Denotation Graph Node Index

Nodes s with a large enough denotation ⟦ s ⟧ have their own HTML page:
500 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧|
100 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 500
50 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 100
10 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 50
5 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 10
Each page provides a sample of up to 100 images from the node's denotation (each image is linked to its own page), links to the most similar nodes, links to the parent nodes in the denotation graph, and an expandable link that shows its children and (part of) the hierarchy below it.

Index to nodes s with 100 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 500

|⟦ s ⟧|s
#ImagesNode label
498throw (pmi)
495wear glasses (pmi)
495group of child (pmi)
495sweatshirt (pmi)
493take picture (pmi)
490sit in (pmi)
488person sit at table (pmi)
485track (pmi)
485old man (pmi)
484catch (pmi)
482child walk (pmi)
480object (pmi)
479group of person sit (pmi)
475black adult (pmi)
473sit on bench (pmi)
472blond woman (pmi)
470skirt (pmi)
469on street (pmi)
469female person (pmi)
469gear (pmi)
468walk on street (pmi)
468person lean (pmi)
467pool (pmi)
467person play guitar (pmi)
466person dance (pmi)
465person wear hat (pmi)
465stare (pmi)
465artist (pmi)
462standing on street (pmi)
461lie (pmi)
460group walk (pmi)
459pull (pmi)
459leap (pmi)
458two person walk (pmi)
457busy street (pmi)
457show (pmi)
456adult watch (pmi)
456woman talk (pmi)
455market (pmi)
455adult perform (pmi)
455stand (pmi)
455lot (pmi)
454man play stringed instrument (pmi)
452beard (pmi)
451river (pmi)
450adult play guitar (pmi)
449gentleman (pmi)
449light (pmi)
448woman smile (pmi)
447two person look (pmi)
446yellow shirt (pmi)
445person wear clothing look (pmi)
444some person sit (pmi)
443person sing (pmi)
443night (pmi)
438tank top (pmi)
437boy standing (pmi)
436play game (pmi)
435place (pmi)
431dirt (pmi)
431sell (pmi)
430woman wear (pmi)
427step (pmi)
427backpack (pmi)
425rest (pmi)
425laugh (pmi)
425watch person (pmi)
423jump in (pmi)
423sunny day (pmi)
421adult wear clothing look (pmi)
418adult wait (pmi)
416pass (pmi)
415hold up (pmi)
415family (pmi)
414vehicle (pmi)
413fill (pmi)
413dog jump (pmi)
412leg (pmi)
411board (pmi)
411asian woman (pmi)
411ride bicycle (pmi)
410paper (pmi)
410adult sing (pmi)
410person picture (pmi)
409person sit on bench (pmi)
409male person (pmi)
408adult lean (pmi)
406adult wear hat (pmi)
406flower (pmi)
405drive (pmi)
404pose for picture (pmi)
404front (pmi)
404asian man (pmi)
403move (pmi)
401group of person walk (pmi)
401person take picture (pmi)
400edge (pmi)
400music (pmi)
400horse (pmi)
399boy sit (pmi)
398swing (pmi)
398speak (pmi)
398distance (pmi)
397wear blue shirt (pmi)
397person walk on street (pmi)
397three child (pmi)
396black jacket (pmi)
395train (pmi)
393spectator (pmi)
393sit in chair (pmi)
390man ride bike (pmi)
390man play guitar (pmi)
389pole (pmi)
387midair (pmi)
387man smile (pmi)
385woman walk street (pmi)
384skateboard (pmi)
384truck (pmi)
383cellphone (pmi)
383stop (pmi)
380adult dance (pmi)
379woman walk down street (pmi)
379motorbike (pmi)
379man jump (pmi)
377older woman (pmi)
377do trick (pmi)
376other person (pmi)
375person standing on street (pmi)
375sky (pmi)
375three woman (pmi)
374bar (pmi)
374equipment (pmi)
374black and dog (pmi)
372corner (pmi)
372two girl_woman (pmi)
372black pant (pmi)
371brown (pmi)
371match (pmi)
369construction worker (pmi)
368all (pmi)
368shore (pmi)
368some woman (pmi)
367adult run (pmi)
366mom (pmi)
364jersey (pmi)
361eye (pmi)
361some person walk (pmi)
361small boy (pmi)
360rope (pmi)
360cook (pmi)
358book (pmi)
357person surround (pmi)
357white person (pmi)
356person with glasses (pmi)
356person on bike (pmi)
355pink shirt (pmi)
355cart (pmi)
355meal (pmi)
355black man (pmi)
355there (pmi)
355person bicycle (pmi)
354fly (pmi)
353walk sidewalk (pmi)
352audience (pmi)
351push (pmi)
351item (pmi)
351person wear glasses (pmi)
349man play (pmi)
349man walk street (pmi)
349walk down sidewalk (pmi)
348adult with glasses (pmi)
348large group (pmi)
348man wear clothing sit (pmi)
348stair (pmi)
347wear white shirt (pmi)
347adult sit at table (pmi)
347point (pmi)
346adult sit on bench (pmi)
346child run (pmi)
345sleep (pmi)
343man walk down street (pmi)
