride brown horse (pmi)
27pilot (pmi)
27short brown hair (pmi)
27older woman look (pmi)
27person be on boat (pmi)
27person hold paper (pmi)
27be on stage (pmi)
27overpass (pmi)
27climb cliff (pmi)
27avoid (pmi)
27person on city street (pmi)
27farmers market (pmi)
27woman sing on stage (pmi)
27floral dress (pmi)
27short skirt (pmi)
27adult travel (pmi)
27adult wear clothing perform (pmi)
27cowboy ride horse (pmi)
27one jump (pmi)
27adult sit surround (pmi)
27adult wear wetsuit surf (pmi)
27adult do stunt (pmi)
27adult sweep (pmi)
27rescue (pmi)
27adult entertain group (pmi)
27gather of person (pmi)
27bald man standing (pmi)
27woman look at phone (pmi)
27adult sit in boat (pmi)
27some asian adult (pmi)
27woman dance with person (pmi)
27adult play trumpet (pmi)
27throw something (pmi)
27man kayak (pmi)
27man wear clothing and hat standing (pmi)
27adult work on bike (pmi)
27person ride on motorbike (pmi)
27person play outdoors (pmi)
27middle-aged person sit (pmi)
27man with brown hair (pmi)
27beach volleyball (pmi)
27dog carry toy (pmi)
27person look through telescope (pmi)
27brown short (pmi)
27person standing on hill (pmi)
27two man perform (pmi)
27tracksuit (pmi)
27black instrument (pmi)
27adult look at book (pmi)
27blue plaid shirt (pmi)
27hold out (pmi)
27older boy (pmi)
27adult climb mountain (pmi)
27take swing (pmi)
27man sit in room (pmi)
27short-haired person (pmi)
27safety gear (pmi)
27facial hair (pmi)
27work on machine (pmi)
27trash bag (pmi)
27apply makeup (pmi)
27let (pmi)
27bikini top (pmi)
27boy laugh (pmi)
27walk down alley (pmi)
27lady pose (pmi)
27child skateboard (pmi)
27unicycle (pmi)
27person clean window (pmi)
27person look into camera (pmi)
27man with blue shirt (pmi)
27large wall (pmi)
27adult look at water (pmi)
27family walk (pmi)
27suit jacket (pmi)
27baton (pmi)
27wear blue uniform (pmi)
27man with cap (pmi)
27dog catch toy (pmi)
27girl_woman play stringed instrument (pmi)
27person eat at table (pmi)
27pink flower (pmi)
27woman pull (pmi)
27black sunglasses (pmi)
27black glove (pmi)
27young woman walk down street (pmi)
27man wear coat walk (pmi)
27person look at him (pmi)
27reception (pmi)
27three adult wear (pmi)
27sit on table (pmi)
27woman wear clothing sit on bench (pmi)
27traditional garb (pmi)
27asphalt (pmi)
27up stair (pmi)
27girl_woman laugh (pmi)
27person discuss something (pmi)
27videotape (pmi)
27elderly man standing (pmi)
27adult march (pmi)
27draw picture (pmi)
27person at beach (pmi)
27man sit on grass (pmi)
27person climb cliff (pmi)
27red brick building (pmi)
27two person with clothing (pmi)
27parasail (pmi)
27white-haired person (pmi)
27lady play instrument (pmi)
27lead musician (pmi)
27group go (pmi)
27man wear blue shirt look (pmi)
27person be on stage (pmi)
27person sell (pmi)
27pretty woman (pmi)
27red light (pmi)
27three man be (pmi)
27person help man (pmi)
27man wear vest standing (pmi)
27plastic (pmi)
27person practice martial art (pmi)
27adult with dog (pmi)
27person standing and look (pmi)
27person talk on street (pmi)
27adult wear clothing ride horse (pmi)
27adult enjoy beverage (pmi)
27go up (pmi)
27short-haired adult (pmi)
27green jersey (pmi)
27man wear clothing sit on bench (pmi)
27lose (pmi)
27adult have (pmi)
27bottle of beverage (pmi)
27two person stare (pmi)
27adult wear jacket play instrument (pmi)
27woman wear shirt talk (pmi)
27skater perform trick (pmi)
27coast (pmi)
27girl_woman with clothing (pmi)
27boy lie (pmi)
27surgery (pmi)
27dog bite (pmi)
27spark (pmi)
27adult throw ball (pmi)
27woman with tattoo (pmi)
27baby stroller (pmi)
27large statue (pmi)
27two man sit on bench (pmi)
27dog with ear (pmi)
27boy wear red shirt (pmi)
27plastic cup (pmi)
27wear blue sweater (pmi)
27person hold small child (pmi)
27some man play instrument (pmi)
27man hold person (pmi)
27lean over (pmi)
27woman chat (pmi)
27adult decorate (pmi)
27adult with white shirt (pmi)
27person concentrate (pmi)
27person wear blue jacket (pmi)
27woman wear hat sit (pmi)
27adult standing with person (pmi)
27blue robe (pmi)
27swim goggles (pmi)
27adult get hair (pmi)
27grill food (pmi)
27person standing person (pmi)
27car pass (pmi)
27adult wear short walk (pmi)
27wear purple (pmi)
27group sit in chair (pmi)
27dimly lit room (pmi)
27old person (pmi)
27person sit at table in restaurant (pmi)
27opposite team (pmi)
27information (pmi)
27sit in background (pmi)
27archway (pmi)
27person wear shirt and pants walk (pmi)
27bright light (pmi)
27large group of adult (pmi)
27person wear shirt and pant standing (pmi)
27crack (pmi)
27ski down hill (pmi)
27woman wear clothing speak (pmi)
27colorful hat (pmi)
27goat (pmi)
27person do trick on skateboard (pmi)
27adult smile at person (pmi)
27roller-skater (pmi)
27adult wear orange clothing standing (pmi)
27two person ride horse (pmi)
27backseat (pmi)
27contemplate (pmi)
27adult hold small child (pmi)
27man do flip (pmi)
27baseball player throw ball (pmi)
27standing on shore (pmi)
27athletic person (pmi)
27person sit on sofa (pmi)
27woman wear clothing work (pmi)
27woman jump in air (pmi)
27person ski down hill (pmi)
27table outside (pmi)
27young girl wear (pmi)
27sit in seat (pmi)
27cord (pmi)
27backpacker (pmi)
27woman wear skirt (pmi)
27man wear hat play instrument (pmi)
27room fill (pmi)
27lady dance (pmi)
27play flute (pmi)
27yellow bike (pmi)
27look at child (pmi)
27person carry basket (pmi)
27red robe (pmi)
27person push child (pmi)
27wear black dress (pmi)
27person sit against wall (pmi)
27big brown dog (pmi)
27bury (pmi)
27attempt to catch (pmi)
27two adult play soccer (pmi)
27man look at woman (pmi)
27blue and yellow clothing (pmi)
27adult wear blue clothing work (pmi)
27two person and adult standing (pmi)
27man jump bike (pmi)
27red motorbike (pmi)
27toy car (pmi)
27motocross bike (pmi)
27man wear red clothing standing (pmi)
27message (pmi)
27person walk up stair (pmi)
27man wear orange clothing work (pmi)
27leap over (pmi)
27outdoor fountain (pmi)
27adult wear black clothing walk down street (pmi)
27man sit around table (pmi)
27young asian girl_child (pmi)
27axe (pmi)
27adult run race (pmi)
27hardwood floor (pmi)
27wheelie (pmi)
27kiss woman (pmi)
27adult wear glasses look (pmi)
27brown animal (pmi)
27person wear brown clothing standing (pmi)
27person at event (pmi)
27baseball person throw ball (pmi)
27crowd sidewalk (pmi)
27talk on street (pmi)
27man on beach (pmi)
27navy shirt (pmi)
27adult fix bike (pmi)
27group of some child (pmi)
27lead performer (pmi)
27two adult speak (pmi)
27man wear black shirt sit (pmi)
27perform music (pmi)
27man with arm (pmi)
27rollerblader (pmi)
27person wear jacket play instrument (pmi)
27boy talk (pmi)
27amusement park ride (pmi)
27person wear pants and clothing walk (pmi)
27adult observe (pmi)
27adult jump bike (pmi)
27person wear jean and clothing walk (pmi)
27adult sit read book (pmi)
27two person lean (pmi)
27clergyman (pmi)
27jump up to catch (pmi)
27bicycler (pmi)
27person take walk (pmi)
27baseball athlete throw ball (pmi)
27person and dog (pmi)
27adult sit on train (pmi)
27child person (pmi)
27adult play baseball (pmi)
27lead entertainer (pmi)
27man help adult (pmi)
27two adult look at something (pmi)
27standing on hind leg (pmi)
27adult at work (pmi)
27brick sidewalk (pmi)
27person look at computer (pmi)
27two adult and person standing (pmi)
27person with yellow clothing (pmi)
27work on roof (pmi)
273 (pmi)
27silver car (pmi)
27man set (pmi)
27dj (pmi)
27vegetation (pmi)
27person cut food (pmi)
27look at animal (pmi)
26person get ball (pmi)
26work on bicycle (pmi)
26person standing in street (pmi)
26person with glasses standing (pmi)
26man dive (pmi)
26group surround (pmi)
26woman swim (pmi)
26begin (pmi)
26woman standing next to adult (pmi)
26person shovel snow (pmi)
26two black man (pmi)
26adult wear jean walk (pmi)
26group of adult be (pmi)
26person hold animal (pmi)
26group of tourist (pmi)
26red stripe shirt (pmi)
26question (pmi)
26adult clean window (pmi)
26single adult (pmi)
26red trunk (pmi)
26adult and adult sit at table (pmi)
26young man play (pmi)
26cityscape (pmi)
26standing in front of car (pmi)
26rodeo person (pmi)
26enjoy time (pmi)
26man play volleyball (pmi)
26hug woman (pmi)
26child come (pmi)
26group of adult play (pmi)
26adult sit and look (pmi)
26woman wear clothing walk down sidewalk (pmi)
26two lady walk (pmi)
26adult cheer (pmi)
26adult walk in front of building (pmi)
26adult and person sit at table (pmi)
26walk wear parade (pmi)
26man draw (pmi)
26adult wear yellow clothing standing (pmi)
26adult wear short standing (pmi)
26person sit play guitar (pmi)
26adult practice art (pmi)
26adult help man (pmi)
26face person (pmi)
26person walk past building (pmi)
26standing at counter (pmi)
26adult wear brown clothing standing (pmi)
26person surf in ocean (pmi)
26adult wear hat and clothing (pmi)
26run in sand (pmi)
26person wear shirt pose (pmi)
26adult standing in front of store (pmi)
26baby wear clothing (pmi)
26red flower (pmi)
26red tie (pmi)
26pull person (pmi)
26adult standing next to each other (pmi)
26adult walk with child (pmi)
26help woman (pmi)
26two building (pmi)
26adult wear shirt sing into microphone (pmi)
26green lawn (pmi)
26adult sit play guitar (pmi)
26lady with clothing (pmi)
26camel (pmi)
26man with white beard (pmi)
26adult apply makeup (pmi)
26shack (pmi)
26man wear shirt lean (pmi)
26shirtless man standing (pmi)
26adult hold book (pmi)
26group play music (pmi)
26man wear t-shirt standing (pmi)
26person and person kiss (pmi)
26standing in forest (pmi)
26adult cook in kitchen (pmi)
26smile adult standing (pmi)
26shed (pmi)
26person wear hat and clothing (pmi)
26husband (pmi)
26shirtless adult standing (pmi)
26walk wear group (pmi)
26golfer (pmi)
26man do stunt (pmi)
26waitress (pmi)
26decide (pmi)
26walk in direction (pmi)
26child play in pool (pmi)
26dog carry stick in mouth (pmi)
26bike on track (pmi)
26adult play football (pmi)
26spot dog (pmi)
26man dance with person (pmi)
26person walk on busy street (pmi)
26man dance with adult (pmi)
26man wear blue shirt walk (pmi)
26man kiss adult (pmi)
26soccer in field (pmi)
26hold toddler (pmi)
26adult wear clothing talk to person wear clothing (pmi)
26enclosure (pmi)
26person exercise (pmi)
26adult and adult kiss (pmi)
26person hold glass (pmi)
26man talk to person wear clothing (pmi)
26man on horse (pmi)
26blue eye (pmi)
26female gymnast (pmi)
26adult hold rope (pmi)
26criminal (pmi)
26white man standing (pmi)
26look at picture (pmi)
26person rollerblade (pmi)
26man play guitar on street (pmi)
26toddler look (pmi)
26dog surround (pmi)
26adult wear black standing (pmi)
26adult sit in restaurant (pmi)
26man walk along street (pmi)
26pump (pmi)
26dough (pmi)
26shirtless person standing (pmi)
26dine (pmi)
26man stretch (pmi)
26have lunch (pmi)
26person wear black clothing talk (pmi)
26woman with clothing standing (pmi)
26speak with person (pmi)
26man smile for camera (pmi)
26group of some person standing (pmi)
26wooden chair (pmi)
26child wear helmet (pmi)
26standing in sand (pmi)
26person sit smile (pmi)
26woman with long brown hair (pmi)
26animal sit (pmi)
26bmx cyclist (pmi)
26man tie (pmi)
26walk with bag (pmi)
26shaggy dog (pmi)
26person wear orange vest work (pmi)
26person apply makeup (pmi)
26yellow jersey (pmi)
26adult wear clothing hold (pmi)
26fly in air (pmi)
26adult line (pmi)
26do kick (pmi)
26group of person sit in chair (pmi)
26watch performance (pmi)
26person wear black sit (pmi)
26bunch standing (pmi)
26dog wear snow (pmi)
26lobby (pmi)
26wear no shirt (pmi)
26wear white uniform (pmi)
26wear yellow jacket (pmi)
26get food (pmi)
26two man fight (pmi)
26have shirt (pmi)
26dog with red collar (pmi)
26person paint wall (pmi)
26person be in air (pmi)
26person and adult sit at table (pmi)
26walk past building (pmi)
26person with bike (pmi)
26computer monitor (pmi)
26include adult (pmi)
26camouflage pant (pmi)
26adult with pant (pmi)
26person standing next to bike (pmi)
26college student (pmi)
26adult wear shirt and pants walk (pmi)
26man kiss person (pmi)
26person mill (pmi)
26blue chair (pmi)
26person sit outdoors (pmi)
26adult ride wave (pmi)
26black and yellow clothing (pmi)
26walk wear crowd (pmi)
26parent walk (pmi)
26standing in circle (pmi)
26adult play on stage (pmi)
26boy swing (pmi)
26adult wear black clothing talk (pmi)
26person wear clothing talk to person wear clothing (pmi)
26adult wear pants walk (pmi)
26person standing behind him (pmi)
26person in person (pmi)
26person grill (pmi)
26bathtub (pmi)
26lady take picture (pmi)
26pet dog (pmi)
26person and person smile (pmi)
26corn (pmi)
26rickshaw (pmi)
26lantern (pmi)
26person and person sit at table (pmi)
26adult with glasses standing (pmi)
26adult and person kiss (pmi)
26red team (pmi)
26rider ride horse (pmi)
26person wear clothing hold sign (pmi)
26child walk down path (pmi)
26child walk path (pmi)
26lady wear (pmi)
26person wear clothes (pmi)
26person hold tennis racket (pmi)
26try to climb (pmi)
26morning (pmi)
26person and adult kiss (pmi)
26dog run across field (pmi)
26young man pose (pmi)
26two man watch (pmi)
26some dancer (pmi)
26person browse (pmi)
26make sign (pmi)
26look wear clothing (pmi)
26man look down (pmi)
26person wear shirt and jean walk (pmi)
26child blow bubble (pmi)
26handlebar (pmi)
26person sit read (pmi)
26young man be (pmi)
26dog run wear water (pmi)
26adult hold racket (pmi)
26practice move (pmi)
26clear water (pmi)
26adult with head (pmi)
26person wear shirt sing into microphone (pmi)
26little blond boy (pmi)
26man play sport (pmi)
26read something (pmi)
26run down road (pmi)
26adult play golf (pmi)
26sit in park (pmi)
26person wear shirt speak (pmi)
26adult wear orange vest (pmi)
26dog and dog run (pmi)
26bedroom (pmi)
26person in wheelchair (pmi)
26woman smoke (pmi)
26person with white beard (pmi)
26drink wine (pmi)
26walk on city street (pmi)
26red and blue clothing (pmi)
26jump over fence (pmi)
26person wear shirt and pant walk (pmi)
26tote (pmi)
26adult with white beard (pmi)
26attempt trick (pmi)
26sit next to man (pmi)
26carry sign (pmi)
26two adult and person (pmi)
26standing behind person (pmi)
26smile person standing (pmi)
26adult with yellow clothing (pmi)
26adult with person (pmi)
26row of person (pmi)
26dine table (pmi)
26look at them (pmi)
26work on track (pmi)
26visor (pmi)
26woman wear dress walk down street (pmi)
26past building (pmi)
26group take picture (pmi)
26person look at each other (pmi)
26adult ride scooter (pmi)
26adult site (pmi)
26stare at something (pmi)
26orange ball (pmi)
26rough water (pmi)
26two adult and adult standing (pmi)
26two blond woman (pmi)
25two woman pose for picture (pmi)
25person wear stripe clothing standing (pmi)
25yellow hard hat (pmi)
25person pull cart (pmi)
25person wear black shirt look (pmi)
25person line up (pmi)
25long pole (pmi)
25long grass (pmi)
25person with long blond-hair (pmi)
25check cellphone (pmi)
25person standing in middle of street (pmi)
25adult wear pants and clothing walk (pmi)
25pail (pmi)
25lean on wall (pmi)
25smile person sit (pmi)
25man lie down (pmi)
25underwater (pmi)
25person wear clothing hold microphone (pmi)
25float wear water (pmi)
25print shirt (pmi)
25performer sing into microphone (pmi)
25sit person (pmi)
25adult wear clothing hold child (pmi)
25follow person (pmi)
25child make (pmi)
25child swim in pool (pmi)
25sunbathe (pmi)
25adult wear jean sit (pmi)
25old man walk (pmi)
25group of person walk on street (pmi)
25person work on machine (pmi)
25young woman talk (pmi)
25adult wear shirt and jean walk (pmi)
25person pant (pmi)
25woman face (pmi)
25man wear white hat (pmi)
25dog hold stick (pmi)
25rider do trick (pmi)
25young woman wear (pmi)
25person sell good (pmi)
25two student (pmi)
25green outfit (pmi)
25person do construction (pmi)
25adult with shirt and pants (pmi)
25preparation (pmi)
25ride on motorcycle (pmi)
25person wear clothing talk to woman (pmi)
25group march (pmi)
25standing in person (pmi)
25two guy sit (pmi)
25person sit with person (pmi)
25person prepare food in kitchen (pmi)
25person have beverage (pmi)
25curl (pmi)
25adult sit on stair (pmi)
25scout (pmi)
25woman wear clothing run (pmi)
25skater skate (pmi)
25two woman walk on street (pmi)
25three person wear clothing standing (pmi)
25standing on side of street (pmi)
25adult wear top (pmi)
25woman wear blue clothing walk (pmi)
25look at item (pmi)
25bike helmet (pmi)
25three child look (pmi)
25asian person smile (pmi)
25adult look through telescope (pmi)
25three adult smile (pmi)
25some person relax (pmi)
25quarterback (pmi)
25lasso (pmi)
25adult wear pants sit (pmi)
25entertainer sing into microphone (pmi)
25autumn (pmi)
25two person standing look (pmi)
25standing in front of crowd (pmi)
25man lean against wall (pmi)
25adult with shirt and jean (pmi)
