Denotation Graph Node Index

Nodes s with a large enough denotation ⟦ s ⟧ have their own HTML page:
500 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧|
100 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 500
50 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 100
10 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 50
5 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 10
Each page provides a sample of up to 100 images from the node's denotation (each image is linked to its own page), links to the most similar nodes, links to the parent nodes in the denotation graph, and an expandable link that shows its children and (part of) the hierarchy below it.

Index to nodes s with 100 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 500

|⟦ s ⟧|s
#ImagesNode label
9person wear shirt perform
9person sweep ground
9young person talk
9person play instrument behind him
9person bike down street
9man dive into water
9woman climb rock
9adult look at bike
9person wear outfit play instrument
9chase person
9adult wear clothing and person wear clothing walk
9man carry baby
9group swim
9athlete compete for ball
9adult have conversation with adult
9girl_child bounce
9person paint face
9two man listen
9child do trick on skateboard
9woman hula hoop
9adult sing with band
9three person race
9observe man
9prepare to jump
9adult meditate
9musician and person
9ride person
9adult with cap and clothing
9sit in front of window
9adult standing next to sign
9girl_woman wear sunglasses
9person ride bicycle on trail
9hold chicken
9athlete follow
9person wear shirt lie
9adult run on track
9adult throw hand
9sit on shoulder of adult
9walk through station
9person wear hat ride
9safety person
9person hold bottle of beverage
9adult with backpack look
9two guy talk
9person play stringed instrument with person
9two adult sit on street
9man play instrument for group
9man play horn
9person wear hat and clothing play instrument
9adult standing on pier
9be lot
9adult look off-camera
9adult with beard look
9adult wear clothing and tie walk
9black brown and white dog
9child splash in pool
9hold package
9pose for picture with person
9person play sort
9person run in competition
9man play black guitar
9adult carry large bag
9adult standing in alley
9person wear glasses hold child
9adult make pose
9man perform art
9person sit at round table
9adult with shirt play instrument
9adult standing at microphone
9put ball
9person present
9person walk behind adult
9teens walk
9person with board
9person wear clothing get
9adult play ice hockey
9two brunette adult
9standing beside adult
9adult play with toy
9person wear square
9standing behind woman
9man make sculpture
9muzzle dog run
9adult work with machine
9adult wear store
9two person on horse
9adult work at loom
9two person sit next to each other
9adult wear clothing standing in group
9motocross person
9carry american flag
9person work on sidewalk
9adult climb pole
9child put hand
9adult with sunglasses walk
9person wear red clothing work
9man take drink
9helmeted man
9adult eat ice cream
9two officer talk
9jump down stair
9hiker sit
9young blond-haired adult
9child run through sprinkler
9some person play music
9woman on stage
9person hold toy
9person hold man
9girl_woman play game
9run shoe
9adult sit at picnic table
9woman carry tray
9entertainer standing on stage
9woman on horse
9person wear blue clothing kick ball
9three person on bike
9dog run side
9adult wear white clothing and pant standing
9woman standing cross
9person and person standing look
9child climb rock
9athlete leap into air
9group of african person
9person wear hair
9two young asian person
9person buy food from vendor
9man in foreground
9group wear clothing dance
9male musician play instrument
9woman see
9adult wear bathe suit standing
9person hold bat
9person wear clothing and pants walk down street
9adult ski down snowy hill
9man wear clothing and tie walk
9man sing song
9person standing by wall
9adult play stringed instrument with person
9street fill with person
9man play instrument in front of group
9person hold hand of child
9hood adult
9child play at beach
9white and black dog run
9adult on snowboard
9man bow
9some boy standing
9adult wear clothing and adult dance
9child wear clothing blow bubble
9amish adult
9person with umbrella walk down street
9person sit and eat
9match hat
9jump in field
9string person
9dog fetch ball
9red-haired girl_woman
9black child sit
9person hold musical instrument
9person pose with child
9person standing with bike
9first person
9some person watch man
9man use device
9smile person walk
9person wait for food
9two man seat
9two adult and adult pose
9man catch frisbee
9heavyset woman
9adult sit at bench
9bare chested person
9performer play violin
9some person move
9black man talk
9young person pose
9woman both
9dance in group
9three person play guitar
9person wear clothing cut food
9person talk to person wear black clothing
9adult sleep on sidewalk
9two man wear suit
9man strum stringed instrument
9korean person
9native american adult
9adult on site
9small group walk
9adult feed animal
9man hold box
9adult sit in field
9adult walk wear group
9adult standing beside person
9street sidewalk
9hold red bag
9woman and adult wear clothing walk
9person walk down busy sidewalk
9jump obstacle
9adult standing with man
9cyclist sit
9some boy sit
9person play card
9person read to child
9person hold glasses
9man sit and smile
9two person on boat
9person block player
9adult hold video camera
9adult standing wear line
9person with sunglasses walk
9person carry stick
9adult wear glasses and clothing sit
9adult give thumb up
9black and red shirt
9adult play song
9person standing next to truck
9person play white instrument
9young blond person sit
9walk up mountain
9person grimace
9be bike
9sit side by side
9child watch something
9person wear jacket sing
9some person engage
9person play instrument with entertainer
9two person perform dance
9woman walk bike
9person play on street
9man drink from cup
9person wear clothing hold flag
9adult get ready
9person walk with dog
9child skip
9person wear clothing standing in front of person
9person shoot basketball
9child surround by adult
9athlete run on field
9adult play instrument for crowd
9adult strum guitar
9three person take break
9person surf wear water
9get ready to perform
9team watch
9band man
9adult use saw
9two person look at person
9standing at station
9woman hug each other
9watch girl_woman
9watch over
9adult standing beside adult
9person standing on leg
9adult sit on scooter
9adult perform task
9person of building
9carry child on back
9child stick tongue
9two person on horseback
9adult wear helmet standing
9person during race
9woman sing while man play instrument
9walk in front of group
9sit at table with person
9adult look at artist
9have bike
9man fell
9person while
9feather hat
9person do some sort
9woman work on laptop
9person wake
9operate on person
9competitive person
9adult ride her
9dog in area
9person outdoors
9slender adult
9pass building
9boy wear clothing kick ball
9man hold plate
9light color shirt
9woman with hand
9person hold photo
9puffy clothing
9adult walk along beach
9young blond adult sit
9person carry bag walk down street
9person sit on hill
9person wear uniform kick ball
9greyhound run on track
9drummer play instrument
9child look at water
9child wear clothing and pant play
9as person
9three person take picture
9two person play beach volleyball
9person wear shirt and glasses walk
9person walk next to wall
9older bald person
9child wear blue clothing run
9adult standing of store
9adult hold man
9person watch street performer
9two person stroll
9shake hand with person
9sit on concrete
9child wear white clothing sit
9adult wear clothing and person dance
9person wear black and white clothing sit
9two person with dark hair
9push boy
9person take time
9sit in front
9dog bite each other
9three person walk on sidewalk
9adult and adult standing look
9dog on street
9adult sit by plant
9girl_woman ride bicycle
9boy sit at table
9person drink something
9look wear water
9adult talk wear clothing
9adult pull luggage
9person walk woman
9hold bottle of beverage
9adult ride bus
9person gather outdoors
9person hold sword
9other person sit
9look at music
9two woman hold hand
9man write something
9adult with braid
9standing in middle of field
9person strum guitar
9adult standing in front of counter
9adult standing near wall
9green building
9person standing on top of rock
9entertainer strike pose
9boat be
9two person work on computer
9adult lead child
9adult standing and person
9adult wait at bus stop
9adult engage in conversation
9woman hold little girl
9person use broom
9person standing with bicycle
9person sing together
9person look adult
9man ride red bike
9adult under umbrella
9window shop
9man with headphone
9person wear shirt do work
9adult take picture with phone
9person perform dance on stage
9person hold container
9adult sit on bench outside
9child run down sidewalk
9person hug girl_woman
9black rim glasses
9grown person
9adult look at building
9man lean against plant
9adult ride wave on surfboard
9soccer player jump
9person with tattoo standing
9child with hand
9aqua shirt
9kick around
9adult while person look
9work in room
9group of person play musical instrument
9man have conversation with adult
9group of person watch game
9adult wear clothing sit next to adult
9man with hand
9adult walk along path
9person standing while look
9sit at outside
9person wear clothing and adult wear clothing standing
9adult learn
9child walk wear clothing
9man saw
9man sing while play instrument
9child run down path
9standing with leg
9sit on cliff
9person standing with group
9man sit and work
9man with instrument play
9person work with machine
9person on race
9woman hold object
9clasp hand
9adult wait at station
9ride on path
9uniform adult standing
9band person play instrument
9adult pose with child
9two person standing talk
9oriental child
9adult wear clothing and pant
9fourth person
9person walk down dirt street
9person perform trick on ramp
9adult walk down brick street
9adult walk in area
9adult sleep on ground
9skimpy clothing
9group of person on beach
9hold toy in mouth
9brightly dress person
9woman play wind instrument
9two brunette person
9man flip food
9little girl talk
9woman jog down street
9boy run on beach
9child be on ride
9person walk into building
9play harmonica
9woman place
9person sell food on street
9kid pose
9man draw picture
9person walk down sidewalk in city
9some person compete
9athlete in action
9hold him
9person catch football
9adult standing guard
9person standing on deck
9man standing on hill
9adult shave beard
9woman wait on sidewalk
9olympic athlete
9person wear shirt kick ball
9person wear brown clothing play instrument
9play instrument for money
9man pass person
9woman kiss adult
9couple be
9percussionist play instrument
9derby woman
9watch screen
9man with long hair and beard
9athlete run with football
9adult wear overall standing
9abandon building
9train person
9watch fire
9red and blue shirt
9woman kiss person
9person wear shirt play game
9be three person
9work on wall
9person give man haircut
9adult wear clothing and clothing walk
9person drink at bar
9woman standing in middle of street
9look through scope
9little boy pose
9child pose for photo
9adult garden
9adult wash
9woman at beach
9gray-haired adult sit
9person standing in front
9adult play on street
9person surround by group of person
9person splash wear water
9adult take order
9american adult
9adult land
9person eat candy
9two adult embrace
9gray and white dog
9person with blond-hair look
9girl_child wait
9unfinished building
9child standing look
9small group of person walk
9person walk by adult
9adult on team
9group of member
9lay out
9person hold sheet
9person gather in room
9man walk down hallway
9man and person walk on street
9adult and woman jump
9child with short
9adult and woman play
9adult enjoy game
9person with clothing and helmet
9female adult sing
9pale dog
9run through park
9person standing in front of brick
9group and person standing
9walk down pave street
9male and female adult
9get hit
9person enter
9some person walk down sidewalk
9three person sit on couch
9person snowboard down hill
9dog get
9adult beg
9group of woman be
9adult skateboard on street
9adult sit wear street
9athlete grind on rail
9person teach
9woman and adult talk
9person look at car
9woman hold black bag
9man ride on horse
9adult pose with woman
9youth play instrument
9man standing on city street
9girl_child lean
9person appear to be person
9chested person
9person standing wear costume
9adult stare into camera
9floppy hat
9dog standing on beach
9three person hike
9smile man sit
9carry percussion instrument
9adult standing on cliff
9boy fish
9child hold up sign
9some woman smile
9person eat some food
9look at produce
9roller girl_woman
9dog catch red ball
9person walk past man
9long-haired adult play guitar
9person behind them
9person in desert
9man attempt trick
9woman wear blue jacket
9child draw picture
9person with skirt
9two person with instrument
9two adult point
9teens look
9dog standing on grass
9person with red-hair standing
9person and person wear shirt standing
9person look way
9child at beach
9adult clothing
9smile at something
9hand something
9person parking
9shave man
9adult carry plastic bag
9child in car
9adult with clothing play guitar
9man enjoy beer
9adult wait on sidewalk
9adult look at person wear clothing
9play guitar at concert
9prepare to run
9adult with skirt
9man swim in pool
9some asian person standing
9person standing while person sit
9look at advertisement
9group pose for camera
9man walk with bag
9woman with shirt walk
9adult attempt trick
9adult and look
9person with red-hair look
9standing on side
9person with beard and shirt
9person and woman jump
9hug girl_woman
9child play on floor
9standing by door
9adult hold broom
9woman ride her
9black ball
9play on equipment
9man ride horse at rodeo
9rodeo entertainer
9street musician play stringed instrument
9person next to her
9another walk
9indian adult standing
9adult watch crowd
9person speak on cellphone
9adult use
9person lead child
9standing in front of booth
9young boy play instrument
9be take
9woman sit outdoors
9boy wear clothing play instrument
9person hold small baby
9three person play drum
9person buy food from merchant
9he smile
9person enjoy sunny day
9bicycle down street
9child play with water
9woman cover face
9person ride her
9woman standing in front of store
9speak with woman
9play wear
9adult walk two dog
9walk black dog
9wear match
9two adult hug each other
9sit cross-legged
9person hold paddle
9adult walk talk
9adult carry two bag
9look surprise
9person sit on rail
9skinny dog
9cowboy hold
9man give lecture
9two person shake hand
9person walk behind them
9adult with blond-hair walk
9person on computer
9person hold video camera
9man dance on floor
9walk small dog
9group wear costume
9football player standing
9team of woman
9person finish race
9play for person
9group of child play instrument
9person talk on phone while sit
9adult with headscarf
9adult with makeup
9man walk with child
9adult push child in stroller
9child have time
9person wear shirt be
9person sit against building
9carry pole
9group play hockey
9jump on street
9woman wear stripe shirt
9two asian woman sit
9person wear shirt talk to person wear clothing
9male play
9middle-aged woman standing
9child climb stair
9group of person compete
9hold card
9person wear shirt hold instrument
9downtown street
9child hold balloon
9adult perform with person
9adult walk down hill
9person gather wear street
9person carry two bag
9standing on surfboard
9two athlete play
9man smile at person
9woman with microphone
9three person play volleyball
9religious man
9run to catch ball
9woman wear purple
9two man play baseball
9adult with blond-hair play instrument
9man doze
9person wear pink
9person standing on sand
9woman wear red coat
9adult standing in front of machine
9woman jump up
9two person in room
9boy play on beach
9person standing in front of house
9man operate machinery
9standing on mat
9three person sit around table
9athlete jump up
9person sit on bench on sidewalk
9person standing read newspaper
9ride race bike
9man and woman jump
9man play instrument in background
9person play instrument and adult play instrument
9walk next to each other
9person sit on log
9child appear to be
9chef standing
9person cover mouth
9look at train
9two man go
9adult wear clothing and skirt standing
9put on clothing
9woman and person talk
9adult give man haircut
9person wear shirt and pants play instrument
9man perform stunt on bike
9person wear clothing jump up
9child with long brown hair
9man lie on grass
9person lay on floor
9adult pull on rope
9person hold water bottle
9adult walk surround
9brunette walk
9have animal
9person standing by tree
9person standing on street in city
9adult climb rock face
9purple hair
9watch kid
9look over ledge
9woman with blond-hair sit
9person do karate
9adult look while adult look
9person walk past shop
9person wear dress cross street
9adult with sunglasses look
9run towards him
9person and boy look
9racer ride bike
9group hold
9person wear shirt rest
9person flip food
9adult hold her
9adult extend arm
9man push shop cart
9person wear jacket and pants walk
9caucasian child
9two person practice martial art
9man wear jersey
9person wear clothing and pants look
9person scale face
9person wear shirt cook
9woman sing while adult play instrument
9man sit on wooden bench
9turn on
9person look while adult look
9person play tuba
9two police
9blond man sit
9man speak with person
9complete jump
9dark-haired woman walk
9girl_woman swing
9two girl_child smile
9car on street
9child wear clothing slide
9man wear orange
9marble building
9play with phone
9person wear building
9person obscure
9man with hat and glasses
9sew clothing
9two adult sit talk
9large brown dog jump
9adult and boy look
9teen boy walk
9group jog
9man sign
9adult hold small baby
9sit on carpet
9elderly woman talk
9woman do exercise
9man pose for photograph
9person enter building
9lean dog
9person have barbecue
9person lean against fence
9man wear blue pant
9person jump into lake
9standing beside bike
9person wear orange work
9two dog sit
9man kiss child
9surround man
9standing in courtyard
9lift child
9child wear clothing kneel
9person play guitar at concert
9adult play instrument and adult play instrument
9adult walk on street in city
9person pose with arm
9adult sit on fold chair
9person in race
9group standing talk
9person hold bucket
9man give man
9woman sing while person play instrument
9man with short hair
9person buy food from person
9man lean against tree
9person in match
9male person look
9man build something
9hold object in mouth
9male dance
9ball wear clothing
9person show her
9run back
9child play in sand on beach
9man row canoe
9dog have stick in mouth
9sit by window
9wait area
9walk along side person
9adult read piece
9athlete crouch
9group of person eat at restaurant
9person wear overall standing
9man standing in park
9dunk ball
9man sit on chair on street
9bearded person
9person wear clothing and tie walk
9person hold face
9man at work
9person with backpack sit
9entertainer and performer
9two adult take photo
9person sit in white chair
9adult wear clothing standing with arm
9two fisherman
9person wear red clothing sing
9standing in city
9man wear sweatshirt sit
9get throw
9person practice form
9some person paint
9woman show
9person jump over hill
9adult hold toy
9boy write
9adult with backpack sit
9two adult practice art
9rider ride on street
9person standing beside person
9man open
9dog run through field of grass
9person seat on bench
9person with long hair and beard
9athlete line
9man face adult
9dog standing look
9person pull person
9dark-skinned person sit
9adult hunch
9man and dog standing
9get soak
9person follow person
9adult perform gymnastics
9child play on equipment
9person standing in front of booth
9can cross
9sit in bus
9person relax on beach
9walk through person
9person wear short and shirt sit
9adult and person standing look
9pose in front of building
9hold himself
9adult standing near street
9two person standing in field
9newlywed look
9make gesture with hand
9person read piece
9adult with red-hair look
9person play basketball on court
9child standing in doorway
9watch musician
9person wear blue clothing speak
9man play instrument while adult play instrument
9adult hold by person
9man stare at person
9person on site
9assist adult
9adult carry item
9adult walk through forest
9person wear hat and clothing look
9person trek
9person pass ball
9pose in field
9hold shirt
9person tape
9man in store
9person walk down street in front of building
9person with flower
9child get ready
9child with white clothing
9two man walk on street
9dance clothing
9some man jump
9adult with basket
9play with food
9older bald man
9child and child
9pass out
9standing on beam
9man sing while play stringed instrument
9person wear clothing and glasses smile
9adult sit on chair on street
9look at sculpture
9person practice routine
9person gather around adult
9skinny man
9person standing on side of road
9ride down street on bike
9person walk through town
9group picture
9person with dark hair and glasses
9person hold bird
9person decide what
9man wear gear standing
9person dance in front of person
9person aim gun
9singer play stringed instrument
9some person have discussion
9boy crawl
9person wear kimono
9child play on sidewalk
9person strike ball
9sell food on street
9man shave beard
9person and adult pose for photo
9adult open door
9person perform stunt on bike
9bearded man
9adult with glasses and hat
9man hold clothing
9adult wear clothing and person wear clothing standing
9adult and person pose for camera
9person wear clothing hold animal
9athlete catch some air
9man jog on street
9child ride bike on street
9indigenous person
9eastern person sit
9person work on railroad track
9man sit in front of building
9two musician play
9man run in marathon
9man with hat play instrument
9man paint scene
9person wear clothing and skirt standing
9group line up
9entertainer play violin
9adult play horn
9person walk talk on phone
9man lead person
9two adult pull
9person wait for subway train
9boy go down slide
9person be at beach
9person wear clothing look wear clothing
9person beg
9adult on stage sing
9young blond-haired person
9person entertain
9man standing work
9person standing next to tree
9ride on scooter
9athlete hold racket
9child hold camera
9athlete be in midair
9two man in boat
9child help
9two adult and person pose
9not wear shirt
9asian person wear clothing standing
9person wear white clothing and pants standing
9two blond person sit
9son play
9adult with long hair and beard
9dog race around track
9boy read
9group of person enjoy themselves
9party pose
9some person have fun
9adult climb up rock
9person shake hand with person
9woman cross busy street
9adult play instrument behind him
9wear match clothing
9two person point
9jump with arm
9adult sit by himself
9onlooker standing
9person film person
9person give man hair
9ride scooter on street
9performer and entertainer
9person wear clothing and glasses play instrument
9person with expression
9person with glasses and hat
9two woman and man standing
9person wear shirt dance with woman
9sit with back
9drive by adult
9hold protest sign
9woman sing and play guitar
9carry camera
9light blue jacket
9man wear yellow jacket
9asian man smile
9surround by man
9two person and adult pose
9dog surround by plant
9that walk
9sit on pier
9dog rest
9woman sweep street
9man play stringed instrument at concert
9adult wear costume play instrument
9standing side
9person and adult play game
9hold pose
9tie walk
9walk in park lot
9woman wear clothing and person standing
9standing in front of brick
9family of person
9two asian
9person make drink
9child cook
9woman hold tray
9man wear clothing dance wear clothing
9person play instrument in park
9adult sit in red chair
9two person hold instrument
9adult walk through water
9adult on cellphone walk
9jump into ocean
9man have clothing
9person have beard
9jump with skateboard
9adult photograph adult
9entertain group of person
9adult ride boat
9woman sit smile
9man with glasses work
9adult wear clothing and adult wear clothing walk
9walk next to man
9woman say
9man sit under umbrella
9woman hold young girl
9three person with clothing
9woman in park
9adult clap hand
9adult lead horse