343competition (pmi)
343woman pose (pmi)
343turn (pmi)
343group gather (pmi)
343person ride bicycle (pmi)
342flag (pmi)
341sort (pmi)
341group of woman (pmi)
340person wear shirt standing (pmi)
337bunch (pmi)
337two man standing (pmi)
337three person standing (pmi)
337two guy (pmi)
336adult wear glasses (pmi)
336adult ride (pmi)
334motorcycle (pmi)
334standing on (pmi)
334structure (pmi)
333gray shirt (pmi)
332child wear clothing (pmi)
332person speak (pmi)
331come (pmi)
331skater (pmi)
330two adult look (pmi)
330onlooker (pmi)
330sun (pmi)
330small dog (pmi)
329hit (pmi)
329photograph (pmi)
328shoulder (pmi)
328woman be (pmi)
328woods (pmi)
328person dressed (pmi)
327white adult (pmi)
327wear jacket (pmi)
327fall (pmi)
325two kid (pmi)
325prepare (pmi)
325listen (pmi)
324scarf (pmi)
324man pose (pmi)
323hold hand (pmi)
323kitchen (pmi)
321two adult walk (pmi)
321child be (pmi)
320man wear hat (pmi)
320blue jacket (pmi)
320two athlete (pmi)
320man with clothing (pmi)
320elderly man (pmi)
318swim (pmi)
317both (pmi)
317robe (pmi)
317student (pmi)
317tool (pmi)
317person wear shirt sit (pmi)
316person person (pmi)
314teen (pmi)
313street person (pmi)
312door (pmi)
312merchant (pmi)
312orange shirt (pmi)
312adult wear shirt standing (pmi)
312reach (pmi)
312kick (pmi)
311two person talk (pmi)
311adult speak (pmi)
309adult person (pmi)
307wear red shirt (pmi)
307jump in air (pmi)
306person go (pmi)
305smile person (pmi)
304trail (pmi)
304box (pmi)
303group look (pmi)
303watch adult (pmi)
302white hat (pmi)
302black hat (pmi)
301glove (pmi)
301umbrella (pmi)
301person stare (pmi)
300blond-hair (pmi)
300scene (pmi)
299wear black clothing (pmi)
299compete (pmi)
299person walk sidewalk (pmi)
299child smile (pmi)
298purple clothing (pmi)
297boy look (pmi)
297yellow (pmi)
296chase (pmi)
296person sit in chair (pmi)
296person walk down sidewalk (pmi)
296block (pmi)
295person wear black clothing (pmi)
295child jump (pmi)
294machine (pmi)
294mother (pmi)
294jump over (pmi)
294kneel (pmi)
294tie (pmi)
293bridge (pmi)
293middle-aged person (pmi)
292bus (pmi)
292person with shirt (pmi)
292adult wear shirt sit (pmi)
292boot (pmi)
291party (pmi)
291member (pmi)
290individual (pmi)
290time (pmi)
289two girl_child (pmi)
288appear to be (pmi)
288number (pmi)
287wear sunglasses (pmi)
286grassy field (pmi)
286attire (pmi)
286white t-shirt (pmi)
285vendor (pmi)
285fight (pmi)
285yard (pmi)
285person do trick (pmi)
285display (pmi)
285large group of person (pmi)
285person lay (pmi)
284help (pmi)
284adult take picture (pmi)
284hard hat (pmi)
283young lady (pmi)
283two person work (pmi)
281adult standing on street (pmi)
281cut (pmi)
280art (pmi)
280middle-aged adult (pmi)
279smile adult (pmi)
278person watch person (pmi)
277woman wear clothing standing (pmi)
276purse (pmi)
276red jacket (pmi)
275adult with shirt (pmi)
275person wear blue clothing (pmi)
275bend (pmi)
274customer (pmi)
274pile (pmi)
274row (pmi)
274adult wear black clothing (pmi)
274clean (pmi)
274slide (pmi)
274person wear jacket (pmi)
274some sort (pmi)
273bird (pmi)
273shirtless (pmi)
272be person (pmi)
272person wear clothing play instrument (pmi)
272wear black shirt (pmi)
272woman wear shirt (pmi)
272man wear clothing walk (pmi)
272smoke (pmi)
272bottle (pmi)
271woman wear clothing walk (pmi)
270bald (pmi)
269foreground (pmi)
269two man sit (pmi)
269person pose for picture (pmi)
268soccer ball (pmi)
268man lean (pmi)
268large dog (pmi)
267feet (pmi)
267brown and dog (pmi)
267person wear white clothing (pmi)
267adult wear clothing play instrument (pmi)
265fish (pmi)
265shirtless person (pmi)
265skateboarder (pmi)
264look at something (pmi)
264officer (pmi)
264adult ride bicycle (pmi)
263man hold (pmi)
263carry bag (pmi)
261look at camera (pmi)
260adult on bike (pmi)
260dancer (pmi)
260relax (pmi)
260right (pmi)
260open (pmi)
259bald person (pmi)
259person play game (pmi)
259conversation (pmi)
259man wear clothing look (pmi)
259site (pmi)
258observe (pmi)
258cup (pmi)
258check (pmi)
258two adult talk (pmi)
257wear helmet (pmi)
257person eat (pmi)
257adult surround (pmi)
256bicyclist (pmi)
256soccer (pmi)
256way (pmi)
256shirtless adult (pmi)
256sandal (pmi)
255bowl (pmi)
255entertainer perform (pmi)
254soccer person (pmi)
254woman work (pmi)
254dark clothing (pmi)
254person and person (pmi)
254around (pmi)
254surf (pmi)
252man watch (pmi)
252examine (pmi)