25adult walk through street (pmi)
25play soccer in field (pmi)
25man hold umbrella (pmi)
25little girl pose (pmi)
25need (pmi)
25some woman walk (pmi)
25newlywed standing (pmi)
25two woman cross street (pmi)
25adult standing on path (pmi)
25man with dreadlock (pmi)
25adult wear jean and clothing walk (pmi)
25person wear clothing walk on sidewalk (pmi)
25blue and white uniform (pmi)
25person and adult smile (pmi)
25adult on bicycle ride (pmi)
25adult use laptop (pmi)
25two person walk on sidewalk (pmi)
25adult lay on ground (pmi)
25construction adult (pmi)
25drive motorbike (pmi)
25two bag (pmi)
25entertain person (pmi)
25woman sit on park bench (pmi)
25sit on stoop (pmi)
25adult behind him (pmi)
25take part (pmi)
25small crowd of person (pmi)
25older woman standing (pmi)
25person wear jacket work (pmi)
25can see (pmi)
25person watch group (pmi)
25another watch (pmi)
25person wear pants sit (pmi)
25man wear clothing standing on street (pmi)
25stone path (pmi)
25walk up hill (pmi)
25two person walk down city street (pmi)
25destination (pmi)
25hit baseball (pmi)
25big wave (pmi)
25walk around (pmi)
25adult climb rock wall (pmi)
25boy slide (pmi)
25man paddle (pmi)
25person gather on street (pmi)
25orange coat (pmi)
25white-haired adult (pmi)
25person standing together (pmi)
25elder adult (pmi)
25person shake hand (pmi)
25child read (pmi)
25person dig hole (pmi)
25adult ride bicycle down street (pmi)
25adult standing on platform (pmi)
25purple top (pmi)
25stunt on bike (pmi)
25adult standing on city street (pmi)
25adult surround by plant (pmi)
25some equipment (pmi)
25other hand (pmi)
25adult push child (pmi)
25young man sing (pmi)
25adult standing on boat (pmi)
25walk in area (pmi)
25experiment (pmi)
25man wear clothing ride bicycle (pmi)
25person step (pmi)
25adult look into distance (pmi)
25ride animal (pmi)
25person wear jersey (pmi)
25man row boat (pmi)
25adult in field (pmi)
25group of person watch man (pmi)
25adult wear orange vest work (pmi)
25ride on street (pmi)
25adult wear shirt and pant walk (pmi)
25person rest head (pmi)
25sit on bench in park (pmi)
25little boy wear shirt (pmi)
25grassy yard (pmi)
25adult and person smile (pmi)
25walk down street in city (pmi)
25man wear wetsuit surf (pmi)
25woman wear clothing take picture (pmi)
25hit ball with racket (pmi)
25blond-haired boy (pmi)
25person wear t-shirt look (pmi)
25construction person (pmi)
25musician standing (pmi)
25adult wear t-shirt look (pmi)
25ride red bike (pmi)
25adult kiss woman (pmi)
25cookie (pmi)
25rice (pmi)
25opening (pmi)
25person wear stripe clothing sit (pmi)
25male play stringed instrument (pmi)
25food person (pmi)
25person wear clothing lay (pmi)
25young asian girl_woman (pmi)
25man and person talk (pmi)
25jar (pmi)
25child sit on chair (pmi)
25large sign (pmi)
25man wear clothing and pant walk (pmi)
25watch boy (pmi)
25adult wear shirt and pant standing (pmi)
25swing racket (pmi)
25whistle (pmi)
25highchair (pmi)
25me (pmi)
25black umbrella (pmi)
25brown sweater (pmi)
25adult wear clothing point (pmi)
25some person pose for picture (pmi)
25man play trumpet (pmi)
25frolic (pmi)
25asian male (pmi)
25adult hold child hand (pmi)
25trolley (pmi)
25two team compete (pmi)
25other person watch (pmi)
25two man play soccer (pmi)
25partner standing (pmi)
25person wear black jacket standing (pmi)
25person try (pmi)
25banana (pmi)
25casually dress person (pmi)
25two boy walk (pmi)
25try to sell (pmi)
25person wear clothing hold child (pmi)
25two soldier (pmi)
25person wait for person (pmi)
25sash (pmi)
25person watch athlete (pmi)
25adult hold glass (pmi)
25perform in front of crowd (pmi)
25person kiss woman (pmi)
25lady sit on bench (pmi)
25boy wear blue shirt (pmi)
25adult dance wear street (pmi)
25two man wear hat (pmi)
25bare (pmi)
25do construction (pmi)
25person ride surfboard (pmi)
25bicycle helmet (pmi)
25two woman have conversation (pmi)
25bake (pmi)
25clothing store (pmi)
25hoist (pmi)
25some child look (pmi)
25man wear clothing and pants walk (pmi)
25cold (pmi)
25custodian (pmi)
25young boy play soccer (pmi)
25shoot gun (pmi)
25work in kitchen (pmi)
25three man play instrument (pmi)
25adult wear clothing talk to woman (pmi)
25work in field (pmi)
25woman push stroller (pmi)
25two person hold hand (pmi)
25person wear uniform walk (pmi)
25person wear clothing and short standing (pmi)
25carry bucket (pmi)
25standing in front of plant (pmi)
25add (pmi)
25man fix bike (pmi)
25person wear jean sit (pmi)
25man hold bottle (pmi)
25yellow helmet (pmi)
25two girl_child sit (pmi)
25derby (pmi)
25stride (pmi)
25adult wear black shirt look (pmi)
25print clothing (pmi)
25adult pause (pmi)
25crowd of man (pmi)
25face camera (pmi)
25city scene (pmi)
25give man (pmi)
25young woman pose (pmi)
25green chair (pmi)
25ride ride (pmi)
25person work on roof (pmi)
25deep snow (pmi)
25marking (pmi)
25person wear clothes walk (pmi)
25person standing behind counter (pmi)
25larger dog (pmi)
25state (pmi)
25child with hat (pmi)
25mid-jump (pmi)
25friend watch (pmi)
25hold can (pmi)
25orange short (pmi)
25hold finger (pmi)
25man wear white clothing play instrument (pmi)
25carnival ride (pmi)
25grip (pmi)
25adult kick soccer ball (pmi)
25person on ladder (pmi)
25pair of adult (pmi)
25man wear blue clothing talk (pmi)
25adult wear clothing hold sign (pmi)
25home plate (pmi)
25adult wear shirt pose (pmi)
25standing on scaffolding (pmi)
25person with hat standing (pmi)
25fedora (pmi)
25person sit on outside (pmi)
25adult flip (pmi)
25tea (pmi)
25person have picture (pmi)
25local person (pmi)
25man sell food (pmi)
25man dance with woman (pmi)
25person hold child hand (pmi)
25person chase (pmi)
25person on horseback (pmi)
25wear green (pmi)
25hold weapon (pmi)
25man skate (pmi)
25person entertain crowd (pmi)
25adult wear shirt speak (pmi)
25adult in group (pmi)
25parent watch (pmi)
25tilt (pmi)
25person buy food (pmi)
25musician sing into microphone (pmi)
25street sign (pmi)
25other person look (pmi)
24woman wear green shirt (pmi)
24large group walk (pmi)
24woman wear shirt smile (pmi)
24ride bike on trail (pmi)
24person pass person (pmi)
24person wear shirt and pant sit (pmi)
24person wear white shirt play instrument (pmi)
24hold hat (pmi)
24fat person (pmi)
24person locate (pmi)
24officer talk (pmi)
24parent play (pmi)
24person with hard hat (pmi)
24perform for crowd (pmi)
24sit at bar (pmi)
24adult wear stripe clothing standing (pmi)
24person breakdancing (pmi)
24man rock climb (pmi)
24jump over pole (pmi)
24construction project (pmi)
24squeeze (pmi)
24asian person pose (pmi)
24person wear clothing dance with person (pmi)
24adult wear stripe clothing sit (pmi)
24do same (pmi)
24toddler girl (pmi)
24man ride on bike (pmi)
24dance together (pmi)
24walk through market (pmi)
24two girl_child standing (pmi)
24person with clothing and clothing (pmi)
24enjoy person (pmi)
24jug (pmi)
24athletic adult (pmi)
24person at party (pmi)
24wear pink hat (pmi)
24chinese woman (pmi)
24person wear clothing reach (pmi)
24two dog run in grass (pmi)
24bike on path (pmi)
24man wear clothing and jean walk (pmi)
24long (pmi)
24fog (pmi)
24muzzle dog (pmi)
24adult on skateboard (pmi)
24brown dog run through grass (pmi)
24organize (pmi)
24person wear dress play instrument (pmi)
24take note (pmi)
24trek (pmi)
24adult sit in grass (pmi)
24person and man walk (pmi)
24man with cane (pmi)
24man play with dog (pmi)
24adult pose with adult (pmi)
24two person and adult sit (pmi)
24african (pmi)
24person walk store (pmi)
24be to throw (pmi)
24group ride bike (pmi)
24african american child (pmi)
24adult hold animal (pmi)
24person wear cap standing (pmi)
24person at restaurant (pmi)
24person standing wear shirt (pmi)
24wear blue t-shirt (pmi)
24some customer (pmi)
24sweatpants (pmi)
24child paint (pmi)
24child wade (pmi)
24person with beard sit (pmi)
24hold hammer (pmi)
24two adult and person sit (pmi)
24construction man (pmi)
24man tend (pmi)
24child learn (pmi)
24man and adult talk (pmi)
24adult work on roof (pmi)
24shop in market (pmi)
24something in mouth (pmi)
24times square (pmi)
24sit in field (pmi)
24bike wear street (pmi)
24automobile (pmi)
24person be in boat (pmi)
24water slide (pmi)
24man ride wave (pmi)
24gentleman look (pmi)
24cook on grill (pmi)
24adult and adult smile (pmi)
24adult splash (pmi)
24person wear clothing standing next to person (pmi)
24sit wear hand (pmi)
24red backpack (pmi)
24man wear suit sit (pmi)
24young child run (pmi)
24he hold (pmi)
24standing in park (pmi)
24man wear black clothing play stringed instrument (pmi)
24adult grill (pmi)
24dive board (pmi)
24soil (pmi)
24razor (pmi)
24dog with collar run (pmi)
24burgundy clothing (pmi)
24adult hold gun (pmi)
24person help him (pmi)
24person cross busy street (pmi)
24red stringed instrument (pmi)
24man talk to adult wear clothing (pmi)
24three woman look (pmi)
24two adult standing on sidewalk (pmi)
24person standing under umbrella (pmi)
24adult wear clothing and hat sit (pmi)
24person work in field (pmi)
24gray short (pmi)
24concrete step (pmi)
24hold cigarette (pmi)
24hawaiian clothing (pmi)
24cricketer (pmi)
24person sit next to each other (pmi)
24person standing nearby (pmi)
24two person and person sit (pmi)
24hold football (pmi)
24hand with person (pmi)
24sit at computer (pmi)
24person wear shirt talk to person (pmi)
24man gaze (pmi)
24two dog play in grass (pmi)
24adult hold clothing (pmi)
24person wear outfit standing (pmi)
24child wear white clothing (pmi)
24adult discuss something (pmi)
24wear red short (pmi)
24dog shake (pmi)
24person ride on motorcycle (pmi)
24adult sell fruit (pmi)
24two man wrestle (pmi)
24child perform (pmi)
24standing on balcony (pmi)
24wrist (pmi)
24round corner (pmi)
24beige shirt (pmi)
24walk along path (pmi)
24overcoat (pmi)
24woman with jacket (pmi)
24person hold clothing (pmi)
24woman do (pmi)
24past person (pmi)
24child with brown hair (pmi)
24do exercise (pmi)
24large hat (pmi)
24unison (pmi)
24two soccer team (pmi)
24woman wear clothing talk on phone (pmi)
24man have drink (pmi)
24collide (pmi)
24other while (pmi)
24food vendor (pmi)
24caucasian woman (pmi)
24wear white top (pmi)
24person work on sculpture (pmi)
24person wear black shirt play instrument (pmi)
24man paint picture (pmi)
24cut up (pmi)
24adult look into camera (pmi)
24person wear shirt sit in chair (pmi)
24murky water (pmi)
24adult wear shirt talk to person (pmi)
24person sit in circle (pmi)
24adult wear clothing dance with person (pmi)
24street fair (pmi)
24adult clothe (pmi)
24two adult eat (pmi)
24person wear t-shirt sit (pmi)
24adult do construction (pmi)
24bike through forest (pmi)
24large woman (pmi)
24swim in lake (pmi)
24man work on bike (pmi)
24public park (pmi)
24young girl dance (pmi)
24child walk on street (pmi)
24two person with hat (pmi)
24review (pmi)
24jump bicycle (pmi)
24adult sit against wall (pmi)
24man wear white clothing walk (pmi)
24man sit play guitar (pmi)
24thief (pmi)
24man play baseball (pmi)
24chalk (pmi)
24two man wear clothing sit (pmi)
24eat cone (pmi)
24team member (pmi)
24adult wear robe (pmi)
24worker look (pmi)
24obscure (pmi)
24adult and woman kiss (pmi)
24karate uniform (pmi)
24person sit in car (pmi)
24person with brown clothing (pmi)
24person walk down alley (pmi)
24adult pull cart (pmi)
24person walk away (pmi)
24two man standing on street (pmi)
24child climb wall (pmi)
24walk adult (pmi)
24adult with sweater (pmi)
24railroad (pmi)
24baby lay (pmi)
24gather person (pmi)
24dog wade (pmi)
24person play video game (pmi)
24adult wear sweatshirt (pmi)
24person perform on street (pmi)
24standing on sand (pmi)
24construction hat (pmi)
24bare feet (pmi)
24short-sleeved shirt (pmi)
24man on bicycle ride (pmi)
24adult wear dress play instrument (pmi)
24soccer player run (pmi)
24look at paper (pmi)
24yellow building (pmi)
24adult on sidewalk (pmi)
24work on sculpture (pmi)
24ride on horse (pmi)
24adult wear shirt and pant sit (pmi)
24group of person wear clothing walk (pmi)
24woman wear top (pmi)
24adult on ladder (pmi)
24adult recline (pmi)
24person and woman talk (pmi)
24white dog with spot (pmi)
24rowboat (pmi)
24boy wear shirt play (pmi)
24lady work (pmi)
24person walk with bag (pmi)
24man wear jacket play instrument (pmi)
24elderly woman walk (pmi)
24instruct (pmi)
24woman standing outside (pmi)
24child wear blue clothing play (pmi)
24woman apply makeup (pmi)
24group of protester (pmi)
24person lie on ground (pmi)
24ride board (pmi)
24adult wear black shirt play instrument (pmi)
24covering (pmi)
24one talk (pmi)
24bmx biker (pmi)
24sausage (pmi)
24flannel shirt (pmi)
24hold shop bag (pmi)
24adult standing next to bike (pmi)
24wait for something (pmi)
24elevator (pmi)
24woman hold infant (pmi)
24person wear purple clothing (pmi)
24hold basket (pmi)
24man travel (pmi)
24person carry bag walk (pmi)
24grandchild (pmi)
24woman skate (pmi)
24three member (pmi)
24busy area (pmi)
24adult catch (pmi)
24little boy be (pmi)
24person walk through snow (pmi)
24dance with man (pmi)
24adult wear jacket work (pmi)
24convention (pmi)
24be about to throw (pmi)
24person juggle (pmi)
24ride mountain bike (pmi)
24forest area (pmi)
24person use machine (pmi)
24adolescent (pmi)
24crest (pmi)
24woman play violin (pmi)
24stand person (pmi)
24hold up hand (pmi)
24woman look at adult (pmi)
24flash (pmi)
24play beach volleyball (pmi)
24drive vehicle (pmi)
24marry couple (pmi)
24man with white clothing (pmi)
24talk with man (pmi)
24person standing wear hand (pmi)
24standing in front of sign (pmi)
24person hug woman (pmi)
24hand gesture (pmi)
24show woman (pmi)
24man with beard sit (pmi)
24person with green clothing (pmi)
24some person watch person (pmi)
24two baby (pmi)
24pencil (pmi)
24coverall (pmi)
24man with glasses and clothing (pmi)
24two adult wear clothing work (pmi)
24jump hurdle (pmi)
24waterski (pmi)
24adult wear costume standing (pmi)
24person play ball (pmi)
24overweight man (pmi)
24standing in group of person (pmi)
24standing at table (pmi)
24point finger (pmi)
24young man wear (pmi)
24man with bag (pmi)
24woman walk with person (pmi)
24blue baseball cap (pmi)
24adult wear clothing talk to adult wear clothing (pmi)
24on day person (pmi)
24person wear white t-shirt (pmi)
24selection (pmi)
24person walk along path (pmi)
24adult sit on sofa (pmi)
24person walk bike (pmi)
24adult wear white shirt play instrument (pmi)
24dive into water (pmi)
24swim through water (pmi)
24adult take picture of person (pmi)
24person wear clothing and short walk (pmi)
24two adult and adult sit (pmi)
24person wear clothing talk to adult wear clothing (pmi)
24man wear clothing walk sidewalk (pmi)
24huge wave (pmi)
24three adult dance (pmi)
24adult bend over (pmi)
24two basketball player (pmi)
24spend (pmi)
24person sit and standing (pmi)
24adult with beard sit (pmi)
24guy do trick (pmi)
24guitarist play (pmi)
24person place (pmi)
24adult hold paper (pmi)
24man and woman kiss (pmi)
24person wear red jacket (pmi)
24person load (pmi)
24person play flute (pmi)
24look at computer screen (pmi)
24man wear clothing stare (pmi)
24individual standing (pmi)
24two person wear clothing look (pmi)
24adult drive car (pmi)
24do move (pmi)
24get ready to hit (pmi)
24man and person kiss (pmi)
24man on skateboard (pmi)
24person run with ball (pmi)
24technician (pmi)
24man wear red clothing sit (pmi)
24run towards camera (pmi)
24food merchant (pmi)
24man standing next to man (pmi)
24adult look out (pmi)
24lot walk (pmi)
24dog standing on leg (pmi)
24very young child (pmi)
24person and woman kiss (pmi)
24easel (pmi)
24person with sweater (pmi)
24ocean wave (pmi)
24man and adult kiss (pmi)
24it look (pmi)
24bike on sidewalk (pmi)
24man wear hat work (pmi)
24two person wear clothing work (pmi)
24sit next to woman (pmi)
24adult in store (pmi)
24two man wait (pmi)
24red glasses (pmi)
24grassy grass (pmi)
24reach out (pmi)
24man play piano (pmi)
24file (pmi)
24dessert (pmi)
24person yell (pmi)
24man play football (pmi)
24person perform move (pmi)
24man with blond-hair (pmi)
24couple hold hand (pmi)
24person wear top standing (pmi)
24child play on swing (pmi)
24wait to get (pmi)
24fall plant (pmi)
24adult wear blue shirt talk (pmi)
24person cross bridge (pmi)
24attraction (pmi)
24man walk down path (pmi)
24woman carry child (pmi)
24man wear mask (pmi)
24fall tree (pmi)
24work on road (pmi)
24look at sky (pmi)
24winter jacket (pmi)
24person wear shirt dance (pmi)
24walk store (pmi)
24man wear hat look (pmi)
24group hike (pmi)
24person wear clothing play tennis (pmi)
24walk in front of wall (pmi)
24play rugby (pmi)
24foreign person (pmi)
24bunch of person standing (pmi)
24person wear blue shirt talk (pmi)
24wear black short (pmi)
24person on ski (pmi)
23child in stroller (pmi)
23orange jumpsuit (pmi)
23man hold something (pmi)
23clean floor (pmi)