9person do sort
9two person practice art
9market street
9three person rest
9female be
9adult sing and play stringed instrument on stage
9man sleep on sidewalk
9polka dot dress
9two person move
9boy chase ball
9percussionist sit
9sleep on person
9look confuse
9adult serve person
9could be
9work on equipment
9person on lift
9standing in front of bus
9two adult one
9person standing next to plant
9dog sprint
9man ride blue bike
9walk with arm
9woman and man talk
9some asian person sit
9diverse group
9person with gray hair and clothing
9run towards person
9solitary adult
9building cover
9child play on bar
9man face person
9carry lot
9two woman take picture
9standing in station
9person carve
9man sit on fence
9two person sit at table in restaurant
9man and adult walk on street
9two person walk down busy street
9person operate on person
9two adult spar
9child show
9two adult walk down road
9child play with leaf
9person prepare dinner
9two adult from team
9adult sit and read book
9person extend arm
9person lift person
9group of person surround adult
9person wear clothing gaze
9person wait at train station
9person wear gear walk
9adult work in store
9three person pose for photo
9hood person
9man with beard look
9man teach class
9person spray
9person swing tennis racket
9entertainer play accordion
9person surf large wave
9man in clothing
9person have beer
9group of child be
9very person
9bearded adult
9child wear blue hat
9person sit at counter
9person work on roof of building
9two african adult
9hold one
9child wear hat standing
9man hold net
9adult standing on ledge
9man enjoy day
9person wear white play instrument
9blow up
9person pull luggage
9play guitar in room
9hold face
9two man hang
9two person surround by plant
9child play adult
9hold wind instrument
9adult flip food
9couple of person walk
9person cart
9girl_woman carry bag
9person wear clothing and clothing walk
9woman blow bubble
9two person and person pose
9walk woman
9pass woman
9female singer perform
9adult get something
9man drum
9two adult lie
9group of individual sit
9standing on bus
9adorable child
9person wear clothing catch ball
9person wear blue clothing and pant walk
9man help
9boy jump up
9embrace woman
9ride bike in park
9person dunk basketball
9two man hold
9two adult practice martial art
9two girl_child run
9adult ride bike across street
9woman look at each other
9person swim in ocean
9person try to stay
9teen look
9person hold magazine
9athlete head
9man prepare meat
9they dance
9ethnic woman
9black and white dog standing
9adult use telescope
9child hug each other
9person sit by himself
9some uniform person
9two adult in boat
9person shout
9adult and woman sing
9look at fountain
9man hold fish
9woman look at water
9adult walk on busy street
9person get person
9person hold rifle
9person wear shirt and clothing look
9adult walk across field
9man and man standing
9man with back
9group sit on grass
9be group of person
9person standing in front of table
9group lead
9carry flower
9woman standing in background
9accompany by adult
9person ride on subway
9group standing in group
9group wear uniform walk
9young male sit
9team pose
9gray-haired person sit
9athlete hit baseball
9person wear clothing read paper
9watch by man
9adult with flower
9person leap through air
9woman sit next to man
9child bury
9person play instrument for crowd
9person run through field
9adult surround by adult
9woman cut food
9person hold percussion instrument
9group wear clothing sit
9man watch them
9cover with clothing
9person watch two man
9person carry adult
9adult in classroom
9group of person prepare
9man wear clothing dance with person wear clothing
9adult drink something
9adult assist person
9adult stop on street
9music for group
9building wall
9person on atv
9snow athlete
9wet black dog
9person pour water
9work on craft
9adult help boy
9adult work on railroad track
9jump to hit ball
9person with earring
9person wear clothing hold bottle
9standing near building
9child sit shoulder
9person drive truck
9two person fight for ball
9person hold by adult
9person make balloon animal
9person talk and laugh
9adult use knife
9adult on couch
9hold child on shoulder
9businessman talk
9person play instrument and person play instrument
9adult put out fire
9person sit on concrete bench
9person play instrument with performer
9person walk down street wear hand
9man pant
9thin man
9man perform move
9standing beside person
9jump on snowboard
9man play instrument wear clothing
9adult with long hair play guitar
9performer play accordion
9person wear clothing and person dance
9athlete gather
9adult hold picture
9man ride wave on surfboard
9person talk on cellphone on street
9adult play instrument and person play instrument
9three person relax
9person sit in boat on water
9white dog be
9sit on box
9person standing by water
9woman run in marathon
9adult look at art
9child on couch
9person look through camera
9adult on cheek
9plant flower
9person cut fish
9two person play board game
9sit on shoulder
9person with clothing play guitar
9two adult standing on corner
9person wear clothing dance with woman wear clothing
9adult look at animal
9some person and person standing
9two man sit in room
9adult wear gear walk
9person walk up mountain
9person walk near building
9person walk up staircase
9man do kick
9sit by himself
9man display
9person carry surfboard
9group of person standing look
9woman hold arm
9man rest on bench
9female entertainer sing
9mechanic work
9man with tool
9man use camera
9woman play stringed instrument and sing
9man walk up stair
9adult tell story
9athlete hold football
9person sit while
9tall hat
9man wear shirt dance with person
9band play stringed instrument
9person wear shirt and short run
9person sell balloon
9watch two woman
9two man practice martial art
9kid hold
9adult look while person look
9they work
9person with sunglasses look
9person wear cap look
9adult sit in chair on street
9person watch boy
9watch by group
9group of woman pose
9watch train
9play stringed instrument in front of person
9adult hold water bottle
9adult hold photo
9adult in vehicle
9person on street look
9standing behind man
9woman with red-hair look
9musician of person
9child wear clothing lie
9mother play
9grown adult
9child wear dress dance
9boy do trick on skateboard
9female performer sing
9entertainer of person
9three dog be
9surround wear clothing
9child wear red jacket
9group of kid standing
9person and adult standing look
9group and adult standing
9person fish from boat
9man on train
9person standing in front of shop
9be dog
9man paint mural
9leader look
9man on stilt
9sit on platform
9woman walk on path
9man fiddle
9three man smile
9adult wear white play instrument
9child act
9boy and child
9person with makeup
9adult play guitar at concert
9group of person eat meal
9man standing near adult
9child sit on step
9three soldier
9hold wear clothing
9man wear clothing and hat
9she run
9old couple walk
9person bury
9person of adult
9sit wear jacket
9man lean on railing
9dog look at something
9person perform work
9adult use broom
9two man practice art
9person in subway
9two adult make face
9man stare at adult
9athlete try to tackle person
9mature adult
9man play on instrument
9standing behind
9dog walk down street
9adult with dark hair sit
9chat with person
9man cross road
9cheerleader standing
9adult play tuba
9older woman talk
9two adult with glasses
9adult share laugh
9sit on chair on street
9person help boy
9person wear shirt climb rock
9adult wear clothing and cap sit
9person kick ball on field
9group of person socialize
9group of person jog
9person with backpack look
9man clean floor
9some person play musical instrument
9adult wear dress lean
9mom standing
9derby adult
9adult do art
9woman splash
9adult perform stunt on bike
9gray-haired person standing
9wet brown dog
9person take leap
9adult look into mirror
9person take order
9adult give man hair
9adult put on show
9teach person
9dog jump for frisbee
9group standing outside building
9person perform concert
9person jump over ramp
9child in forest
9some person have conversation
9heavy jacket
9student walk
9person play clarinet
9person wear clothing and person look
9person wear hat pose
9person go for ball
9take dog
9person recline in chair
9man with apron
9group of boy play
9woman standing on rock
9person wear pants and shirt sit
9person look at device
9group of person shop
9person with boot
9standing on deck of boat
9dog with red collar run
9person look into mirror
9dog sled
9woman be rock climb
9peach shirt
9group mill
9dog play in grassy area
9person wear pants walk down street
9balance ball
9pass group
9very busy street
9bride look
9person standing next to adult wear clothing
9person watch street person
9eat cookie
9adult wait on bench
9walk into building
9person wear clothing climb
9person fight over ball
9hold large stick
9woman hold adult
9adult carry luggage
9adult hold glasses
9person wear shoe
9person wait on platform
9adult play guitar in room
9woman standing next to bike
9man lay on bench
9adult wear hair
9person wear shirt and skirt walk
9person walk in forest
9adult look at photographer
9adult speak on cellphone
9person try to score
9driver ride
9person hold up person
9older girl_child
9person watch street adult
9keep ball
9dog have toy in mouth
9woman sweep
9man standing in park lot
9person walk behind her
9watch rider
9person wear blue look
9run person
9standing side by side
9person take ride
9call person
9athlete get air
9person on day
9indian adult walk
9standing on stool
9two group of person
9person pull child
9man wear black helmet
9person with beard look
9person wear clothing stretch
9two person play frisbee
9native american person
9watch soccer game
9boy jump into swim pool
9lady person
9person perform gymnastics
9sit next to child
9group of person hold flag
9two brunette woman
9woman lay in grass
9street clothes
9man on snowboard
9large crowd of person walk
9safety adult
9something from adult
9adult wear shirt talk to person wear clothing
9man wear gear
9adult with tattoo standing
9person standing at railing
9two adult wear black
9child look into camera
9skier standing
9adult crowd
9child bowl
9person with dreadlock sit
9adult prepare dinner
9group of customer
9person watch concert
9adult ride horse at rodeo
9baby walk
9adult perform work
9scantily clad person
9person with shirt play instrument
9adult look at object
9some athlete run
9group of person standing around table
9person prepare to hit ball
9child sit on blanket
9child play with gun
9adult sit next to him
9person wear clothing and person wear clothing walk
9person standing by plant
9work on roof of building
9person watch street entertainer
9adult take rest
9adult watch tv
9animal jump
9man standing in front of stand
9woman hold ball
9person walk in crowd
9large group look
9person put on clothing
9person see from behind
9person wear shirt play instrument and sing
9child spray
9adult cut fish
9person walk towards person
9play brown instrument
9person sit on chair on street
9dog run side by side
9person walk on rock
9person look at photo
9long-haired adult play stringed instrument
9person perform aerial trick
9two adult play beach volleyball
9person with headscarf
9person wear blue clothing lean
9older bald adult
9adult use umbrella
9kid play instrument
9red and white dress
9tree-lined street
9child sit on horse
9adult with earring
9dog run through sand
9person look while person look
9indian person standing
9adult standing building
9man skateboard on street
9group raise
9smile woman standing
9store adult
9person play some sort
9two person sit on grass
9baby wear clothing cry
9person play guitar in room
9adult be on phone
9person sit by tree
9adult talk on phone while sit
9woman talk into microphone
9kick around ball
9person put food
9person perform with person
9play stringed instrument wear clothing
9member look
9person standing beside adult
9drummer sit
9hang clothing
9adult stride
9person walk on side of street
9look at newspaper
9person wait for customer
9man walk by wall
9speak with man
9man enjoy ride
9person work at loom
9hold what
9three person participate
9man play instrument with band
8overweight person sit
8lady play
8woman throw bowl ball
8look behind him
8person play with dog on beach
8woman at bar
8hold wine
8person hike up hill
8two man play football
8young lady standing
8be instrument
8person ride elephant
8adult on rollerblade
8person in ocean
8mother standing
8person examine
8adult play instrument with performer
8group of middle-aged person
8person walk in rain with umbrella
8adult sit drink beverage
8entertainer dance on stage
8man wait for subway
8do trick with bike
8climber standing
8father watch
8adult look at display
8adult paddle kayak
8woman standing on grass
8person instruct person
8person perform in front of person
8person about hit ball
8adult compete in event
8person wear cap play instrument
8person address group of person
8person type on laptop
8carry drum
8adult sew clothing
8dog on leg
8man hold video camera
8look at fish
8scruffy adult
8park bike
8man walk behind person
8tie play
8group of person hold
8child walk on sidewalk
8man with glove
8young person jump
8three person have discussion
8girl_woman with blond-hair
8person sit and drink
8adult hold supporter
8standing at crosswalk
8two man eat
8dog with paw
8adult sit on blue bench
8child wear clothing laugh
8adult with hair and clothing
8colorful person
8group of athlete standing
8person with hair sit
8person play instrument together
8child standing wear water
8girl_child swing on swing
8person sit in classroom
8adult with red-hair standing
8person wear clothing and woman wear clothing walk
8dark-skinned adult sit
8woman sit with person
8two person kayak
8man sell
8team of child
8person not wear clothing
8person standing at bus stop
8jump over adult
8man hold cigarette
8person place hand
8person wear clothing and glasses sit
8person with covering
8adult sit at stop
8person wear clothing hold stick
8man wear clothing and tie standing
8woman wear hair
8person sit talk to person
8adult walk away from camera
8adult sky
8three woman jump
8man ride unicycle
8two person prepare meal
8man carry black bag
8young person smile
8woman standing wait
8other run
8group of person have good time
8adult pick something
8play instrument in musician
8person sit on mat
8adult lean against post
8person wear clothing and jacket
8person sit while look
8athlete with clothing
8adult with sunglasses standing
8three adult play stringed instrument
8person standing with woman
8person enjoy sun
8adult use hose
8man standing in front of car
8adult walk down trail
8man sit with leg
8man standing play guitar
8man pull on rope
8person hook
8boy face
8male and female entertainer
8person sit on staircase
8adult look through camera
8walk by man
8make woman
8adult show man
8mask man
8man sit on bicycle
8athlete swing at ball
8construction person work
8person wear t-shirt and pants standing
8jump through hoop
8adult hold finger
8dog look at each other
8young asian woman standing
8play with fire
8adult hammer
8standing next to table
8adult sit on chair on sidewalk
8adult standing outside of store
8person and two man
8performer do trick
8boy wear blue clothing standing
8boy climb tree
8around talk
8walk with group
8adult and person perform on stage
8person follow by person
8man wait for person
8two person practice
8as a adult
8sit on bench with dog
8man sleep on park bench
8two adult men
8woman lay on ground
8lift adult
8two adult look at person
8brown-haired boy
8play instrument in area
8woman in restaurant
8person sit write
8look wear snow
8adult play white instrument
8adult type on laptop
8person operate camera
8boy and adult
8man standing with adult
8child interact
8white man talk
8woman walk down street at night
8three dog standing
8boy walk down sidewalk
8dog hold by person
8man wash dish
8person seem to be
8hold small boy
8person and hat
8two person play chess
8person wear shirt and glasses standing
8boy and person
8adult surround by group of person
8person hit person
8adult sit have conversation
8woman leap into air
8blond athlete
8person use brush
8carry water
8person on scaffold
8woman and person walk down street
8ride bike on day
8wild hair
8woman walk down crowd street
8boy bowl
8person photograph woman
8person hold card
8three youth
8adult work on roof of building
8adult look while man look
8reach ball
8man wear suspender
8woman with blond-hair walk
8person hammer
8two adult carry bag
8boy play with sand
8adult lift person
8young man and adult sit
8adult walk through area
8brown-haired girl_woman
8standing in water
8person ride bike on city street
8two young girl walk
8person standing at station
8adult cut man hair
8dog chew on stick
8be outdoors
8adult sit and person
8person standing around talk
8adult swing tennis racket
8man get hair by person
8adult standing out
8person ride buck bronco
8adult sit in green chair
8adult film person
8brightly dress adult
8adult hold up piece
8person watch parade
8person smile at woman
8flow clothing
8child hold finger
8man be in boat
8person play violin on street
8woman while sit
8play game with person
8person wear life jacket
8person ask person
8small group of person sit
8asian person play stringed instrument
8man use hose
8tune instrument
8bigger dog
8child ride on swing
8get ready to shoot
8play instrument into microphone
8person try to stop him
8child play in puddle
8person fix hair
8person sit at bus stop
8person bite
8woman ring
8person with light brown hair
8man jump off ramp
8standing in doorway of building
8adult pet dog
8pull by dog
8woman carry white bag
8adult serve beverage
8woman look into camera
8carry torch
8muzzle greyhound dog
8two asian adult smile
8man prepare food in kitchen
8person hold fan
8person wear clothing go
8middle person sit
8woman and adult walk down street
8man serve
8woman face camera
8rider make
8hug person wear clothing
8kiss person wear clothing
8adult and woman hug
8person on bike look
8adult weld metal
8dog run down street
8adult ride buck bronco
8carry bowl
8person and woman hug
8adult play instrument on street corner
8person play instrument for person
8person hand adult
8adult be in air
8adult play stringed instrument while adult play instrument
8dog face each other
8adult standing on deck
8person with clothing ride bike
8man sit on green bench
8adult work on sidewalk
8two person ride on motorbike
8two person sit in restaurant
8standing in front of them
8adult walk over bridge
8man look at sky
8person sculpt
8child sit on stool
8person wear pants look
8three person drink beverage
8woman hand
8athlete serve ball
8walk in front of mural
8some person mill
8instruct person
8person walk down street with adult
8adult with black hair standing
8child swing baseball bat
8watch by some person
8adult work on line
8person standing behind cart
8person look at sculpture
8person around talk
8work with equipment
8person prepare some food
8adult throw football
8talk in room
8adult with blond-hair play stringed instrument
8man relax in chair
8adult sit read paper
8person hold drum
8dog and ball
8person read book to child
8adult pedal bike
8adult hold hand with person
8adult hang clothing
8adult ride yellow bike
8another play stringed instrument
8child and person standing
8person walk while talk on phone
8adult with dreadlock sit
8two adult swim
8person look forward
8person play stringed instrument wear band
8person entertain group of person
8adult give woman
8boy stretch
8group hold up sign
8person ride bike in park
8person use net
8two person dig
8adult standing behind her
8play on shore
8sit with hand
8woman at table
8man work on roof of building
8person wear pant and shirt standing
8brunette person look
8adult hold face
8adult play stringed instrument in front of person
8dog run across sand
8group of person walk down path
8woman float
8woman hold basket
8performer perform for group
8person wear sweatshirt walk
8person wear blue clothing dance
8adult walk up hill
8person play instrument while sing
8adult operate camera
8adult watch two person
8adult on scooter
8person feed bird
8adult carry torch
8person ride roller coaster
8person sing while adult play guitar
8person sit smoke cigarette
8woman with instrument
8person standing in front of structure
8person work on craft
8look at artwork
8person ride cart
8person sip beverage
8adult wear attire sit
8person high
8man hold young boy
8person standing in front of grill
8person and person wear clothing pose
8person reach for ball
8person explain
8person sit and person
8friend talk
8group play wear water
8adult walk in front of mural
8adult play instrument for money
8person wear shirt hit ball
8girl_woman read
8adult carry stick
8entertainer perform for group
8person standing on crowd street
8adult standing read newspaper
8red-haired person sit
8two man drink
8dog with bandanna
8person play trombone
8three young child play
8blond boy sit
8adult drill hole
8infant child
8adult do some sort
8three blond woman
8woman brush teeth
8woman look at picture
8woman peek
8adult work on structure
8adult with short and clothing
8man play instrument on street corner
8two girl_woman talk
8adult feed bird
8person work on train track
8adult sit at bus stop
8group of person wear costume
8choppy water
8two adult one standing
8three boy walk
8work in laboratory
8person wear clothing and pant work
8man wear glasses and clothing
8sit with dog
8indian man sit
8be pole
8person hold two child
8show group of person
8adult wear bikini walk
8man standing in forest
8girl_woman with brown hair
8child pet dog
8african american person play instrument
8some adult and adult sit
8adult run on field
8person sit on chair on sidewalk
8person wear clothing and short play tennis
8person hold bicycle
8adult ride vehicle
8person wear clothing hold phone
8adult play instrument in park
8adult perform outdoors
8woman look at computer
8adult hold fan
8adult cut grass
8person perform wear street
8two girl_child jump
8person have arm around person
8adult look over water
8child ride on person
8standing with dog
8person walk wear line
8person wear jacket and pants sit
8woman carry backpack
8dog bear teeth
8sit in train
8person play on field
8child with clothing and short
8person embrace woman
8man address group
8adult and two adult standing
8performer jump
8umpire look
8child wear clothing ride bike
8person sit in cafe
8adult get ready to hit ball
8man play in game
8adult hide
8two person wear skirt
8person in trunks
8adult wash clothes
8sit on raft
8person ride horse in arena
8adult sit in area
8group of person standing outside building
8run with stick
8adult dance in front of person
8person look at produce
8converse with woman
8adult stoop
8person standing on deck of boat
8latino person
8man work on road
8adult work on scaffolding
8person march down street
8performer smile
8woman wear robe
8person talk to two man
8woman clothe
8play against each other
8standing behind cart
8group play drum
8standing around person
8bowl with ball
8man cut fish
8male pose
8person stir pot
8throw water
8person wear white dance
8person show something
8adult and person gather
8adult hold pan
8person and adult wear clothing pose
8adult get out of car
8adult look at painting
8child hop
8two middle eastern person
8person hold protest sign
8two woman jump
8young shirtless adult
8group of motorcyclist
8person work out
8two african american man
8two older woman sit
8adult drink water
8person play stringed instrument while adult play instrument
8person wear clothing hold gun
8football player look
8woman sell fruit
8ride horseback
8dog with muzzle run
8person standing under tree
8man get haircut by person
8child play with animal
8chat with adult
8carry beverage
8chinese child
8dog run through yard
8black man play stringed instrument
8person and two person standing
8some person and person sit
8little boy hold
8person wear shirt and hat look
8person cool
8man paddle canoe
8man glance
8adult play instrument in area
8woman sell item
8child with pant
8carry toddler
8adult show her
8black and brown dog walk
8person play stringed instrument while sit
8adult hold water
8person play instrument for money
8play frisbee in field
8adult hold plastic cup
8person with shirt play stringed instrument
8person fall off bull
8person jump over obstacle
8standing next to two adult
8hold hockey stick
8balloon hat
8person and adult relax
8person shovel dirt
8two person cover
8woman wash clothes
8athlete perform routine
8adult wear clothing and glasses sit
8mom smile