252bald adult (pmi)
252left (pmi)
252overlook (pmi)
252shirtless man (pmi)
252baseball cap (pmi)
251soccer player (pmi)
251talk on phone (pmi)
250wear blue clothing (pmi)
250performer perform (pmi)
250two adult work (pmi)
250black and white dog (pmi)
250lead (pmi)
248green (pmi)
248adult wear blue clothing (pmi)
248dog standing (pmi)
248adult walk on street (pmi)
247blond child (pmi)
247concert (pmi)
247baseball athlete (pmi)
247station (pmi)
247baseball person (pmi)
247baseball player (pmi)
246elderly woman (pmi)
246cross street (pmi)
246standing on sidewalk (pmi)
246two child play (pmi)
245runner (pmi)
245ramp (pmi)
245photographer (pmi)
245walk on sidewalk (pmi)
243some (pmi)
243person lie (pmi)
243person with hat (pmi)
243railing (pmi)
243bald man (pmi)
243white man (pmi)
242girl_woman sit (pmi)
242father (pmi)
241adult walk sidewalk (pmi)
241say (pmi)
240couch (pmi)
240ice (pmi)
240home (pmi)
240person laugh (pmi)
239adult stare (pmi)
239take photo (pmi)
239jump on (pmi)
239adult dressed (pmi)
239computer (pmi)
239fix (pmi)
239collar (pmi)
238adult walk down sidewalk (pmi)
237man sing (pmi)
237dog walk (pmi)
237man ride (pmi)
237adult sit in chair (pmi)
236parade (pmi)
235color (pmi)
235percussion instrument (pmi)
234play soccer (pmi)
234hug (pmi)
234woman dance (pmi)
234adult wear white clothing (pmi)
234person climb (pmi)
233three person sit (pmi)
233counter (pmi)
232person sleep (pmi)
232man with glasses (pmi)
231green grass (pmi)
231driver (pmi)
231hold child (pmi)
230person hang (pmi)
229adult and person (pmi)
228person hold hand (pmi)
228adult wear jacket (pmi)
228splash (pmi)
227shot (pmi)
227break (pmi)
227white dog run (pmi)
226group of person gather (pmi)
226two lady (pmi)
226person wear red clothing (pmi)
225football person (pmi)
225basket (pmi)
225perform trick (pmi)
224ledge (pmi)
223person and adult (pmi)
223apron (pmi)
223two dog play (pmi)
222drum (pmi)
222plate (pmi)
222biker (pmi)
222man on bike (pmi)
221football player (pmi)
221person talk on phone (pmi)
221football athlete (pmi)
220brown shirt (pmi)
220two woman sit (pmi)
220glass (pmi)
219adult lay (pmi)
219direction (pmi)
219platform (pmi)
218female athlete (pmi)
218walkway (pmi)
218ride horse (pmi)
218person wear shirt look (pmi)
218adult talk on phone (pmi)
218bathe suit (pmi)
218plaid clothing (pmi)
217court (pmi)
217ski (pmi)
217adult with hat (pmi)
217tan dog (pmi)
217pedestrian (pmi)
216man run (pmi)
216man wear shirt standing (pmi)
215man sit at table (pmi)
215child pose (pmi)
214man wear glasses (pmi)
214person listen (pmi)
214three adult standing (pmi)
214man wait (pmi)
214adult and adult (pmi)
214person adult (pmi)
214wheel (pmi)
213wood (pmi)
213lawn (pmi)
212kid play (pmi)
212blanket (pmi)
211person walk on sidewalk (pmi)
211large crowd (pmi)
211brown hair (pmi)
211adult sleep (pmi)
210adult adult (pmi)
210boy walk (pmi)
210balance (pmi)
210fountain (pmi)
210two young girl (pmi)
210girl_woman standing (pmi)
210boy jump (pmi)
209person wear clothing talk (pmi)
209person kneel (pmi)
209man sit on bench (pmi)
208leader (pmi)
208woman wear clothing sit (pmi)
207drink beverage (pmi)
207two woman standing (pmi)
207adult wear shirt look (pmi)
207perform on stage (pmi)
207converse (pmi)
207touch (pmi)
206wear jean (pmi)
206two young boy (pmi)
206person cross street (pmi)
206person wear clothing work (pmi)
206woman with clothing (pmi)
205tent (pmi)
205type (pmi)
205eat food (pmi)
204man wear clothing play instrument (pmi)
204rail (pmi)
204person with hair (pmi)
204adult wear clothing talk (pmi)
203person take photo (pmi)
203adult laugh (pmi)
203bucket (pmi)
202lift (pmi)
202attach (pmi)
202play music (pmi)
202person standing on sidewalk (pmi)
202plaid shirt (pmi)
202lady sit (pmi)
201beard adult (pmi)
201out (pmi)
201read book (pmi)
201skate (pmi)
201beard person (pmi)
201young boy play (pmi)
201swim pool (pmi)
200kind (pmi)
200brown dog run (pmi)
200person hold child (pmi)
200person wear blue shirt (pmi)
199sit on chair (pmi)
199painting (pmi)
199beard man (pmi)
198dock (pmi)
198write (pmi)
198crouch (pmi)
198person look at something (pmi)
198sing into microphone (pmi)
198small girl (pmi)
198pink (pmi)
198cigarette (pmi)
197adult hold child (pmi)
197sit on ground (pmi)
197man wear black clothing (pmi)
197man ride bicycle (pmi)
197fun (pmi)
197man speak (pmi)
197bed (pmi)
196soldier (pmi)
196group watch (pmi)
196have conversation (pmi)