23person and adult pose for picture (pmi)
23interest (pmi)
23wire fence (pmi)
23man wear shirt and pants standing (pmi)
23person standing up (pmi)
23adult paint wall (pmi)
23person ride animal (pmi)
23child peer (pmi)
23person standing near person (pmi)
23person wear blue clothing play instrument (pmi)
23person search (pmi)
23some adult wear clothing standing (pmi)
23look at ball (pmi)
23adult and woman work (pmi)
23maroon shirt (pmi)
23parent hold baby (pmi)
23blue backpack (pmi)
23adult look at screen (pmi)
23adult wear clothing standing next to person (pmi)
23santa (pmi)
23cafeteria (pmi)
23two person drink beverage (pmi)
23person walk person (pmi)
23guy wear clothing (pmi)
23adult do trick on skateboard (pmi)
23look at object (pmi)
23girl_woman wear shirt (pmi)
23lay on couch (pmi)
23person wear red shirt look (pmi)
23person with eye (pmi)
23rider ride down street (pmi)
23he work (pmi)
23person look at item (pmi)
23right side (pmi)
23tree stump (pmi)
23person standing next to him (pmi)
23athlete race (pmi)
23person work on track (pmi)
23person standing on scaffolding (pmi)
23lean against building (pmi)
23adult wear white clothing work (pmi)
23adult and adult pose for picture (pmi)
23three person pose for picture (pmi)
23adult standing on scaffolding (pmi)
23person watch two person (pmi)
23costume person (pmi)
23jump for ball (pmi)
23woman standing in front of building (pmi)
23person hold flower (pmi)
23woman wrap (pmi)
23block shot (pmi)
23hockey team (pmi)
23man on cellphone (pmi)
23two person perform on stage (pmi)
23have adult (pmi)
23link (pmi)
23person catch air (pmi)
23construction crew (pmi)
23bike wear race (pmi)
23kid play soccer (pmi)
23adult carry basket (pmi)
23adult rest head (pmi)
23lie on grass (pmi)
23person bag (pmi)
23white table (pmi)
23juice (pmi)
23adult with bike (pmi)
23two boy look (pmi)
23person pose wear clothing (pmi)
23black apron (pmi)
23navy (pmi)
23person play some instrument (pmi)
23man standing on boat (pmi)
23baseball player slide (pmi)
23bagpipe (pmi)
23wake (pmi)
23adult work on track (pmi)
23be wear snow (pmi)
23adult sit with person (pmi)
23build something (pmi)
23walk down walkway (pmi)
23bang (pmi)
23district (pmi)
23person with black hat (pmi)
23person get haircut (pmi)
23carry box (pmi)
23adult wear dress look (pmi)
23adult and man walk (pmi)
23two adult engage (pmi)
23white man sit (pmi)
23some boat (pmi)
23tank-top (pmi)
23young man work (pmi)
23yellow bag (pmi)
23adult walk outside (pmi)
23person study (pmi)
23use camera (pmi)
23hold fish pole (pmi)
23standing around table (pmi)
23two person hug (pmi)
23firework (pmi)
23man with clothing and jean (pmi)
23adult talk on street (pmi)
23green cap (pmi)
23person in chair (pmi)
23athlete fall (pmi)
23herd (pmi)
23adult with clothing and clothing (pmi)
23large bird (pmi)
23adult wear shirt dance (pmi)
23snowy slope (pmi)
23look away (pmi)
23walk next to person (pmi)
23two adult and adult (pmi)
23brown dress (pmi)
23adult work on machine (pmi)
23two person play basketball (pmi)
23walk trail (pmi)
23adult wade (pmi)
23work site (pmi)
23person sit at computer (pmi)
23outdoor setting (pmi)
23hawaiian shirt (pmi)
23wear blue coat (pmi)
23brown play (pmi)
23play red stringed instrument (pmi)
23some adult play game (pmi)
23man wear short standing (pmi)
23throw baseball (pmi)
23some kid play (pmi)
23long day (pmi)
23group of man work (pmi)
23wear red collar (pmi)
23man with gray beard (pmi)
23person enjoy food (pmi)
23ride white horse (pmi)
23footballer (pmi)
23man clean (pmi)
23woman wear clothing wait (pmi)
23woman wear black clothing sit (pmi)
23person hit volleyball (pmi)
23sweep floor (pmi)
23person wear yellow (pmi)
23animal look (pmi)
23two person and adult (pmi)
23outstretched (pmi)
23metal structure (pmi)
23brown dog be (pmi)
23blond child sit (pmi)
23two male athlete (pmi)
23person wear uniform run (pmi)
23man and adult work (pmi)
23policeman standing (pmi)
23ride blue bike (pmi)
23adult standing behind counter (pmi)
23person wear clothing dance with adult (pmi)
23person wear jacket ride bike (pmi)
23person swing bat (pmi)
23movie (pmi)
23two person sleep (pmi)
23black hoodie (pmi)
23person drive bike (pmi)
23man cut (pmi)
23scissors (pmi)
23man wear black shirt standing (pmi)
23group standing on sidewalk (pmi)
23person with microphone (pmi)
23person standing next to wall (pmi)
23person take picture with camera (pmi)
23some student (pmi)
23child walk sidewalk (pmi)
23skateboarder perform trick (pmi)
23have mouth (pmi)
23person wear shirt ride bicycle (pmi)
23person shop in market (pmi)
23person look at picture (pmi)
23athlete dive (pmi)
23slide into base (pmi)
23adult perform routine (pmi)
23pull on (pmi)
23two brown dog play (pmi)
23person photograph (pmi)
23group of child walk (pmi)
23man wear red clothing look (pmi)
23hold bat (pmi)
23girl_child ride (pmi)
23woman have fun (pmi)
23adult juggle (pmi)
23some flower (pmi)
23person have clothing (pmi)
23person wear shirt sit on bench (pmi)
23man standing next to woman (pmi)
23adult with cigarette (pmi)
23sit on man (pmi)
23ballet (pmi)
23adult and adult sit on bench (pmi)
23middle-aged adult sit (pmi)
23paint on it (pmi)
23walk through area (pmi)
23group participate (pmi)
23man and person work (pmi)
23two athlete fight (pmi)
23adult climb face (pmi)
23person drink coffee (pmi)
23play with adult (pmi)
23yellow and black clothing (pmi)
23man speak to person (pmi)
23person with umbrella walk (pmi)
23adult and person pose for picture (pmi)
23border (pmi)
23person sit at restaurant (pmi)
23man breakdancing (pmi)
23boy ride skateboard (pmi)
23adult breakdancing (pmi)
23person standing against wall (pmi)
23race horse (pmi)
23attempt to block (pmi)
23block person (pmi)
23carry baby (pmi)
23adult look at him (pmi)
23seed (pmi)
23man do trick on skateboard (pmi)
23group of person bike (pmi)
23instruction (pmi)
23race dog (pmi)
23adult play flute (pmi)
23man wear shirt jump (pmi)
23person and adult wait (pmi)
23standing on bridge (pmi)
23boy jump into pool (pmi)
23adult load (pmi)
23subway car (pmi)
23man hold drink (pmi)
23one walk (pmi)
23toast (pmi)
23person standing in road (pmi)
23two person stop (pmi)
23person struggle (pmi)
23person have food (pmi)
23person and woman work (pmi)
23adult in wheelchair (pmi)
23floral shirt (pmi)
23leap through air (pmi)
23man wear green clothing standing (pmi)
23person with clothing and short (pmi)
23person with cigarette (pmi)
23adult wear clothing dance with adult (pmi)
23person wear jacket walk down street (pmi)
23that run (pmi)
23graffiti cover wall (pmi)
23adult hold flower (pmi)
23scoop (pmi)
23sit on seat (pmi)
23hundred (pmi)
23person with stripe clothing (pmi)
23wave in ocean (pmi)
23group line (pmi)
23man hold phone (pmi)
23person sit eat (pmi)
23adult wear t-shirt sit (pmi)
23man work on roof (pmi)
23adult with green clothing (pmi)
23street fill (pmi)
23maintenance (pmi)
23dog play on grass (pmi)
23person and adult sit on bench (pmi)
23man prepare (pmi)
23person cross road (pmi)
23white and black clothing (pmi)
23brush teeth (pmi)
23weight (pmi)
23weeds (pmi)
23cast shadow (pmi)
23make shot (pmi)
23person walk down street in city (pmi)
23man drive car (pmi)
23woman sit on street (pmi)
23instrument wear street (pmi)
23person wear dress look (pmi)
23heavy coat (pmi)
23adult play video game (pmi)
23asian adult smile (pmi)
23have child (pmi)
23baseball team (pmi)
23adult standing in background (pmi)
23thought (pmi)
23person and person sit on bench (pmi)
23adult play bass (pmi)
23some bird (pmi)
23adult hold dog (pmi)
23person play bass (pmi)
23two adult wear clothing look (pmi)
23black walk (pmi)
23wait at bus stop (pmi)
23hold newborn baby (pmi)
23two girl_woman look (pmi)
23woman with black clothing (pmi)
23ball in field (pmi)
23be midair (pmi)
23person walk in front of wall (pmi)
23tongue hang (pmi)
23man play golf (pmi)
23play song (pmi)
23kneel down (pmi)
23person wear shirt wait (pmi)
23some man talk (pmi)
23table fill (pmi)
23three person sit on bench (pmi)
23wear white helmet (pmi)
23frown (pmi)
23smock (pmi)
23boy wear clothing jump (pmi)
23secure (pmi)
23man wear clothing walk down sidewalk (pmi)
23person wear clothing hold umbrella (pmi)
23cut piece (pmi)
23watch band (pmi)
23adult and woman talk (pmi)
23adult with hard hat (pmi)
23cling (pmi)
23adult wear clothing and short standing (pmi)
23adult and person sit on bench (pmi)
23heavy machinery (pmi)
23dog on beach (pmi)
23person hold box (pmi)
23rocky cliff (pmi)
23young baby (pmi)
23woman wear costume (pmi)
23be group (pmi)
23person standing in doorway (pmi)
23group perform on stage (pmi)
23person pose for photograph (pmi)
23office building (pmi)
23adult hug woman (pmi)
23person wear clothing and person (pmi)
23adult wear clothing play tennis (pmi)
23person wear clothing hit ball (pmi)
23pass adult (pmi)
23person knit (pmi)
23adult wear top standing (pmi)
23person wear white clothing work (pmi)
23sit with woman (pmi)
23walk down beach (pmi)
23person sit at bar (pmi)
23child jump on trampoline (pmi)
23person and person wait (pmi)
23skateboard on street (pmi)
23two person cook (pmi)
23green tank top (pmi)
23near adult (pmi)
23folder (pmi)
23asian country (pmi)
23sell vegetable (pmi)
23three adult walk down street (pmi)
23person wear clothing and blue jean standing (pmi)
23someone sit (pmi)
23converse with person (pmi)
23two child ride (pmi)
23ride boat (pmi)
23two adult ride horse (pmi)
23black and dog walk (pmi)
23colorful clothes (pmi)
23lie in grass (pmi)
23person with gray beard (pmi)
23woman use phone (pmi)
23adult wear blue clothing play instrument (pmi)
23gentleman standing (pmi)
23person with coat (pmi)
23woman wear dress look (pmi)
23man wear blue clothing work (pmi)
23man kiss woman (pmi)
23girl_child wear shirt (pmi)
23man wear black clothing play guitar (pmi)
23adult with brown clothing (pmi)
23town square (pmi)
23person wear work (pmi)
23person and person pose for picture (pmi)
23adult rollerblade (pmi)
23man with clothing and pants (pmi)
23adult with gray beard (pmi)
23open gift (pmi)
23person mingle (pmi)
23pirate (pmi)
23bass guitar (pmi)
23blond lady (pmi)
22adult and adult wait (pmi)
22child drink (pmi)
22race down street (pmi)
22headset (pmi)
22brown couch (pmi)
22group of person play music (pmi)
22group walk on sidewalk (pmi)
22woman with ponytail (pmi)
22dump (pmi)
22tune (pmi)
22man sit in boat (pmi)
22asian child sit (pmi)
22baseball player catch ball (pmi)
22person stay (pmi)
22adult play cello (pmi)
22ski down (pmi)
22surround by group (pmi)
22man run wear race (pmi)
22be some person (pmi)
22mid jump (pmi)
22adult with clothing and glasses (pmi)
22some person wear clothing walk (pmi)
22adult wear white clothing talk (pmi)
22girl_woman take picture (pmi)
22female runner (pmi)
22person walk around (pmi)
22adult wear black sit (pmi)
22green bench (pmi)
22male play guitar (pmi)
22athlete grind (pmi)
22some adult play (pmi)
22two smile person (pmi)
22wear white tank top (pmi)
22adult in park (pmi)
22hold cane (pmi)
22white boy (pmi)
22adult standing outside building (pmi)
22person wear wetsuit (pmi)
22child balance (pmi)
22man wear shirt and jean standing (pmi)
22person wear stripe shirt sit (pmi)
22run outside (pmi)
22woman make food (pmi)
22brown boot (pmi)
22person jump into water (pmi)
22bridesmaid (pmi)
22person perform in front of group (pmi)
22heavyset (pmi)
22man wear blue jacket (pmi)
22person and person play (pmi)
22girl_woman sing (pmi)
22walk down hallway (pmi)
22boy sleep (pmi)
22have face (pmi)
22person gun (pmi)
22man do construction (pmi)
22person wear clothing watch person (pmi)
22two one (pmi)
22neon vest (pmi)
22person wear shirt play percussion instrument (pmi)
22asian person talk (pmi)
22person standing in front of adult (pmi)
22person standing in grass (pmi)
22adult watch something (pmi)
22dog play with each other (pmi)
22hiker standing (pmi)
22brown dog leap (pmi)
22woman wear clothing jump (pmi)
22large truck (pmi)
22schoolgirl (pmi)
22person huddle (pmi)
22two young kid (pmi)
22couple pose for picture (pmi)
22dunk (pmi)
22play in area (pmi)
22shop at market (pmi)
22person dance with man (pmi)
22baseball player run (pmi)
22black baseball cap (pmi)
22adult wear red shirt look (pmi)
22adult climb cliff (pmi)
22adult have picture (pmi)
22child play basketball (pmi)
22man and woman work (pmi)
22) (pmi)
22man sit on ledge (pmi)
22green skirt (pmi)
22some two person (pmi)
22beard person sit (pmi)
22walk next to adult (pmi)
22that standing (pmi)
22play stringed instrument on sidewalk (pmi)
22child stick (pmi)
22challenge (pmi)
22adult wear cap standing (pmi)
22adult with eye (pmi)
22wear harness (pmi)
22group of cheerleader (pmi)
22man climb up (pmi)
22throw frisbee (pmi)
22woman dance with adult (pmi)
22blur (pmi)
22adult sit read (pmi)
22tennis ball with racket (pmi)
22some piece (pmi)
22chainsaw (pmi)
22adult play outdoors (pmi)
22do gymnastics (pmi)
22skyscraper (pmi)
22dance move (pmi)
22butcher (pmi)
22man put (pmi)
22look at clothing (pmi)
22person with white hair (pmi)
22take stroll (pmi)
22angle (pmi)
22woman embrace (pmi)
22child ride horse (pmi)
22adult standing on street corner (pmi)
22person climb up mountain (pmi)
22some person standing on street (pmi)
22some female (pmi)
22adult shovel snow (pmi)
22trio (pmi)
22man wear orange clothing standing (pmi)
22man hold gun (pmi)
22music on stage (pmi)
22two person eat food (pmi)
22person give thumb (pmi)
22some player (pmi)
22child wear yellow clothing (pmi)
22dark coat (pmi)
22person carry instrument (pmi)
22man and woman talk (pmi)
22volleyball on beach (pmi)
22school uniform (pmi)
22person look at her (pmi)
22standing on mountain (pmi)
22woman wear clothing ride bike (pmi)
22woman have drink (pmi)
22wear white jacket (pmi)
22walk hallway (pmi)
22person sit in lawn chair (pmi)
22standing in front of truck (pmi)
22bald man sit (pmi)
22busy intersection (pmi)
22man and person sit at table (pmi)
22person play beach volleyball (pmi)
22person play soccer on field (pmi)
22child with blue clothing (pmi)
22adult and person wait (pmi)
22athlete do jump (pmi)
22two dog look (pmi)
22large group gather (pmi)
22three teens (pmi)
22adult in restaurant (pmi)
22snowboarder do trick (pmi)
22adult wear work (pmi)
22adult leap into air (pmi)
22person hold plate (pmi)
22two woman wear clothing (pmi)
22purple hat (pmi)
22adult walk bike (pmi)
22dog standing on hind leg (pmi)
22security person (pmi)
22sit under tree (pmi)
22standing behind her (pmi)
22standing near adult (pmi)
22ride train (pmi)
22dip (pmi)
22person walk wear snow (pmi)
22person speak to adult (pmi)
22blond dog (pmi)
22adult wear blue jacket (pmi)
22fiddle (pmi)
22dumpster (pmi)
22man standing with hand (pmi)
22adult rollerskating (pmi)
22group drink (pmi)
22black and brown dog run (pmi)
22person walk on city street (pmi)
22sit under plant (pmi)
22child run down street (pmi)
22three female (pmi)
22cut board (pmi)
22man wear clothing ride (pmi)
22adult wear clothing walk on sidewalk (pmi)
22man float (pmi)
22woman wear blue clothing sit (pmi)
22collie (pmi)
22white lab coat (pmi)
22adult wear suit play instrument (pmi)
22woman participate (pmi)
22two person play hockey (pmi)
22adult wear shirt play percussion instrument (pmi)
22adult entertain crowd (pmi)
22person wear suit play instrument (pmi)
22woman wear clothing sit at table (pmi)
22ski down mountain (pmi)
22young man run (pmi)
22adult shake hand (pmi)
22happy woman (pmi)
22adult standing wear shirt (pmi)
22adult shine (pmi)
22oven (pmi)
22person look at ocean (pmi)
22person wear clothing standing next to adult (pmi)
22woman wear blue clothing standing (pmi)
22person say (pmi)
22young lady walk (pmi)
22passer-by (pmi)
22boy play with toy (pmi)
22short blond-hair (pmi)
22walk street on day (pmi)
22adult standing in street (pmi)
22cool (pmi)
22comfort (pmi)
22low wall (pmi)
22woman and child play (pmi)
22ride bus (pmi)
22wear bandanna (pmi)
22catch ball in mouth (pmi)
22dangle (pmi)
22two person have discussion (pmi)
22adult play beach volleyball (pmi)
22teen child (pmi)
22adult with microphone (pmi)
22man wear clothing and pant sit (pmi)
22person wear clothing skateboard (pmi)
22ride atv (pmi)
22person wear coat sit (pmi)
22adult look at her (pmi)
22person kneel down (pmi)
22lot of person (pmi)
22two wrestler (pmi)
22black stringed instrument (pmi)
22child hide (pmi)
22three person play game (pmi)
22blue collar (pmi)
22man wear green clothing sit (pmi)
22performer look (pmi)
22man wear black pant (pmi)
22adult cross road (pmi)
22race car person (pmi)
22adult wear shirt wait (pmi)
22overlook mountain (pmi)
22two boxer (pmi)
22man sit on curb (pmi)
22adult sit smile (pmi)
22man wear white (pmi)
22little girl wear dress (pmi)
22train platform (pmi)
22two older person (pmi)