8boy climb plant
8person standing on track
8dog jump through air
8person skydive
8two middle eastern adult
8adult do sort
8adult sit at table with beverage
8get spray
8person keep ball
8person on grass
8adult wear clothing standing in front of person
8group of person play percussion instrument
8lot be
8man standing play stringed instrument
8boy climb rock
8young male standing
8adult and adult ride
8child wear pajama
8child walk through grass
8athlete catch baseball
8person wait to cross road
8dog throw
8person hold water
8person with mustache sit
8adult play clarinet
8standing in lake
8throw adult
8work behind counter
8entertainer do trick
8person on sled
8woman with skirt
8standing in front of fountain
8person standing out
8man sit in circle
8person ride bike through street
8person wear clothing standing in front of microphone
8man smile for picture
8adult reach out
8person race on bike
8woman wait at stop
8person clean table
8newlywed pose
8african american adult sit
8person sit in black chair
8pass each other on street
8instrument in performer
8person next to him
8adult play in game
8group of person sit talk
8child play in area
8person twirl
8adult wear pants and clothing play instrument
8group of person play drum
8some elderly person
8group of man play
8woman recline
8color person
8adult wear pant and clothing walk
8female person sit
8rider fly through air
8adult operate on patient
8man play instrument in area
8man speak with adult
8two man with instrument
8two woman ride bike
8man hold animal
8male person sing
8jump rail
8adult play stringed instrument and instrument
8man wear clothing standing wear clothing
8athlete fight for ball
8person take look
8man wear clothing and person standing
8person walk with shop bag
8hockey player standing
8woman hug woman
8athlete spike ball
8person do performance
8dog wrestle in grass
8chubby adult
8adult ride bike on track
8male adult sing
8adult enjoy themselves
8person pose for picture with person
8person help little girl
8child use tool
8two oriental adult
8person play lacrosse
8adult hold bottle of beverage
8adult walk down street look
8person work with equipment
8adult sit at wooden table
8adult standing behind adult
8man work on railroad track
8two person reach
8adult on dock
8man play instrument into microphone
8person work at table
8girl_woman compete
8adult lasso calf
8person standing wear hat
8woman walk by building
8woman and clothing
8person with camera standing
8one watch
8athlete try to catch ball
8fisherman standing
8person on path
8girl_child work
8man sit while person standing
8sit in dark
8person leap into water
8person wear clothing shake hand
8adult standing in front of booth
8standing next to pole
8person with equipment
8patrol street
8person sit rest
8play jump rope
8adult wear clothing and woman standing
8adult walk hold bag
8big tan dog
8woman walk down city sidewalk
8adult perform concert
8man sit on table
8person respond
8two person standing on beach
8fancy clothing
8adult wear pink
8girl_woman write
8man with instrument standing
8woman pour beverage
8adult stick out tongue
8some person play hockey
8person airborne
8parent and child play
8man wear gray shirt standing
8person play stringed instrument and instrument
8line with building
8hold some sort
8person sip drink
8adult climb up mountain
8two adult wear skirt
8address group of person
8talk in background
8person perform wear clothing
8adult perform song
8adult sit talk to person
8canoe down
8work on site
8man pose with woman
8person on side
8group of person play hockey
8standing with sign
8standing next to cart
8opposing team person
8adult wear clothing talk to person wear jacket
8woman play keyboard
8adult smile at woman
8adult tune instrument
8two child play instrument
8adult play stringed instrument while sit
8adult sing while adult play stringed instrument
8dog chase black dog
8group show
8person look in some direction
8person hang from rope
8standing on post
8adult have beard
8hold wire
8person standing in front of statue
8play wear clothing
8adult standing at stop
8man hold percussion instrument
8standing in front of bike
8man examine something
8adult wear clothing and tie standing
8person walk through station
8dog roll in grass
8person prepare dish
8woman sit against wall
8ride on track
8adult sit at small table
8person ride bike in city
8man head
8person look through binoculars
8person face direction
8adult with long hair and clothing
8person watch from side
8some person standing look
8man on stage play stringed instrument
8person standing close
8sit on outdoors
8shake person
8child eat cone
8person with computer
8hold orange
8some person wait for train
8adult play stringed instrument while person play instrument
8athlete block player
8adult hold magazine
8adult lay brick
8be sing
8group of person raise
8beautiful entertainer
8man enjoy game
8boy sit on chair
8person kiss person wear clothing
8man carry torch
8some young person walk
8two adult surround by plant
8white adult talk
8old fashion clothing
8adult make drink
8adult with boot
8similarly dress person
8play brown guitar
8some person dance on stage
8mom pose
8woman study
8athlete surf wave
8adult lay head
8child wear clothing swing bat
8person do wheelie on bike
8two man prepare food
8adult person and child
8person wear clothing play keyboard
8adult pose with arm
8person hold supporter
8two chinese adult
8person get shoe
8person with clothing smile
8man sit on side of road
8person wear glasses and clothing walk
8person walk in front of mural
8child swing on tire swing
8woman wear purple shirt
8elder woman
8water person
8person stick out tongue
8person sit with hand
8person wear pant and clothing walk
8guitarist play stringed instrument
8person throw person
8two person sit at desk
8person wear clothing and hat talk
8adult sit up
8woman in market
8female athlete jump
8two adult work on computer
8person swing on swing
8adult hold child on shoulder
8adult standing on street look
8adult and adult wear shirt standing
8adult watch child play
8adult visit
8person play instrment
8african american man play instrument
8adult on phone sit
8adult take turn
8adult walk next to wall
8person standing behind bar
8adult sing while person play guitar
8sit in front of wall
8child do skateboard trick
8person ride wave in ocean
8adult apply
8person and adult ride
8workman standing
8two woman smile for camera
8person wear blue clothing sing
8person site on bench
8man surround by group of person
8person walk on busy sidewalk
8person sit while person walk
8attempt jump
8group lounge
8person with drink
8person ride in vehicle
8adult print
8group of observer watch
8band be
8teens play
8person standing on trail
8string adult
8man get hair by adult
8hold snow shovel
8adult look at sign
8adult wear attire walk
8group of person take photo
8person buy fruit
8person wear white clothing run
8puppy standing
8adult standing by wall
8adult walk down street on day
8man have beard
8adult standing pose
8adult sit at table with computer
8wave wear water
8person climb down
8person speak to man
8adult arrive
8man wear pant
8person operate on patient
8person wear clothing standing in room
8woman wear clothing and clothing
8person give performance
8two toddler play
8adult present
8two guy play instrument
8adult take food
8carry case
8take person
8adult look at car
8two boy talk
8some adult and adult standing
8run through puddle
8blond boy standing
8adult with hair sit
8man standing on bike
8child sit on adult shoulder
8adult play stringed instrument and sing on stage
8group of person come
8man with sweatshirt
8person hold up piece
8adult pull child
8person standing by bike
8dog walk along path
8woman standing behind him
8person cut man hair
8entertainer be on stage
8adult walk in direction
8person sit by window
8person be hula hoop
8person sit read paper
8person with black hair look
8adult take photo of person
8dive off
8two smile man
8man catch air
8sit in front of plant
8girl_woman sit on rock
8person paint on wall
8man hold newborn baby
8person look while sit
8person wear jacket talk to adult wear clothing
8boy surf
8adult stick tongue
8man with gun
8man with luggage
8person scale cliff
8person in tent
8person arrange
8woman with clothing talk
8man wear jumpsuit standing
8person wear clothing talk to adult wear jacket
8child swim wear water
8lady play guitar
8adult play instrument for person
8throw by person
8new woman
8person hold plastic cup
8woman wear white hat
8two person be in boat
8guitarist play instrument
8person balance himself
8female street person
8look at piece of paper
8two woman sit and talk
8child with blond-hair sit
8two adult standing in room
8two man cook food
8point hat
8person sit on bench with dog
8person play with baby
8adult look over railing
8person try to block person
8person sit at dine table
8adult take shot
8standing beside her
8sit on block
8dog lie on back
8roller derby adult
8man on right
8two person wait for bus
8two street
8athlete make catch
8person wear backpack standing
8blond adult walk down street
8hold mop
8woman with flower
8standing in front of grill
8dog catch object
8two child dance
8give look
8adult on corner
8be to get
8khaki shirt
8photograph woman
8two old person
8adult get shoe
8young asian child sit
8adult act
8person on rollerblade
8person draw portrait
8child with arm
8be entertainer
8person talk to man on street
8police officer look
8some adult and person standing
8person talk to person sit
8person dribble basketball
8person with hair and clothing
8person play instrument in area
8adult play basketball on court
8person wear clothing use tool
8man sit by himself
8some person eat food
8child ski
8adult lay in bed
8old beard person
8person wear clothing talk with person
8play blue instrument
8adult standing while person sit
8adult sprint
8brunette adult look
8person work behind counter
8person sit side
8three boy pose
8person standing near fence
8firefighter be
8group of person huddle
8person standing on some rock
8adult hold red umbrella
8man walk next to wall
8man standing on scaffold
8hiker pose
8person ride coaster
8adult look at hand
8woman walk across bridge
8adult drive truck
8adult with clothing pose
8person lay brick
8young couple walk
8walk down street of city
8two adult on horseback
8thin woman
8three person stare
8person with pant and shirt
8run through surf
8adult wear boot walk
8person teach person
8two adult kiss
8girl_child hold hand
8man mark
8person lay on bed
8person wear clothing and person wear clothing dance
8two person look at screen
8dog look at camera
8person play with black dog
8beige dog run
8woman run marathon
8person sit and wait
8man place
8person sit drink beer
8crowd run
8person do some kind
8adult work at computer
8man ride bike on sidewalk
8adult aim gun
8person in gym
8child wear cap
8adult standing in front of table
8young male person
8person sit on blue bench
8adult catch air
8woman with cane walk
8standing on area
8woman smile for picture
8person race on track
8adult talk to person sit
8adult perform for person
8child wear white clothing play
8woman hang clothing
8adult do act
8person swing at pitch
8person standing wait for train
8water splash
8hold trash bag
8person wear colorful costume
8woman with sweatshirt
8blue and white jacket
8person ride surfboard on wave
8adult hold knife
8person standing on city sidewalk
8child spread
8boy wear clothing climb
8child standing wear street
8adult wear clothing and clothing play instrument
8two dark-haired man
8person walk on city sidewalk
8man work in kitchen
8adult look at ground
8man play instrument in front of group of person
8person sell something
8adult order food
8chase by dog
8person fix tire
8run on snow
8group make
8get ready to jump
8skateboard off
8boy wear clothing ride skateboard
8person and musician
8adult look at menu
8adult shake hand with person
8person be in field
8person standing at crosswalk
8adult wear glasses and clothing standing
8man parachute
8athlete soar
8member play guitar
8football player tackle person wear clothing
8adult perform on instrument
8woman standing at table
8two other man look
8mother pose
8adult do bike trick
8person give look
8boy do flip
8person walk down street of city
8person wear long clothing standing
8adult ride on bicycle
8one hold bottle
8man have food
8adult give look
8person stick tongue
8woman look at laptop
8man with guitar play
8women athlete
8boy watch adult
8performer be on stage
8walk child
8adult play violin on street
8two person cook food
8person work on scaffolding
8adult sculpt
8person sit on sand
8man with stringed instrument play
8two adult hike
8ride on ride
8man ride buck bronco
8person standing in front of restaurant
8bare chested adult
8person carry bike
8adult walk by adult
8person wear jean and clothing play instrument
8person show man
8person pitch
8woman look at food
8person and two adult standing
8woman walk next to adult
8woman play guitar and sing
8person play softball
8person serve beverage
8person wear shirt walk along street
8person play instrument into microphone
8adult walk behind adult
8adult standing behind cart
8person smile at something
8ride on wave
8person sit in wheelchair
8beautiful building
8marry adult
8person make pottery
8two adult climb
8person kickboxing
8hold type
8man and walk
8two man from team
8man with short and clothing
8person get ready to kick ball
8adult parachute
8get water
8person do demonstration
8adult walk behind him
8adult sweep ground
8adult women
8person shirtless
8woman write on it
8contain person
8adult play instrment
8man spar
8walk with shop bag
8person sing while person play guitar
8adult walk in front of group
8son walk
8person lean look
8adult bow head
8curly-haired man
8some adult and person sit
8two adult cook food
8person standing around outside
8person ride sled
8person use hose
8adult in swim pool
8some spectator watch
8person watch fire
8look at street
8adult have good time
8hold rock
8adult with clothing and pant walk
8oklahoma athlete
8person wear clothing hold cup
8person play stringed instrument in front of person
8hold equipment
8woman cry
8person sit in dark
8scantily clad adult
8adult sip beverage
8man hold man
8girl_child splash
8person have coffee
8person hold knife
8adult with shirt play stringed instrument
8person wear clothing play music
8show some person
8kneel adult
8person relax on couch
8adult make animal
8adult carry stack
8child sit on person shoulder
8man sit on stage
8person wear clothing standing on field
8standing against building
8watch from side
8adult sit by tree
8adult carry food
8athlete play soccer
8person appear to be work
8person lay head
8person look at hand
8it run
8adult hug girl_woman
8adult hold two child
8adult entertain group of person
8child sleep on couch
8dog play in grassy field
8adult walk in crowd
8take in
8man hold dog
8person wear shirt and hat work
8toss child
8man on rollerblade
8person cross street at crosswalk
8person adult and child
8referee standing
8adult ball
8two elderly woman sit
8hold blue bag
8person jump over person
8watch parade
8man look at map
8dog run into water
8young girl hold
8adult can
8child on scooter
8follow dog
8person on cellphone standing
8nike shirt
8sniff dog
8standing in front of flag
8man and adult sing
8woman walk next to person
8baby wear clothing sit
8standing at stand
8child play drum
8person look while standing
8woman enjoy drink
8male and female performer
8adult standing on hand
8adult standing near water
8group of teens standing
8young shirtless person
8person sit in blue chair
8person with woman
8adult hold container
8girl_woman sit on chair
8kneel on street
8woman hold red umbrella
8child get hair
8some person drink
8try to block person
8tie dye shirt
8person perform on stage with instrument
8boy pose for camera
8group of person standing in group
8woman work in garden
8person wear shirt and hat sit
8person sit with back
8three person prepare meal
8person standing in front of bus
8two adult play chess
8three adult run
8man lasso calf
8adult bike on street
8some person and adult standing
8man in trunks
8person set up camera
8adult shirtless
8adult and woman play instrument
8smile young boy
8person do kind
8man aim gun
8man play tuba
8rider make jump
8cart on street
8walk side
8look down street
8man with glasses talk
8standing on pavement
8adult standing in front of brick
8person at stand
8man shout
8adult hold bird
8work at night
8standing door
8person walk while talk
8person stoop
8adult sit together
8adult with glasses smile
8group of student sit
8two young asian adult
8person sit around campfire
8ride bike with basket
8adult look at device
8older gentleman standing
8person in rodeo
8person use hoop
8person wear red clothing speak
8entertainer leap
8person hold pan
8man play stringed instrument while sit
8adult sit and standing
8latino adult
8adult operate on person
8two female sit
8two musician play instrument
8adult look off
8man hammer
8adult block person
8person sing while adult play stringed instrument
8play in forest
8person sleep on grass
8man use bucket
8girl_woman point
8adult wear clothing and person wear clothing dance
8man read book while sit
8paint woman
8adult do laundry
8walk around area
8person collide
8person on roof
8person eat outside
8hold white bag
8child wrestle
8hood shirt
8three kid standing
8very colorful clothing
8woman sit read
8person take picture of woman
8woman sit on grass
8adult ride subway
8hold pan
8adult paddle canoe
8carry handbag
8child hold umbrella
8sit around
8man play instrument and adult play instrument
8play for audience
8adult sit on log
8person on ride
8adult catch wave on surfboard
8man take picture with camera
8adult wakeboard
8child turn
8adult sit and sleep
8woman surround by tree
8play in backyard
8standing on mountaintop
8group attend event
8person standing on floor
8person wear clothing and hat play guitar
8adult run on sidewalk
8person sit up
8two person compete for ball
8person wear black clothing work
8man eat sandwich
8man sit at wooden table
8person wear shirt and pant work
8construction worker be
8bright red shirt
8person have dinner
8monk walk
8adult with mustache sit
8two person get
8some person march
8person swim in water
8standing in front of display
8adult standing with group
8person fall off animal
8person walk in opposite direction
8person standing in front of water
8two man walk down city street
8adult place hand
8person jump wave
8person play instrument and man play instrument
8person wear headscarf walk
8adult hold protest sign
8older gentleman look
8person have camera
8person wear shirt standing wear clothing
8person mountain bike
8adult play with baby
8adult do same
8person wear clothing and clothing play instrument
8person and woman relax
8child push child
8adult carve sculpture
8carry woman
8two adult play football
8person with clothing pose
8man sit on crate
8person wear clothing sit play instrument
8roller derby woman
8two person talk on phone
8adult wear clothing sit with person
8two lover
8adult climb large rock
8person wear suit dance
8person watch car
8athlete climb
8person and child wear clothing
8adult in air
8standing along side
8adult play lacrosse
8adult play with dog on beach
8person work in lab
8three person hold
8young couple sit
8woman dry
8man pour something
8two person on bench
8some person sit look
8person ride bicycle on road
8person with helmet sit
8shirt adult
8chubby person
8hold two child
8child ride on adult
8gather to watch adult
8fourth adult
8two adult do construction
8have arm around person
8brunette woman look
8person pet dog
8audience sit
8person play electric guitar and sing
8ski jacket
8ask adult
8child run on street
8standing in hallway
8person play drum set
8man climb rock face
8miami person
8woman standing by adult
8play instrument in adult
8person conduct orchestra
8indian person work
8group of young person walk
8adult cover mouth
8adult standing in front of restaurant
8beard adult play stringed instrument
8oriental adult walk
8small group sit
8man wear glasses and clothing sit
8person laugh wear clothing
8three worker work
8adult hold basketball
8white long-sleeve shirt
8child on skateboard
8person ride car
8person wear shirt and short play tennis
8adult play instrument with entertainer
8person look and smile
8man standing in group of person
8be building
8play white stringed instrument
8person hold up child
8adult play instrument into microphone
8person wear shirt hold piece
8play in lake
8three observer
8marry person
8school age child
8person look at monitor
8ride down trail
8person travel down street
8hold something in mouth
8person share meal
8man sculpt
8adult enjoy
8play brown stringed instrument
8adult play instrument in front of crowd
8two person hold bag
8person with glasses play guitar
8play with yo-yo
8adult walk wear water
8entertainer sing and play instrument
8handicap man
8man with mustache sit
8person compete in marathon
8old bald adult
8sit beside him
8woman hold woman
8woman pour drink
8adult teach
8group of person have time
8man carry stick
8man and boy sit
8two young child walk
8group walk across street
8adult sit write
8adult instruct person
8man sleep on ground
8person hold black umbrella
8adult hold bicycle
8child with shirt and short
8standing next to door
8adult walk down street with adult
8man sit at table with beverage
8adult with clothing smile
8fly ball
8two asian woman walk
8group sit on beach
8adult sit at counter
8look wear bag
8adult carve
8person sit and talk on phone
8man converse with adult
8person do act
8woman walk with shop bag
8person tug
8person play instrument on corner
8as a person
8hold handle
8group sit talk
8adult walk behind her
8old beard man
8child hit baseball
8some person standing on stage
8adult play on beach
8three person surround
8person lay on street
8person fire gun
8view of person
8teen person sit
8person have arm around adult
8pair of man
8person surf big wave
8adult carry object
8person and woman play instrument
8person with black hair standing
8group walk down busy street
8partner pose
8adult cling
8person sit and person standing
8adult bite
8gather in front of building
8person hoop
8dog catch red frisbee
8person in house
8athlete wind
8look through bag
8walk outdoors
8person soar through air
8man and adult ride
8group of person standing in room
8person with short and clothing
8person ride on bus
8girl_woman have fun
8male adult work
8woman standing behind table
8try to hold
8ball with person
8look at baby
8green glasses
8dirt person
8man play instrument with adult
8person cross intersection
8group of person standing in circle
8adult conduct orchestra
8child with clothing play
8child feed bird
8two man in room
8dog carry large stick
8guy dance
8person wear clothing standing on grass
8adult wear headscarf walk
8person carry torch
8woman open present
8child perform dance
8woman climb wall
8person wait for ride
8boy with glasses
8child and adult standing
8adult sit and talk on phone
8adult pour water
8person wear clothing and hat smile
8dog walk on grass
8phone on street
8adult work in restaurant
8person with dark hair walk
8adult wear jacket talk to person wear clothing
8sit along side
8person sit and sleep
8person ride bicycle through forest
8jump down hill
8person do pose
8adult on scaffold
8person wear clothing and pant run
8adult play instrument on corner
8man standing in person
8adult standing wear white clothing
8fight with dog
8man address person
8person wear jacket ride horse
8young asian woman walk
8person hold hand with adult
8child play with shovel
8play fetch with dog
8person hike in forest
8gray-haired adult standing
8scruffy person
8person look while man look
8young black girl_child
8man perform martial art
8man sit on chair on sidewalk
8man use hand
8adult chase animal
8two adult in room
8sit in tub
8person wear clothing play instrument on street
8other work
8adult work on person
8adult with shirt talk
8person walk down pathway
8person sit on brick wall
8some person prepare
8person assist adult
8boy play cricket
8young blond woman sit
8standing near sign
8furry dog run
8sit at dine table
8girl_woman with long hair
8standing at desk
8sit in front of water
8woman wait for bus
8adult plant plant
8woman with clothing on
8some white clothing
8head sit
8child pet animal
8person hold helmet
8child hold bottle
8person hold outside
8band with person
8person with man
8friend play
8dog run on shore
8middle-aged white man
8person ride on scooter
8child play in sand at beach
8person in bed
8olive shirt
8adult sit with hand
8young woman play