196boy run (pmi)
195talk on cellphone (pmi)
195statue (pmi)
194blue short (pmi)
194person carry bag (pmi)
194adult pose for picture (pmi)
194person watch adult (pmi)
193some kind (pmi)
193rider ride (pmi)
193mask (pmi)
193desk (pmi)
193graffiti (pmi)
193adult lie (pmi)
193full (pmi)
193man wear shirt sit (pmi)
193person wear shirt walk (pmi)
193person read (pmi)
192follow (pmi)
192hold bag (pmi)
192adult wear clothing work (pmi)
192man wear jacket (pmi)
192net (pmi)
192blow (pmi)
192fire (pmi)
191lap (pmi)
191performance (pmi)
190wear dress (pmi)
190person relax (pmi)
190stream (pmi)
190teens (pmi)
189brown and white dog (pmi)
189adult with hair (pmi)
189black short (pmi)
189tattoo (pmi)
188playground (pmi)
188adult hold hand (pmi)
188jump off (pmi)
187person rest (pmi)
187parking (pmi)
187cliff (pmi)
187some adult standing (pmi)
187adult wear blue shirt (pmi)
187participate (pmi)
187two person be (pmi)
186man wear blue clothing (pmi)
186supporter (pmi)
186adult play game (pmi)
186person wear white shirt (pmi)
186woman wait (pmi)
186screen (pmi)
186adult wear red clothing (pmi)
185person compete (pmi)
185hold instrument (pmi)
185beer (pmi)
185dark-haired person (pmi)
184person talk to person (pmi)
184part (pmi)
184hiker (pmi)
183group of person look (pmi)
183boy wear clothing (pmi)
183put (pmi)
183middle-aged man (pmi)
183roll (pmi)
183black t-shirt (pmi)
182person sing into microphone (pmi)
182trunk (pmi)
182colorful clothing (pmi)
182subway (pmi)
182two young man (pmi)
181adult wear shirt walk (pmi)
181standing outside (pmi)
181long hair (pmi)
181son (pmi)
180two other person (pmi)
180finger (pmi)
180man with shirt (pmi)
180two man work (pmi)
180himself (pmi)
180orange vest (pmi)
179football (pmi)
179police (pmi)
178haircut (pmi)
178blue hat (pmi)
178course (pmi)
178pair (pmi)
178street corner (pmi)
178watch man (pmi)
178two woman walk (pmi)
177some person look (pmi)
177old woman (pmi)
177class (pmi)
177smile at camera (pmi)
177fruit (pmi)
177device (pmi)
177young adult (pmi)
177enthusiast (pmi)
176adult sing into microphone (pmi)
176gray (pmi)
176project (pmi)
176red hat (pmi)
176dark-haired adult (pmi)
176wear short (pmi)
175child wear (pmi)
175asian child (pmi)
175singer (pmi)
175person point (pmi)
175park lot (pmi)
175shade (pmi)
174person and person standing (pmi)
174adult talk to person (pmi)
174purple shirt (pmi)
174two man look (pmi)
174brick building (pmi)
174athlete run (pmi)
173group be (pmi)
173person talk on cellphone (pmi)
173flip (pmi)
173tennis ball (pmi)
173skier (pmi)
172lady walk (pmi)
172adult read (pmi)
172wooded (pmi)
172adult carry bag (pmi)
172person have conversation (pmi)
172brick wall (pmi)
172hold baby (pmi)
172leaf (pmi)
171country (pmi)
171roof (pmi)
171person and person sit (pmi)
171girl_woman walk (pmi)
171foot (pmi)
171person wear sunglasses (pmi)
171wooded area (pmi)
171adult wear white shirt (pmi)
171that be (pmi)
170person with beard (pmi)
170partner (pmi)
170adult and person sit (pmi)
170person and adult sit (pmi)
170adult and adult sit (pmi)
170child wear shirt (pmi)
170adult with beard (pmi)
169square (pmi)
169black coat (pmi)
169ear (pmi)
169man with beard (pmi)
169two dog run (pmi)
169surfer (pmi)
169man sleep (pmi)
169adult talk on cellphone (pmi)
169man dance (pmi)
169adult kneel (pmi)
169basketball (pmi)
169town (pmi)
169wear black (pmi)
169man and person (pmi)
168hike (pmi)
168man with hat (pmi)
168wear white clothing (pmi)
168group of adult standing (pmi)
167have fun (pmi)
167paddle (pmi)
167repair (pmi)
167entertainer play instrument (pmi)
167woman play (pmi)
167person store (pmi)
167group of some person (pmi)
167male adult (pmi)
167person ride horse (pmi)
166fan (pmi)
166adult and person standing (pmi)
166person perform trick (pmi)
166performer play instrument (pmi)
166white dress (pmi)
166person and adult standing (pmi)
165hold sign (pmi)
165person pass (pmi)
165float (pmi)
165two young child (pmi)
165street adult (pmi)
165adult do trick (pmi)
165athlete jump (pmi)
164person wave (pmi)
164person wear black shirt (pmi)
164person on street (pmi)
164adult wear sunglasses (pmi)
164person wear clothing walk street (pmi)
164wrap (pmi)
164cowboy hat (pmi)
163adult and adult standing (pmi)
163no clothing (pmi)
163pose for camera (pmi)
163hit ball (pmi)
163woman play instrument (pmi)
163surfboard (pmi)
162woman run (pmi)
162stunt (pmi)
162man and adult (pmi)