22ride buck horse (pmi)
22three other adult (pmi)
22adult wear helmet ride bike (pmi)
22tackle player (pmi)
22ride bull (pmi)
22some flag (pmi)
22person wear clothing standing on sidewalk (pmi)
22adult bag (pmi)
22adult standing next to him (pmi)
22pink skirt (pmi)
22adult standing person (pmi)
22mower (pmi)
22man hold object (pmi)
22man with hat sit (pmi)
22walk up step (pmi)
22suck (pmi)
22person wear shirt laugh (pmi)
22some young woman (pmi)
22person sit in front of computer (pmi)
22white dog standing (pmi)
22woman and person look (pmi)
22drink at bar (pmi)
22adult with hand (pmi)
22man wear clothing talk to woman (pmi)
22adult wear clothing hold microphone (pmi)
22man walk wear clothing (pmi)
22accident (pmi)
22person hold pole (pmi)
22man look at phone (pmi)
22sit on bed (pmi)
22cook prepare food (pmi)
22drive motorcycle (pmi)
22gesture with hand (pmi)
22bassist (pmi)
22lamp post (pmi)
22person wear orange clothing walk (pmi)
22man carry child (pmi)
22two dog walk (pmi)
22adult sit on bus (pmi)
22country road (pmi)
22walk with man (pmi)
22basketball on court (pmi)
22lock (pmi)
22hold young child (pmi)
22work at site (pmi)
22child walk down sidewalk (pmi)
22yellow dog run (pmi)
22look at dog (pmi)
22adult practice martial art (pmi)
22child on beach (pmi)
22turn corner (pmi)
22person wear stripe shirt standing (pmi)
22shirtless child (pmi)
22two athlete compete (pmi)
22car race (pmi)
22carry black bag (pmi)
22sit wear snow (pmi)
22rehearse (pmi)
22walk up street (pmi)
22sit cross (pmi)
22child float (pmi)
22dog run on sand (pmi)
22adult concentrate (pmi)
22wash window (pmi)
22bald adult sit (pmi)
22kid play game (pmi)
22child sing (pmi)
22person stick (pmi)
22woman bag (pmi)
22girl_child laugh (pmi)
22standing on floor (pmi)
22group have meal (pmi)
22swing at ball (pmi)
22athlete in air (pmi)
22hold young boy (pmi)
22hold little boy (pmi)
22person weave (pmi)
22shop window (pmi)
22adult with long blond-hair (pmi)
22kick person (pmi)
22adult wear jacket walk down street (pmi)
22yoga (pmi)
22fish rod (pmi)
22hold head (pmi)
22sunshine (pmi)
22gravel street (pmi)
22pretend to be (pmi)
22black bike (pmi)
22person wear gray clothing walk (pmi)
22person wear hard hat standing (pmi)
22person enjoy ride (pmi)
22complex (pmi)
22man and adult sit at table (pmi)
22person demonstrate (pmi)
22woman walk down road (pmi)
22adult wait for train (pmi)
22glass door (pmi)
22male person standing (pmi)
22have tattoo (pmi)
22hang out (pmi)
22little girl swing (pmi)
22jog on street (pmi)
22woman wear white clothing look (pmi)
22person standing in front of sign (pmi)
22two man compete (pmi)
22person with shop bag (pmi)
22squint (pmi)
22muslim person (pmi)
22adult on surfboard (pmi)
22lunge (pmi)
22man raise (pmi)
22adult wear shirt sit on bench (pmi)
22woman sit down (pmi)
22climb up mountain (pmi)
22person wear white clothing talk (pmi)
22bald person sit (pmi)
22person smile for picture (pmi)
22adult standing on grass (pmi)
22gather around person (pmi)
22pink bag (pmi)
22make person (pmi)
22person text (pmi)
22europe (pmi)
22adult pant (pmi)
22person with adult (pmi)
22roller derby (pmi)
22three person sing (pmi)
22person play cello (pmi)
22architecture (pmi)
22adult wear clothing standing next to adult (pmi)
22person jump through air (pmi)
22work man (pmi)
22two adult with clothing (pmi)
22two guitarist (pmi)
22perform trick on bike (pmi)
22person wear black jacket walk (pmi)
22person with clothing and glasses (pmi)
22race car driver (pmi)
22cute (pmi)
22cross city street (pmi)
22older asian man (pmi)
22woman hug (pmi)
22child go down slide (pmi)
22adult in person (pmi)
22man play keyboard (pmi)
22white-haired man (pmi)
22woman wear red clothing sit (pmi)
22athlete watch (pmi)
22yellow boat (pmi)
22woman walk down path (pmi)
22child with face (pmi)
22phone call (pmi)
22person wear glasses standing (pmi)
22adult with clothing and short (pmi)
22person leap in air (pmi)
22adult hold box (pmi)
22fat adult (pmi)
22fireplace (pmi)
22wear pink dress (pmi)
22person play red instrument (pmi)
22entertainer look (pmi)
22clear sky (pmi)
22ethnic clothing (pmi)
22dancer perform on stage (pmi)
22cardboard box (pmi)
22person standing on side of street (pmi)
22blue door (pmi)
22walk on sand (pmi)
22guy play (pmi)
22little girl wear clothing standing (pmi)
22three adult play (pmi)
22cook something (pmi)
22girl_woman wear clothing look (pmi)
22male rider (pmi)
22hold net (pmi)
22small ball (pmi)
22some table (pmi)
22patrol (pmi)
22two man ride bike (pmi)
22standing on walkway (pmi)
22even (pmi)
21woman standing in room (pmi)
21white cowboy hat (pmi)
21apparatus (pmi)
21man sit on motorcycle (pmi)
21adult gun (pmi)
21person wear clothing smoke cigarette (pmi)
21adult give thumb (pmi)
21standing in front of fence (pmi)
21take off (pmi)
21child wear dress standing (pmi)
21bunch sit (pmi)
21person wear clothing hold camera (pmi)
21accept (pmi)
21woman sit next to person (pmi)
21group hold sign (pmi)
21white house (pmi)
21dog catch ball in mouth (pmi)
21face adult (pmi)
21adult wear black jacket walk (pmi)
21feed animal (pmi)
21person perform for group (pmi)
21person ride bike on trail (pmi)
21high jump (pmi)
21boy kneel (pmi)
21hug child (pmi)
21adult look at computer (pmi)
21two person wear glasses (pmi)
21bald person play instrument (pmi)
21paint mural (pmi)
21sponsor (pmi)
21one wear (pmi)
21score goal (pmi)
21adult perform on street (pmi)
21person be person (pmi)
21child on shoulder (pmi)
21adult text (pmi)
21look at laptop (pmi)
21dog trot (pmi)
21person sell item (pmi)
21adult use machine (pmi)
21long-sleeve shirt (pmi)
21person with white hat (pmi)
21pay attention (pmi)
21person sit on boat (pmi)
21girl_woman ride bike (pmi)
21child play in water fountain (pmi)
21girl_child wear clothing walk (pmi)
21knock (pmi)
21lay on grass (pmi)
21run with football (pmi)
21adult wear shirt sit in chair (pmi)
21person and child pose (pmi)
21child draw (pmi)
21man wear black shirt play instrument (pmi)
21person wear shirt take photo (pmi)
21man wear clothing be (pmi)
21technique (pmi)
21bunch of man (pmi)
21person with mask (pmi)
21adult sit on stoop (pmi)
21ice skater (pmi)
21cardboard (pmi)
21woman walk together (pmi)
21adult and woman sit on bench (pmi)
21try to hit ball (pmi)
21child color (pmi)
21stringed instrument on sidewalk (pmi)
21adult walk by building (pmi)
21adult weave (pmi)
21mitt (pmi)
21wear light blue shirt (pmi)
21group of man look (pmi)
21jam (pmi)
21two adult cook (pmi)
21man standing talk (pmi)
21hang on wall (pmi)
21large group of person walk (pmi)
21man wear white t-shirt (pmi)
21woman hold phone (pmi)
21blue shoe (pmi)
21person push (pmi)
21person work on something (pmi)
21old asian person (pmi)
21adult standing in front of adult (pmi)
21elephant (pmi)
21khaki clothing (pmi)
21boy scout (pmi)
21cry baby (pmi)
21person wear clothing and hat work (pmi)
21person lean on wall (pmi)
21man wear shirt take picture (pmi)
21person wear clothing and clothing (pmi)
21muslim adult (pmi)
21adult and standing (pmi)
21wooden board (pmi)
21person hold up hand (pmi)
21person hold little boy (pmi)
21woman on bike (pmi)
21dog wear collar (pmi)
21adult sit next to each other (pmi)
21adult have meal (pmi)
21adult and person play (pmi)
21dark-haired adult sit (pmi)
21walk in background (pmi)
21person wear clothing hold bag (pmi)
21woman wear white shirt walk (pmi)
21provide (pmi)
21overlook ocean (pmi)
21buck bronco (pmi)
21person wear gear (pmi)
21cabin (pmi)
21adult sit and play instrument (pmi)
21woman and adult pose (pmi)
21trick in midair (pmi)
21woman wear clothing laugh (pmi)
21dance on floor (pmi)
21sweep sidewalk (pmi)
21separate (pmi)
21black dog with collar (pmi)
21man kick soccer ball (pmi)
21make splash (pmi)
21train car (pmi)
21instrument with person (pmi)
21fixture (pmi)
21person wear pink clothing sit (pmi)
21adult pray (pmi)
21person and two person (pmi)
21blue umbrella (pmi)
21adult look at each other (pmi)
21man ride animal (pmi)
21dog come (pmi)
21child in pool (pmi)
21boy splash (pmi)
21child smile for camera (pmi)
21person wear pants standing (pmi)
21formal attire (pmi)
21brown building (pmi)
21woman fall (pmi)
21woman cross (pmi)
21throw bowl ball (pmi)
21person with shirt and short (pmi)
21person wear street (pmi)
21light color clothing (pmi)
21adult dig hole (pmi)
21man with cigarette (pmi)
21perform surgery (pmi)
21adult sew (pmi)
21blue team (pmi)
21adult do something (pmi)
21person standing adult (pmi)
21woman wear dress play instrument (pmi)
21three child walk (pmi)
21bald adult play instrument (pmi)
21metal bar (pmi)
21wear red t-shirt (pmi)
21blue jean short (pmi)
21merry-go-round (pmi)
21leap to catch (pmi)
21little asian child (pmi)
21person wear clothes standing (pmi)
21black guitar (pmi)
21woman wear jean (pmi)
21priest (pmi)
21boy pose for picture (pmi)
21array (pmi)
21performer practice (pmi)
21expose (pmi)
21person spread (pmi)
21two adult stare (pmi)
21look wear hand (pmi)
21and person (pmi)
21adult exercise (pmi)
21person wear green clothing look (pmi)
21show man (pmi)
21smile girl_child (pmi)
21person look at paper (pmi)
21adult walk with bag (pmi)
21man shovel snow (pmi)
21smile at adult (pmi)
21person shop at market (pmi)
21boy play basketball (pmi)
21person carry umbrella (pmi)
21person wear shirt play drum (pmi)
21look at view (pmi)
21adult carry bag walk (pmi)
21enjoy company (pmi)
21muscular person (pmi)
21man climb face (pmi)
21red plaid shirt (pmi)
21child hold ball (pmi)
21select (pmi)
21adult standing in doorway (pmi)
21boy hold hand (pmi)
21street musician play instrument (pmi)
21young boy wear shirt play (pmi)
21group of performer perform (pmi)
21adult and child pose (pmi)
21person jump high (pmi)
21person in car (pmi)
21man with red shirt (pmi)
21beard adult sit (pmi)
21young boy kick ball (pmi)
21middle-aged man sit (pmi)
21beer bottle (pmi)
21person wear t-shirt walk (pmi)
21jockey ride horse (pmi)
21person wear robe standing (pmi)
21man wear sunglasses sit (pmi)
21person standing play instrument (pmi)
21adult wear clothing and blue jean standing (pmi)
21person speak to group (pmi)
21match shirt (pmi)
21man wear shirt smile (pmi)
21rocky hill (pmi)
21pour water (pmi)
21prepare to play (pmi)
21one play guitar (pmi)
21open market (pmi)
21instrument in room (pmi)
21adult talk to group (pmi)
21team of athlete (pmi)
21adult cut food (pmi)
21adult ride bull (pmi)
21man hold ball (pmi)
21man practice art (pmi)
21wear blue sweatshirt (pmi)
21man turn (pmi)
21two blond child (pmi)
21man wear suit play instrument (pmi)
21adult standing in middle of street (pmi)
21surprise (pmi)
21person play instrument and sing into microphone (pmi)
21three asian adult (pmi)
21glass of wine (pmi)
21man standing in field (pmi)
21person wear pink clothing standing (pmi)
21man sit on motorbike (pmi)
21little girl laugh (pmi)
21person cook something (pmi)
21person on motorbike ride (pmi)
21adult hold tennis racket (pmi)
21entertainer practice (pmi)
21dark-haired boy (pmi)
21woman watch child (pmi)
21some meat (pmi)
21person talk to group (pmi)
21some arm (pmi)
21standing by person (pmi)
21person look at food (pmi)
21adult wear glasses standing (pmi)
21play adult (pmi)
21old asian adult (pmi)
21jump wear snow (pmi)
21three little boy (pmi)
21man flip (pmi)
21person walk wear parade (pmi)
21man standing in front of microphone (pmi)
21person sit and play instrument (pmi)
21person wear hard hat work (pmi)
21adult with white hair (pmi)
21adult standing outdoors (pmi)
21person sew (pmi)
21motor scooter (pmi)
21adult wear clothing read (pmi)
21kneel on ground (pmi)
21adult get haircut (pmi)
21adult wear clothing reach (pmi)
21pony (pmi)
21man with clothing on (pmi)
21person light (pmi)
21guitarist perform (pmi)
21print dress (pmi)
21occupy (pmi)
21adult on horseback (pmi)
21follow adult (pmi)
21person walk on trail (pmi)
21man lounge (pmi)
21child on swing (pmi)
21man prepare meal (pmi)
21mobile phone (pmi)
21person sit and smile (pmi)
21adult ride animal (pmi)
21adult dance with man (pmi)
21man standing in crowd (pmi)
21look into microscope (pmi)
21group congregate (pmi)
21hold bucket (pmi)
21woman with bag walk (pmi)
21person help woman (pmi)
21person and woman sit on bench (pmi)
21adult walk along sidewalk (pmi)
21man wear brown clothing standing (pmi)
21bale (pmi)
21joke (pmi)
21adult with black hat (pmi)
21run through forest (pmi)
21two brown dog run (pmi)
21adult standing wear water (pmi)
21man make gesture (pmi)
21woman wear pants (pmi)
21person standing on dock (pmi)
21elderly man walk (pmi)
21adult wear white t-shirt (pmi)
21strum instrument (pmi)
21cute child (pmi)
21play instrument in room (pmi)
21adult make way (pmi)
21crowd cheer (pmi)
21participate wear race (pmi)
21some person sing (pmi)
21person jog on street (pmi)
21adult wear clothing and clothing (pmi)
21mule (pmi)
21person enjoy view (pmi)
21guy with clothing (pmi)
21wear black helmet (pmi)
21adult wear stripe shirt standing (pmi)
21adult hold plate (pmi)
21mechanic (pmi)
21person at market (pmi)
21man in room (pmi)
21lettering (pmi)
21standing behind adult (pmi)
21hate (pmi)
21adult wear pink clothing standing (pmi)
21person standing in circle (pmi)
21indian (pmi)
21carrier (pmi)
21stop on (pmi)
21small group of adult (pmi)
21crew work (pmi)
21woman and person pose (pmi)
21dive into pool (pmi)
21carry shop (pmi)
21young man smile (pmi)
21get marry (pmi)
21adult wear gray clothing walk (pmi)
21surroundings (pmi)
21play instrument wear street (pmi)
21winter gear (pmi)
21golf course (pmi)
21person walk up hill (pmi)
21crowd of person watch (pmi)
21person strap (pmi)
21stick tongue (pmi)
21man with black shirt (pmi)
21athlete wear uniform (pmi)
21red motorcycle (pmi)
21large mountain (pmi)
21below (pmi)
21america (pmi)
21carnival game (pmi)
21person wear clothing lie (pmi)
21person ride bull (pmi)
21two woman walk down sidewalk (pmi)
21adult wear black jacket standing (pmi)
21dark-skinned woman (pmi)
21person walk wear crowd (pmi)
21two adult lean (pmi)
21some toy (pmi)
21black and white dog play (pmi)
21dog show (pmi)
21child and child play (pmi)
21little kid play (pmi)
21person sit on stoop (pmi)
21wear red dress (pmi)
21woman and adult look (pmi)
21fighter fight (pmi)
21person sit wait (pmi)
21arrow (pmi)
21girlfriend (pmi)
21person dance with adult wear clothing (pmi)
21sports uniform (pmi)
21man on ladder (pmi)
21wade through water (pmi)
21hit tennis ball with racket (pmi)
21campfire (pmi)
21person be outside (pmi)
21excavator (pmi)
21person and standing (pmi)
21adult wear stripe shirt sit (pmi)
21play in sprinkler (pmi)
21beard and glasses (pmi)
21naked person (pmi)
21hold bunch (pmi)
21person throw (pmi)
21pink hair (pmi)
21what be (pmi)
21adult wear brown clothing look (pmi)
21person film (pmi)
21woman standing in group (pmi)
21bench outside (pmi)
21person look wear clothing (pmi)
21adult walk in front of wall (pmi)
21instrument at concert (pmi)
21jump over bar (pmi)
21adult wait for bus (pmi)
21dark-haired person sit (pmi)
21person watch event (pmi)
21group of child pose (pmi)
21child hug (pmi)
21two adult take picture (pmi)
21person perform music (pmi)
21city building (pmi)
21adult look up (pmi)
21cut wood (pmi)
21some feet (pmi)
21person walk adult (pmi)
21dog swim through water (pmi)
21repair bike (pmi)
21man face (pmi)
21man ride bull (pmi)
21person work in kitchen (pmi)
21white child (pmi)
21man slide (pmi)
21boy stare (pmi)
21person dance with person wear clothing (pmi)
21adult walk past (pmi)
21adult wear shirt play drum (pmi)
21group of man play instrument (pmi)
21person gather outside (pmi)
21over (pmi)
21carry store (pmi)
21dog run through area (pmi)
21woman wear coat look (pmi)
21gravel road (pmi)
21adult put hand (pmi)
21man wear hat and clothing standing (pmi)
21small car (pmi)
21corridor (pmi)
21person sit eat food (pmi)
21person wear jean standing (pmi)
21adult wear clothing and short walk (pmi)
21beard man sit (pmi)
21person with hat walk (pmi)
21display case (pmi)
21drink from bottle (pmi)
21adult hold little boy (pmi)
21vault (pmi)
21horseman ride horse (pmi)
21person wear clothing read (pmi)
21work with tool (pmi)
21child play baseball (pmi)
21adult seat at table (pmi)
21two person hike (pmi)
21man hold beer (pmi)
21purple sweater (pmi)
21person wear clothing kick ball (pmi)
21splash through water (pmi)
21person wear yellow clothing sit (pmi)
21adult wear pink clothing sit (pmi)
21woman with red clothing (pmi)
21man climb mountain (pmi)
21woman come (pmi)
21blue jumpsuit (pmi)
21two dog play in field (pmi)
21two other child (pmi)
21woman hold beverage (pmi)
21person attend (pmi)
21person wear brown clothing look (pmi)
21adult wear shirt laugh (pmi)
21person sail (pmi)
21person wear blue standing (pmi)
21group of entertainer perform (pmi)