8adult hold wine
8play near water
8dog run with stick
8adult ride on street
8photo be
8man play instrument in park
8be walk
8person play adult
8man fix tire
8person wear boot walk
8man walk past person
8man and shop
8person play instrument on street corner
8person watch child play
8two person perform in front of group
8adult and person wear clothing pose
8man strum guitar
8woman drink coffee
8some person hold flag
8standing near woman
8person converse with each other
8two adult with instrument
8adult drink from bottle
8adult with camera standing
8man sit while adult standing
8hold red cup
8woman walk up stair
8hold frame
8person wear stripe clothing play instrument
8adult address group of person
8person sit on railing
8person wear clothing and tie standing
8person hang clothing
8adult shout
8person sew clothing
8person do same
8child drink from cup
8person sit look at water
8person surf on white surfboard
8adult laugh with adult
8adult have beer
8person with blond-hair play guitar
8standing with group of person
8adult ride train
8performer sing and play instrument
8adult wear costume sit
8person run wear clothing
8person climb structure
8person with sunglasses standing
8group of construction worker work
8person play instrument while person sing
8person wear hat talk to person
8person standing on foot
8pull out
8adult spend time
8child play with train set
8woman rest head
8african american person walk
8carry book
8member standing
8person wear attire sit
8man sing at concert
8adult assist
8person ride bike on dirt road
8woman smile at baby
8woman hold food
8standing behind bar
8woman and standing
8adult stir pot
8person with glasses smile
8woman hug child
8woman hold cigarette
8adult with instrument standing
8person play stringed instrument while person play instrument
8perform trick in midair
8adult in trunks
8girl_woman hit ball
8person kick soccer ball on field
8adult with gray hair and clothing
8two lady pose
8person cut grass
8person push person
8two women person
8adult eat candy
8person walk black dog
8boy play on playground
8child follow
8person ride bmx bike
8adult play electric guitar and sing
8indian clothing
8black sleeveless shirt
8adult walk along road
8adult wear clothing smile at person
8together hold
8male smile
8person with hairstyle
8woman ride brown horse
8person ride bike in forest
8adult play softball
8adult huddle
8child hug child
8athlete lay
8person wear pants and clothing play instrument
8hold blue umbrella
8person standing in middle of group
8dog with tail
8dirty white shirt
8person wear pant and clothing sit
8person wear orange clothing and hard hat work
8person discuss topic
8work at stand
8little boy play instrument
8standing by fence
8person standing and walk
8man throw stick
8adult lie in grass
8person walk hold bag
8group consist
8two workman
8group of person standing talk
8person wear black clothing talk to person
8child play with truck
8person on phone sit
8person serve customer
8plant tree
8person with clothing and pant walk
8person hold coffee
8man in forest
8two professional person
8dark-skinned man standing
8smile adult lean
8african american adult play instrument
8adult operate piece
8dog run down road
8black man smile
8man paddle kayak
8child slide down hill
8two person compete in match
8person walk down dirt path
8watch it
8person carry football
8person ride race bike
8bare chested man
8hold cat
8one have ball
8man with shovel
8woman standing with child
8asian adult wait
8standing in front of screen
8adult work on craft
8person standing in front of brick building
8run on surface
8person wear clothing and glasses talk
8old beard adult
8adult look at mountain
8someone work
8person standing take picture
8two adult walk down busy street
8some person standing in front of building
8performer leap
8man walk in city
8adult hold by adult
8adult take care
8child raise arm
8adult play instrument and man play instrument
8man wear pants and clothing sit
8person sit in doorway
8person with black clothing and pants
8pass on street
8adult wear pant and clothing standing
8woman wear black coat
8person standing beside bike
8derby girl_woman
8elderly couple walk
8adult prepare dish
8entertainer jump
8two female walk
8african-american person sit
8child wear hand
8person sit at table work
8watch car
8person in photo
8man play instrument on corner
8black dog run wear snow
8person walk on dirt street
8person operate piece
8two adult sit next to each other
8adult shop at market
8hold sort
8adult wear clothing kiss woman
8child skate
8man sit at restaurant
8young shirtless man
8person walk down dirt road
8person look at product
8african american adult walk
8walk through alley
8middle eastern person sit
8group of adult jump
8child standing on field
8man and person sing
8infant sit
8man spray water
8man and woman play instrument
8adult do trick on ramp
8scruffy man
8boy with clothing and short
8group of woman look
8person attempt to block shot
8adult make shot
8person read music
8some person and adult sit
8rock band play
8pose with dog
8white dog and dog play
8busy person
8group of person walk through street
8man on scooter
8adult work on train track
8play on slide
8group standing and sit
8big dog jump
8smooth out
8person person and child
8person wear bikini walk
8young african person
8two asian woman standing
8carry bike
8man make shot
8person lasso calf
8smile at man
8adult wear pant and clothing sit
8person wear shirt and clothing
8person sit at cafe
8person sing while person play stringed instrument
8casual dress
8boy throw rock
8walk down street with shop bag
8team of boy
8man walk past adult
8woman with glasses walk
8woman look into distance
8adult buy something
8man with hat look
8person carry some bag
8three person on boat
8look at another
8person walk down street look
8woman shop at market
8man wear clothing and clothing standing
8two person sit on sidewalk
8two young child sit
8adult walk through city
8adult with gun
8man walk with woman
8adult play instrument while
8woman standing talk
8person dance on dance floor
8athlete prepare to throw ball
8woman ride red bike
8adult all
8construction adult work
8adult clean table
8person exit
8person wear tie
8man wear white standing
8person standing in front of mountain
8person drink water
8adult leave
8man carry bundle
8person get tattoo
8woman do gymnastics
8child take picture with camera
8adult hold up child
8man drive down street
8adult with clothing ride bike
8have arm around adult
8person standing on surfboard
8person play white stringed instrument
8person be on field
8person work at store
8person sit at outside
8adult walk across crosswalk
8child do gymnastics
8african american person sit
8man do bike trick
8person and person ride
8funny hat
8hit man
8man wear clothing and clothing play instrument
8class of child
8adult ski down slope
8adult suspend in air
8woman standing with adult
8woman with red-hair standing
8old bald person
8examine plant
8adult perform dance on stage
8hold black purse
8adult fix hair
8boy hold stick
8adult use rope
8woman wear red dress
8adult play trombone
8person look wear shirt
8person standing at attention
8two young woman standing
8adult dance at party
8person set up table
8jump wave
8man film person
8woman wash clothing
8person have leg
8person wear clothing and adult wear clothing dance
8two person with bag
8father look
8kid talk
8person throw rock
8line of person standing
8person paint outside
8person one sit
8person hold enthusiast
8jump over wall
8two large dog play
8man wear overall standing
8two person interact
8woman run on street
8middle-aged white person
8person tackle another
8woman sit and smile
8person and adult perform dance
8hand adult
8adult and two person standing
8run through field of flower
8poodle play
8man get haircut by adult
8man carry person
8child stick out tongue
8person wear red jacket walk
8man walk down street with person
8adult wear clothing and glasses talk
8adult with expression
8red-haired adult sit
8adult emerge
8three female person
8adult make balloon animal
8string musician
8policeman look
8black and gray clothing
8african person sit
8man play instrument and person play instrument
8adult paint on it
8bird walk
8woman hold young boy
8carry stack
8group of person pass
8young girl person
8adult on bus
8man help woman
8two person make way
8adult talk to man on street
8person sit wear bar
8person and kid walk
8two little girl standing
8person toss child
8two man perform on stage
8policeman talk
8person sit while man standing
8man ride bike on track
8bike clothing
8girl_child eat food
8person sit at stop
8large group of person look
8adult hold percussion instrument
8three person lean
8walk side by side
8person walk on pavement
8group watch person perform
8adult ride bicycle through forest
8oklahoma person
8man standing on mountain
8man standing behind them
8use bike
8two older man standing
8person lean against post
8man do dance
8adult wear orange clothing and hat work
8man cut something
8include woman
8some person pass
8person wear white clothing lean
8person hold hand in air
8adult standing on bridge
8sit at stop
8person wear blue clothing take photo
8standing on train
8adult with light brown hair
8large crowd watch
8person with short black hair
8man carry shop bag
8middle-age man
8skateboard person
8person wear attire
8person on car
8person drink alcohol
8ceremonial clothing
8group gather around person
8person with shirt talk
8three asian person sit
8person ride bike on dirt street
8adult on roof
8man repair bicycle
8person tune instrument
8beautiful girl_woman
8spectator standing
8person curl
8balance on hand
8construction man work
8sit on towel
8person wear black clothing run
8athlete pose for picture
8person wear hat sing
8blow out
8two person ride in boat
8group watch group of person
8mom watch
8man with look
8walk through hallway
8person wear white clothing take picture
8person challenge person
8man hold leash
8person shop for produce
8dog watch dog
8adult run down road
8adult fix tire
8black long-sleeve shirt
8person have glasses
8hit adult
8woman play string instrument
8look at lake
8person wear pants and shirt walk
8two person ski
8adult hold black umbrella
8person wear clothing walk wear clothing
8group of person raise hand
8play instrument in entertainer
8adult perform with instrument
8person wait for light
8man on scaffolding
8perform wear clothing
8hold umbrella over head
8person carry stack
8brunette girl_woman
8three blond person
8two person climb mountain
8person hold him
8person wear purple clothing play instrument
8shot of person
8person walk in front of group
8as two person
8some person play some instrument
8person wear clothing hold box
8woman standing by person
8scantily clad woman
8two person run down street
8adult standing in front of mirror
8muddy street
8person have cigarette
8person walk up flight of stair
8man cut hair
8dog wade through water
8adult approach
8person hold child on shoulder
8adult carry adult
8person person sit
8group of person have fun
8child sit in stroller
8be performer
8woman search
8person legged
8adult on bike look
8person play one
8woman write something
8man wear orange shirt standing
8person with clothing on standing
8girl_woman smile at camera
8boy play in ocean
8person wear glasses and clothing standing
8bald person wear clothing standing
8two indian man
8girl_woman sing into microphone
8adult sit in seat
8standing around outside
8hug on street
8group walk through street
8young man and person sit
8multicolored dress
8standing in body of water
8adult with blond-hair look
8two man standing in front of building
8she work
8person pedal bike
8large black dog run
8dog swim with stick
8person select food
8group standing in field
8man swing racket
8adult out
8play with car
8person lay on beach
8man wear helmet standing
8person wear black sing
8dog swim in pool
8adult sit wear bar
8adult with dark hair and glasses
8man look over shoulder
8adult walk with shop bag
8cut man
8person standing under plant
8foreign man
8person standing in front of mirror
8carry skateboard
8walk down snowy street
8adult be hula hoop
8person give woman
8girl_woman sleep
8person standing door
8adult hold enthusiast
8adult jump off ramp
8person standing in station
8adult shovel dirt
8person jump hurdle
8smile adult walk
8man have beer
8person hold wine
8group of friend sit
8woman with dark hair and clothing
8child wear sunglasses
7african-american adult sit
7person wear clothing balance
7adult prepare food on grill
7marry man
7black woman standing
7point at person
7adult do some kind
7person sit in living room
7child put
7adult standing next to cart
7man wait at stop
7big group
7adult talk on mobile phone
7young indian child
7look towards person
7man walk down crowd street
7person play with hoop
7child sit on ledge
7reddish hair
7look at table
7young african adult
7adult prepare some food
7male athlete run
7adult hold sheet
7pose with instrument
7three person play musical instrument
7adult have cigarette
7child play in forest
7two man do construction work
7carry cup
7man play stringed instrument while person play instrument
7soccer player be
7boy do trick on bike
7teen person walk
7musician pose
7lean on person
7child surf
7adult walk through grass
7person while standing
7group camp
7performer with clothing
7two man sit on couch
7adult be at work
7woman have bag
7person sit side by side
7white person jump
7person descend
7person jump for ball
7man on dock
7look behind her
7adult wear outside
7person play stringed instrument while
7boy wear jacket sit
7look in microscope
7group take place
7male sing
7adult walk towards building
7person play guitar and instrument
7man give thumb up
7girl_child go down slide
7turn to look
7man aim
7adult build castle
7person on skates
7person standing sing
7arabic person
7horse run
7stop to talk
7man sit on bench on street
7person rope animal
7group of person swim
7adult walk down street with shop bag
7person with belt
7person walk with bike
7two adult pose with person
7hold athlete
7person standing with dog
7wrap paper
7lady talk to person
7two baby sit
7girl_woman go
7person ride motorcycle on street
7person wear red clothing play
7two adult hold umbrella
7group sit on stair
7walk past woman
7beard adult look
7adult play saxaphone
7five person
7adult hold rifle
7person take place
7child sit in car
7blue checker shirt
7asian person perform
7two person look at computer screen
7hold cup of beverage
7person play guitar while sit
7perform for group of person
7man use equipment
7person wear clothing drink beverage
7person standing on train platform
7person give person ride
7woman sit on person
7adult sit on bench with dog
7carry little girl
7sit inside
7bicycle adult
7man look at them
7tub of water
7black and blue shirt
7person standing next to motorbike
7man conduct orchestra
7person sit on subway train
7adult communicate
7some performer play
7adult wear boot sit
7adult bowl with ball
7person address crowd
7one throw ball
7man hold head
7person sit on cliff
7man work on railroad
7two youth
7group of entertainer walk
7man ski down slope
7man sit and sleep
7man be work
7person blow whistle
7man with cane walk
7woman in front
7person wear clothing standing wear shirt
7person standing around person
7hold ribbon
7person play guitar with band
7person wear pink hat
7jump through field
7sit behind person
7person hold trash bag
7person prepare food on grill
7standing around adult
7two adult wait for bus
7male performer sing
7person outside look
7male child sit
7group of person lead
7standing in fountain
7two adult on stage
7three person prepare food
7person wear cap and clothing
7person challenge player
7group wear clothing gather
7person interact with person
7blond man standing
7two person do construction work
7person play instrument while man play instrument
7man look in distance
7young asian woman sit
7child pass
7adult do routine
7look at city
7inline person
7three person make
7person push boat
7beard man look
7child wear shirt point
7adult motion
7two adult on horse
7child play on slide
7man walk dog on leash
7man ride bull at rodeo
7look over ocean
7tire person
7adult dance on dance floor
7woman hold item
7some older person
7adult walk down street in front of building
7adult standing next to plant
7two guy walk
7pose on beach
7man gather around table
7person street
7person on rock
7adult with short black hair
7chase child
7person sit wear dress
7help by adult
7man wear tie
7child run through water
7standing on edge of water
7person make bubble
7woman hold black umbrella
7person interview
7group wear hat
7man wakeboard
7person sit and read newspaper
7three person sit in room
7beard person look
7riot adult
7female musician sing
7carry bag over shoulder
7sit in front of monitor
7man sit on dock
7person wear attire play instrument
7two person paint
7adult standing in front of grill
7person with guitar standing
7person play accordion on sidewalk
7adult fire gun
7some person lie
7overweight adult sit
7adult cross street in city
7adult standing near bike
7adult follow by person
7adult wear vest and hat work
7boy play wear street
7adult play guitar with band
7adult drink at bar
7person perform flip
7adult ride animal at rodeo
7two person play tennis
7person wear clothing standing in street
7man do move
7group watch street person
7person jump to hit ball
7dog run in park
7person standing point
7child play in swim pool
7three person do work
7ride on surfboard
7group of person walk down busy street
7dance on beach
7adult on lift
7person sit on concrete
7shirtless man look
7man with long beard sit
7beautiful plant
7person wear clothing take nap
7adult look at monitor
7man with cap and clothing
7leader talk
7woman take care
7adult make music
7lab person
7chinese person walk
7person with umbrella sit
7adult balance himself
7metal person
7man look out of window
7athlete throw
7person wear black clothing take photo
7adult standing by plant
7be about to jump
7person sit in vehicle
7standing with her
7person sit in plant
7man wear pant standing
7person sift
7person wear skates
7person standing with bag
7dog jump over gate
7adult hold up person
7two person in kitchen
7man explain something
7adult ride on scooter
7adult hit golf ball
7beard person play guitar
7person look over ocean
7adult ride bike through street
7adult carry something
7athlete go down slope
7adult pass each other
7man with clothing play guitar
7man hold protest sign
7adult sit look at water
7hold in hand
7group face
7person and woman ride
7person sit on corner
7person hold red flag
7group of runner run
7another play guitar
7woman sit by water
7two young girl run
7man block person
7adult jump hurdle
7woman look into microscope
7person practice kick
7child follow adult
7group watch street entertainer
7woman ride motorcycle
7adult jump from rock
7walk on street in front of building
7standing near each other
7person tune guitar
7flip person
7man play basketball on court
7adult take photo of adult
7person wear bikini standing
7man saw piece
7two small child sit
7woman with sunglasses walk
7dog lick nose
7walk on snow
7adult sit while look
7person walk up path
7two person standing outdoors
7be crowd
7adult sit on subway train
7person wear clothing and jean play stringed instrument
7woman rollerblade
7play hand instrument
7person sit in front of person
7person wear hat and shirt walk
7adult play instrument while person sing
7adult consist
7ride black bike
7adult play instrument while man play instrument
7person wade through water
7man wear pant and clothing standing
7person wear clothing sit next to person wear clothing
7man look at plant
7adult do bicycle trick
7adult recline in chair
7man with beard and hat
7adult sit near water
7child put face
7person play instrument in person
7adult use pole
7person hand something
7adult with beard and hat
7blue winter clothing
7take down person
7man take break from work
7person clean up trash
7person wear blue clothing wait
7play on phone
7man lift
7two child work
7group wave
7person watch television
7person walk on crowd street
7adult sit work on computer
7mount person
7adult with clothing and bag
7adult with blond-hair sing
7adult work in lab
7man embrace woman
7person with long hair standing
7person have fight
7man fall off bull
7two young boy run
7adult pin
7person compete in tournament
7odd clothing
7person use pay phone
7child sit on shoulder of person
7adult sit on milk crate
7person walk down street with shop bag
7standing on dirt
7sweaty adult
7group watch street performer
7person on board
7person standing write
7walk arm
7adult in picture
7man wear black short
7carry pot
7ski jump
7adult hang clothes
7person standing beside man
7dog run with stick in mouth
7man get shoe
7child sit on wall
7person and glasses
7child standing in front of plant
7carry plant
7group kneel
7lone person jump
7person aim camera
7lean on bike
7person standing on street at night
7adult cut up food
7group gather wear street
7woman run on beach
7person inspect bike
7two adult play drum
7person dive into pool
7fur hat
7skinny woman
7athlete watch person
7be food
7person work construction
7person play instrument while person play percussion instrument
7other smile
7man embrace person
7bald head adult
7boy wear helmet
7boy chase soccer ball
7adult sit at sew machine
7person wear clothing sit outside
7woman drink wine
7man sit and read book
7surfer standing
7woman fly
7adult sit in living room
7adult swim in ocean
7adult on knee
7swim with child
7sit in store
7person with purple hair
7sit at sew machine
7woman yell
7put clothing
7two man chat
7man standing on top of mountain
7man on scaffold
7two male standing
7person observe man
7hold branch
7adult make toast
7person mount
7athlete climb wall
7guy perform
7woman hold bowl
7adult throw rock
7male person run
7person make toast
7run around
7man wear gray suit
7smile blond adult
7be lady
7adult wear black clothing and pants walk
7man photograph
7person climb steep mountain
7person play soccer in field
7woman hold her
7adult wear black clothing take picture
7adult standing while look
7dog walk on sand
7adult standing in front of bus
7person be about to throw ball
7person ride bike along street
7man hold food
7person be on ladder
7adult and person talk to each other
7person jump down stair
7child wear clothing and short play
7man with beard play guitar
7person wear clothing push stroller
7person standing near sign
7group raft
7adult kneel on street
7person wear clothing and helmet standing
7three athlete run
7inspect bike
7get ready to eat
7man play instrument for money
7dog wade wear water
7block athlete
7adult smile at something
7adult pull person
7child wear shirt hang
7group of person outside
7person play on phone
7person standing talk on phone
7group run down street
7athlete kneel
7child hold up finger
7some person drink beer
7two adult work on bike
7person eat snack
7some construction worker standing
7adult curl
7dog hold frisbee in mouth
7bride walk
7man lead horse
7person standing outside shop
7child run across field
7white male play instrument
7man jump high
7adult walk while talk on phone
7person hug person wear clothing
7groom standing
7adult sit while man standing
7adult sleep on grass
7look over cliff
7person happen
7person border
7camouflage hat
7person climb step
7biker jump
7adult wear clothing talk with adult
7person sit use computer
7adult look while standing
7look over wall
7outside look
7person standing on bus
7woman hold small baby
7person wear clothing play instrument with person
7beach person
7person standing in front of large building
7adult wear green
7two man work on bike
7woman with red-hair sit
7person standing hold umbrella
7adult help young child
7play instrument next to adult
7man try to stay
7hold apple
7adult make it
7standing in front of train
7adult dribble basketball
7person waling
7person enjoy water
7man play guitar at concert
7pretend to be adult
7two person talk while sit
7person carry piece
7age man
7large street
7adult wear shirt kiss adult
7man with shirt play instrument
7person splash water
7oriental person sit
7man on field
7man hold child on shoulder
7woman hold black purse
7person with blue clothing sit
7man look off-camera
7person leave store
7person wear shirt and glasses
7adult grimace
7person watch group of person
7sit in front of instrument
7adult standing by bike
7person wear dress play
7male entertainer sing
7figure athlete
7person have open
7person play white guitar
7person with long hair and shirt
7man play stringed instrument in front of microphone
7employee work