162dog look (pmi)
162person shop (pmi)
162large building (pmi)
162ring (pmi)
162close (pmi)
162black dog run (pmi)
162image (pmi)
162person wear clothing walk down street (pmi)
161sit on floor (pmi)
161woman hold (pmi)
161vegetable (pmi)
161winter clothing (pmi)
161bunch of person (pmi)
161little boy play (pmi)
161group of youth (pmi)
161build (pmi)
161knee (pmi)
160guitarist (pmi)
160crowd watch (pmi)
160rain (pmi)
160person and woman (pmi)
160man surround (pmi)
159street entertainer (pmi)
159end (pmi)
159man take picture (pmi)
159woman wear clothing look (pmi)
159adult bike (pmi)
159adult cross street (pmi)
159swimsuit (pmi)
159baseball (pmi)
159woman sit at table (pmi)
159make face (pmi)
159tourist (pmi)
158street performer (pmi)
158person leap (pmi)
158goggles (pmi)
158other adult (pmi)
158circle (pmi)
158older gentleman (pmi)
158no shirt (pmi)
158dog leap (pmi)
158park bench (pmi)
158play percussion instrument (pmi)
158female adult (pmi)
158brown jacket (pmi)
158person converse (pmi)
157buy (pmi)
157woman sit on bench (pmi)
157adult and woman (pmi)
157setting (pmi)
157person look at camera (pmi)
157spray (pmi)
157adult wear black shirt (pmi)
157crowd street (pmi)
157blouse (pmi)
157man standing on street (pmi)
157black hair (pmi)
157person paint (pmi)
156adult take photo (pmi)
156neck (pmi)
156hoodie (pmi)
156wear red clothing (pmi)
156pier (pmi)
155adult look at something (pmi)
155person bend (pmi)
155grill (pmi)
155male athlete (pmi)
155person drink (pmi)
155dig (pmi)
155sport (pmi)
155look at person (pmi)
155two entertainer (pmi)
154person get (pmi)
154balloon (pmi)
154smile woman (pmi)
154gym (pmi)
154cloth (pmi)
154catch ball (pmi)
154be adult (pmi)
154person sit on chair (pmi)
154young man sit (pmi)
154person reach (pmi)
154cafe (pmi)
153person read book (pmi)
153person hold baby (pmi)
153dirt street (pmi)
153observer watch (pmi)
153man wear white clothing (pmi)
153booth (pmi)
153girl_child play (pmi)
153man stare (pmi)
152group of young person (pmi)
152two person wear (pmi)
152dive (pmi)
152two performer (pmi)
152little kid (pmi)
152adult wear clothing walk street (pmi)
152adult hold baby (pmi)
152person jump in air (pmi)
152three boy (pmi)
152man do trick (pmi)
152play wear water (pmi)
151newspaper (pmi)
151pond (pmi)
150surface (pmi)
150adult point (pmi)
150two person walk down street (pmi)
150two person walk street (pmi)
150see (pmi)
150some adult sit (pmi)
150man and woman (pmi)
150garden (pmi)
150adult wear clothing walk down street (pmi)
150gesture (pmi)
150musician perform (pmi)
149kick ball (pmi)
149black dress (pmi)
149indian person (pmi)
149doorway (pmi)
149dirt road (pmi)
149adult eat (pmi)
149practice (pmi)
149headphone (pmi)
149wear coat (pmi)
149blue pant (pmi)
149play with ball (pmi)
148man wear blue shirt (pmi)
148take break (pmi)
148person seat (pmi)
148play with toy (pmi)
148jog (pmi)
148deck (pmi)
148boy be (pmi)
148play drum (pmi)
147stadium (pmi)
147police officer (pmi)
147stretch (pmi)
147some plant (pmi)
147group of athlete (pmi)
147woman sing (pmi)
147hole (pmi)
147person drink beverage (pmi)
147shovel (pmi)
147prepare food (pmi)
147girl_child sit (pmi)
147group of person be (pmi)
146person sit on ground (pmi)
146adult climb (pmi)
146bottom (pmi)
146african american person (pmi)
146musical instrument (pmi)
146draw (pmi)
145three adult sit (pmi)
145wear green shirt (pmi)
145kiss (pmi)
145snowboarder (pmi)
145person talk to adult (pmi)
145adult standing on sidewalk (pmi)
145child wear clothing play (pmi)
145person perform on stage (pmi)
145adult ride horse (pmi)
145person play music (pmi)
144infant (pmi)
144festival (pmi)
144sunset (pmi)
144smoke cigarette (pmi)
144child ride (pmi)
144man perform (pmi)
144person and woman sit (pmi)
144adult and woman sit (pmi)
144man sit in chair (pmi)
143person fly (pmi)
143pavement (pmi)
143safety clothing (pmi)
143some boy (pmi)
143's (pmi)
143two person smile (pmi)
143white uniform (pmi)
142climb up (pmi)
142hold umbrella (pmi)
142person come (pmi)
142band play (pmi)
142musician play instrument (pmi)
142green jacket (pmi)
142person wear shirt play instrument (pmi)
142two team (pmi)
142person wear red shirt (pmi)
142go down (pmi)
142dark hair (pmi)
142adult read book (pmi)
142container (pmi)
141some athlete (pmi)
141person stop (pmi)
141woman watch (pmi)
141grassy area (pmi)
141cheer (pmi)
141land (pmi)
141frisbee (pmi)