21man sit wear clothing (pmi)
21laugh person (pmi)
21woman squat (pmi)
21three little girl (pmi)
21play card (pmi)
21person ride bike on road (pmi)
21plaid skirt (pmi)
21two person participate (pmi)
21boy wear shirt look (pmi)
21cut cake (pmi)
21person walk wear group (pmi)
21register (pmi)
21heavyset person (pmi)
21clock (pmi)
21adult standing wear hand (pmi)
21wait for customer (pmi)
21two person climb (pmi)
21arrive (pmi)
21enjoy visitor (pmi)
21person sit on wooden bench (pmi)
21give child (pmi)
21person sort (pmi)
20do trick on ramp (pmi)
20pacifier (pmi)
20wall cover in graffiti (pmi)
20run through grassy area (pmi)
20barn (pmi)
20person work at site (pmi)
20adult with stripe clothing (pmi)
20hold item (pmi)
20person wear snow (pmi)
20person build (pmi)
20person at bar (pmi)
20woman cover (pmi)
20person sit with adult (pmi)
20arm in air (pmi)
20man with head (pmi)
20yellow short (pmi)
20man and adult sit on bench (pmi)
20adult wear jacket smile (pmi)
20two adult have discussion (pmi)
20person wear white clothing play stringed instrument (pmi)
20person blow bubble (pmi)
20go down hill (pmi)
20observe person (pmi)
20bartender (pmi)
20golf club (pmi)
20group of person sit on bench (pmi)
20dog with toy (pmi)
20ice hockey player (pmi)
20two boat (pmi)
20adult take walk (pmi)
20adult suspend (pmi)
20woman with short hair (pmi)
20woman sit outside (pmi)
20man wear shirt sit at table (pmi)
20use telescope (pmi)
20two person play music (pmi)
20person wear coat walk street (pmi)
20dog climb (pmi)
20juggler (pmi)
20man sit next to person (pmi)
20beard man play instrument (pmi)
20pickup truck (pmi)
20woman carry shop bag (pmi)
20woman swing (pmi)
20some mountain (pmi)
20wear blue outfit (pmi)
20adult talk to woman wear clothing (pmi)
20person cook on grill (pmi)
20adult speak to group (pmi)
20person with stripe shirt (pmi)
20adult and woman sit at table (pmi)
20adult talk to each other (pmi)
20knee pad (pmi)
20adult walk on path (pmi)
20person wear red coat (pmi)
20adult standing against wall (pmi)
20woman wear white clothing sit (pmi)
20man sit talk (pmi)
20woman wear jacket sit (pmi)
20adult standing in front of crowd (pmi)
20person with beverage (pmi)
20pour drink (pmi)
20group walk down sidewalk (pmi)
20lawn mower (pmi)
20older man play stringed instrument (pmi)
20man grill (pmi)
20man wear clothing sleep (pmi)
20man and adult wear clothing (pmi)
20person sign (pmi)
20person on team (pmi)
20bit (pmi)
20two young man standing (pmi)
20adult dance with adult wear clothing (pmi)
20parking on street (pmi)
20ride bike wear race (pmi)
20adult surround by tree (pmi)
20bald man play instrument (pmi)
20man work on laptop (pmi)
20adult lean on wall (pmi)
20young girl swing (pmi)
20adult wear t-shirt play instrument (pmi)
20buggy (pmi)
20man appear to be (pmi)
20person wait for subway (pmi)
20person show woman (pmi)
20person lift (pmi)
20helicopter (pmi)
20man wear white shirt play instrument (pmi)
20little asian girl_child (pmi)
20adult kick (pmi)
20man throw ball (pmi)
20african american boy (pmi)
20two adult perform on stage (pmi)
20person wear wetsuit ride wave (pmi)
20man with glasses look (pmi)
20orange hard hat (pmi)
20man hold rope (pmi)
20man check phone (pmi)
20look at bike (pmi)
20play instrument in front of person (pmi)
20person and woman smile (pmi)
20walk down street on day (pmi)
20man standing with arm (pmi)
20grandfather (pmi)
20two person talk to each other (pmi)
20rider perform trick (pmi)
20band of man (pmi)
20look man (pmi)
20clown makeup (pmi)
20adult sit next to man (pmi)
20man wear black coat (pmi)
20person wear gear standing (pmi)
20adult protest (pmi)
20man play string instrument (pmi)
20adult play instrument and sing into microphone (pmi)
20man hold adult (pmi)
20adult standing near person (pmi)
20person work on bicycle (pmi)
20woman stroll (pmi)
20adult with gray clothing (pmi)
20athlete come (pmi)
20instrument in front of person (pmi)
20push shop cart (pmi)
20stripe pant (pmi)
20stripe sweater (pmi)
20adult hold newborn baby (pmi)
20adult standing behind him (pmi)
20lay on bed (pmi)
20person with hat and shirt (pmi)
20second adult (pmi)
20soup (pmi)
20some ball (pmi)
20some bicyclist (pmi)
20person block person (pmi)
20adult work at site (pmi)
20two man wear clothing walk (pmi)
20person do back flip (pmi)
20person weld (pmi)
20streamer (pmi)
20crowd watch man (pmi)
20man carry backpack (pmi)
20department store (pmi)
20person hold toddler (pmi)
20person lay in grass (pmi)
20prepare to hit (pmi)
20other boy (pmi)
20stare into distance (pmi)
20person dance together (pmi)
20adult have clothing (pmi)
20acrobat (pmi)
20elbow (pmi)
20cyclist ride down street (pmi)
20water park (pmi)
20person with gray clothing (pmi)
20adult hold toddler (pmi)
20yellow pant (pmi)
20man and person wear clothing (pmi)
20dance with person wear clothing (pmi)
20button-down shirt (pmi)
20mime (pmi)
20hold sword (pmi)
20roller coaster (pmi)
20swim in ocean (pmi)
20chase bird (pmi)
20strum stringed instrument (pmi)
20watch group of person (pmi)
20scatter (pmi)
20two person face each other (pmi)
20man see (pmi)
20walk through forest (pmi)
20badge (pmi)
20large object (pmi)
20adult cook something (pmi)
20bright color (pmi)
20friend look (pmi)
20examine something (pmi)
20speak with adult (pmi)
20some adult sit at table (pmi)
20family pose (pmi)
20construction equipment (pmi)
20man talk with person (pmi)
20man and woman sit on bench (pmi)
20cook meat (pmi)
20mattress (pmi)
20person carry store bag (pmi)
20person wear clothing watch adult (pmi)
20some group (pmi)
20adult wear purple clothing (pmi)
20boy dressed (pmi)
20player run (pmi)
20person carry baby (pmi)
20be plant (pmi)
20coaster (pmi)
20adult wear shirt take photo (pmi)
20adult down street (pmi)
20seat woman (pmi)
20person cut wood (pmi)
20exchange (pmi)
20man raise arm (pmi)
20two adult sit in chair (pmi)
20adult ride bicycle on street (pmi)
20adult and adult wear clothing walk (pmi)
20person type (pmi)
20little boy with clothing (pmi)
20wear white coat (pmi)
20man with glasses standing (pmi)
20large group of child (pmi)
20person sunbathe (pmi)
20person standing around table (pmi)
20dog with ball (pmi)
20red guitar (pmi)
20color shirt (pmi)
20athlete hold ball (pmi)
20two person lay (pmi)
20do some work (pmi)
20woman wear black clothing look (pmi)
20small object (pmi)
20gravel path (pmi)
20man standing on beach (pmi)
20hold man (pmi)
20windbreaker (pmi)
20shake off (pmi)
20adult sit at bar (pmi)
20left side (pmi)
20chess (pmi)
20person play instrument in room (pmi)
20person talk to woman wear clothing (pmi)
20person take picture of adult (pmi)
20look at ground (pmi)
20officer look (pmi)
20person tackle player (pmi)
20person wear gray clothing sit (pmi)
20athlete get (pmi)
20group of child look (pmi)
20follow by person (pmi)
20city skyline (pmi)
20campsite (pmi)
20slide down hill (pmi)
20woman walk wear clothing (pmi)
20arcade (pmi)
20grassy park (pmi)
20person wear shirt point (pmi)
20some graffiti (pmi)
20blue trunk (pmi)
20stocking (pmi)
20person perform surgery (pmi)
20wear colorful clothing (pmi)
20walking stick (pmi)
20two adult drink beverage (pmi)
20person wear glasses play instrument (pmi)
20person and person wear clothing walk (pmi)
20use umbrella (pmi)
20person wear shirt talk on phone (pmi)
20three other (pmi)
20adult carry instrument (pmi)
20cobble street (pmi)
20person and adult play (pmi)
20shit (pmi)
20some person sit in chair (pmi)
20push bike (pmi)
20sandy hill (pmi)
20crayon (pmi)
20crosscountry (pmi)
20man standing on scaffolding (pmi)
20person with back (pmi)
20person in office (pmi)
20group of asian adult (pmi)
20adult wear hard hat standing (pmi)
20person standing surround (pmi)
20woman look down (pmi)
20person walk hallway (pmi)
20woman dance with man (pmi)
20bicycle person (pmi)
20two guy standing (pmi)
20man and person sit on bench (pmi)
20red costume (pmi)
20person help (pmi)
20pour beverage (pmi)
20two adult with hat (pmi)
20person play stringed instrument on sidewalk (pmi)
20cook meal (pmi)
20person hold woman (pmi)
20person and woman sit at table (pmi)
20grassy lawn (pmi)
20stand adult (pmi)
20wear jersey (pmi)
20some other man (pmi)
20grain (pmi)
20male work (pmi)
20adult wear shirt talk on phone (pmi)
20man wear t-shirt sit (pmi)
20adult step (pmi)
20dress clothing (pmi)
20person hold young child (pmi)
20bike trick (pmi)
20person sit next to man (pmi)
20two man sing (pmi)
20work on car (pmi)
20adult wear clothing smoke cigarette (pmi)
20adult perform move (pmi)
20person standing outside store (pmi)
20adult help woman (pmi)
20group of bicyclist (pmi)
20two dog jump (pmi)
20person wear jacket smile (pmi)
20adult standing up (pmi)
20button-down clothing (pmi)
20adult play stringed instrument on sidewalk (pmi)
20older man work (pmi)
20play bass guitar (pmi)
20male worker (pmi)
20person lean against building (pmi)
20woman sit on rock (pmi)
20person with mohawk (pmi)
20walk down trail (pmi)
20fireman standing (pmi)
20two runner (pmi)
20woman bowl (pmi)
20person wear t-shirt play instrument (pmi)
20person dive into water (pmi)
20adult with shirt and short (pmi)
20grow (pmi)
20sleep on couch (pmi)
20man wear shirt play percussion instrument (pmi)
20streetlight (pmi)
20child with glasses (pmi)
20use shovel (pmi)
20he play (pmi)
20bunch of kid (pmi)
20play instrument at concert (pmi)
20ride bike on track (pmi)
20person walk down hallway (pmi)
20adult play instrument wear street (pmi)
20food at table (pmi)
20man wear shirt talk to person (pmi)
20athlete wear clothing run (pmi)
20woman with backpack (pmi)
20person standing with adult (pmi)
20itself (pmi)
20tour (pmi)
20vegetable stand (pmi)
20woman drink beer (pmi)
20beige jacket (pmi)
20woman close (pmi)
20two boy run (pmi)
20innertube (pmi)
20stare at camera (pmi)
20standing in front of group of person (pmi)
20run on sidewalk (pmi)
20bookbag (pmi)
20adult carry baby (pmi)
20brown grass (pmi)
20lean on railing (pmi)
20person talk with man (pmi)
20woman wear clothing walk on street (pmi)
20person standing in front of crowd (pmi)
20hispanic woman (pmi)
20adult wear skirt standing (pmi)
20black robe (pmi)
20standing in rain (pmi)
20man with shirt and pant (pmi)
20adult type (pmi)
20shout (pmi)
20person wear shirt and short standing (pmi)
20person wear blue clothing ride bike (pmi)
20soccer player standing (pmi)
20gentleman walk (pmi)
20some wheeler (pmi)
20two team play game (pmi)
20eat ice cream cone (pmi)
20group of man talk (pmi)
20adult with hat standing (pmi)
20adult wear gray clothing standing (pmi)
20girl_child wear clothing play (pmi)
20some person picture (pmi)
20person sing song (pmi)
20ax (pmi)
20person walk through park (pmi)
20woman sit next to adult (pmi)
20beard person play instrument (pmi)
20food in restaurant (pmi)
20bookstore (pmi)
20person wear clothing read book (pmi)
205 (pmi)
20ruin (pmi)
20person standing at table (pmi)
20little boy wear clothing play (pmi)
20sit in sand (pmi)
20kid be (pmi)
20try to tackle (pmi)
20child standing on beach (pmi)
20adult hit volleyball (pmi)
20teen girl_child (pmi)
20person and adult wear clothing walk (pmi)
20purple pant (pmi)
20he walk down street (pmi)
20look in mirror (pmi)
20wear leather jacket (pmi)
20person hold newborn baby (pmi)
20beard adult play instrument (pmi)
20flea market (pmi)
20person play instrument wear street (pmi)
20child wear shirt run (pmi)
20man jump up (pmi)
20play with animal (pmi)
20person take swing (pmi)
20ice hockey person (pmi)
20adult wear clothing standing on sidewalk (pmi)
20person walk down walkway (pmi)
20assortment (pmi)
20adult in kayak (pmi)
20walk through city (pmi)
20hold by man (pmi)
20jump on beach (pmi)
20crowd room (pmi)
20guy smile (pmi)
20man play with child (pmi)
20woman wear clothing take photo (pmi)
20woman hug person (pmi)
20adult dance with person wear clothing (pmi)
20plow (pmi)
20woman wear shirt walk down street (pmi)
20two child laugh (pmi)
20entertainer play percussion instrument (pmi)
20man watch child (pmi)
20adult play red instrument (pmi)
20's person (pmi)
20yellow toy (pmi)
20wide open (pmi)
20dog bark (pmi)
20adult wear white clothing play stringed instrument (pmi)
20adult standing play instrument (pmi)
20sit in highchair (pmi)
20child wear shirt jump (pmi)
20some person shop (pmi)
20adult bicycle (pmi)
20make call (pmi)
20person wear gray clothing standing (pmi)
20stone stair (pmi)
20human (pmi)
20kiss child (pmi)
20child look at something (pmi)
20sweat (pmi)
20adult wear hard hat work (pmi)
20man and person smile (pmi)
20woman wait to cross street (pmi)
20asian man walk (pmi)
20standing on ledge (pmi)
20skinny person (pmi)
20person standing in front of car (pmi)
20man jump into air (pmi)
20adult and person wear clothing walk (pmi)
20some thing (pmi)
20walk past person (pmi)
20child play on street (pmi)
20someone standing (pmi)
20man pull cart (pmi)
20adult standing wear snow (pmi)
20walk wear shirt (pmi)
20adult wear clothing hold umbrella (pmi)
20person be on bike (pmi)
20dog follow (pmi)
20man show child (pmi)
20group of person standing on sidewalk (pmi)
20climb hill (pmi)
20lead singer (pmi)
20ride bike wear street (pmi)
20boy surround (pmi)
20adult on bench (pmi)
20use hand (pmi)
20man interact (pmi)
20blue overall (pmi)
20blue bucket (pmi)
20person play red stringed instrument (pmi)
20here be adult (pmi)
20person ride bike down road (pmi)
20smile adult sit (pmi)
20person walk in field (pmi)
20brown and dog play (pmi)
20runner compete (pmi)
20man wear blue shirt talk (pmi)
20ride on bicycle (pmi)
20person standing smile (pmi)
20person wait at bus stop (pmi)
20person standing in front of truck (pmi)
20person watch her (pmi)
20athlete perform stunt (pmi)
20some person listen (pmi)
20blue and white stripe shirt (pmi)
20person wear shirt skateboard (pmi)
20line with plant (pmi)
20person wear skirt standing (pmi)
20adult be on stage (pmi)
20child play in park (pmi)
20person ride red bike (pmi)
20lower (pmi)
20rider be (pmi)
20person wear shirt and short walk (pmi)
20asian adult pose (pmi)
20adult talk with man (pmi)
20man on surfboard (pmi)
20man watch him (pmi)
20adult wear clothing watch person (pmi)
20villager (pmi)
20two adult play basketball (pmi)
20dog standing wear water (pmi)
20climb up rock (pmi)
20man and woman sit at table (pmi)
20adult walk building (pmi)
20person wear clothing and hat (pmi)
20toddler walk (pmi)
20person wear straw hat (pmi)
20laundromat (pmi)
20adult wear clothing and person (pmi)
20person nap (pmi)
20two man converse (pmi)
20performer play percussion instrument (pmi)
20standing by adult (pmi)
20sit on sand (pmi)
20young man do trick (pmi)
20young person walk (pmi)
20person look at them (pmi)
20adult sit outdoors (pmi)
20two street person (pmi)
20adult ride down street (pmi)
20adult do dance (pmi)
20run through sand (pmi)
20student work (pmi)
20muscular adult (pmi)
20person hand (pmi)
20man sweep street (pmi)
20some chair (pmi)
20black dog look (pmi)
20white paint (pmi)
20person perform skateboard trick (pmi)
20child watch man (pmi)
20install (pmi)
20standing in front of tree (pmi)
20adult sit on outside (pmi)
20two couple (pmi)
20person make something (pmi)
20group converse (pmi)
20attempt to hit (pmi)
20small child run (pmi)
20adult knit (pmi)
20burger (pmi)
20woman have hand (pmi)
20asian adult talk (pmi)
20adult wear gray clothing sit (pmi)
20woman and child standing (pmi)
20cabinet (pmi)
20person wear sweater look (pmi)
20jump off ramp (pmi)
20adult prepare food in kitchen (pmi)
20man face each other (pmi)
20dance with adult wear clothing (pmi)
20adult cut wood (pmi)
20person with glasses and shirt (pmi)
19performer play drum (pmi)
19do trick on bicycle (pmi)
19orange outfit (pmi)
19rodeo rider (pmi)
19safety jacket (pmi)
19put arm (pmi)
19old man play instrument (pmi)
19person ride atv (pmi)
19adult row (pmi)
19jump rope (pmi)
19bride standing (pmi)
19player from team (pmi)
19boy on skateboard (pmi)
19formal wear (pmi)
19person ride white horse (pmi)
19adult wear hat play stringed instrument (pmi)
19player look (pmi)
19white and black (pmi)
19dribble ball (pmi)
19adult sing song (pmi)
19man wear red shirt sit (pmi)
19group stare (pmi)
19woman on phone (pmi)
19dog splash wear water (pmi)
19person wear clothing talk to man (pmi)
19adult speak to adult (pmi)
19woman have arm (pmi)
19adult standing in front of car (pmi)
19dog roll (pmi)
19man teach child (pmi)
19walk past store (pmi)
19sit adult (pmi)
19drive down road (pmi)
19award (pmi)
19two person face (pmi)
19breakfast (pmi)
19person look on (pmi)
19two person sit on park bench (pmi)
19man help man (pmi)
19wristband (pmi)
19person sweep sidewalk (pmi)
19wait at station (pmi)
19girl_child wear clothing standing (pmi)
19group of person drink (pmi)
19play with bubble (pmi)
19dog jump over obstacle (pmi)