7person wear ride
7person follow by adult
7person work on wall
7adult wear attire play instrument
7child with mohawk
7adult illuminate
7adult on bike talk
7person take photo of adult
7person with long curly hair
7man on couch
7three person sit in chair
7person sit in plastic chair
7hold line
7person gather on sidewalk
7two person perform martial art
7woman throw ball
7sit in forest
7man walk on trail
7young adult standing
7child sit on shoulder of adult
7man ride elephant
7drive by man
7some person sit on floor
7adult tune stringed instrument
7man sit at table look
7person sit smile at camera
7adult play blue instrument
7two person talk with each other
7play instrument for group of person
7sit on track
7person wear white clothing take photo
7young black woman
7person light cigarette
7young shirtless boy
7woman play instrument and sing into microphone
7some man and person sit
7person ride in car
7adult wear clothing and pants play stringed instrument
7sit with bag
7adult follow person
7adult do performance
7adult walk past woman
7person work at stand
7group and person walk
7person sit at sew machine
7person hold brush
7dog sit in grass
7person reach for something
7hat adult
7two person tackle person
7man cut grass
7play with plane
7woman enjoy meal
7man on team
7person kneel on street
7two man have fun
7man wear clothing and pants
7person wear vest and hard hat work
7person be ski
7adult ride bicycle on sidewalk
7person wear black clothing hold baby
7athlete challenge person
7some person and woman sit
7man walk past
7adult wear skates
7person standing near tree
7bike with person
7adult play drum set
7adult with clothing on standing
7tattooed person
7child hold baby
7man standing wear hand
7two person fall
7woman push baby stroller
7walk across beach
7adult have dinner
7group of person watch performer
7person look surprise
7adult standing hold sign
7man in rodeo
7three ball
7carry blue bag
7person walk around area
7person play fetch with dog
7sit on path
7two adult wear helmet
7two person wear water
7two person perform art
7some person hold instrument
7dog run down hill
7person carry drum
7metal adult
7man sit next to woman
7join person
7athlete wind up
7woman work in field
7dog run through wooded area
7two other standing
7figure walk
7person wrap around head
7man use microphone
7adult with number
7two customer
7seat person look
7dog crouch
7person wear clothing and tie play instrument
7person tuck
7adult standing on stair
7dark brown hair
7adult lean against pillar
7man standing near street
7standing at corner
7adult with long hair standing
7boy cover
7run base
7man scream
7person play instrument in front of crowd of person
7man wear pants and clothing play instrument
7man look for something
7person with brown hair and shirt
7person engage in match
7partner cut cake
7group sit on couch
7one make face
7person wait for adult
7three street person
7person walk child
7two adult perform martial art
7baby boy sit
7standing on board
7child sit in seat
7toddler run
7man hold balloon
7woman wear pink dress
7adult toss child
7person wear red clothing ride horse
7blond adult play stringed instrument
7man perform in front of crowd
7standing in stream
7dog sniff dog
7person wear clothing and jean ride bike
7adult play card game
7two person enjoy beverage
7two adult with bag
7person launch
7adult lay on floor
7group pray
7adult make jump
7adult with beard walk
7some person ride in boat
7newborn child
7man text
7person joke
7get on bike
7group of race
7adult play fetch with dog
7group on street
7direct group
7person and woman wear clothing dance
7woman with shoe
7splash by water
7woman pose with child
7person standing next to two person
7person drink from glass
7man carve sculpture
7that hang
7adult on cellphone standing
7boy look at person
7two adult perform art
7adult standing next to tree
7group wait for train
7adult standing on top of mountain
7large black dog play
7examine bike
7couple of person standing
7person build sand castle
7smile child standing
7person scratch head
7person jump off cliff
7woman in person
7adult appear
7man get something
7three person come
7person play on stringed instrument
7rock adult
7walk down street with child
7woman hold plastic bag
7person wait for car
7adult wear white clothing and pant walk
7person and one
7person sponsor
7woman and adult play
7adult work on equipment
7person plant tree
7person ride bike on day
7person pose for picture with adult
7nicely dress woman
7person standing next to cart
7hold scarf
7male entertainer play stringed instrument
7woman fix hair
7hold baseball
7one hold camera
7person with red-hair sit
7one hold umbrella
7person and adult talk to each other
7some young man standing
7person with mustache play instrument
7child wear uniform walk
7walk on street next to building
7two person compete in tournament
7adult tune guitar
7adult seat on bench
7person wear shirt bend
7adult with blue clothing look
7woman climb rock wall
7adult mix something
7man with dark hair and clothing
7play with volleyball
7person walk towards camera
7adult in truck
7child walk with person
7adult and person on stage
7police motorbike
7man show woman
7adult give direction
7local adult
7hold sign on street
7standing on day
7two man make face
7man standing and smile
7man carry large bag
7young oriental adult
7person wear clothing relax
7group watch them
7man sit in booth
7person walk next to man
7three lady walk
7standing next to stand
7older couple walk
7woman standing in front of group of person
7person standing in front of screen
7walk down street in rain
7person sit at table with laptop
7dressed up
7person play in sand
7child standing in front of person
7adult show off skill
7adult put makeup
7man bike on street
7person with clothing and bag
7adult patrol street
7two person sit on beach
7sit by street
7some person hold sign
7woman with hat sit
7sleep on adult
7woman put hand
7hold cardboard sign
7man ride boat
7person make craft
7cook up
7person wear shirt sit wear clothing
7person in picture
7male adult sit
7man sit on bench look
7person hold pair
7two adult face
7run down trail
7person make coffee
7glass of water
7person wear shirt and clothing play instrument
7walk towards water
7some person wear shirt
7man cook meal
7dog open mouth
7big ball
7person bicycle down street
7child play jump rope
7jump in forest
7man play white instrument
7hold frisbee in mouth
7man play harmonica
7standing at bar
7person enjoy dinner
7adult walk child
7person ride buck animal
7adult and kid walk
7group of cyclist ride down street
7child walk outside
7hat person
7man make person
7adult kiss adult wear clothing
7person throw punch
7walk down street with building
7person walk by window
7adult be adult
7athlete scale cliff
7some african person
7athlete tackle by person
7man standing surround
7person have mouth open
7jump to catch toy
7woman with dreadlock
7dog catch tennis ball in mouth
7adult standing in row
7person sit cross-legged
7entertainer sing and play guitar
7group of performer walk
7adult wear glasses and clothing walk
7mexican man
7two person play drum
7adult sell ware
7person surround by mountain
7white man jump
7musician and adult play
7look over rail
7protester standing
7person race down street
7person attire
7person walk down brick sidewalk
7person look into telescope
7adult jump into lake
7person with short and shirt
7performer and adult play
7old asian woman
7child and person look
7man throw child
7man carry sign
7white dog sit
7man extend
7adult walk next to man
7fashionable person
7adult standing in front of shop
7person swim in swim pool
7adult on computer
7riot person
7child bounce on trampoline
7hold white umbrella
7walk with bike
7adult sit on bench on sidewalk
7man ride bicycle through forest
7person hold skateboard
7woman hang clothes
7person use projector
7adult look at dog
7man play instrument while adult sing
7ride bike wear clothing
7group watch boy
7person wear clothing paint picture
7man ride on street
7person read from book
7woman do jump
7man play stringed instrument while adult play instrument
7person be sing
7person hold american flag
7finish touches
7adult glide
7person wear shirt squat
7person wear hat and vest standing
7person behind him look
7face group
7two person fight over ball
7man one standing
7group of some man standing
7adult wear painting
7be about to walk
7entertainer and person play
7walk animal
7laugh with man
7adult sit with drink
7person attempt to hit ball
7two young man play instrument
7boy smile for camera
7person hold white umbrella
7hold axe
7ballet dancer perform
7person have animal
7person with red clothing walk
7person stare at woman
7look bore
7walk through marketplace
7person hold microphone on stage
7little blond-haired child
7arab adult
7man sit behind table
7person talk in room
7two person help person
7adult make repair
7adult standing take picture
7person one and other
7person standing near building
7three adult play hockey
7person build castle
7boy blow bubble
7adult wear backpack standing
7man sit in chair on street
7shirtless person look
7person wear face
7person wear shirt kiss person
7adult hold helmet
7two younger man
7beige hat
7athlete run race
7person play with frisbee
7person wear shirt and pant run
7pass through
7person pull suitcase
7group mingle
7person watch guy
7person play tennis on court
7adult standing sit
7person break
7push car
7look at boy
7person standing hold sign
7woman teach child
7man sit at small table
7little kid look
7person in truck
7adult standing close
7some person wear hat
7play with weapon
7walk pass
7person wear jacket ride
7child wear t-shirt
7adult appear to be person
7person wear shirt hug person
7adult pull suitcase
7one hold
7dark person
7person perform maintenance
7boy balance
7child wear stripe shirt
7dog run down ramp
7dog run on lawn
7person wear shirt shop
7some person play sport
7person wear shirt and cap standing
7group move
7use pay
7busy asian street
7worker talk
7person with red umbrella walk
7person in studio
7adult sit at table in room
7look through book
7hold newborn
7sit with drink
7person standing hold instrument
7watch presentation
7adult behind her
7man lean on pole
7man walk next to woman
7person look at motorbike
7dog jump to catch toy
7performer sing and play stringed instrument
7have two person
7boy watch boy
7person snowboard down mountain
7person wear clothing surf
7football player jump
7person standing next to machine
7group of person walk across street
7violinist play
7two adult with umbrella
7band member play instrument
7blond child run
7man ride animal at rodeo
7person with clothing sing
7standing by table
7person wear suit work
7person standing by door
7child standing with person
7person sit on large rock
7person standing talk to each other
7adult walk black dog
7walk by window
7teen boy standing
7group look at camera
7group of person wear hat
7person climb up snowy mountain
7woman apply
7young white child
7man walk up hill
7adult sell product
7person play volleyball at beach
7three person listen
7group and person sit
7adult explain
7dog chase frisbee
7person play instrument while adult sing
7adult see from behind
7martial arts person
7child in school
7work on construction
7woman with luggage
7man be outside
7prepare to go
7person work in room
7group watch event
7girl_woman walk on sidewalk
7person walk down pave street
7teen woman walk
7adult ride bicycle on road
7person with black hair and shirt
7person hurry
7man work on sidewalk
7decorate tree
7person with sock
7athlete chase ball
7athlete ski down mountain
7adult build sand castle
7carry package
7person carry percussion instrument
7two man talk on street
7person have face
7man do trick on ramp
7adult beat
7man involve
7hold microphone on stage
7person and person wear dress walk
7man do trick in air
7person go down slope
7person with beard play guitar
7standing under sign
7group drink beer
7person converse with another
7man at table
7adult leap into water
7adult standing talk on phone
7adult relax on couch
7female woman
7adult grill hotdog
7child look up
7bite person
7person swing on rope
7adult with long curly hair
7person saw piece
7person direct group
7be high
7adult play brown instrument
7person play for group
7standing in front of advertisement
7adult look while
7kite person
7standing at fence
7man play instrument while person sing
7talk at table
7man sell item
7woman work at loom
7person and dance
7two person in group
7work in tunnel
7adult direct group
7woman draw picture
7boy do jump
7standing next to water
7child follow person
7child wear clothing play instrument
7stare at man
7walk street on sunny day
7adult sit while
7adult fall off bull
7standing with bag
7athlete take shot
7asian couple walk
7sell clothing
7person follow adult
7dog have open
7adult standing next to motorcycle
7woman standing on path
7adult hurry
7sit wear building
7man wear clothing and cap sit
7person standing next to motorcycle
7adult do wheelie on bike
7female pose
7tan and black dog
7person lean against pillar
7person wear clothing and pants ride bike
7woman ride motorbike
7standing in field of grass
7standing with umbrella
7athlete strike ball
7adult standing sing
7person with number run
7two bald person
7man make sign
7child watch boy
7newlywed cut food
7person with gray beard sit
7person tackle by person
7work on house
7dog play with frisbee
7person skateboard on ramp
7dog jump hurdle
7adult look surprise
7asian boy sit
7person complete task
7play on ground
7woman sit on bed
7play blue stringed instrument
7adult saw piece
7woman sit with adult
7boy draw
7person wear clothing play instrument with adult
7person walk small dog
7athlete skate on ice
7child wear red clothing jump
7person with blue clothing and hat
7person hang glide
7person perform with hoop
7person do backstroke
7adult with gray beard sit
7man wear clothing and glasses
7sweaty person
7float down
7adult standing against building
7woman carry box
7adult pop wheelie
7adult walk past shop
7short woman
7entertainer with clothing
7adult and hat
7two uniform man
7adult with purple hair
7two person play percussion instrument
7two seat person
7play stringed instrument with band
7sit in front of fence
7man hold drum
7three person dig
7woman bundle
7man stride
7adult do pose
7person in group of person
7standing in front of food
7person vault
7woman eat at table
7adult pour
7walk to work
7sit on toy
7sit on ride
7boy with goggles
7adult with mustache play instrument
7barefooted man
7man wear blue helmet
7two adult sit on sidewalk
7look into window
7solitary man
7dog paddle
7person and group
7adult have camera
7adult walk through town
7adult with red-hair sit
7person get hair by man
7person with glasses sing
7person bowl with ball
7standing in market
7person wear clothing face
7two adult prepare meal
7man play instrument behind him
7man on phone sit
7adult address crowd
7woman hold beer
7officer ride
7three little boy play
7person walk on walkway
7group have dinner
7person wear shirt make face
7person plant flower
7man with clothing work
7person wear shirt jog
7boy practice art
7adult have open
7adult standing next to motorbike
7sleeveless dress
7person walk paint
7person hold smile child
7group of person attend event
7person have adult
7two person kick ball
7woman hold girl_woman
7man say
7hold pot
7woman open gift
7person skateboard down street
7man standing on bridge
7person hold device
7woman hoop
7some entertainer play
7background person
7hold smile child
7frown adult
7person and shirt
7red-haired woman sit
7child have
7adult talk on sidewalk
7purple bike
7man standing by car
7person and adult on stage
7person go up escalator
7man be on bike
7person wear costume look
7run by person
7adult tuck
7food for person
7look tire
7be to walk
7man walk down hill
7man eat lunch
7young blond child play
7person wear clothing help person
7adult sled
7man wear helmet sit
7person hold white bag
7group of person watch entertainer
7woman standing in front of fence
7person hold pamphlet
7person wear clothing hold flower
7group of asian person standing
7person use razor
7adult in back
7interview man
7child play in pit
7man watch her
7three person wear costume
7hug boy
7person in background look
7man play fetch
7person put makeup
7carry clothing
7work on truck
7gray-haired man standing
7adult work out
7person create art
7walk down street with woman
7adult hop
7person sit in row
7colorfully dress adult
7walk in crosswalk
7athlete dance
7adult standing on floor
7two person play ball
7pool water
7person standing lean
7child wear shirt and short play
7adult aim
7sit on top of person
7person play billiards
7person paddle through water
7life preserver
7person wear ski
7adult have arm around adult
7some man and adult sit
7person hover
7adult enjoy time
7adult with blue clothing sit
7play game at arcade
7woman hold container
7woman lay on couch
7boy play hockey
7mount adult
7two man ride bicycle
7person wear backpack look
7person talk to person wear white clothing
7person work wear clothing
7other person be
7retain wall
7woman standing against wall
7adult lie on street
7slender man
7diver be
7middle-aged man walk
7miami athlete
7two adult perform dance
7person walk hold hand
7cement street
7adult wear sweatshirt walk
7one smoke
7three oriental person
7adult have mouth open
7carry red flag
7adult tug
7child tie
7dog jump over barrier
7person dribble
7person cut up food
7two adult with dark hair
7pass person on street
7person talk walk
7smile for photo
7man hit ball with racket
7brown black and white dog
7child wear shirt lay
7person sit at market
7person look over cliff
7adult wear sandal sit
7adult hold sign on street
7person sit outside on bench
7three person go
7ballet dancer pose
7boy ride scooter
7bird look
7adult with computer
7sit behind them
7bounce ball
7dog run with tennis ball
7adult sell balloon
7adult respond
7person and person wear shirt sit
7person standing in formation
7person look at motorcycle
7two guy work
7person sit on outdoors
7person ride ride
7adult jump high
7scout standing
7standing in dark
7two adult standing talk
7adult put food
7snow-covered street
7person with clothing and backpack
7athlete ride rail
7play white guitar
7boy color
7person wear shirt sing and play instrument
7fashionable adult
7adult sit in doorway
7instrument for group of person
7adult perform stunt on bicycle
7adult in front of building
7woman hold by person
7adolescent boy
7child dance with person
7adult hold person hand
7obese person
7standing next to street
7run carry
7boy learn
7adult standing in market
7man sweep ground
7child climb up
7man face man
7two motorcycle person
7inline athlete
7person walk on dirt road
7child with shirt standing
7three other person standing
7adult standing on deck of boat
7man pour drink
7person wear pants and clothing work
7hold some type
7adult do karate
7hold candy
7puffy jacket
7person on bike talk
7competitive athlete
7walk along side adult
7two man sit on chair
7person with racket
7person with beard walk
7look in window
7person standing outside talk
7customer standing
7child grin
7woman give man
7woman with brown hair and clothing
7have smile
7run across ground
7woman with purse sit
7asian child smile
7person wear glasses work
7dog look up
7person hit golf ball
7pose with girl_woman
7person look into water
7woman wear glasses walk
7person pull by horse
7person wear shirt and person standing
7girl_woman stare
7group of girl_woman standing
7person tumble
7two woman surround
7work on side of building
7two other adult standing
7boy on swing
7person with black clothing standing
7man tuck
7person take photo with camera
7be boat
7sit on ball
7chinese person standing
7male adult play stringed instrument
7adult lean against fence
7adult play tug-of-war
7work with person
7girl_woman with bag
7run down ramp
7dark dog
7nap on
7man do repair
7nearby person
7person observe something
7adult wear white shirt and pant standing
7person take moment
7adult ride green bike
7woman carry two bag
7asian standing
7person wear clothing interact
7hold arm in air
7hold tennis ball
7adult wear safety clothing standing
7woman and smile
7entertainer wear clothing play stringed instrument
7two adult hold instrument
7child ride down street
7adult work at store
7man close eye
7person standing standing
7bald head man
7person lie on street
7man hold rifle
7child wear clothing ride
7person with dark hair and shirt
7adult standing on street in city
7person wear black clothing and jean walk
7person walk down city street at night
7adult call
7person jump from rock
7man carry stack
7person golf
7play behind her
7tan color dog
7korean adult
7person play blue instrument
7have water
7dog walk on path
7person wear clothing sit with adult
7some young asian person
7man play instrument in front of microphone
7relax on street
7person walk talk on cellphone
7two man with glasses
7woman have food
7help by person
7person wear tan clothing walk
7person wear jacket reach
7adult standing in front of mountain
7woman wear kimono
7standing in formation
7man sit wear hand
7three young girl standing
7person look down street
7adult lead dog
7person and female dance
7hold two finger
7jump through grass
7person pour
7some boy run
7adult ride bike on path
7baggy clothing
7person wear white clothing hold hand
7older man pose
7walk through building
7child wear shirt and pant play
7person wear shirt and short jump
7person wear black clothing play
7person wear clothing talk to person wear black clothing
7person standing in front of crowd of person
7man push boat
7woman stop to look
7person sleep on subway
7two person with umbrella
7walk white dog
7person jump in midair
7person play stringed instrument with band
7person walk by restaurant
7walk down step
7adult twirl
7person play saxaphone
7pose outdoors
7appear to be group
7walk in street
7child throw
7adult leap through air
7adult walk while talk
7person sit behind him
7adult next to her
7person look at dog
7person hold bag standing
7person hold brass instrument
7adult hard
7look at image
7man talk with man
7man shirtless
7two police officer talk
7few person
7girl_woman get
7person look over ledge
7person face ocean
7adult with black clothing standing
7adult with tattoo play instrument
7person prepare food in restaurant
7hair by man
7adult be in field
7person standing near plant
7cheerleader pose
7person hang clothes
7sit at station
7woman watch child play
7adult wear some white
7person work on equipment
7carry container
7adult standing beside man
7sit beside each other
7child hold food
7person smooth
7man with shop bag
7dog play with ball on grass
7give person ride
7adult look down street
7ski person
7person standing in front of body of water
7adult paint face
7person play music on stage
7group jump in air
7person lean into turn
7adult wear cap play stringed instrument
7bald head person
7climber look
7person wear clothing help child
7sit on bench with person
7run on day
7throw by adult
7adult wear sweater play instrument
7adult standing on side of road
7man in vehicle
7adult watch two adult
7adult ride on subway
7person ride in cart
7man look at view
7hold two bag
7three person sit look
7adult look through window
7person sell fish
7boy hold flag
7man study
7adult sing into mic
7child sled down hill
7woman sip beverage
7adult enjoy coffee
7man get hair by man
7fly through air on bike
7person and person sit in chair
7person wear red look
7two adult standing outdoors
7man sit wear water
7adult wear bikini standing
7person play harmonica
7person look through window
7person walk across grass
7person get haircut by man
7car be
7ride on trail
7standing next to machine
7brightly dress woman
7adult in competition
7woman ride on bike
7boat with person
7person wear blue clothing talk to adult
7person mow grass with mower
7adult leave store
7dark adult
7person and person wear clothing look
7person on top of roof
7adult have dog
7boy run down street
7adult get hair by man
7person wait with luggage
7boy with shirt and short
7adult wear hat and clothing look
7man play fetch with dog
7person mix something
7standing near group
7two adult write
7some person standing in circle
7adult drink from glass
7guard person
7adult with long beard sit
7adult work at stand
7guard by person
7person eat at cafe
7boy sit look
7assist child
7man cycle
7little blond child sit
7dog and run
7fix street
7man push bicycle
7person ride rail
7group watch athlete
7figure person
7run into ocean
7sports shirt
7adult with sign
7be to play
7stationary bike
7adult standing lean
7beard man play guitar