141classroom (pmi)
140sit on street (pmi)
140run through grass (pmi)
140woman walk on street (pmi)
140african american adult (pmi)
140teen boy (pmi)
140standing in (pmi)
140little girl play (pmi)
139person and person walk (pmi)
139three man standing (pmi)
139two adult be (pmi)
139newlywed (pmi)
139daughter (pmi)
139slope (pmi)
139man and adult sit (pmi)
139adult talk to adult (pmi)
139person hold instrument (pmi)
139climber (pmi)
139adult look at camera (pmi)
139man and person sit (pmi)
139adult wear shirt play instrument (pmi)
139hold stick (pmi)
138two man talk (pmi)
138adult rest (pmi)
138adult walk on sidewalk (pmi)
138ladder (pmi)
138indian adult (pmi)
138man play game (pmi)
138sculpture (pmi)
137man dressed (pmi)
137adult and person walk (pmi)
137person fall (pmi)
137two young woman (pmi)
137blue uniform (pmi)
137three person walk (pmi)
137wash (pmi)
137cyclist ride (pmi)
137young man standing (pmi)
137person skateboard (pmi)
137brunette person (pmi)
137person cook (pmi)
136man wear clothing talk (pmi)
136approach (pmi)
136person wear black (pmi)
136adult watch person (pmi)
136wear yellow shirt (pmi)
136leather clothing (pmi)
136man wear clothing work (pmi)
136purple (pmi)
135mat (pmi)
135man lay (pmi)
135person wear clothing play stringed instrument (pmi)
135person hold bag (pmi)
135man wear shirt look (pmi)
135base (pmi)
135person and adult walk (pmi)
135grab (pmi)
135bite (pmi)
135guard (pmi)
134march (pmi)
134thing (pmi)
134some other person (pmi)
134boy smile (pmi)
134person with blond-hair (pmi)
134adult and adult walk (pmi)
133gun (pmi)
133figure (pmi)
133woman walk sidewalk (pmi)
133two worker (pmi)
133adult sit on chair (pmi)
133jump up (pmi)
133landscape (pmi)
133cowboy (pmi)
133electric instrument (pmi)
133post (pmi)
133young girl sit (pmi)
133some type (pmi)
133woman walk down sidewalk (pmi)
133man and woman sit (pmi)
133fighter (pmi)
132brunette adult (pmi)
132man lie (pmi)
132construction (pmi)
132sit table (pmi)
132adult listen (pmi)
132adult wear clothing play stringed instrument (pmi)
132red-hair (pmi)
132black and white clothing (pmi)
131person wear helmet (pmi)
131adult have conversation (pmi)
131adult bend (pmi)
131person surf (pmi)
130two woman look (pmi)
130snowboard (pmi)
130adult hang (pmi)
130woman lean (pmi)
130walk along (pmi)
130girl_woman look (pmi)
130woman jump (pmi)
130position (pmi)
130construction site (pmi)
129girl_child standing (pmi)
129pot (pmi)
129travel (pmi)
129person on bicycle (pmi)
129young boy sit (pmi)
129some kid (pmi)
129racer (pmi)
129two male (pmi)
129person play percussion instrument (pmi)
129lone person (pmi)
129brush (pmi)
128street merchant (pmi)
128person prepare food (pmi)
128walk path (pmi)
128stone (pmi)
128meat (pmi)
128child watch (pmi)
128ride motorbike (pmi)
128two child sit (pmi)
128person standing look (pmi)
128electric stringed instrument (pmi)
128person hold sign (pmi)
127fold (pmi)
127scooter (pmi)
127curb (pmi)
127red coat (pmi)
127two asian person (pmi)
127hold camera (pmi)
127do work (pmi)
127person wear clothing ride bike (pmi)
126person hold up (pmi)
126teacher (pmi)
126adult with blond-hair (pmi)
126hold microphone (pmi)
126passenger (pmi)
126frame (pmi)
126adult gather (pmi)
126lady standing (pmi)
126street vendor (pmi)
126squat (pmi)
126two person pose (pmi)
125young child play (pmi)
125oppose (pmi)
125group play (pmi)
125banner (pmi)
125basketball player (pmi)
125belt (pmi)
125wear blue (pmi)
125rodeo (pmi)
125walk city street (pmi)
125load (pmi)
125crowd gather (pmi)
125bride (pmi)
125dog be (pmi)
125two man walk (pmi)
125blond boy (pmi)
125bush (pmi)
124dog run through grass (pmi)
124peer (pmi)
124man person (pmi)
124businessman (pmi)
124inspect (pmi)
124shadow (pmi)
124crowd standing (pmi)
124two adult smile (pmi)
124person wear black clothing standing (pmi)
124leash (pmi)
124couple sit (pmi)
124person wear dress (pmi)
124man wear red clothing (pmi)
124makeup (pmi)
123person play drum (pmi)
123run on grass (pmi)
123bikini (pmi)
123entertainer play (pmi)
123adult wear black (pmi)
123hold ball (pmi)
123group wait (pmi)
123call (pmi)
123adult hold bag (pmi)
123themselves (pmi)
123celebrate (pmi)
123sit around table (pmi)
123alley (pmi)
123adult hold instrument (pmi)
123right hand (pmi)
123woman take picture (pmi)
122couple walk (pmi)
122yellow jacket (pmi)
122adult wear red shirt (pmi)
122dirt bike (pmi)
122older man sit (pmi)