19man wear clothing skateboard (pmi)
19adult and two person (pmi)
19guitar on sidewalk (pmi)
19man wear black play instrument (pmi)
19squad (pmi)
19man with long beard (pmi)
19two boy be (pmi)
19two adult wear glasses (pmi)
19metal pole (pmi)
19adult wear clothing and hat work (pmi)
19sleep baby (pmi)
19woman walk with adult (pmi)
19past adult (pmi)
19bucket of water (pmi)
19person wear hat and clothing walk (pmi)
19person in classroom (pmi)
19rock cliff (pmi)
19adult wear clothing lay (pmi)
19man work on street (pmi)
19person take shot (pmi)
19person ride board (pmi)
19have eye (pmi)
19child hold stick (pmi)
19person wear suit look (pmi)
19person look at view (pmi)
19adult take picture with camera (pmi)
19fellow person (pmi)
19be work (pmi)
19man wear t-shirt play instrument (pmi)
19person wear clothing look at camera (pmi)
19youth look (pmi)
19adult with glasses play instrument (pmi)
19banjo (pmi)
19wooden pole (pmi)
19adult with long beard (pmi)
19two young adult (pmi)
19adult standing in road (pmi)
19man wear shirt run (pmi)
19adult ride in boat (pmi)
19white stripe (pmi)
19adult ride buck horse (pmi)
19ball in game (pmi)
19two man play basketball (pmi)
19wedding party (pmi)
19laugh adult (pmi)
19adult wear clothing read book (pmi)
19adult wear clothing skateboard (pmi)
19cave (pmi)
19red and black shirt (pmi)
19man and child play (pmi)
19group of person converse (pmi)
19object in mouth (pmi)
19adult wear sweater look (pmi)
19short wall (pmi)
19peddle (pmi)
19wear red helmet (pmi)
19large bowl (pmi)
19person wear sweater standing (pmi)
19woman wear top standing (pmi)
19clay (pmi)
19kid do trick (pmi)
19climb side (pmi)
19athlete play game (pmi)
19adult play board game (pmi)
19person write something (pmi)
19person wear vest sit (pmi)
19two person wear clothing talk (pmi)
19adult look wear clothing (pmi)
19man and adult smile (pmi)
19adult with coat (pmi)
19woman sit on beach (pmi)
19hold water bottle (pmi)
19heavyset adult (pmi)
19group of some woman (pmi)
19person with shave head (pmi)
19person walk with umbrella (pmi)
19outdoor cafe (pmi)
19try to fix (pmi)
19adult pour drink (pmi)
19person wear apron standing (pmi)
19do construction work (pmi)
19army adult (pmi)
19past store (pmi)
19walk down stair (pmi)
19man sit and talk (pmi)
19thin person (pmi)
19person hit ball with racket (pmi)
19woman standing in crowd (pmi)
19check shirt (pmi)
19do routine (pmi)
19walk by person (pmi)
19climb down (pmi)
19art class (pmi)
19woman hold racket (pmi)
19sit on side of street (pmi)
19two person wear jacket (pmi)
19some activity (pmi)
19rest on bench (pmi)
19toddler standing (pmi)
19dark sunglasses (pmi)
19person walk through market (pmi)
19ipod (pmi)
19dancer pose (pmi)
19big hat (pmi)
19person wear clothing bend (pmi)
19adult wear sweater standing (pmi)
19two adult eat food (pmi)
19adult place (pmi)
19man ride brown horse (pmi)
19person hug each other (pmi)
19jump on skateboard (pmi)
19person wear dress pose (pmi)
19person sweep floor (pmi)
19ride bike on path (pmi)
19old couple (pmi)
19get person (pmi)
19person shoot gun (pmi)
19grimace (pmi)
19person ride vehicle (pmi)
19snowstorm (pmi)
19person ride buck horse (pmi)
19asian market (pmi)
19group of hiker (pmi)
19right shoulder (pmi)
19person cut piece (pmi)
19two woman wear clothing standing (pmi)
19adult with shop bag (pmi)
19older man talk (pmi)
19referee watch (pmi)
19clap hand (pmi)
19ride bike through forest (pmi)
19person wear black look (pmi)
19child play in grass (pmi)
19clasp (pmi)
19adult play ball (pmi)
19drink soda (pmi)
19muscular man (pmi)
19crowd of person wait (pmi)
19karate move (pmi)
19hold banner (pmi)
19woman show person (pmi)
19middle eastern man (pmi)
19slip (pmi)
19play in game (pmi)
19sit wear street (pmi)
19two person play volleyball (pmi)
19adult wear dress pose (pmi)
19male surfer (pmi)
19three person play music (pmi)
19child bounce (pmi)
19metal object (pmi)
19boy play with ball (pmi)
19two adult play hockey (pmi)
19adult hold young child (pmi)
19person with paint (pmi)
19brace (pmi)
19catch fish (pmi)
19adult walk in rain (pmi)
19adult with mohawk (pmi)
19person wear clothing gather (pmi)
19mom look (pmi)
19adult wear yellow (pmi)
19person pour drink (pmi)
19snowboard down (pmi)
19person hold bike (pmi)
19person wear hat play stringed instrument (pmi)
19foreign adult (pmi)
19denim short (pmi)
19man march (pmi)
19person and sit (pmi)
19person sit on blanket (pmi)
19adult pour beverage (pmi)
19carry plastic bag (pmi)
19wear black tank top (pmi)
19group with person (pmi)
19man in kayak (pmi)
19little (pmi)
19child wear pink (pmi)
19blue mat (pmi)
19person with glasses play instrument (pmi)
19woman hit tennis ball (pmi)
19child wear dress walk (pmi)
19guy skateboard (pmi)
19adult pose wear clothing (pmi)
19person do exercise (pmi)
19white van (pmi)
19walk down street at night (pmi)
19shave face (pmi)
19play bagpipe (pmi)
19conversation with person (pmi)
19two adult walk on sidewalk (pmi)
19woman wear clothing play (pmi)
19man bowl (pmi)
19person wear clothing walk along street (pmi)
19person wear clothing and person standing (pmi)
19girl_woman sit on bench (pmi)
19person eat something (pmi)
19man wear clothing hold (pmi)
19adult and adult play (pmi)
19two person hold (pmi)
19give peace sign (pmi)
19person kick person (pmi)
19two fighter fight (pmi)
19two person drink (pmi)
19hand out (pmi)
19group enjoy day (pmi)
19child wear red clothing play (pmi)
19occur (pmi)
19couple sit on bench (pmi)
19blue slide (pmi)
19reach up (pmi)
19person wear clothing prepare food (pmi)
19person work with tool (pmi)
19person and two adult (pmi)
19orange dog (pmi)
19person box (pmi)
19barefoot child (pmi)
19blue toy (pmi)
19don (pmi)
19person one (pmi)
19large fountain (pmi)
19some runner (pmi)
19ice hockey (pmi)
19get something (pmi)
19group of young person sit (pmi)
19ride tricycle (pmi)
19deli (pmi)
19baby smile (pmi)
19adult clap (pmi)
19blond child look (pmi)
19traverse (pmi)
19person wear clothing and adult (pmi)
19long skirt (pmi)
19child raise hand (pmi)
19right leg (pmi)
19look around (pmi)
19standing on busy street (pmi)
19adult and dog (pmi)
19sit under umbrella (pmi)
19two indian person (pmi)
19wear number (pmi)
19person talk to person wear shirt (pmi)
19boy make face (pmi)
19adult weld (pmi)
19person run down field (pmi)
19person give man (pmi)
19person wear clothing eat (pmi)
19person look to left (pmi)
19group pose for photo (pmi)
19person hold hat (pmi)
19adult with backpack walk (pmi)
19yellow suit (pmi)
19standing in boat (pmi)
19adult wear brown clothing sit (pmi)
19small boy standing (pmi)
19throw rock (pmi)
19person wash window (pmi)
19walk with umbrella (pmi)
19man ride buck horse (pmi)
19dog hold ball (pmi)
19woman and man walk (pmi)
19pink and white clothing (pmi)
19person wear brown clothing sit (pmi)
19dance on street (pmi)
19construction vehicle (pmi)
19whiteboard (pmi)
19person push bike (pmi)
19standing behind them (pmi)
19person shoot (pmi)
19red vehicle (pmi)
19dirt ramp (pmi)
19man cut wood (pmi)
19sit in area (pmi)
19young boy wear clothing standing (pmi)
19adult wear green shirt standing (pmi)
19person wear coat walk down street (pmi)
19standing in crowd of person (pmi)
19group laugh (pmi)
19adult sit with adult (pmi)
19jump wear water (pmi)
19man move (pmi)
19three adult wear clothing standing (pmi)
19athlete tackle player (pmi)
19do job (pmi)
19person wear clothing rest (pmi)
19child wear blue clothing walk (pmi)
19adult wear glasses play instrument (pmi)
19survey (pmi)
19man wear clothing ride horse (pmi)
19snow gear (pmi)
19little girl with blond-hair (pmi)
19butterfly (pmi)
19look at plant (pmi)
19adult standing of building (pmi)
19enjoy game (pmi)
19swim suit (pmi)
19language (pmi)
19person bend down (pmi)
19child with backpack (pmi)
19person walk with man (pmi)
19adult wear apron standing (pmi)
19man run down street (pmi)
19woman hug adult (pmi)
19person waterski (pmi)
19engage in conversation (pmi)
19woman in room (pmi)
19wear headscarf (pmi)
19sit in fold chair (pmi)
19two elderly man (pmi)
19security adult (pmi)
19adult wear green clothing look (pmi)
19wear white short (pmi)
19three person dressed (pmi)
19mom sit (pmi)
19athlete on field (pmi)
19person wear clothing play brass instrument (pmi)
19athlete balance (pmi)
19person cross city street (pmi)
19two policeman (pmi)
19man wear white shirt look (pmi)
19line with tree (pmi)
19beige dog (pmi)
19adult wear clothing hold bag (pmi)
19cashier (pmi)
19person walk past person (pmi)
19veil (pmi)
19submerge (pmi)
19adult and two adult (pmi)
19adult give man (pmi)
19doctor perform surgery (pmi)
19tunic (pmi)
19adult do handstand (pmi)
19adult with hat walk (pmi)
19adult walk with man (pmi)
19vacation (pmi)
19blue ocean (pmi)
19adult wear clothing hold camera (pmi)
19person lead person (pmi)
19person watch dog (pmi)
19person ride mountain bike (pmi)
19person pour beverage (pmi)
19adult drink coffee (pmi)
19island (pmi)
19child sit in grass (pmi)
19man practice martial art (pmi)
19walk down street with person (pmi)
19adult perform surgery (pmi)
19play guitar on sidewalk (pmi)
19adult standing outside of building (pmi)
19child hold toy (pmi)
19baby hold (pmi)
19ethnic person (pmi)
19snowy landscape (pmi)
19work wear store (pmi)
19sit in front of building (pmi)
19sit at picnic table (pmi)
19man wear clothing talk to person wear clothing (pmi)
19older woman walk (pmi)
19person sit wear hand (pmi)
19some fruit (pmi)
19play on sidewalk (pmi)
19adult perform jump
19gray tank top (pmi)
19person carry box (pmi)
19adult walk on road (pmi)
19work wear shop (pmi)
19crash wave (pmi)
19crowd walk street (pmi)
19headgear (pmi)
19standing next to her (pmi)
19telephone (pmi)
19person wear purple shirt (pmi)
19play red guitar (pmi)
19person parasail (pmi)
19bright sunny day (pmi)
19wear purple clothing (pmi)
19person drape (pmi)
19adult with glasses and shirt (pmi)
19baseman (pmi)
19adult wait for person (pmi)
19wear black suit (pmi)
19person with long beard (pmi)
19hold broom (pmi)
19found (pmi)
19person wear clothing carry bag (pmi)
19camper (pmi)
19boy play in sand (pmi)
19person sell vegetable (pmi)
19adult sweep sidewalk (pmi)
19shop mall (pmi)
19two girl_woman smile (pmi)
19boy with blond-hair (pmi)
19steal (pmi)
19play with hoop (pmi)
19man talk with adult (pmi)
19man with face (pmi)
19black-haired woman (pmi)
19indian person sit (pmi)
19cardigan (pmi)
19two driver (pmi)
19adult hold woman (pmi)
19do wheelie (pmi)
19snowball (pmi)
19shake off water (pmi)
19chew on (pmi)
19entertainer play drum (pmi)
19guy on bike (pmi)
19man walk with person (pmi)
19white run (pmi)
19young woman play instrument (pmi)
19carry item (pmi)
19person practice move (pmi)
19person grin (pmi)
19man use cellphone (pmi)
19person get picture (pmi)
19pink sweatshirt (pmi)
19jog down (pmi)
19race gear (pmi)
19hold stick in mouth (pmi)
19two person sit on couch (pmi)
19three rider (pmi)
19worker wear clothing work (pmi)
19two dark-haired person (pmi)
19on day adult (pmi)
19play instrument with person (pmi)
19man wear shirt play drum (pmi)
19hold bowl (pmi)
19adult talk to person wear shirt (pmi)
19ride bike on sidewalk (pmi)
19ridge (pmi)
19seashore (pmi)
19scenic view (pmi)
19person buy (pmi)
19adult work in kitchen (pmi)
19person wear shirt watch (pmi)
19person walk in direction (pmi)
19woman with blue clothing (pmi)
19man wear red clothing play instrument (pmi)
19sleep in chair (pmi)
198 (pmi)
19adult enjoy drink (pmi)
19adult wear clothing look at camera (pmi)
19child wear coat (pmi)
19person drive vehicle (pmi)
19women person (pmi)
19ride in car (pmi)
19cover street (pmi)
19two worker work (pmi)
19climb rock face (pmi)
19man juggle (pmi)
19adult wear clothing play brass instrument (pmi)
19black chair (pmi)
19folk (pmi)
19sit together (pmi)
19adult wear clothing watch adult (pmi)
19adult with white hat (pmi)
19man wear clothing take photo (pmi)
19man with clothing look (pmi)
19denim (pmi)
19person walk past store (pmi)
19man play flute (pmi)
19woman on beach (pmi)
19adult wear shirt ride bicycle (pmi)
19breath (pmi)
19try to keep (pmi)
19big dog run (pmi)
19standing in store (pmi)
19taste (pmi)
19baseball player swing (pmi)
19guy take picture (pmi)
19man in kitchen (pmi)
19man show (pmi)
19child wear clothing play soccer (pmi)
19some vegetable (pmi)
19girl_woman talk on phone (pmi)
19large dog jump (pmi)
19person talk to child (pmi)
19orange t-shirt (pmi)
19adult wear jacket ride bike (pmi)
19white boat (pmi)
19perform act (pmi)
19play at park (pmi)
19carry white bag (pmi)
19adult wear t-shirt walk (pmi)
19sit at restaurant table (pmi)
19walk stick (pmi)
19red object (pmi)
19gentleman play instrument (pmi)
19mcdonald (pmi)
19person wear clothing standing in front of building (pmi)
19child rest (pmi)
19compete in competition (pmi)
19person look at clothing (pmi)
19be athlete (pmi)
19white bike (pmi)
19woman standing next to man (pmi)
19man wear hat and clothing (pmi)
19walk through group (pmi)
19person roll (pmi)
19stick out tongue (pmi)
19standing in park lot (pmi)
19two person fish (pmi)
19person standing on balcony (pmi)
19bike person (pmi)
19ditch (pmi)
19brown dog run on grass (pmi)
19adult wear hat and clothing walk (pmi)
19red frisbee (pmi)
19adult push bike (pmi)
19female person perform (pmi)
19group of man gather (pmi)
19sit by water (pmi)
19adult and woman smile (pmi)
19adult yell (pmi)
19hold up finger (pmi)
19person make shot (pmi)
19perform for audience (pmi)
19article (pmi)
19beg (pmi)
19throw up (pmi)
19volunteer (pmi)
19person on dirt bike (pmi)
19person wear clothing walk dog (pmi)
19adult wear clothing talk to man (pmi)
19person wear green shirt standing (pmi)
19man look at screen (pmi)
19young boy ride bike (pmi)
19jump for joy (pmi)
19person read something (pmi)
19group of person play soccer (pmi)
19person play set (pmi)
19surfer ride (pmi)
19boy ride bicycle (pmi)
19black one (pmi)
19try to get ball (pmi)
19person walk in area (pmi)
18ski slope (pmi)
18adult work on bicycle (pmi)
18two person and woman sit (pmi)
18adult fly through air (pmi)
18child hit ball (pmi)
18native person (pmi)
18floaties (pmi)
18two officer standing (pmi)
18person watch entertainer (pmi)
18along beach (pmi)
18woman hold boy (pmi)
18man with clothing walk (pmi)
18person throw frisbee (pmi)
18two teen person (pmi)
18child present (pmi)
18iron (pmi)
18child swing bat (pmi)
18asian person walk down street (pmi)
18play with hula hoop (pmi)
18person standing at counter (pmi)
18stare at person (pmi)
18hold it (pmi)
18person sit cross (pmi)
18adult hold up hand (pmi)
18adult wear clothing eat (pmi)
18snowy area (pmi)
18adult work in field (pmi)
18person have lunch (pmi)
18blue and red clothing (pmi)
18adult walk next to adult (pmi)
18person with headphone (pmi)
18boy perform trick (pmi)
18woman draw (pmi)
18dance outside (pmi)
18man wear t-shirt look (pmi)
18group look at something (pmi)
18man wear clothing and jean sit (pmi)
18jump to catch ball (pmi)
18man wear yellow clothing standing (pmi)
18man standing in front of group (pmi)
18person drink wine (pmi)
18standing on pier (pmi)
18bird standing (pmi)
18red swim trunk (pmi)
18two person in boat (pmi)
18adult strap (pmi)
18person work on road (pmi)
18sit at bench (pmi)
18look at building (pmi)
18adult with beverage (pmi)
18person standing in front of plant (pmi)
18some team (pmi)
18adult wear shirt and short walk (pmi)
18couple smile (pmi)
18rope calf (pmi)
18woman hold person (pmi)
18two observer (pmi)
18person with shirt look (pmi)
18spray paint (pmi)
18try to take (pmi)
18adult drive vehicle (pmi)
18adult walk away (pmi)
18wooden boat (pmi)
18person wear shirt stare (pmi)
18black dog swim (pmi)
18female friend (pmi)
18man hold arm (pmi)
18yawn (pmi)
18man with clothing and short (pmi)
18opposite side (pmi)
18adult standing adult (pmi)
18person stare into distance (pmi)
18two teen woman (pmi)
18adult with beard standing (pmi)
18page (pmi)
18three student (pmi)
18sports game (pmi)
18person wear clothing and hat walk (pmi)
18two young woman sit (pmi)
18child on street (pmi)
18woman sit table (pmi)
18seat on bench (pmi)
18rider compete (pmi)
18pull sled (pmi)
18cyclist do trick (pmi)
18man hug (pmi)
18adult wear white dress (pmi)
18two dog run through field (pmi)
18adult sort (pmi)
18person dine (pmi)
18along (pmi)
18girl_child play soccer (pmi)
18toothbrush (pmi)
18grocery cart (pmi)
18some officer (pmi)
18cluster (pmi)
18man wear clothing point (pmi)
18man wear hat play stringed instrument (pmi)
18group of adult sing (pmi)
18person wear clothing look at person (pmi)
18adult standing on side of street (pmi)
18woman wear green clothing standing (pmi)
18adult wear clothing and adult (pmi)
18mow (pmi)
18mountain biker ride (pmi)
18girl_woman with hair (pmi)
18adult with t-shirt (pmi)