7child walk on path
7person wear hat sleep
7adult play for group
7man run marathon
7adult play instrument while adult sing
7person reach into bag
7adult dance in front of group
7shirtless adult look
7older gentleman play instrument
7man walk in rain
7lone person standing
7adult do kind
7large brown dog play
7man pop wheelie
7boy sing
7sit in bathtub
7adult climb stair
7person balance on hand
7child hold instrument
7adult standing wear hat
7person cross arm
7woman jump into water
7person lay on sidewalk
7group of person hold instrument
7adult line up
7group of person have party
7person wear cap play stringed instrument
7adult hold bucket
7person grill hotdog
7little kid sit
7woman walk past person
7standing with eye
7excite person
7man take part
7person wear boot sit
7person play instrument with musician
7person carry beverage
7person play instrument for child
7person perform trick on bicycle
7arab person
7person with beard play stringed instrument
7walk rope
7man stare at something
7some musician play
7person dance in front of group
7adult wear clothing and helmet
7three person look at something
7adult hold ax
7blond girl_child sit
7two guy jump
7black man be
7adult with clothing and helmet
7person wear swimsuit standing
7woman with pant
7black man play guitar
7group of person drink beer
7person perform maneuver
7fireman walk
7adult standing in front of crowd of person
7adult try to get
7sleep dog
7woman wear cap
7two adult on boat
7sit in front of person
7person wear shirt and skirt standing
7blond musician
7sit on bridge
7adult wear costume walk
7adult standing at crosswalk
7person sit play
7person wear shirt write
7person scuba dive
7woman standing next to bicycle
7pose on stage
7person look at statue
7person wear clothing standing in front of wall
7athlete tackle person wear uniform
7woman standing on platform
7middle eastern adult sit
7person sit at table with beer
7person ride on wave
7man take shot
7person sit on bench with person
7adult with beard play guitar
7curly-haired child
7adult play stringed instrument wear clothing
7laugh at person
7some person come
7man with clothing talk
7child rollerblade
7adult jump over pole
7adult hold drum
7woman with glasses and clothing
7play guitar with band
7boy wear uniform
7adult look at produce
7adult with black hair look
7adult sit with bag
7adult attire
7man play ice hockey
7adult play guitar while sit
7person with child walk
7walk near water
7two person clean window
7man get picture
7woman play reed instrument
7dog in yard
7perform with adult
7adult play instrument while person play percussion instrument
7adult put on clothing
7person standing in city
7child hold shoe
7person be hard
7man standing in front of door
7girl_woman and person walk
7group watch street adult
7person watch from behind
7person jam
7man be in air
7person adult sit
7person hard at work
7person wear shirt and pant ride bike
7child look at animal
7man get haircut by man
7two man talk to person
7man sit on seat
7child play tennis
7woman walk by person
7person jump to another
7adult play card
7man with gray hair and clothing
7adult standing on step
7man perform for group
7person raise hand in air
7man cover face
7adult watch event
7person ride animal at rodeo
7athlete attempt trick
7man with pant and clothing
7person walk along
7take by person
7woman hit ball with racket
7person with long beard sit
7female adult standing
7old bald man
7adult standing next to machine
7sit on skateboard
7adult lean on pole
7old woman look
7two male person standing
7hold sunglasses
7person block ball
7some person hike
7two man perform art
7person be wear street
7hold brass instrument
7some man and adult standing
7gray and white shirt
7adult and person wear clothing walk down street
7fan look
7person play with hula hoop
7sit with instrument
7beard adult play guitar
7man with beard play stringed instrument
7musician and person play
7drink glasses
7man with jacket standing
7person with tattoo play instrument
7adult on side of street
7he talk
7woman hold enthusiast
7man be on street
7man wear robe sit
7person with beard and hat
7adult sit against building
7person in country
7child and adult look
7person eat dinner
7person collect
7man and clothing standing
7woman play softball
7person look into sky
7person wear clothing and walk
7person standing in marketplace
7performer hold guitar
7man standing on balcony
7girl_child pose for picture
7entertainer sing and play stringed instrument
7person make adult
7jump on person
7play in pit
7skateboard jump
7hold open
7throw by man
7man do split
7adult kickboxing
7adult with child walk
7person look wear bag
7adult play on stringed instrument
7person inspect bicycle
7adult catch baseball
7man cut meat
7teen girl_woman walk
7two adult standing on street corner
7woman with bag look
7adult sit smoke cigarette
7two person walk and talk
7person walk past woman
7dog jump out of water
7head standing
7person sit in chair look
7female child play
7person perform stunt on bicycle
7female run
7adult carry beverage
7look at fruit
7play stringed instrument in front of group
7woman look at magazine
7child give thumb
7athlete stretch
7person with weapon
7person standing on wall
7person pretend to be person
7adult standing in front of screen
7child clap
7person hide face
7two person pose with person
7team work
7person beat
7adult use hoop
7sit in front of statue
7use clothing
7adult push boat
7's man
7person ride blue bicycle
7bike drive down street
7person wear clothing and short jump
7adult play harmonica
7walk across sand
7man play stringed instrument with person
7woman with blond-hair standing
7person wear heel
7dance wear
7person give
7person wear red and white uniform
7have white clothing
7man do bicycle trick
7person wear orange clothing and hat standing
7dog run across ground
7white girl_woman
7man play stringed instrument in front of person
7person ride bike in woods
7man work with machinery
7play blue guitar
7third child
7woman use microscope
7person play instrument while person play drum
7one hold sign
7adult lean against car
7person get on bike
7person hold daughter
7adult play white stringed instrument
7adult ski down mountain
7athlete walk on field
7sit in front of door
7two person on field
7person wear shirt cut food
7person swing club
7two adult sit on sofa
7adult sell food on street
7two person hold umbrella
7man lie on street
7adult wear pants look
7work on rooftop
7man pull luggage
7adult hold bottle of water
7man look over railing
7person wear painting
7standing on snow
7instrument for child
7woman with bag walk down street
7run with person
7adult try to stay
7driver sit
7woman walk down trail
7us person
7bike wear clothing
7group of adult ride
7person look at thing
7carry soccer ball
7woman sit at table in restaurant
7three person hold hand
7sit at instrument
7person advertise
7adult sit by window
7man at market
7person in middle of street
7adult with purse sit
7group standing on road
7play with woman
7play in spout
7middle adult sit
7pose in room
7group of person wait for something
7walk by fence
7group of person sit on ground
7old person sit
7person ride bull at rodeo
7adult sit on swing
7person watch skater
7man make pose
7person with hat work
7person read sign
7man lean against railing
7person standing in foreground
7woman rock climb
7two man work on street
7person standing in middle of crowd
7run on trail
7person on vehicle
7person wear clothing type
7boy ride horse
7group of person watch performance
7adult reach into bag
7person wear pant play instrument
7walk through store
7person standing next to table
7person work on truck
7some man and person standing
7standing on structure
7run behind dog
7adult participate in game
7adult in cart
7athlete jump wave
7person wear shirt drink
7two adult play sport
7person with short dark hair
7teens jump
7adult look through binoculars
7adult sit at table with laptop
7child and standing
7adult standing near car
7person perform on stringed instrument
7adult walk on sidewalk in city
7be ball
7man cling
7performer and person play
7two tourist
7man grill hotdog
7young group
7person wear jersey standing
7adult and adult wear dress walk
7man read piece
7man play on stage
7strange clothing
7some man and woman sit
7adult get tattoo
7person walk next to each other
7man perform on street
7woman hold supporter
7adult walk through snow
7fancy building
7person sit work on computer
7adult play instrument while person play drum
7adult look at photo
7person standing in front of train
7man wear clothing and helmet
7walk by restaurant
7young brown-haired child
7person watch from sideline
7onlooker sit
7person standing against building
7boy scout standing
7child sit around table
7ware clothing
7sit in person
7surround by woman
7woman take note
7adult paint outside
7person have eye
7bare-chested man
7child have clothing
7variety of person
7red clothes
7man jump into pool
7adult play stringed instrument with band
7clear jump
7two adult hold bag
7person sit with bag
7person wear gear look
7wait room
7walk hand-in-hand
7young adult pose
7feed child
7leader standing
7walk behind woman
7adult wear clothing and pants look
7person with cup
7woman hold up hand
7brown and white dog look
7pedestrian look
7draw on street
7person ride bicycle on path
7run through leaf
7try to ride
7girl_woman with red-hair
7standing wear store
7show dog
7person standing in doorway of building
7person standing on mountaintop
7woman get picture
7person hold person hand
7man drive truck
7adult get haircut by man
7athlete in game
7man have time
7person and person dance wear street
7be run
7person wear red clothing pose
7person lead by person
7standing in front of poster
7adult help little girl
7large brown dog walk
7person paint sign
7ride bike in front of building
7person and two person walk
7adult hold cry baby
7man hold racket
7person with blue clothing look
7adult give
7third dog
7bottle water
7some other person look
7get ready to serve
7play with tool
7woman pass person
7do adult
7woman cross city street
7carry stringed instrument
7dog interact
7man climb large rock
7group smile for camera
7person interview man
7person sit on pier
7man hit tennis ball with racket
7two adult jump in air
7hold ladder
7parking bike
7adult hold brush
7person sing into mic
7play instrument for child
7two man rest
7adult read from book
7person be in park
7talk outside
7person motion
7person be outside walk
7number walk
7person make repair
7person wear hat and shirt
7man walk across field
7two athlete walk
7young caucasian person
7dog with fur
7hold soda
7watch girl_child
7standing in distance
7woman wear pink walk
7person lean against car
7person lay on blanket
7two person work on bicycle
7person hold large camera
7person be on bench
7person wear hat ride bike
7person be in forest
7male entertainer perform
7person be dance
7some different person
7adult paint sign
7adult set table
7person jump over pole
7light pink shirt
7teen adult walk
7sit near plant
7person in stadium
7throw rock into water
7group perform dance
7young caucasian adult
7woman use umbrella
7person wear skirt play instrument
7hand with woman
7man hold up person
7woman wear blue dress standing
7do person
7man take rest
7man practice move
7adult sit on bench in front of building
7man sit in fold chair
7athlete swing at pitch
7adult standing on leg
7group of female person
7adult hold up finger
7child point at something
7adult wrap around head
7street performer standing
7child watch bird
7rider wear clothing ride
7be park
7man standing next to him
7person lean on pole
7half naked person
7blond person play stringed instrument
7person jump with skateboard
7two woman sing
7woman with headscarf
7person turn head
7couple take walk
7adult standing on ground
7adult eat at restaurant
7adult standing with her
7rodeo man
7man check cellphone
7bespectacled adult
7two african-american person
7child slide down water slide
7climb up plant
7athlete shoot
7boy on street
7person play monopoly
7woman carry red bag
7sit on corner
7child sit outside
7woman with clothing and hat
7person throw object
7adult play in sand
7set with person
7adult wear helmet sit
7big dog play
7some person work on project
7some tourist
7worker pose
7person wear clothing hold bouquet
7man carry load
7man play guitar in front of microphone
7person ride wheeler
7man prepare fish
7person shield eye
7person enjoy coffee
7father sit
7athlete during game
7play stringed instrument for money
7adult make person
7person read article
7adult have arm around person
7boy fight
7two young boy look
7child walk along street
7person with stringed instrument standing
7street in area
7dance wear crowd
7person with purse sit
7small brown dog run
7person standing on structure
7two blond
7person sit on public bench
7male adult perform
7woman laugh with person
7man walk down walkway
7group wear clothing play instrument
7adult with glasses sing
7adult hold smile child
7person read card
7spray with water
7person lay on back
7person walk wear dress
7person hold briefcase
7standing beside man
7adult walk down street with umbrella
7touch man
7person pitch baseball
7music for person
7man sit in black chair
7person keep
7man wear trunk
7person hold sign on street
7person walk past brick building
7eat chip
7person purchase food
7woman sing with person
7three kid sit
7group and adult sit
7adult dressed as person
7adult read music
7woman sell good
7adult wear clothing play instrument with person
7boy wade
7adult standing by tree
7wheel vehicle
7athlete surround
7child sleep on floor
7teen person standing
7person pull something
7oriental adult sit
7girl_woman take
7person wear shirt and glasses smile
7adult sit while person walk
7entertainer do act
7woman sit on porch
7person hold bottle of water
7person accept award
7woman with headphone
7adult observe person
7next person
7man sit read paper
7group of teen
7person wear clothing address group
7mature woman
7person and girl_woman
7man be standing
7man use razor
7hold large camera
7on street man
7sit behind desk
7person walk under bridge
7woman and person wear clothing dance
7play instrument next to person
7talk walk
7pose for picture with adult
7two middle eastern man
7perform with hoop
7two man standing look
7jump across
7person give person piggyback ride
7adult wear heel
7athlete ride wave in ocean
7child wear clothing be
7standing on pole
7dog chase another
7cook look
7man be on stage
7gray dog jump
7play with object
7hold toy gun
7robe person
7adult carry surfboard
7get ready to swing
7adult hold weapon
7man standing behind podium
7little white dog run
7person hike up trail
7person swim in body of water
7person patrol street
7adult ask person
7adult in rodeo
7girl_woman hold animal
7person sit on cement bench
7woman with hat walk
7some person celebrate
7some person do work
7some person in boat
7athlete wear clothing tackle person wear clothing
7woman look to left
7person watch baby
7man with mustache play instrument
7adult shoot
7person jump over wave
7woman kiss man
7person wear hat and jacket
7child water plant
7bicyclist look
7chop up
7person sit beside each other
7person pass time
7boy get
7play tag
7person tune stringed instrument
7person race motorbike
7ski wear water
7person standing on head
7person shop at outdoor market
7group look at person
7person look at image
7adult walk next to building
7person get attention
7two athlete talk
7person sit in tree
7two adult play tennis
7woman cook in kitchen
7adult embrace woman
7adult and adult wear shirt sit
7person standing in market
7two person sit on wall
7woman push baby
7child make silly face
7person on street play instrument
7brunette standing
7outside talk
7person standing wear store
7group hold instrument
7person and adult gather
7adult sit in black chair
7man person sit
7perform operation
7sit in group
7sit at market
7person in mountain
7child talk to person
7sit on bucket
7person wear blue clothing jump
7adult wave at camera
7play in pile of leaf
7adult look and smile
7adult ride cart
7child yell
7just jump
7child with hat sit
7tattoo on person
7person do type
7two adult on team
7person play brown instrument
7person wear clothing kiss person wear clothing
7older man play
7group of person sit on grass
7adult in studio
7adult site on bench
7watch group of adult
7launch off
7group have meeting
7woman bake
7man pour beverage
7two person play video game
7woman and woman standing
7adult make purchase
7old lady sit
7adult dangle
7bare-chested adult
7two person in field
7newlywed dance
7adult photograph woman
7person sit on swing
7child do flip
7stare out
7adult sit on pavement
7blow instrument
7play instrument for tip
7man with long hair sit
7volleyball player jump
7adult make coffee
7some child work
7entertainer and adult play
7grown man
7look at bag
7walk under bridge
7two small dog play
7woman wash dish
7group decorate
7man standing and talk
7adult talk on cellphone on street
7person with coat walk
7group and woman standing
7group walk on trail
7adult fall off animal
7adult sit next to her
7teen adult sit
7adult compete in competition
7eastern adult sit
7ride skateboard on street
7boy hold bat
7man with gray beard sit
7man embrace adult
7adult walk home
7parking in front of building
7person standing wait to cross street
7young boy talk
7partner dance
7sit in bench
7adult smooth
7athlete on mountain
7person ski down snowy mountain
7man perform task
7person talk on sidewalk
7boy look at book
7child wear red
7adult hold pair
7adult read map
7person wear shirt sit look
7man connect
7diverse group of person
7man rock
7get hair by man
7standing in front of tent
7boy wear clothing skateboard
7two male sit
7adult hold daughter
7two athlete look
7person walk on day
7person play frisbee in field
7woman carry sign
7conical hat
7head look
7some kid standing
7that rest
7person walk through hallway
7walk brick building
7bare-chested person
7adult standing in front of brick building
7officer wear clothing standing
7adult with umbrella sit
7adult legged
7muscle shirt
7man play field hockey
7blond girl_woman sit
7look at exhibit
7walk into water
7person paint portrait
7person hold cry baby
7adult wave arm
7adult teach person
7sit on top of rock
7dog run race
7older man watch
7person race motorcycle
7two person look at book
7standing near door
7person do trick with bike
7person sit in front of laptop
7person push food cart
7cream shirt
7man sit on lawn chair
7watch play
7person order
7adult look across street
7beautiful clothing
7hold pipe
7person wear clothing practice art
7adult with blond-hair play guitar
7adult bury
7start block
7surf on water
7two man walk down road
7man jump over hurdle
7enjoy walk
7adult hold outside
7two adult watch adult
7man standing in front of brick wall
7person wear clothing hold racket
7excite adult
7man with beard walk
7adult ride elephant
7man play guitar while sit
7group stop
7little blond girl_child sit
7person scramble
7man talk on microphone
7child play rope
7person speak to person wear clothing
7adult on balcony
7young oriental person
7person wear clothing cook food
7gloved person
7fall into water
7dark-haired woman look
7adult with clothing sing
7woman standing in front of plant
7person wear trunk
7unusual clothing
7woman perform move
7person wear shirt and pants play stringed instrument
7woman compete in event
7person score goal
7person wear clothing dig hole
7pull off
7adult watch game
7athlete try to hit ball
7person pile
7man wear attire standing
7dog have mouth open
7man perform stunt on bicycle
7two man on boat
7woman hold fan
7adult reach up
7child watch animal
7walk downtown
7person hold ax
7two man stop
7man standing at table
7look at what
7adult wear clothing and tie play instrument
7man use saw
7group of person wait for train
7man land
7person ride bike wear clothing
7youngster play
7street adult standing
7adult play adult
7tattooed adult
7two person kickboxing
7person sit in front of store
7person sit with drink
7child wear clothing eat food
7two man perform martial art
7two person walk down path
7person lead dog
7adult walk small dog
7person wear shirt and tie standing
7crowd of person run
7adult with racket
7person duck
7some adult and woman sit
7woman have child
7person who walk
7adult tackle person
7dog with harness
7person on skate
7adult set up camera
7blond woman sing into microphone
7man fall off animal
7person walk down street with umbrella
7walk past brick building
7buck off
7cut up food
7man hold basketball
7young blond child look
7person standing and adult
7man grin
7man sit on stone bench
7adult hold white umbrella
7child wear blue clothing look
7frown person
7adult standing next to table
7dark-haired woman standing
7face woman
7little league person
7adult prepare food in restaurant
7adult hold pamphlet
7male run
7ride clothing
7woman speak on phone
7two person chase
7person be each
7play with rope
7look over balcony
7adult with beard play stringed instrument
7woman with basket
7some person eat meal
7child get picture
7person play fetch
7person wear pink walk
7two adult play percussion instrument
7person sit on milk crate
7third look
7adult hook
7person hard
7carry rope
7person wear jacket ski
7adult with hat work
7two young man look
7jump over man
7standing at top of stair
7adult look into telescope
7person wear sandal sit
7adult use razor
6man standing near man
6adult walk down brick sidewalk
6person loiter
6hold tongs
6can cross street
6man run down road
6boy close
6instrument next to person
6man sit wait
6person gather in area
6adult plant seed
6dog run around track
6person sit eat meal
6person at show
6man use blower
6man illuminate
6person at competition
6man lift weight
6check person
6person sit on white chair
6person shoot ball
6hold end
6person sit wear black clothing
6adult with stringed instrument standing
6standing on concrete
6person wear bike
6person dance dance
6person sit at station
6adult look around
6adult give haircut
6child with head
6adult stop to talk
6person wear clothing and short pose
6other person walk
6group play outdoors
6man standing talk on phone
6man ride animal in rodeo
6some guy sit
6adult airborne
6walk by her
6person look at tree
6adult ride surfboard on wave
6adult flash sign
6high school athlete
6person have hair
6person talk while walk
6dog with face
6carry board
6two person in chair
6group and woman walk
6person standing fold
6oriental adult standing
6watch cyclist
6person give instruction
6person standing at desk
6man parasails
6adult watch by person
6man wear hat and clothing play instrument
6run with open
6person wear clothing and glasses look
6person wear clothing and glove look
6person perform repair
6adult perform job
6adult wear swimsuit standing
6two blond adult sit
6sit by fire
6child standing on stage
6adult with mustache and glasses
6person walk in store
6young kid sit
6adult with curly brown hair
6band person perform
6two person in background
6athlete be on field
6adult play instrument while adult play drum
6adult swing club
6person cook outside
6hold wineglass
6man pin
6person play blue guitar
6adult play stringed instrument while adult sing
6person shovel
6man sit smoke
6child with clothing smile
6walk up and down street
6ball towards person
6adult use drill
6woman eat ice cream
6closeup of adult
6man play on stringed instrument
6person wear shirt perform trick
6big group of person
6sit on floor of room
6run adult
6person wear shirt wave
6woman walk through crowd
6person fight each other
6group of person watch woman
6colorful performer
6some person ride horse
6person hold some paper
6athlete block shot
6man bite
6run through stream
6workout clothing
6wet child
6multicolored hair
6adult work at market
6person watch girl_woman
6wash hand
6adult project
6group of person knit
6man standing in front of restaurant
6team perform
6adult sit on white chair
6adult standing hold instrument
6person grin at camera
6chase boy
6surfer walk
6woman hold head
6adult look in some direction
6man stare at camera
6person wear plaid clothing play instrument
6person look behind her
6group of artist
6boy play video game
6person sit in chair on sidewalk
6carry broom
6adult take look
6perform on field
6woman walk on city street
6two man play chess
6man write in notebook
6person roll ball
6baby wear hat
6street wear clothing
6that jump
6adult exit
6man wear glasses and clothing standing
6person wear sit
6person run in field
6group of person run down street
6adult not wear clothing
6professional man
6person hold string
6young musician play instrument
6boy with backpack
6person with red-hair talk
6person walk down wet street