122performer play (pmi)
122adult paint (pmi)
122opponent (pmi)
122harness (pmi)
122center (pmi)
122pipe (pmi)
122sit on couch (pmi)
121adult perform on stage (pmi)
121standing next to person (pmi)
121adult drink beverage (pmi)
121gaze (pmi)
121group of kid (pmi)
121safety vest (pmi)
121woman wear glasses (pmi)
121child wear clothing standing (pmi)
121instrument on stage (pmi)
121person wear jacket standing (pmi)
121adult skateboard (pmi)
121tire (pmi)
121person with backpack (pmi)
121person with bag (pmi)
120black suit (pmi)
120group pose (pmi)
120bike on street (pmi)
120woman bike (pmi)
120man wear white shirt (pmi)
120adult play percussion instrument (pmi)
120wear uniform (pmi)
120wetsuit (pmi)
120marathon (pmi)
120man talk on phone (pmi)
120traffic (pmi)
120adult go (pmi)
120laptop (pmi)
120black woman (pmi)
120crosswalk (pmi)
120person standing outside (pmi)
119man skateboard (pmi)
119adult wear dress (pmi)
119group of adult sit (pmi)
119tennis (pmi)
119person jog (pmi)
119person and woman walk (pmi)
119pack (pmi)
119little girl sit (pmi)
119hold stringed instrument (pmi)
119luggage (pmi)
119child with clothing (pmi)
119soccer game (pmi)
119asian person standing (pmi)
119standing in front of building (pmi)
119walk down city street (pmi)
119white pant (pmi)
119person sit look (pmi)
119child hold (pmi)
119produce (pmi)
119pose for photo (pmi)
119sea (pmi)
119adult and woman walk (pmi)
119two child standing (pmi)
119person and woman standing (pmi)
118two little girl (pmi)
118chat (pmi)
118decorate (pmi)
118red and white clothing (pmi)
118person crouch (pmi)
118man wear shirt play instrument (pmi)
118smile for camera (pmi)
118adult and woman standing (pmi)
118play instrument on stage (pmi)
118man and person standing (pmi)
118woman ride bike (pmi)
117athlete standing (pmi)
117fair (pmi)
117crowd look (pmi)
117trash (pmi)
117bandanna (pmi)
117adult cook (pmi)
117man and adult standing (pmi)
117young girl standing (pmi)
117group of boy (pmi)
117pick (pmi)
117band perform (pmi)
117button (pmi)
117teammate (pmi)
117three (pmi)
117poster (pmi)
117person watch man (pmi)
116some black (pmi)
116person swim (pmi)
116garb (pmi)
116brunette woman (pmi)
116some food (pmi)
116leather jacket (pmi)
116adult prepare food (pmi)
116man wear black shirt (pmi)
116group talk (pmi)
116person participate (pmi)
116canoe (pmi)
116engage (pmi)
116sale (pmi)
116cone (pmi)
115group walk street (pmi)
115person jacket (pmi)
115play wear snow (pmi)
115blue sky (pmi)
115some person work (pmi)
115woman laugh (pmi)
115blue dress (pmi)
115sit down (pmi)
115young boy standing (pmi)
115person wear clothing smile (pmi)
115electric guitar (pmi)
114person sit table (pmi)
114adult drink (pmi)
114child swing (pmi)
114adult converse (pmi)
114arena (pmi)
114form (pmi)
114woman with glasses (pmi)
114walk down path (pmi)
114shallow water (pmi)
114person wear pants (pmi)
114other man (pmi)
114person wear hat standing (pmi)
114person smoke cigarette (pmi)
114shop bag (pmi)
114some tree (pmi)
114person wear jean (pmi)
114assistant (pmi)
114walk road (pmi)
114adult play drum (pmi)
114stroll (pmi)
114musician play (pmi)
114smile child (pmi)
113play outside (pmi)
113advertisement (pmi)
113create (pmi)
113person take break (pmi)
113volleyball (pmi)
113play electric instrument (pmi)
113stack (pmi)
113staircase (pmi)
113person smile at camera (pmi)
113sit on step (pmi)
113backyard (pmi)
113surround by person (pmi)
113use (pmi)
113adult reach (pmi)
113man climb (pmi)
113two person play instrument (pmi)
112church (pmi)
112some person be (pmi)
112adult wear black clothing standing (pmi)
112adult wear clothing smile (pmi)
112raise (pmi)
112jumpsuit (pmi)
112person motorbike (pmi)
112guy sit (pmi)
112group of entertainer (pmi)
112person walk city street (pmi)
112three person look (pmi)
112smile man (pmi)
112adult sit on ground (pmi)
112person ride motorbike (pmi)
112some man standing (pmi)
112van (pmi)
112wrestle (pmi)
112woman standing on street (pmi)
112good (pmi)
112two adult wear (pmi)
111young male (pmi)
111large rock (pmi)
111herself (pmi)
111person ski (pmi)
111woman wear dress (pmi)
111person hike (pmi)
111tennis player (pmi)
111construction worker work (pmi)
111man walk sidewalk (pmi)
111adult relax (pmi)
111blue coat (pmi)
111adult play music (pmi)
111wind (pmi)
111walk down road (pmi)
111green field (pmi)
111wear suit (pmi)
111hold flag (pmi)