18person sit read newspaper (pmi)
18some material (pmi)
18person with top (pmi)
18person sit and play stringed instrument (pmi)
18gray building (pmi)
18group person (pmi)
18two teen adult (pmi)
18adult shoot gun (pmi)
18adult nap (pmi)
18some worker work (pmi)
18chase soccer ball (pmi)
18man gun (pmi)
18child climb tree (pmi)
18roadside (pmi)
18two person read (pmi)
18drive tractor (pmi)
18woman hold something (pmi)
18person in foreground (pmi)
18army man (pmi)
18adult watch them (pmi)
18person get ready (pmi)
18eat candy (pmi)
18wineglasses (pmi)
18child wear pink shirt (pmi)
18yellow safety vest (pmi)
18person walk next to person (pmi)
18adult hand (pmi)
18person climb ladder (pmi)
18adult in crowd (pmi)
18group celebrate (pmi)
18standing near water (pmi)
18person sit on horse (pmi)
18slam (pmi)
18person wear sweatshirt sit (pmi)
18adult pose for photograph (pmi)
18man get hair (pmi)
18black jersey (pmi)
18asian person play instrument (pmi)
18two person from team (pmi)
18deep water (pmi)
18leap into water (pmi)
18woman wear glasses sit (pmi)
18some hiker (pmi)
18man wear clothing talk to adult wear clothing (pmi)
18adult wear coat walk street (pmi)
18warm day (pmi)
18man wear clothing kneel (pmi)
18group of adult sit around table (pmi)
18person with beard standing (pmi)
18white cup (pmi)
18girl_woman wear shirt sit (pmi)
18two person standing in front of building
18rocky path (pmi)
18adult wear pants standing (pmi)
18pain (pmi)
18person walk through field (pmi)
18jump off rock (pmi)
18observer watch person (pmi)
18man wear coat look (pmi)
18orange jersey (pmi)
18adult try (pmi)
18asian man look (pmi)
18person wear clothing pose for picture (pmi)
18sit wear shade (pmi)
18bike in forest (pmi)
18rocky terrain (pmi)
18sit on hill (pmi)
18three person run (pmi)
18adult walk next to person (pmi)
18two young woman walk (pmi)
18adult hold hat (pmi)
18person wear white dress (pmi)
18person standing on mountain (pmi)
18man wait to cross street (pmi)
18two man and adult sit (pmi)
18woman sit on wall (pmi)
18adult run in marathon (pmi)
18adult standing in front of truck (pmi)
18teens standing (pmi)
18strum guitar (pmi)
18wave hand (pmi)
18adult wear outfit standing (pmi)
18hold picture (pmi)
18wooden bridge (pmi)
18white umbrella (pmi)
18child run on beach (pmi)
18quad (pmi)
18sit on lawn (pmi)
18sharp turn (pmi)
18person and woman wear clothing walk (pmi)
18dog shake off water (pmi)
18person bow (pmi)
18woman hike (pmi)
18condition (pmi)
18two small boy (pmi)
18person wear orange clothing sit (pmi)
18man with haircut (pmi)
18friend sit (pmi)
18run through tall grass (pmi)
18person with pink clothing (pmi)
18person make funny face (pmi)
18child fly (pmi)
18adult box (pmi)
18clarinet (pmi)
18young man talk (pmi)
18performer play on stage (pmi)
18two man and person sit (pmi)
18purple flower (pmi)
18two person rest (pmi)
18two dog play with each other (pmi)
18stop on street (pmi)
18hold black bag (pmi)
18man wear shirt walk down street (pmi)
18two indian adult (pmi)
18person prop (pmi)
18wear white pant (pmi)
18gather for event (pmi)
18group eat food (pmi)
18boatman (pmi)
18watch someone (pmi)
18two woman converse (pmi)
18two football team (pmi)
18run down sidewalk (pmi)
18field hockey (pmi)
18some person hang (pmi)
18gray top (pmi)
18compete in game (pmi)
18person wear white standing (pmi)
18adult drive bike (pmi)
18man with beard standing (pmi)
18person wear clothing leap (pmi)
18person with t-shirt (pmi)
18parent and child (pmi)
18person walk in park (pmi)
18man follow (pmi)
18instrument wear band (pmi)
18some person dressed (pmi)
18hold frisbee (pmi)
18woman lounge (pmi)
18adult write something (pmi)
18person sit under tree (pmi)
18person walk next to adult (pmi)
18person wear red hat (pmi)
18adult sit at table in restaurant (pmi)
18sit wear shirt (pmi)
18leather coat (pmi)
18adult wear robe standing (pmi)
18some bush (pmi)
18some person take picture (pmi)
18wakeboarder (pmi)
18adult sell good (pmi)
18person with baby (pmi)
18yellow truck (pmi)
18adult help (pmi)
18adult with hat and shirt (pmi)
18water hose (pmi)
18caucasian male (pmi)
18rider look (pmi)
18walk down city sidewalk (pmi)
18bicycle trick (pmi)
18bounce on trampoline (pmi)
18adult walk past building (pmi)
18brown dog look (pmi)
18two person chat (pmi)
18man help child (pmi)
18adult hold bouquet (pmi)
18man embrace (pmi)
18person do move (pmi)
18boy and child play (pmi)
18some object (pmi)
18police officer talk (pmi)
18person wear green shirt sit (pmi)
18small black and white dog (pmi)
18person wear sweatshirt standing (pmi)
18man wear jacket work (pmi)
18adult sit read newspaper (pmi)
18stone street (pmi)
18small tree (pmi)
18man wear cap standing (pmi)
18converse with adult (pmi)
18man wear shirt and pant walk (pmi)
18newborn (pmi)
18woman work on computer (pmi)
18perform art (pmi)
18wooden stick (pmi)
18person watch band (pmi)
18sand castle (pmi)
18jump in midair (pmi)
18snow cover ground (pmi)
18some man play game (pmi)
18dog walk through water (pmi)
18hold tray (pmi)
18play black instrument (pmi)
18dog stare (pmi)
18food from person (pmi)
18sleep on street (pmi)
18adult in chair (pmi)
18redheaded child (pmi)
18person in market (pmi)
18they wait (pmi)
18asian student (pmi)
18walk down dirt street (pmi)
18poncho (pmi)
18two dark-haired adult (pmi)
18big black dog (pmi)
18hold each other (pmi)
18person paint mural (pmi)
18man wear clothing play brass instrument (pmi)
18person race bike (pmi)
18adult and man pose (pmi)
18surround adult (pmi)
18person with dress (pmi)
18person play rugby (pmi)
18lady laugh (pmi)
18person ride bike wear race (pmi)
18cooler (pmi)
18three other man (pmi)
18group protest (pmi)
18adult wash window (pmi)
18two athlete standing (pmi)
18greyhound race (pmi)
18group of person surround (pmi)
18adult standing under umbrella (pmi)
18adult sit at computer (pmi)
18catch some air (pmi)
18wear dark clothing (pmi)
18person run on field (pmi)
18run through green grass (pmi)
18man with glasses play instrument (pmi)
18walk past adult (pmi)
18some balloon (pmi)
18sit at small table (pmi)
18man wear headphone (pmi)
18run through grassy field (pmi)
18two cook (pmi)
18baby carriage (pmi)
18person wear shirt hold microphone (pmi)
18adult with shirt look (pmi)
18young girl wear clothing walk (pmi)
18watermelon (pmi)
18man with hard hat (pmi)
18girl_woman ride (pmi)
18wear winter coat (pmi)
18apparel (pmi)
18person wear blue clothing smile (pmi)
18man wear clothing and pants sit (pmi)
18adult with top (pmi)
18adult run on street (pmi)
18person fence (pmi)
18adult wear blue clothing ride bike (pmi)
18adult hold shop bag (pmi)
18rescue person (pmi)
18come down (pmi)
18athlete talk (pmi)
18adult blow bubble (pmi)
18person use camera (pmi)
18two smile adult (pmi)
18walk with woman (pmi)
18large white dog (pmi)
18small building (pmi)
18walk down crowd street (pmi)
18washer (pmi)
18layer (pmi)
18single man (pmi)
18person walk look (pmi)
18person wear clothing smoke (pmi)
18janitor (pmi)
18person drive motorbike (pmi)
18woman put (pmi)
18woman tie (pmi)
18some person drink beverage (pmi)
18lesson (pmi)
18mixer (pmi)
18adult wear shirt stare (pmi)
18adult look in direction (pmi)
18green toy (pmi)
18man wear clothing and hat sit (pmi)
18fix bicycle (pmi)
18adult jump into water (pmi)
18adult play red stringed instrument (pmi)
18fence area (pmi)
18gather to watch (pmi)
18walk down street with bag (pmi)
18man and woman smile (pmi)
18waters edge (pmi)
18adult walk in city (pmi)
18standing by car (pmi)
18movement (pmi)
18person sit on dock (pmi)
18wear some white (pmi)
18person with cowboy hat (pmi)
18person grill food (pmi)
18indian adult sit (pmi)
18person sit wear shirt (pmi)
18concrete structure (pmi)
18play music on stage (pmi)
18adult standing in front of sign (pmi)
18start line (pmi)
18team run (pmi)
18person eat lunch (pmi)
18fire engine (pmi)
18adult wear shirt hold baby (pmi)
18person block (pmi)
18some woman dance (pmi)
18outstretched arm (pmi)
18hold soccer ball (pmi)
18woman wear tank top (pmi)
18person play instrument and instrument (pmi)
18cover ground (pmi)
18adult wear blue clothing smile (pmi)
18work at construction site (pmi)
18adult wear jean standing (pmi)
18person play frisbee (pmi)
18vase (pmi)
18adult with pink clothing (pmi)
18man sit next to adult (pmi)
18person wear hat and clothing work (pmi)
18tan dog jump (pmi)
18ski pole (pmi)
18adult play rugby (pmi)
18rodeo adult (pmi)
18man carry instrument (pmi)
18person with sweatshirt (pmi)
18merchant standing (pmi)
18concrete bench (pmi)
18older man with beard (pmi)
18girl_child slide (pmi)
18safety glasses (pmi)
18play instrument wear band (pmi)
18red hoodie (pmi)
18person wear clothing and short sit (pmi)
18sit on fold chair (pmi)
18two person prepare food (pmi)
18person extend (pmi)
18adult in office (pmi)
18person slide into base (pmi)
18person with tattoo on arm (pmi)
18person watch performer (pmi)
18hold glasses (pmi)
18shoot basketball (pmi)
18person sit next to woman (pmi)
18be two person (pmi)
18barber shop (pmi)
18woman hold flower (pmi)
18some adult gather (pmi)
18eat sandwich (pmi)
18lay on blanket (pmi)
18adult wear clothing carry bag (pmi)
18large screen (pmi)
18have picnic (pmi)
18woodworker (pmi)
18crowd be (pmi)
18standing on stair (pmi)
18adult sit and play stringed instrument (pmi)
18man wear clothing talk on cellphone (pmi)
18man sit work (pmi)
18person wear shirt hold baby (pmi)
18elderly person sit (pmi)
18adult men (pmi)
18feel (pmi)
18group of some person sit (pmi)
18fire pit (pmi)
18horse race (pmi)
18adult wear shirt and short standing (pmi)
18sit on bicycle (pmi)
18barefoot woman (pmi)
18adult and woman wear clothing walk (pmi)
18adult wear clothing and short sit (pmi)
18hand with adult (pmi)
18swimwear (pmi)
18person rehearse (pmi)
18very young boy (pmi)
18child play ball (pmi)
18person wear clothing ride motorbike (pmi)
18scale wall (pmi)
18adult with stripe shirt (pmi)
18person wear yellow clothing walk (pmi)
18adult standing smile (pmi)
18standing with child (pmi)
18ensemble (pmi)
18walk dog on leash (pmi)
18person hold net (pmi)
18woman wear white shirt standing (pmi)
18adult take picture of adult (pmi)
18adult wear shirt point (pmi)
18person wear outfit walk (pmi)
18person jump bicycle (pmi)
18man wear jacket talk (pmi)
18adult standing next to wall (pmi)
18black dog run through water (pmi)
18merchant sit (pmi)
18blue bathe suit (pmi)
18worker sit (pmi)
18person perform in front of crowd (pmi)
18person play wear water (pmi)
18boy look at camera (pmi)
18crowd with person (pmi)
18person sit under plant (pmi)
18mop floor (pmi)
18person hold bouquet (pmi)
18person play with ball (pmi)
18blue truck (pmi)
18hurry (pmi)
18child wear costume (pmi)
18group of person ride bike (pmi)
18man paint wall (pmi)
18steam (pmi)
18write in notebook (pmi)
18child climb plant (pmi)
18little white dog (pmi)
18man wear clothing watch (pmi)
18person climb side (pmi)
18young man ride bike (pmi)
18adult look at paper (pmi)
18man with clothing sit (pmi)
18child climb rock wall (pmi)
18adult show woman (pmi)
18adult attend (pmi)
18man wear red clothing walk (pmi)
18two person embrace (pmi)
18some bicycle (pmi)
18adult wear suit look (pmi)
18climb large rock (pmi)
18man chat (pmi)
18carry adult (pmi)
18white water (pmi)
18handkerchief (pmi)
18play at playground (pmi)
18person wear suit speak (pmi)
18woman sit on sidewalk (pmi)
18girl_woman play guitar (pmi)
18play pool (pmi)
18musician on stage (pmi)
18adult carry box (pmi)
18person on bus (pmi)
18cover mouth (pmi)
18surround him (pmi)
18walk in group (pmi)
18girl_woman lay (pmi)
18birthday cake (pmi)
18person walk down beach (pmi)
18woman wear white dress (pmi)
18man wear shirt and pants walk (pmi)
18lay on back (pmi)
18mom hold baby (pmi)
18small boy walk (pmi)
18athlete hang (pmi)
18aid (pmi)
18person standing on walkway (pmi)
18black man play instrument (pmi)
18some vehicle (pmi)
18stock (pmi)
18wand (pmi)
18woman sit wear clothing (pmi)
18two kid standing (pmi)
18person converse with person (pmi)
18person hold shop bag (pmi)
18crowd of person walk street (pmi)
18person wear uniform look (pmi)
18woman wear clothing talk to person (pmi)
18line of adult (pmi)
18white team (pmi)
18large crowd standing (pmi)
18tree limb (pmi)
18person and man pose (pmi)
18bike jump (pmi)
18man wear shirt and pant sit (pmi)
18casually dress adult (pmi)
18small dog walk (pmi)
18fish market (pmi)
18pursue (pmi)
18small dog standing (pmi)
18pub (pmi)
18walk through crowd (pmi)
18serve person (pmi)
18man with vest (pmi)
18two adult wear clothing talk (pmi)
18person wear clothing surround (pmi)
18asian group (pmi)
18play ice hockey (pmi)
18size dog (pmi)
18dog go (pmi)
18person wear brown jacket (pmi)
18group of asian (pmi)
18hold container (pmi)
18rider go (pmi)
18man climb rock wall (pmi)
18observer sit (pmi)
18person entertain person (pmi)
18softball player (pmi)
18projector (pmi)
18man play bass (pmi)
18two adult and woman sit (pmi)
18person play instrument in front of person (pmi)
18harmonica (pmi)
18paper plate (pmi)
18dance routine (pmi)
18football player tackle player (pmi)
18standing on ground (pmi)
18coffee table (pmi)
18woman hold bottle (pmi)
18brown and white dog jump (pmi)
18hockey stick (pmi)
18person and woman wait (pmi)
18man walk wear street (pmi)
18person point at something (pmi)
18adult wear water (pmi)
18young man dance (pmi)
18two young boy sit (pmi)
18adult wear clothing look at person (pmi)
18little girl wear clothing sit (pmi)
18young man wear clothing standing (pmi)
18two asian girl_woman (pmi)
18garbage bag (pmi)
18person wear clothing play game (pmi)
18adult play set (pmi)
18person sit in park (pmi)
18black dog leap (pmi)
18picker (pmi)
18two woman wear clothing walk (pmi)
18asian person wait (pmi)
18entertainer play on stage (pmi)
18man wear clothing hold sign (pmi)
18man climb cliff (pmi)
18woman wear jacket look (pmi)
18standing next to building (pmi)
18tomato (pmi)
18man standing wear water (pmi)
18tire swing (pmi)
18two woman compete (pmi)
18adult throw frisbee (pmi)
18woman gesture (pmi)
18woman peer (pmi)
18ride unicycle (pmi)
18contestant (pmi)
18perform song (pmi)
18person standing on shore (pmi)
18child wear dress play (pmi)
18earth (pmi)
18cleaner (pmi)
18boy wear shirt walk (pmi)
18two person standing next to each other
18dog wear water (pmi)
18woman and child look (pmi)
18person throw baseball (pmi)
18man wear shirt sing into microphone (pmi)
18man give thumb (pmi)
18athlete from team (pmi)
18bakery (pmi)
18walk on rock (pmi)
18attempt to climb (pmi)
18look through camera (pmi)
18hockey goalie (pmi)
17adult standing at counter (pmi)
17dryer (pmi)
17procedure (pmi)
17person hold shovel (pmi)
17adult rehearse (pmi)
17lone person walk (pmi)
17litter (pmi)
17standing behind table (pmi)
17brown and white dog standing (pmi)
17adult play bagpipe (pmi)
17man and child sit (pmi)
17man with shirt standing (pmi)
17look towards camera (pmi)
17person play cricket (pmi)
17chase each other (pmi)
17shake water (pmi)
17athlete perform jump (pmi)
17black collar (pmi)
17lover (pmi)
17person wear clothing do trick
17two black dog run (pmi)
17surgeon (pmi)
17newlywed couple (pmi)
17group sit in circle (pmi)
17man hold paper (pmi)
17see person (pmi)
17laugh together (pmi)
17snowbank (pmi)
17group surround person (pmi)
17black slack (pmi)
17woman wear clothing talk on cellphone (pmi)
17saddle (pmi)
17adult wear blue standing (pmi)
17person play instrument while sit (pmi)
17woman wear clothing cross street (pmi)
17adult grind (pmi)
17adult wear hat talk (pmi)
17person drill (pmi)
17jog down street (pmi)
17adult work wear store (pmi)
17person with short (pmi)
17saxophonist (pmi)
17person with bag sit (pmi)
17two person hang (pmi)
17blue hoodie (pmi)
17man look at water
17person do construction work (pmi)
17person with brown hair sit (pmi)
17person wear clothing listen (pmi)
17man with hat standing (pmi)
17person walk down crowd street (pmi)
17man wear red jacket (pmi)
17person in canoe (pmi)
17basement (pmi)
17woman speak into microphone (pmi)
17two child play game (pmi)
17man hug person (pmi)
17child wear jacket sit (pmi)
17overweight woman (pmi)
17standing next to tree (pmi)
17plastic chair (pmi)
17two group (pmi)
17singer sing into microphone (pmi)
17sit on porch (pmi)
17adult with baby (pmi)
17person with flag (pmi)
17play wear dirt (pmi)
17man with brown clothing (pmi)
17person walk down trail (pmi)
17dance at party (pmi)
17white glasses (pmi)
17public square (pmi)
17some form (pmi)
17race each other (pmi)
17blue polo shirt (pmi)
17white flower (pmi)
17some small child (pmi)
17adult talk to man wear clothing (pmi)
17pitcher throw ball (pmi)
17person play instrument at concert (pmi)
17arm around person (pmi)
17small brown and white dog (pmi)