6adult sit smoke
6person cook on stove
6adult climb up face
6lady standing look
6person with sunglasses sit
6man wear costume standing
6person walk behind woman
6person sit wait for bus
6person do acrobatics
6two adult sit at desk
6two band person
6person climb up cliff
6man and person standing look
6person sit at table smile
6child wear jump
6squirt water
6athlete wear uniform tackle person
6man walk down street with adult
6person put on performance
6athlete leap in air
6child standing wear clothing
6person be in area
6person look while person look on
6adult play instrument while person watch
6hold photograph
6some person lounge
6person kayaks
6standing in front of equipment
6man play on beach
6person toss ball
6watch person on street
6instrument wear shirt
6man shovel dirt
6person perform for group of person
6person use crosswalk
6adult adult sit
6lonely person
6standing on ice
6dog hold object
6adult hold adult hand
6person sit on bridge
6adult and adult both standing
6person wear clothing and skirt play tennis
6person wear glasses and clothing look
6person ask adult
6two adult sit in restaurant
6adult perform repair
6adult bowl at bowl alley
6adult play guitar with person
6person smile at adult wear clothing
6person give hair
6asphalt street
6person head ball
6person play for person
6man look at car
6do by person
6supporter sit
6person work in tunnel
6woman with purple hair
6person texts
6athlete battle
6two asian man work
6some worker standing
6man ride bicycle on road
6person work at restaurant
6young kid walk
6jump up to hit ball
6two woman and person walk
6adult golf
6man walk down stair
6person miss ball
6adult dance in front of crowd
6green hair
6woman wait at station
6person carry case
6adult in hospital
6walk in front of group of person
6adult eat food at table
6some pedestrian walk
6person wear shirt dance with adult wear clothing
6watch musical performance
6man standing wear line
6carry grocery
6adult walk on bridge
6dance wear shirt
6dig out
6adult walk while person standing
6child lead
6standing on surface
6rider watch
6two adult shake hand
6two person perform in front of crowd
6person wear shirt use tool
6child into air
6boy wear shirt ride skateboard
6adult sing into microphone while play guitar
6dog play with brown dog
6person ride quad
6adult look over cliff
6lane street
6two entertainer standing
6stop person
6adult play stringed instrument for money
6dog play ball
6woman give sign
6adult have hat
6adult wear clothing and person wear shirt standing
6dog jump around
6walk tightrope
6girl_woman hold umbrella
6adult wear clothing and short look
6two person prepare
6person on bike sit
6two asian child standing
6man hold it
6man perform repair
6three person climb
6man lead adult
6boy practice martial art
6walk down track
6adult hold device
6arm around child
6man with glasses and mustache
6horse be
6adult perform with hoop
6group of person fly
6person with mohawk and clothing
6adult look in microscope
6asian man play stringed instrument
6bunch work
6person ride down street on bike
6use adult
6person crawl
6adult wear sit
6person sit in store
6child hold racket
6step off
6adult brush hair
6adult sit in front of person
6man with blond-hair play instrument
6entertainer perform for person
6child do back flip
6person sit on side
6standing near group of person
6man ride buck animal
6two girl_woman run
6man look at picture
6person perform outside
6pale person
6man smile at adult
6hold large ball
6woman play instrument in front of microphone
6group perform for group
6run across yard
6person sell pastry
6man climb up wall
6person in arena
6older gentleman walk
6person work on site
6two adult play frisbee
6type of clothing
6person standing in front of blue wall
6person whisper
6adult make bubble
6three person in room
6adult read book on bench
6person dive for ball
6child with pacifier
6adult rope
6photo of person
6person and woman gather
6person speak with man
6woman eat lunch
6white and green shirt
6group of person hold up sign
6child hold something
6man perform trick on bicycle
6adult play with two dog
6person share umbrella
6woman with cane sit
6group chat
6person wear clothing ride skateboard
6person wear clothing and helmet sit
6adult sit with instrument
6person wear shirt paint
6attempt to cross street
6two ice person
6adult use projector
6standing over grill
6adult standing with eye
6two young girl pose
6child ride bike with wheel
6jump over dog
6adult work on wall
6person sit next to child
6elderly person walk
6adult interview man
6adult look behind her
6different adult
6two person read book
6woman with clothing and bag
6woman wear vest
6watch young boy
6law enforcement person
6performer and entertainer play
6row down
6man hold paddle
6walk through mall
6man at party
6standing near truck
6man sit in park
6person sit in front of door
6adult sharpen tool
6adult sit at table work
6adult with short dark hair
6carry newspaper
6adult wear shirt and glasses play instrument
6child ride on bicycle
6basketball player look
6person pedal
6woman sit stare
6person do grind
6person slide into plate
6person sit at table with drink
6person person and person
6person work at market
6person wear short and shirt walk
6man sit on white chair
6person play with boy
6sit in stadium
6man cook sausage
6standing at top of ladder
6woman standing on road
6adult clean up trash
6two adult talk with each other
6lab adult
6person do project
6two young child look
6adult and woman both standing
6child perform skateboard trick
6person sit with instrument
6adult draw on street
6play guitar person
6animal sleep
6child hold fish pole
6carry pink bag
6baseball player look
6person draw caricature
6person wear hat smile
6man make jump
6adult cook over fire
6child take swing
6person with mustache and glasses
6person look at baby
6person jump off dock
6hold baby girl
6woman spread
6person wear clothing and cap walk
6adult standing wear costume
6person make adjustment
6hold leg
6person equip
6adult wear clothing kiss adult wear clothing
6man carry bucket
6person walk white dog
6person standing in booth
6child standing in pool
6two adult work on road
6person play instrument and stringed instrument
6tan and dog run
6person on
6person with piercing
6man pass adult
6person sit sleep
6two man wear helmet
6person surf on water
6adult standing in middle of group
6man stop on street
6person use instrument
6adult surf large wave
6person drive atv
6person with no shoe
6man skateboard down street
6woman take stroll
6person and entertainer play
6person participate wear group
6man swing club
6group of person watch event
6adult next to him
6adult and two child look
6person jump on trampoline
6adult wear glasses and clothing look
6hold coffee cup
6sit next to wall
6person standing outside restaurant
6person wear clothing and glasses play stringed instrument
6large crowd sit
6large person
6child wear bathe suit
6film by person
6adult play guitar while person play instrument
6person perform ballet
6play harp
6person read while sit
6red brick street
6person adjust clothing
6woman walk with cane
6person try to block him
6person jump horse
6be animal
6two person sing on stage
6group wear street
6adult joke
6husky dog
6person wear blue clothing and person
6man on car
6man sit and talk on phone
6person wear clothing blow bubble
6person wear blue clothing play
6person just throw ball
6dog run across beach
6look at one
6child be on swing
6pose with two person
6band of some person
6person look at advertisement
6look dog
6adult standing next to microphone
6person sit at table talk
6person wear shirt crouch
6woman play instrument on street
6adult standing at railing
6person walk while person standing
6boy standing on sidewalk
6man operate camera
6adult play instrument with musician
6adult paint graffiti
6fruit person
6adult wear bathe suit
6boy wear shirt jump
6person walk with arm
6entertainer sing song
6child wear clothing reach
6person and adult walk on sidewalk
6adult with umbrella standing
6child with person
6standing in position
6person embrace man
6back of adult
6play guitar with person
6teen adult standing
6two adult play field hockey
6man have instrument
6person drink at table
6person hit ball with tennis racket
6some person standing on platform
6walk across snow
6person show sign
6try to lasso animal
6adult duck
6person point something
6person try to block shot
6person standing beside her
6adult wear clothing standing with person
6play on merry-go-round
6man play guitar while person sing
6person play stringed instrument in background
6person tee
6dog chase bird
6two asian person look
6food with adult
6adult and person standing talk
6man play stringed instrument with band
6entertainer perform for crowd
6teen boy look
6child look at food
6sing in musician
6try to run
6adult on truck
6person wear glasses and shirt
6person walk rope
6look at bubble
6person ride buck bull
6person brush hair
6adult sing while man play stringed instrument
6man play stringed instrument in room
6adult play one
6boy play at playground
6brunette woman standing
6person talk to lady
6person and two child look
6adult horse
6boy and adult walk
6dog in midair
6person weld something
6man and woman standing look
6two adult play board game
6person look while adult look on
6person on track
6model pose
6adult climb up wall
6woman swim in pool
6man carry drum
6group of chinese person
6child chase pigeon
6hold wear shirt
6perform surgery on person
6adult play on phone
6swing ride
6person have microphone
6person wear clothing speak to group
6child in yard
6person watch person play
6chinese person sit
6two adult with hat sit
6adult on skates
6person wear pants and clothing jump
6man walk bicycle
6hold money
6hispanic person sit
6man hit golf ball
6person with glasses and mustache
6man perform work
6man sit next to him
6adult observe adult
6man look at device
6small child hold
6young female person
6small black and brown dog
6group of person watch him
6person sell beverage
6adult walk in background
6adult wear clothing and glasses play stringed instrument
6person wear clothing wash window
6person standing with person wear clothing
6person play blue stringed instrument
6boy in swim pool
6person carry animal
6walk through group of person
6group wear clothing play
6person help young girl
6guitar leader
6adult ride in car
6child cover mouth
6dog with clothing run
6person wear hat and shirt standing
6group knit
6group have picnic
6person overlook water
6run on racetrack
6hold child on lap
6athlete line up
6woman sit on dock
6talk on bench
6man standing in front of fence
6two adult on beach
6person in hospital
6videotape person
6person project
6adult pass woman
6woman push child in stroller
6adult share meal
6girl_woman play volleyball on beach
6magnify glass
6street on bike
6person dance wear shirt
6man wear clothing and glasses standing
6person take picture with cellphone
6child play with child
6adult ride sled
6person sit play accordion
6person wear clothing talk to group
6food wear clothing
6furry dog play
6person ride in carriage
6entertainer put
6person standing in front of yellow building
6red and white hat
6hold puppy
6band of person play instrument
6paddle boat through water
6two person with helmet
6person hold cone
6two person use tool
6person lean on person
6woman ride moped
6person swim with child
6adult walk down busy city street
6person walk and person
6person sit in cart
6person be in background
6adult attach
6adult appear to be work
6child sit outdoors
6person hold cardboard sign
6person have bike
6person wear pink clothing play instrument
6person trail
6man look at food
6person wear clothing sit next to man
6person with headdress
6child all
6adult kick ball on field
6person sit in canoe
6person wear band play instrument
6adult use blower
6girl_woman ride horse
6man jump from rock
6person sit on field
6person hold little girl hand
6person play instrument in front of wall
6person walk down street with building
6man walk in group
6person standing with leg
6write down
6adult talk to person wear white shirt
6watch skateboarder
6walk in ocean
6child scream
6boy wear clothing smile
6person and person walk on sidewalk
6sports person
6some person shop at market
6hold glove
6person ride bull in rodeo
6adult swing on swing
6boy wear clothing and short standing
6man ride surfboard on wave
6person relax on grass
6adult ride bike in city
6person hold type
6group do trick
6person kneel on floor
6person hold ladder
6adult sit play
6woman sit on stoop
6person hike on trail
6man wear glasses and clothing play instrument
6wet boy
6man hold pipe
6person sit hold baby
6man play stringed instrument while person sing
6person walk pass
6person talk to girl_woman
6man with shoe
6adult wear group
6adult read article
6sit next to boy
6two person sing into microphone
6woman pour liquid
6adult speak with woman
6adult wear clothing look at person wear clothing
6group standing on grass
6woman walk with woman
6adult roll ball
6dog with collar walk
6two person and adult work
6man and adult both standing
6person wear clothing sit talk
6adult sit in front of store
6adult standing and adult
6person wear clothing have drink
6blue long-sleeve shirt
6woman with red-hair talk
6person sit in chair in room
6child climb ladder
6child use telescope
6person plant seed
6person wear shirt eat food
6child in background
6child take break
6person standing on sidewalk look
6child shovel
6two adult work on laptop
6watch work
6little child sit
6person jog on path
6person standing on side
6sit near each other
6person sit under tent
6street adult sit
6fluffy white dog run
6person change
6two person person
6adult pedal bicycle
6adult talk on cellphone while sit
6person try to cross street
6person wear clothing tackle person wear uniform
6person adjust glasses
6woman wear uniform
6adult wear skirt play instrument
6hold towel
6person hold mug
6adult skateboard on ramp
6adult on street play instrument
6sit at beach
6man standing smile
6man at beach
6person wait for turn
6woman converse with person
6watch what
6man wear clothing sit next to person
6blond female person
6healthcare adult
6man standing wear hat
6adult pull by horse
6two adult play video game
6game with adult
6boy bend
6person hold pot
6person push cart on street
6person wear glasses and clothing smile
6child sit in highchair
6daughter sit
6woman head
6adult wait to cross road
6two toddler sit
6man play instrument next to adult
6child with umbrella
6person wear clothing move
6group of person travel
6two man hold hand
6person standing with sign
6person get marry
6some woman work
6standing in front of van
6person pass woman
6adult cook sausage
6person hold himself
6black man pose
6adult outstretched
6man wear glasses and clothing play stringed instrument
6child wear jacket jump
6adult with glasses and mustache
6woman bathe
6college age person
6adult standing with bag
6adjust clothing
6woman think
6woman smile at adult
6adult shop at store
6adult pour drink into glass
6adult carry
6wet person
6man hold bottle of beverage
6woman play hockey
6standing on mound
6person with glass
6person speak with woman
6dog catch
6person with curly brown hair
6dog play in pool
6man lead group
6person sit on blue chair
6athlete hold bat
6person wear clothing bike
6man lean against post
6person clean up mess
6person walk down street in rain
6smile into camera
6child walk down city street
6man play stringed instrument while adult sing
6child wear shirt blow bubble
6standing in subway
6adult carve meat
6some person sit on step
6which sit
6person prepare vegetable
6child paint picture
6two child hold
6adult rest arm
6dark-skinned person walk
6woman standing in front of window
6child in area
6adult scratch head
6man with cart
6adult standing behind bar
6adult standing in ocean
6two adult paint
6hold sandwich
6person in store look
6adult make adult
6group take ride
6man bury
6two adult and child
6person on trail
6person play stringed instrument while person sing
6group enjoy person
6person pass man
6adult carry brown bag
6young asian person look
6man play instrument for crowd
6person watch screen
6adult play instrument for child
6two man swim
6adult walk down dirt street
6athlete engage
6person smile wear shirt
6carry large load
6u.s. person
6adult take photo with camera
6group carry flag
6person embrace each other
6child ride car
6person walk up some stair
6adult kneel on floor
6partner smile
6man play instrument next to person
6play guitar in front of group
6man look at hand
6person lower
6middle-aged person walk
6which standing
6two performer standing
6person wear skirt look
6adult with clothing and hat standing
6some hiker walk
6man with mustache and glasses
6woman enjoy day
6person spectate
6person sit with person standing
6orange glasses
6woman with phone
6person walk on street in front of building
6person repair street
6child hold guitar
6man ski down mountain
6woman wear store
6person with shop bag standing
6person for team
6athlete struggle
6standing in front of doorway
6adult play instrument in front of crowd of person
6man with sunglasses standing
6woman sing with adult
6three person drink beer
6pregnant adult
6two man play drum
6dog get toy
6group wait to cross street
6man do
6appear to be room
6muslim man
6person and person wear white clothing
6person have match
6woman hang laundry
6man put something
6person perform with stringed instrument
6adult carry bottle
6person wear vest and hat standing
6group of person standing and sit
6town street
6american man
6athlete ride surfboard
6person wear shirt and pant
6sit on top of adult
6dog leap over log
6man swing tennis racket
6person instruct child
6boy hold bottle
6standing in classroom
6adult standing behind fence
6adult sit next to child
6adult beat drum
6man wear pant and clothing sit
6person dressed as adult
6picture of adult
6poor group
6man make adult
6some person play drum
6excite man
6person in train
6person beat drum
6trick bike
6person sharpen tool
6adult wear clothing and glasses look
6adult decide what
6adult sit in sun
6adult play blue guitar
6two beautiful woman
6man sit under tree
6man play guitar with band
6boy walk on street
6brunette adult standing
6person ride on skateboard
6man make it
6some person take photo
6group sit at long table
6standing on top of building
6two adult do karate
6man dunk basketball
6adult feed child
6man play instrument while adult play drum
6person standing outside door
6person wear clothing hold beverage
6adult lead adult
6adult standing next to two person
6new york street
6person wear clothing stroll
6woman kick ball
6person sit on rug
6two man play sport
6person wait to go
6accompany by man
6standing on podium
6person with flag standing
6woman get food
6child sit on parent
6person wear clothing recline
6person with long hair walk
6man climb up mountain
6blond adult work
6child eat ice cream cone
6adult on bike stop
6person with short hair and clothing
6dog lean
6man make speech
6adult with headdress
6bathe trunks
6person wear clothing tie
6man feed animal
6hold brochure
6woman walk talk
6work on arts and crafts
6woman do split
6some other person sit
6group of older person
6woman clean
6pretend to play
6adult with dark hair walk
6person sit in wooden chair
6person walk dog down street
6walk in desert
6sit in front of table
6woman watch them
6person wear glasses lean
6man wear clothing and clothing sit
6person with brown hair standing
6person vie
6person dance with person wear white clothing
6person pour drink into glass
6person wear red clothing dance
6person with shop cart
6team be
6adult with red clothing walk
6adult wear clothing and helmet standing
6person fill street
6two person surround by tree
6adult give hair
6child play in spout
6man beg
6sit on machine
6hold little girl hand
6person on look
6adult take time
6some young child sit
6mini bike
6person woman and child
6baby wear shirt cry
6adult give performance
6work on beam
6cowboy look
6dog hold animal
6tribal clothing
6woman hit tennis ball with racket
6standing behind railing
6man and person both standing
6adult standing in body of water
6standing in restaurant
6that write
6adult behind counter
6hold back
6person wear clothing throw baseball
6dog jump to catch tennis ball
6african child sit
6person walk and talk on phone
6group of college man
6two adult fix bike
6blond girl_woman walk
6child place
6man be on ladder
6adult create art
6man watch game
6man standing hold sign
6group wear clothing work
6group play wind instrument
6woman sit with hand
6caucasian person standing
6dog wear jacket
6three person ride horse
6dog chase ball on grass
6adult standing at station
6person prepare something
6laugh adult sit
6man work on site
6girl_woman with clothing standing
6dirty adult
6teens talk
6two person look at mountain
6person play guitar while adult sing
6some white person
6adult do yard work
6athlete and person
6person wear pant and shirt sit
6hold saxophone
6dog hang
6person wear uniform ride
6person sit in bus
6car sit
6adult play brown stringed instrument
6person in front of group
6parent work
6man surf large wave
6jump hill
6's hold
6adult balance ball
6person stop to talk
6adult play instrument in front of wall
6woman talk while sit
6boy standing on beach
6person pull by dog
6closeup of person
6the street
6adult pretend to be person
6person standing on motorbike
6person wear clothing run race
6child with cap
6adult wear skirt look
6adult use stick
6person cast shadow
6man in distance
6person wear red clothing run
6woman walk through park
6be ice
6adult carry bouquet
6two adult and person work
6adult hold bag standing
6group all
6man hold himself
6man do stunt on bike
6adult be hard at work
6adult hold banner
6man walk in park
6two man spar
6adult converse with each other
6person wear blue work
6comfort child
6some three person
6person play guitar while person play instrument
6hold baseball bat
6group of two adult
6sit at table with adult
6hold mask
6walk on rope
6person be wear clothing
6person look at fruit
6adult dressed for weather
6woman with headband
6person with mohawk and shirt
6serve adult
6boy wear clothing ride
6woman walk past wall
6adult compete in contest
6adult 's
6adult sit smile at camera
6sit on roof
6person wear shirt wear clothing
6adult one sit
6adult ride blue bicycle
6person hold chicken
6adult surround by some person
6person do backflip
6person return ball
6walk through path
6person standing open
6man sit at table with computer
6some person float
6adult practice kick
6person with hat walk down street
6woman sit and read
6red and white bike
6person lift leg
6man skateboard on ramp
6play stringed instrument in background
6person wear clothing and clothing walk down street
6woman sit in boat
6adult with sunglasses sit
6person with hat and clothing play instrument
6dog run with open
6person wear shirt and pant play instrument
6hold cup of coffee
6walk down block
6adult share umbrella
6person do show
6adult block
6two adult work at construction site
6cricket athlete
6sing into microphone with person
6adult sit on rail
6adult carry case
6ride on transportation
6woman brush hair
6man sit under plant
6adult look wear bag
6adult outdoors
6adult wear shirt dance wear clothing
6woman walk on road
6group of some child sit
6dog play rough
6person walk down snowy street
6adult sit in wheelchair
6huge group of person
6child watch entertainer
6conversation with man
6adult carry percussion instrument
6pop wheelie on bike
6person run in background
6girl_woman with tattoo
6work on loom
6athlete block
6jump off rock into water
6woman sit on log
6hold rose
6pull down
6two person in area
6adult play with hula hoop
6adult standing in front of statue
6sit behind her
6they jump
6not look
6person do task
6some person skate
6person wear clothing address person
6adult standing over grill
6standing face
6man perform show
6child wear shirt eat food
6african-american adult standing
6two man one standing
6paint on street
6person walk arm
6group wear shirt standing
6man walk by person
6older man run
6man sit smoke cigarette
6adult and three child walk
6shorter person
6child hold stuff animal
6lavender shirt
6adult hang laundry
6adult talk to guy
6wet adult
6person ride field
6rocky street
6run through ocean
6person wear uniform tackle person wear clothing
6person play stringed instrument with adult
6military group
6person with clothing and jean sit
6person assist child
6adult play stringed instrument while person sing
6athlete catch
6group and adult walk
6adult with long brown hair walk
6dog play with soccer ball
6person open box