111group walk down street (pmi)
111person play instrument on stage (pmi)
111group of performer (pmi)
110desert (pmi)
110goal (pmi)
110bull (pmi)
110gate (pmi)
110play electric stringed instrument (pmi)
110adult smoke cigarette (pmi)
110couple of person (pmi)
110young girl play (pmi)
110embrace (pmi)
110person eat food (pmi)
110martial art (pmi)
110man ride horse (pmi)
110adult with bag (pmi)
110person look at person (pmi)
109boy wear shirt (pmi)
109that say (pmi)
109racket (pmi)
109person take (pmi)
109small group (pmi)
109person play electric instrument (pmi)
109routine (pmi)
109branch (pmi)
109child wear clothing sit (pmi)
109young asian person (pmi)
109blue t-shirt (pmi)
109wear costume (pmi)
109person write (pmi)
108other watch (pmi)
108three person work (pmi)
108motorcyclist (pmi)
108man and woman standing (pmi)
108present (pmi)
108violin (pmi)
108play musical instrument (pmi)
108person walk down city street (pmi)
108two adult walk down street (pmi)
108rock climb (pmi)
108group of observer (pmi)
108be outside (pmi)
108focus (pmi)
108two person play (pmi)
108person pull (pmi)
108stroller (pmi)
108man walk down sidewalk (pmi)
108chef (pmi)
108two adult walk street (pmi)
108what look (pmi)
108man walk on street (pmi)
108person wear hat sit (pmi)
108play tennis (pmi)
108person hit ball (pmi)
107can (pmi)
107entertain (pmi)
107nap (pmi)
107white short (pmi)
107person sit on street (pmi)
107man and person walk (pmi)
107man kneel (pmi)
107chest (pmi)
107sneaker (pmi)
107outdoor market (pmi)
107have hand (pmi)
107two asian adult (pmi)
107standing next to adult (pmi)
107sheet (pmi)
107dish (pmi)
107man and adult walk (pmi)
107person do work (pmi)
106concrete (pmi)
106person sit around table (pmi)
106ride wave (pmi)
106here be (pmi)
106adult perform trick (pmi)
106two adult play instrument (pmi)
106person play electric stringed instrument (pmi)
106percussionist (pmi)
106nose (pmi)
106adult play instrument on stage (pmi)
106look at adult (pmi)
106man talk to person (pmi)
106woman carry bag (pmi)
106throw ball (pmi)
106three dog (pmi)
106ride motorcycle (pmi)
106pour (pmi)
106office (pmi)
106watch him (pmi)
106business (pmi)
106lady look (pmi)
106person wear clothing play guitar (pmi)
106adult play electric instrument (pmi)
105dinner (pmi)
105fly through air (pmi)
105young couple (pmi)
105bow (pmi)
105little boy sit (pmi)
105adult watch adult (pmi)
105adult jacket (pmi)
105body (pmi)
104person on stage (pmi)
104black run (pmi)
104two adult pose (pmi)
104ponytail (pmi)
104woman pose for picture (pmi)
104city sidewalk (pmi)
104man and woman walk (pmi)
104adult wear jacket standing (pmi)
104coffee (pmi)
104adult surf (pmi)
104club (pmi)
104oriental person (pmi)
104lounge (pmi)
104spot (pmi)
104sit on sidewalk (pmi)
104person hold umbrella (pmi)
104adult wear clothing ride bike (pmi)
103group of person walk street (pmi)
103two other adult (pmi)
103adult wear clothing play guitar (pmi)
103adult hold sign (pmi)
103headscarf (pmi)
103person wear coat (pmi)
103adult play electric stringed instrument (pmi)
103plaza (pmi)
103each (pmi)
103pick up (pmi)
103hold person (pmi)
103man perform trick (pmi)
103snowy mountain (pmi)
103act (pmi)
103marketplace (pmi)
102adult wear hat standing (pmi)
102woman with blond-hair (pmi)
102mirror (pmi)
102ride bike on street (pmi)
102necklace (pmi)
102run in grass (pmi)
102two man be (pmi)
102put on (pmi)
102mustache (pmi)
102left hand (pmi)
102tongue (pmi)
102toss (pmi)
102machinery (pmi)
102intersection (pmi)
102man sing into microphone (pmi)
102black and dog run (pmi)
102wear t-shirt (pmi)
102two woman talk (pmi)
101take photograph (pmi)
101red dress (pmi)
101person wear clothing jump (pmi)
101plane (pmi)
101attend (pmi)
101stone wall (pmi)
101suspend (pmi)
101ride skateboard (pmi)
101swimmer (pmi)
101adult smile at camera (pmi)
101drummer (pmi)
101handle (pmi)
101man play percussion instrument (pmi)
101bat (pmi)
101i (pmi)
101person fish (pmi)
101tag (pmi)
101asian person sit (pmi)
101policeman (pmi)
101person skate (pmi)
101person wear clothing run (pmi)
100adjust (pmi)
100racetrack (pmi)
100worker work (pmi)
100little dog (pmi)
100log (pmi)
100group of person talk (pmi)
100woman speak (pmi)
100adult hold up (pmi)
100fabric (pmi)
100hold guitar (pmi)
100person wear white clothing standing (pmi)
100wear black jacket (pmi)
100run in field (pmi)
100read newspaper (pmi)
100indoor (pmi)