17boat float (pmi)
17adult with dress (pmi)
17adult play instrument in room (pmi)
17public bench (pmi)
17outdoor festival (pmi)
17prepare to take (pmi)
17long line (pmi)
17young boy with clothing (pmi)
17stop to look (pmi)
17three woman walk down street (pmi)
17two adult walk down city street (pmi)
17frisbee in mouth (pmi)
17standing by plant
17watch by adult (pmi)
17woman engage (pmi)
17person wear leather clothing (pmi)
17adult wear shirt watch (pmi)
17line wait (pmi)
17two adult standing next to each other
17red purse (pmi)
17man wear shirt and jean walk (pmi)
17girl_woman pose for picture (pmi)
17parade of person (pmi)
17mascot (pmi)
17other adult watch (pmi)
17down mountain (pmi)
17crowd of woman (pmi)
17instrument in front of microphone (pmi)
17play on floor (pmi)
17man on sidewalk (pmi)
17person speak with person (pmi)
17answer (pmi)
17some adult wait (pmi)
17these (pmi)
17two person sit in room (pmi)
17adult wear brown clothing walk (pmi)
17man with white shirt (pmi)
17just throw (pmi)
17man wear glasses look (pmi)
17group hang out (pmi)
17man hug adult (pmi)
17parent hold child (pmi)
17medical person (pmi)
17three kid play (pmi)
17outside restaurant (pmi)
17person walk down city sidewalk (pmi)
17person wear shirt hold hand (pmi)
17dog jump over pole (pmi)
17make sculpture (pmi)
17person hold can (pmi)
17man play stringed instrument on sidewalk (pmi)
17two child play soccer (pmi)
17toy gun (pmi)
17person wear clothing and hat look (pmi)
17group rest (pmi)
17some adult wear clothing (pmi)
17blue apron (pmi)
17person hold hammer (pmi)
17be about to kick (pmi)
17arts and crafts (pmi)
17play with red ball (pmi)
17girl_woman wait (pmi)
17donation (pmi)
17girl_woman lean (pmi)
17adult wear clothing and hat walk (pmi)
17some adult smile (pmi)
17group of person protest (pmi)
17sit next to him (pmi)
17person and person run (pmi)
17person ride bike on sidewalk (pmi)
17two man ride horse (pmi)
17black and red (pmi)
17woman wear clothing play guitar (pmi)
17person play guitar on sidewalk (pmi)
17adult at table (pmi)
17wear pink jacket (pmi)
17person perform for crowd (pmi)
17green shoe (pmi)
17take ride (pmi)
17interior (pmi)
17small kid (pmi)
17person wear brown clothing walk (pmi)
17person wear white shirt work (pmi)
17person sit wear water (pmi)
17person wear clothing ski (pmi)
17woman wear red clothing look (pmi)
17repair bicycle (pmi)
17traffic cone (pmi)
17person walk past adult (pmi)
17look over railing (pmi)
17two dog play with ball (pmi)
17bandage (pmi)
17adult play guitar on sidewalk (pmi)
17vendor standing (pmi)
17adult work wear shop (pmi)
17standing in ocean (pmi)
17boat sit (pmi)
17two adult and person walk (pmi)
17two bird (pmi)
17walk on bridge (pmi)
17person stare at something (pmi)
17group of young person standing (pmi)
17child on bike (pmi)
17play volleyball on beach (pmi)
17walk down brick street (pmi)
17have conversation with person (pmi)
17person wear blue jacket standing (pmi)
17woman help person (pmi)
17person wear suit walk down street (pmi)
17smile man standing (pmi)
17person wear clothing smile at camera (pmi)
17give woman (pmi)
17adult and woman pose for picture (pmi)
17adult wear suit speak (pmi)
17girl_child with clothing (pmi)
17run down hill (pmi)
17cover in mud (pmi)
17dozen (pmi)
17adult hold hammer (pmi)
17american athlete (pmi)
17adult ring (pmi)
17adult say (pmi)
17potato (pmi)
17group of adult sit at table (pmi)
17adult stick (pmi)
17adult wear clothing and glasses walk (pmi)
17group of person march (pmi)
17adult enjoy meal (pmi)
17person block shot (pmi)
17softball game (pmi)
17prize (pmi)
17put together (pmi)
17person play instrument wear band (pmi)
17play softball (pmi)
17adult walk up stair (pmi)
17adult wear shirt skateboard (pmi)
17dirty shirt (pmi)
17hedge (pmi)
17young girl wear dress (pmi)
17talk with each other (pmi)
17person standing in forest
17pink tank top (pmi)
17adult work on something (pmi)
17person hold leash (pmi)
17person walk street on day (pmi)
17person standing by car (pmi)
17person look at laptop (pmi)
17woman standing with arm (pmi)
17group wave flag (pmi)
17elder man (pmi)
17two adult play volleyball (pmi)
17vendor sit (pmi)
17helmeted person (pmi)
17man catch (pmi)
17adult wear hat and clothing work (pmi)
17person do kick (pmi)
17man with mohawk (pmi)
17adult standing in front of group of person (pmi)
17musician play percussion instrument (pmi)
17person get food (pmi)
17outdoor concert (pmi)
17stilt (pmi)
17adult wear clothing prepare food (pmi)
17rainbow (pmi)
17cover head (pmi)
17old man sit on bench (pmi)
17woman turn (pmi)
17dance person (pmi)
17adult do construction work (pmi)
17photograph person (pmi)
17topless man (pmi)
17green water (pmi)
17guy run (pmi)
17some band (pmi)
17spout (pmi)
17adult sit in front of computer (pmi)
17sling (pmi)
17person and man look (pmi)
17woman show adult (pmi)
17american football player (pmi)
17park area (pmi)
17hot air balloon (pmi)
17person wait for something (pmi)
17woman wear costume standing (pmi)
17woman walk down busy street (pmi)
17ballet dancer dance (pmi)
17talk with woman (pmi)
17adult sunbathe (pmi)
17child play wear street (pmi)
17woman wear shirt play instrument (pmi)
17group of person perform on stage (pmi)
17match uniform (pmi)
17person look at child (pmi)
17work outdoors (pmi)
17stare at adult (pmi)
17surround them (pmi)
17do split (pmi)
17plug (pmi)
17adult and woman wear clothing (pmi)
17musician play drum (pmi)
17practice karate (pmi)
17jump over log (pmi)
17man in wheelchair (pmi)
17embrace person (pmi)
17brochure (pmi)
17woman wear dress pose (pmi)
17adult converse with person (pmi)
17adult wear red jacket (pmi)
17person work wear shop (pmi)
17tan and white dog (pmi)
17two person talk to person (pmi)
17adult wear coat walk down street (pmi)
17person walk up street (pmi)
17blue button (pmi)
17communicate (pmi)
17man observe (pmi)
17wait on street (pmi)
17two person take (pmi)
17woman wear shirt work (pmi)
17yellow object (pmi)
17winter hat (pmi)
17fish off (pmi)
17two kid look (pmi)
17adult sit next to woman (pmi)
17group of indian person (pmi)
17cushion (pmi)
17person hold cane (pmi)
17young football player (pmi)
17two person and person walk (pmi)
17boat wear water (pmi)
17rocky area (pmi)
17woman wave (pmi)
17crowd of person be (pmi)
17black belt (pmi)
17have back (pmi)
17adult clean floor (pmi)
17dog on grass (pmi)
17woman play beach volleyball (pmi)
17ride subway (pmi)
17undershirt (pmi)
17musician play on stage (pmi)
17group outside (pmi)
17man wear short walk (pmi)
17group of person congregate (pmi)
17bike racer (pmi)
17man wear clothing and short standing (pmi)
17man wear red shirt standing (pmi)
17long-haired woman (pmi)
17worker walk
17arm around adult (pmi)
17adult and man look (pmi)
17sketch (pmi)
17adult wear clothing and hat look (pmi)
17white and dog run (pmi)
17some adult sit around table (pmi)
17person sell produce (pmi)
17person talk to man wear clothing (pmi)
17two boy play soccer (pmi)
17person act (pmi)
17walk across field (pmi)
17person ski down mountain (pmi)
17man shine (pmi)
17adult wear brown jacket (pmi)
17adult talk to child (pmi)
17person standing on road (pmi)
17plaid short (pmi)
17team standing (pmi)
17woman wear clothing hold hand (pmi)
17person wear clothing play electric guitar (pmi)
17naked adult (pmi)
17standing in front of stand (pmi)
17adult wear clothing walk along street (pmi)
17two middle-aged man (pmi)
17adult pick (pmi)
17lift up (pmi)
17crosscountry person (pmi)
17hiker look (pmi)
17person walk along beach (pmi)
17person sit under umbrella (pmi)
17person rest on bench (pmi)
17walk in sand (pmi)
17walk by wall (pmi)
17person wear clothing and hat play instrument (pmi)
17man perform jump
17adult wear orange clothing walk (pmi)
17adult make something (pmi)
17buck animal (pmi)
17two person sit and talk (pmi)
17child crawl (pmi)
17bite dog (pmi)
17adult wear clothing smoke (pmi)
17overhead view (pmi)
17order food (pmi)
17person look at computer screen (pmi)
17salon (pmi)
17crowd city (pmi)
17pull wagon (pmi)
17mallet (pmi)
17child on ride (pmi)
17two baseball player (pmi)
17surf on surfboard (pmi)
17person wear hat talk (pmi)
17person walk and talk (pmi)
17kid ride bike (pmi)
17man with black hat (pmi)
17person peek (pmi)
17some woman wear (pmi)
17cut something (pmi)
17person with shirt on (pmi)
17adult wear straw hat (pmi)
17plaid jacket (pmi)
17man and child walk (pmi)
17wash clothing (pmi)
17man walk with adult (pmi)
17person sit on subway (pmi)
17male skater (pmi)
17blue scarf (pmi)
17watch television
17earbud (pmi)
17adult cook on grill (pmi)
17restaurant kitchen (pmi)
17laugh woman (pmi)
17adult and work (pmi)
17team play soccer (pmi)
17person wear green clothing walk (pmi)
17three bike (pmi)
17person play instrument with person (pmi)
17adult standing and look (pmi)
17person work wear store (pmi)
17person wear glove (pmi)
17watch crowd (pmi)
17person hold football (pmi)
17adult and woman wait (pmi)
17sit on subway (pmi)
17two oppose person (pmi)
17crosscountry athlete (pmi)
17red white and blue (pmi)
17person play bagpipe (pmi)
17young man perform trick (pmi)
17ride sled (pmi)
17adult with cowboy hat (pmi)
17two shirtless person (pmi)
17hold plastic bag (pmi)
17dog toy (pmi)
17person wear outfit sit (pmi)
17adult wear clothing and cap standing (pmi)
17mom walk (pmi)
17pose with woman (pmi)
17two dog run in field (pmi)
17man wear shirt dance (pmi)
17construction area (pmi)
17man surf in ocean (pmi)
17person wear clothing play instrument on stage
17person take drink (pmi)
17group of person walk down sidewalk (pmi)
17perform trick on skateboard (pmi)
17observer standing (pmi)
17person jog down street (pmi)
17play instrument in front of group (pmi)
17music stand (pmi)
17person wear yellow clothing look (pmi)
17adult wear yellow clothing walk (pmi)
17adult ride red bike (pmi)
17disk (pmi)
17person standing in front of group of person (pmi)
17child play stringed instrument (pmi)
17person point finger (pmi)
17ravine (pmi)
17wind up (pmi)
17pick out (pmi)
17man clean window (pmi)
17adult eat something (pmi)
17group sit on floor (pmi)
17person standing in boat (pmi)
17snowboarder fly (pmi)
17child wear dress look (pmi)
17adult wear clothing play instrument on stage
17person hold balloon (pmi)
17traditional dress (pmi)
17try to stop (pmi)
17adult lean against building (pmi)
17man wear clothing cross street (pmi)
17instrument in front of group (pmi)
17adult with long black hair (pmi)
17person and person have conversation (pmi)
17some color clothing (pmi)
17man ride in boat (pmi)
17crowd of child (pmi)
17two man dance (pmi)
17boogie board (pmi)
17person land (pmi)
17thin adult (pmi)
17man with hat and shirt (pmi)
17feed bird (pmi)
17person wear white walk (pmi)
17sell produce (pmi)
17man with clothing and glasses (pmi)
17standing next to plant (pmi)
17medical adult (pmi)
17adult wear clothing and hat play instrument (pmi)
17person clean floor (pmi)
17younger girl_woman (pmi)
17some soldier (pmi)
17two parent (pmi)
17bun (pmi)
17person wait at station (pmi)
17man standing in front of store (pmi)
17two kid sit (pmi)
17hold child wear clothing (pmi)
17man wear shirt play (pmi)
17person wear clothing and cap standing (pmi)
17blond child standing (pmi)
17person wear clothing and clothing standing (pmi)
17man play video game (pmi)
17adult sit on horse (pmi)
17person repair bike (pmi)
17person ride boat (pmi)
17some little girl (pmi)
17goer (pmi)
17instrument wear clothing (pmi)
17person wear backpack walk (pmi)
17adult entertain person (pmi)
17greyhound run (pmi)
17swim in water (pmi)
17person hold bunch (pmi)
17adult wear white shirt work (pmi)
17adult sit and smile (pmi)
17person with apron (pmi)
17person wear red shirt play instrument (pmi)
17overlook city (pmi)
17standing on roof (pmi)
17adult have beverage (pmi)
17pasta (pmi)
17dog play with stick (pmi)
17person standing near adult (pmi)
17athlete wear clothing jump (pmi)
17child make funny face (pmi)
17person think (pmi)
17adult work on road (pmi)
17adult enjoy food (pmi)
17two person seat (pmi)
17adult wear green shirt sit (pmi)
17man and child look (pmi)
17group cross street (pmi)
17walk in grass (pmi)
17person and woman wear clothing (pmi)
17two woman dressed (pmi)
17man standing at podium (pmi)
17man talk to woman wear clothing (pmi)
17person wear clothing ride motorcycle (pmi)
17tuck (pmi)
17lady sing (pmi)
17adult hold cane (pmi)
17sell ware (pmi)
17long-haired dog (pmi)
17stare into camera (pmi)
17use rope (pmi)
17african-american woman (pmi)
17man wear no shirt (pmi)
17ref (pmi)
17adult celebrate (pmi)
17person perch (pmi)
17athlete run with ball (pmi)
17adult with mask (pmi)
17light brown hair (pmi)
17standing on step (pmi)
17child wear water (pmi)
17person sit on table (pmi)
17two man surround (pmi)
17sit with leg (pmi)
17ballerina dance (pmi)
17adult wear leather clothing (pmi)
17person cut cake (pmi)
17two person do work (pmi)
17milk (pmi)
17group of person hike (pmi)
17ride moped (pmi)
17adult standing at table (pmi)
17thread (pmi)
17wash dish (pmi)
17person wear shirt talk to adult (pmi)
17some person play basketball (pmi)
17hold bird (pmi)
17stripe dress (pmi)
17adult with sweatshirt (pmi)
17man wear shirt skateboard (pmi)
17two firefighter (pmi)
17person attempt trick (pmi)
17man ride bicycle down street (pmi)
17three man wear (pmi)
17adult perform for group (pmi)
17person and bike (pmi)
17two person walk together (pmi)
17adult wear clothing surround (pmi)
17bike driver (pmi)
17protective clothing (pmi)
17asian kid (pmi)
17vacuum (pmi)
17they play (pmi)
17three person jump (pmi)
17troop (pmi)
17adult wear clothing smile at camera (pmi)
17have mouth open (pmi)
17man play outdoors (pmi)
17jump to catch frisbee (pmi)
17some track (pmi)
17adult play instrument in front of person (pmi)
17man wear helmet ride bike (pmi)
17sit at table in room (pmi)
17two female athlete (pmi)
17young man wear shirt (pmi)
17man with orange clothing (pmi)
17person and woman pose for picture (pmi)
17man with pant (pmi)
17adult on city street (pmi)
17two man engage (pmi)
17adult wear shirt talk to adult (pmi)
17adult with bag sit (pmi)
17man cook in kitchen (pmi)
17adult play instrument at concert (pmi)
17other adult standing (pmi)
17child wear clothing pose (pmi)
17young man sit at table (pmi)
17two person look at each other (pmi)
17walk on field (pmi)
17skateboarding trick (pmi)
17take bath (pmi)
17gain (pmi)
17food on street (pmi)
17some adult jump (pmi)
17child have hand (pmi)
17food market (pmi)
17person and work (pmi)
17dog walk through snow (pmi)
17group of person take picture (pmi)
17rollerskater (pmi)
17two man and woman sit (pmi)
17throw football (pmi)
17adult wear clothing and person standing (pmi)
17person with long black hair (pmi)
17surf on (pmi)
17man have (pmi)
17man wear orange vest (pmi)
17adult play some instrument (pmi)
17person wear clothing and glasses walk (pmi)
17wear muzzle (pmi)
17man watch something (pmi)
17boy sit on bench (pmi)
17man box (pmi)
17person be standing (pmi)
17person ring (pmi)
17have open (pmi)
17ride yellow bike (pmi)
17prepare meat (pmi)
17adult waterski (pmi)
17adult wear red shirt play instrument (pmi)
17man wear shirt and pant standing (pmi)
17man get haircut (pmi)
17person watch two adult (pmi)
17two person smile at camera (pmi)
17two man wear clothing work (pmi)
17two person sit look (pmi)
17child with red clothing (pmi)
17boy go (pmi)
17ball on beach (pmi)
17he run (pmi)
17adult look to left (pmi)
17card game (pmi)
17sing with person (pmi)
17ball in air (pmi)
17look at display (pmi)
17adult surf in ocean (pmi)
17dog run along beach (pmi)
17spend time (pmi)
17two girl_child look (pmi)
17wear kilt (pmi)
17person wear blue shirt work (pmi)
17buffet (pmi)
17skinny adult (pmi)
17two person look at camera (pmi)
17pull on rope (pmi)
17man sit on wall (pmi)
17have party (pmi)
17person walk down street with bag (pmi)
17adult standing together (pmi)
17person with shirt sit (pmi)
17athlete participate (pmi)
17adult work on sculpture (pmi)
17boy do skateboard trick (pmi)
17hour (pmi)
17person take part (pmi)
16left shoulder (pmi)
16sit in tree (pmi)
16wrangle (pmi)
16man ride surfboard (pmi)
16city corner (pmi)
16dog wait (pmi)
16vocalist (pmi)
16campus (pmi)
16get ready to hit ball (pmi)
16dog splash through water
16performer and performer perform (pmi)
16person wear clothing and adult standing (pmi)
16pose with arm (pmi)
16stretch out (pmi)
16girl_child wear clothing sit (pmi)
16blue bicycle (pmi)
16man wear orange vest work (pmi)
16hold hand with person (pmi)
16some kid sit (pmi)
16pull rope (pmi)
16motorcycle race (pmi)
16do karate (pmi)
16child hold by adult (pmi)
16food item (pmi)
16person with hat on (pmi)
16person look over shoulder
16man give person (pmi)