6two person with hat sit
6two adult talk on phone
6adult shine shoe
6look at rock
6person near water
6person sit while play instrument
6sleep on man
6person wear white shirt and pant walk
6person standing next to brick wall
6person wear shirt show person
6woman wear t-shirt
6woman make sign
6two person wear kimono
6person videotape person
6man have lunch
6person jump into body of water
6woman hold hat
6person and man work
6person ride horse down street
6person enjoy others company
6person on wave
6two person and woman look
6adult perform in front of person
6boy dig
6adult with shop cart
6adult sit rest
6asian girl_woman walk
6adult wear clothing and glove look
6band person play
6person standing at stand
6adult clasp hand
6two person engage in match
6hold white cup
6group of person all
6prepare to perform
6big white dog
6man sit on deck
6man drape
6adult sit in train
6group of person read
6child get splash
6person build wall
6child enjoy time
6woman hold white umbrella
6group do dance
6lab run
6dog run down trail
6person wear shirt dance wear clothing
6adult walk under bridge
6adult hold chicken
6man on cellphone standing
6seat adult look
6she talk
6three child jump
6play instrument in front of building
6person use torch
6person descend stair
6three adult and adult sit
6man reach out
6adult hold spoon
6person with clothing and hat standing
6man ride vehicle
6be about to play
6child run across grass
6person standing in front of them
6child play with flower
6adult cook on stove
6man standing behind person
6adult paint on wall
6police person
6person hold small boy
6man stare at woman
6fall off bike
6adult jump to hit ball
6woman put makeup
6woman walk in park
6woman with cap
6person display flag
6person drive boat
6woman standing in store
6two person sit smile
6sit on post
6man bowl with ball
6adult with hat and clothing play instrument
6child play with outside
6two man bend
6person wear purple standing
6dance with child
6bright red jacket
6two person gaze
6swing child
6woman hold can
6walk through rain
6two person celebrate
6two hispanic adult
6person play music on street
6person perform operation
6man walk down street in front of building
6adult standing in formation
6fit man
6two person with brown hair
6person create sculpture
6person wear swimsuit sit
6child fly kite
6adult follow by adult
6read person
6person hold package
6man standing on walkway
6person perform ceremony
6adult stir food
6two person and child
6child look at toy
6african-american child
6sit beside person
6athlete make
6person standing in front of man
6person wear shirt give presentation
6two person set
6bride dance
6person wear bikini sit
6adult lean on person
6person hammer nail
6child hold soccer ball
6person play instrument next to adult
6adult on skate
6adult stare at woman
6adult standing look at something
6woman and adult work
6man dance on stage
6adult standing door
6hold folder
6athlete take
6adult sing into microphone while play stringed instrument
6two asian adult talk
6athlete lunge
6girl_child sleep
6woman sweep sidewalk
6child hold phone
6person with brown hair play instrument
6dog run down beach
6adult sit in boat on water
6man play guitar while person play instrument
6person wear clothing and woman wear clothing standing
6rappel down
6person play badminton
6cricket person
6person hold jacket
6person try to tag him
6man run on field
6gray long-sleeved shirt
6two adult look at book
6play instrument wear shirt
6person sit eat lunch
6adult hold hand with adult
6person sit in front of monitor
6member walk
6bike with child
6girl_child sing
6man and woman both standing
6adult talk to girl_woman
6man mow grass with mower
6woman eat cone
6perform with hula hoop
6man standing by building
6person standing around car
6adult and two person walk
6person wear clothing sell food
6pale shirt
6person standing next to child
6person bounce
6person wait in station
6man repel
6woman hold by adult
6blond dog run
6person with jacket and hat
6adult discuss topic
6sit on doorstep
6adult jam
6pink and white shirt
6person look at music
6child on sled
6adult wear blue clothing reach
6red and gray shirt
6person red
6fifth person
6person wear clothing participate
6adult swing on rope
6person play unique instrument
6adult play tennis on court
6man work with machine
6adult lay on beach
6standing by stand
6run with tongue
6gray man
6neighborhood street
6adult standing on post
6watch baseball game
6child run through sand
6person get photo
6man suspend in air
6person greet each other
6barefoot adult sit
6instrument next to adult
6person with jacket sit
6person carry equipment
6woman look at view
6work at market
6adult cross arm
6person read on bench
6adult lay on blanket
6three smile person
6some woman jump
6blond-haired girl_woman
6person adjust camera
6man walk through group
6man tackle person
6person wear clothing give person
6gentleman smile
6adult wear clothing and woman wear clothing standing
6adult talk walk
6adult work at restaurant
6person play machine
6person sit around
6adult climb on rock
6person put feet
6dog play with animal
6person play wear street
6man chase animal
6person do trick in midair
6person standing of shop
6person pose for photographer
6dog catch fly disc
6man and smile
6person down river
6person enjoy beach
6group gather to watch person
6person use paint
6woman with blond-hair look
6teacher talk
6woman kick
6person walk down middle of street
6asian look
6person in standing
6ride bike in traffic
6standing by pole
6woman hold guitar
6child race
6person standing outside of shop
6adult sit side
6three adult and person sit
6two adult sing into microphone
6adult sit on bag
6person eat food at table
6woman with light brown hair
6watch three person
6man play game on tv
6crew of person
6adult play instrument next to adult
6man carry gun
6group standing on corner
6group sit at picnic table
6person pass building
6man do art
6boy wear clothing ride bike
6woman watch dog
6child emerge
6man play violin on street
6person wear shirt type
6person play instrument while adult play drum
6woman walk through forest
6adult with clothing and pants sit
6adult in bed
6walk dog on beach
6hold right hand
6standing behind truck
6two person look at computer
6some band play
6baseball player play
6person yawn
6group have discussion
6small girl look
6person sit at instrument
6man with guitar standing
6entertainer rock
6one have clothing
6dance for group
6let child
6standing on fence
6two small boy play
6man ride green bike
6person talk on cellphone while sit
6take out
6dirty man
6work on window
6woman with hat and clothing
6adult with long hair walk
6watch from stand
6man with hat and clothing play instrument
6woman play instrument with person
6adult turn corner
6person wear black clothing and pant walk
6three woman run
6adult standing in front of large building
6watch two child
6shorter adult
6horse on street
6adult play accordion on sidewalk
6man sew
6sweep water
6person pose for artist
6man hold finger
6child paddle boat
6adult sit on bench with person
6person give powerpoint presentation
6entertainer play instrument on street
6athlete scramble
6hold up clothing
6woman standing in road
6adult dunk basketball
6performer and musician play
6person pose with dog
6obese adult
6adult hold by man
6woman bicycle
6no one
6child wear clothing play game
6man and adult standing look
6standing in front of ocean
6man balance himself
6two adult male
6child play on playground equipment
6woman look at paper
6adult laugh at something
6person wear uniform throw baseball
6hold toothbrush
6adult parasails
6sexy person
6ride bike across bridge
6be to release
6school child walk
6person on hill
6sit in seat of car
6person with cap and shirt
6performer surround
6adult walk into building
6adult smile at person wear clothing
6adult and glasses
6two man play volleyball
6person wear glasses hold baby
6outside on street
6man use stick
6dog tussle
6beautiful adult walk
6person scale rock
6man standing read newspaper
6man carry percussion instrument
6two tan dog play
6person walk and carry bag
6kick athlete
6person make peace sign
6watch runner
6smile girl_child sit
6person hold string instrument
6athlete go down hill
6adult perform with stringed instrument
6standing near pole
6spanish adult
6person hold red bag
6man work on line
6woman speak on cellphone
6child climb fence
6adult talk on phone while standing
6person climb up wall
6person wear line
6two person wait for train
6person buy grocery
6woman wear orange clothing
6latino man
6group of person chat
6adult enjoy sun
6man on phone walk
6person sit close
6person finish
6ball from adult
6person dance in group
6person chip
6blond boy look
6person wear clothing play basketball
6person use power tool
6adult play game on tv
6child perform on stage
6man with towel
6carry large object
6man meet
6film adult
6adult sit on sand
6some person pose for camera
6person wear clothing raise arm
6person standing on basketball court
6beautiful person walk
6two person paint wall
6two leader
6person pull by donkey
6adult carry woman
6woman lay head
6man hold knife
6standing around him
6person compete in contest
6two firefighter standing
6hold small flag
6person and performer play
6man give powerpoint presentation
6gather around man
6adult beat instrument
6man leave
6ride on bike on street
6standing under tent
6some person be on stage
6person walk through store
6adult with flag standing
6adult adjust glasses
6woman hold hand with person
6dog beg
6adult steer boat
6man with backpack sit
6person ride bike through woods
6person wear top and short walk
6adult sing karaoke
6old man play stringed instrument
6adult adjust camera
6carry black purse
6adult assist adult
6work at desk
6adult play instrument together
6adult standing with woman
6male person walk
6adult use net
6person fish in ocean
6man work in factory
6watch pass
6adult speak with man
6person hold spoon
6poodle run
6adult standing with bike
6soccer shirt
6person standing in dark
6two adult smoke
6group of person sit on stair
6person with long brown hair sit
6man walk next to building
6man look at bike
6pair of woman
6person laugh at something
6small group look
6standing on table
6person walk along track
6adult do acrobatics
6man fly fish
6person get some air
6adult rope animal
6outside with person
6person ride horseback
6brown-skinned person
6game with child
6adult sit at outdoor table
6child wear cowboy hat
6person flash sign
6rock entertainer
6woman with dark hair sit
6adult sit in blue chair
6person sit on skateboard
6adult run with ball
6adult standing point
6read child
6white fluffy dog
6play music for group
6adult look while adult look on
6man walk in direction
6uniform shirt
6old lady standing
6man sit on milk crate
6adult laugh at person
6woman talk on phone on street
6person tie shoe
6walk beside him
6adult walk through station
6carry shoe
6adult fly fish
6some person gather around table
6dog run carry stick
6person sweep trash
6three person and adult sit
6large group of child sit
6person while walk
6person sit on wood bench
6african woman standing
6man play instrument in front of crowd
6adult comfort child
6person shop in marketplace
6walk beside building
6some person sit in restaurant
6street vendor sit
6person surround by forest
6prepare to launch
6child wear hat play
6adult have eye
6dirt bikers
6man wear pant sit
6man work on scaffolding
6woman look over shoulder
6eastern person walk
6person wear blue top
6performer perform at concert
6person hold frame
6boy play soccer in field
6street line with plant
6watch some adult
6man put on clothing
6hold bundle
6some person hold hand
6person wear apron look
6child wear shirt kick ball
6row sit
6athlete wear helmet
6girl_woman fish
6fix adult
6adult sit cross-legged
6be water
6person kick football
6sit in tent
6man hold plastic bag
6street merchant sit
6person walk down boardwalk
6adult sip drink
6adult hammer nail
6person beat percussion instrument
6person sit and stare
6adult play with hoop
6person grind down rail
6person pull bag
6adult compete in tournament
6line of person walk
6that float
6person walk in park lot
6watch street
6group engage
6woman jump for joy
6adult play monopoly
6walk up set of stair
6person blow horn
6two person ride on motorcycle
6person wear clothing smile at adult
6adult be in area
6group play sport
6adult standing in city
6man pose for person
6healthcare person
6adult lay on bed
6photo opportunity
6adult standing talk to each other
6two person collide
6play instrument on bench
6man discuss
6adult throw baseball
6person with cap look
6peddle bike
6talk around table
6person perform surgery on person
6person horse
6adult ride bull in rodeo
6two individual standing
6man shine shoe
6some young girl sit
6play on structure
6adult do some type
6adult carry drum
6person sit behind person
6woman check cellphone
6child wear swimsuit
6adult pull boat
6athlete ride on wave
6pass child
6walk beach
6adult jump on beach
6adult sit in cafe
6hold long stick
6cheer person
6dog jump over plant
6adult run along street
6third person watch
6man ride blue motorbike
6man tell story
6person rope
6person wear clothing and pants lean
6girl_woman read book
6person walk by man
6standing near fountain
6sing for group
6woman look while standing
6adult wear shirt dance with person wear clothing
6costume woman
6person try to kick ball
6adult on cellphone sit
6adult have ball
6man work in store
6young person play instrument
6adult surf on white surfboard
6ride by person
6person play instrument outside
6plant seed
6adult watch in background
6woman and person work
6person standing on mat
6adult ride bicycle on trail
6adult look at merchandise
6adult play instrument while adult play percussion instrument
6adult drink drink
6brindle dog
6person sweep outside
6woman climb mountain
6adult look while person look on
6person hold plant
6person sit wear snow
6person eat outdoors
6indian group
6man use shovel
6adult with glass
6one reach
6man sit talk on phone
6person and person standing talk
6two person walk on beach
6standing behind wall
6two person sit in grass
6adjust glasses
6person wear bathe suit sit
6person standing in yard
6adult standing beside bike
6two adult ride bike on street
6adult wear clothing and helmet sit
6person drink outside
6hold two person
6three woman work
6woman clean floor
6person work on house
6some individual standing
6person standing on board
6man play blue instrument
6child stick head
6person have finger
6hold acoustic guitar
6adult fish in ocean
6person carry camera
6person wear jacket hold umbrella
6adult instruct child
6two man face each other
6twin boy
6dog jump through hoop
6person row in boat
6person wear clothing perform stunt
6adult have instrument
6spanish person
6woman write in notebook
6long gray hair
6adult sit at outside
6adult play frisbee in field
6dog chase red ball
6adult sleep on subway
6group sit outside
6woman look at art
6person both standing
6person ride blue motorbike
6that have picture
6man mop floor
6two man on horse
6adult lean on bike
6adult plant tree
6band of adult play
6person cook food in kitchen
6dog on leash walk
6man point camera
6stare at water
6child in boat
6person carry flower
6smile at child
6middle-aged man work
6adult wrap around waist
6person on unicycle
6man type on laptop
6two man fix bike
6adult ride bike in park
6adult work in tunnel
6woman pray
6woman standing and look
6person wear black clothing and jean sit
6person fish wear water
6adult skateboard down street
6approach adult
6examine by person
6dog with spot run
6shave by person
6person play cricket on field
6adult prepare to hit ball
6push cart on street
6sing in adult
6person dance wear white clothing
6man walk through crowd
6person hold photograph
6man standing on mountaintop
6adult red
6adult hand adult
6person walk through alley
6person prepare to jump
6sit under tent
6adult with red-hair talk
6hold glass of beverage
6child suck
6boy wrestle
6adult run through field
6adult be on ladder
6adult fall off horse
6hold baby boy
6person hang laundry
6adult show something
6man scratch head
6group surround man
6adult standing with adult wear clothing
6man walk up street
6adult carry some bag
6sit on side of mountain
6man ride buck bull
6man use paint
6two person and man sit
6adult standing by door
6man standing in front of woman
6group pull
6person read book on bench
6woman play video game
6two adult look at screen
6professionally dress person
6adult standing in front of poster
6person with long brown hair walk
6person fix person hair
6person surround by snow
6person go for walk
6walk on surface
6child wear clothing make face
6person wear clothing and adult wear shirt standing
6adult play rugby on field
6sooners athlete
6man drink at bar
6man plant plant
6person smoke cigarette outside
6two adult practice
6person on floor
6adult hold mug
6two person sit at bar
6two man play percussion instrument
6person wear hat lean
6person ride through forest
6person wear clothing take break
6adult at desk
6person and woman both standing
6adult wear glasses and hat
6person standing on train
6dog play outdoors
6person walk along busy street
6give dog
6child wear clothing surround
6adult and two adult look
6little dog jump
6adult turn head
6child try to climb
6man feed bird
6play with bike
6play instrument in front of wall
6occupy by person
6adult and adult walk on sidewalk
6person standing next to door
6prepare to play instrument
6adult while standing
6man look at her
6adult hold shirt
6person wear hat fish
6person play guitar while person sing
6little league athlete
6adult carry piece
6woman wear top and short walk
6two adult ride on bike
6two person standing on side of street
6person with clothing and pant standing
6person and adult both standing
6adult use brush
6woman use sew machine
6adult sit and person standing
6person and two adult look
6man adult sit
6person guard person
6person commute
6adult in standing
6group dance on stage
6two adult compete in tournament
6man play trombone
6person show skill
6greet child
6sing in person
6man with black hair and clothing
6child sit on curb
6dog leap to catch frisbee
6push man
6adult look way
6first adult
6person make woman
6adult shop in store
6person wear clothing and pants play guitar
6athlete do backstroke
6jump over plant
6bald person talk
6two monk
6adult sit on skateboard
6person look at body of water
6beach athlete
6two athlete jump
6adult mow grass with mower
6person wear helmet walk
6adult sit in vehicle
6adult play brown guitar
6adult work on construction
6standing by street
6person wear black clothing jump
6adult sit and read newspaper
6three individual sit
6person standing over grill
6person standing with eye
6two adult leap
6two person one and other
6person have instrument
6person be in ocean
6two worker look
6person top
6two adult help person
6man give child
6person play harp
6man watch two adult
6man instruct person
6child hug person
6person wear glasses and clothing play stringed instrument
6person ride large wave
6ride up hill
6formally dress person
6person bowl in bowl alley
6adult follow adult
6boy play in field
6adult walk by man
6person get athlete
6adult wear clothing and pant talk
6child eat food at table
6woman sell flower
6man surround by adult
6woman hold rope
6two policeman standing
6boy jump skateboard
6dog carry red toy
6person wear headdress
6man play instrument while man play instrument
6person standing next to street
6person sit on box
6person beat instrument
6two official
6woman wait for person
6person give haircut
6adult work on truck
6person get water
6person work in office
6heavy winter clothing
6man play guitar while adult sing
6dog chase brown dog
6person in room talk
6adult wear headscarf sit
6person wear clothing hold tool
6enjoy group
6firefighter talk
6take dog for walk
6adult climb up cliff
6three adult drink beverage
6child ride in car
6person ride in canoe
6adult work on house
6standing in middle of room
6person jog on road
6dark man
6child color with crayon
6lean on plant
6police officer walk
6woman sit with child
6two adult and adult work
6play unique instrument
6follow by dog
6standing on sideline
6person entertain audience
6sit on bike on street
6adult while walk
6woman play soccer
6man sit on bed
6group of person standing in field
6adult work with equipment
6adult jog on sidewalk
6person block him
6person wear clothing shovel snow
6man standing in front of machine
6brim hat
6adult standing at desk
6person sit at table with paper
6band of person play
6sit on bag
6sit on mountain
6adult sit play accordion
6some person wear costume
6group of male person
6bull run
6man smoke outside
6man hold device
6person have bottle
6adult play volleyball at beach
6adult lift adult
6man clap
6two person play outdoors
6man standing in front of mirror
6play with camera
6woman standing and smile
6person watch kid
6person chop
6person sing and person play instrument
6adult use paint
6person with smile
6adult hold sleep baby
6person standing in front of cart
6seat child
6sit in adult
6adult wear clothing and pant play instrument
6adult read while sit
6person shop for fruit
6adult talk while walk
6adult outside look
6stop ball
6play instrument on side of street
6person perform job
6youth person
6woman pass adult
6woman walk down street in city
6man sit on bucket
6some person fly
6man wear attire sit
6person walk carry umbrella
6two person sit outside
6person ride on boat
6hold ice cream cone
6man walk behind adult
6street with person walk
6security guard standing
6woman show her
6standing around fountain
6person play stringed instrument while adult sing
6adult try to cross street
6two person standing in front of person
6hold hand with man
6person while person
6adult on top of roof
6child in cart
6watch little boy
6person pose with girl_woman
6adult get shave
6person shine shoe
6team sit
6man meditate
6work at restaurant
6person walk dog on beach
6woman take picture with phone
6woman walk dog on leash
6person sit drink
6three person work on street
6person sit on bag
6person wear clothing wear hat
6child leave
6standing beside car
6person gather around truck
6person ride bike with basket
6naked woman
6man surround by some person
6person on bike stop
6person play guitar with person
6little boy and child play
6person wear clothing and jacket standing
6jump at time
6person with haircut sit
6man sit in front of computer monitor
6adult standing next to child
6adult wait for adult
6person smile at man
6person standing on day
6dog fight over toy
6person standing behind railing
6athlete focus
6light shirt
6walk down alleyway
6adult standing on head
6adult kayaks
6person run down sidewalk
6sit wear hat
6two blond woman sit
6woman walk through group
6gloved adult
6person grab board
6child participate in race
6person hold ski pole
6adult wade through water
6shaggy dog play
6standing on street in front of building
6pregnant person
6jump on couch
6two standing
6hold necklace
6two adult person
6man play guitar with person
6two person communicate
6some person line
6hold some paper
6person walk down street next to building
6adult observe something
6person make presentation
6person run across field
6woman throw football
6as two man
6sit in street
6person sit on patio
6walk through tunnel
6adult shake hand with adult
6caucasian person sit
6get ready to race
6numerous adult
6grin person
6man walk with cane
6two man lie
6hold coat
6man give sign
6sing in entertainer
6adult in middle of street
6child dive into pool
6middle-aged woman walk
6woman look at photographer
6person in room look
6man watch tv
6person enjoy lunch
6multicolored dog
6person play game on tv
6woman look at display
6person look towards person
6person walk one
6young beard man
6person in asia
6boy and person walk
6adult sell pastry
6man hold briefcase
6man play guitar while adult play instrument
6athlete do trick in air
6adult ask adult
6be car
6man kneel on street
6man sit up
6look at beverage
6person sit smoke
6pink building
6person sit on city bench
6man sit on scooter
6man wear clothing and glasses play instrument
6person standing in front of red building
6man work construction
6adult sit on bucket
6face with clothing
6person fly fish
6person standing around adult
6person hold pipe
6two person row boat
6man sit in red chair
6cat standing
6person sweep water
6be artist
6standing in back
6adult do type
6watch fly
6ball person
6adult standing near fence
6athlete do stunt
6bunch of person work
6man standing in front of screen
6child close eye
6standing on feet
6hold bagpipe
6child wear clothing and pant walk
6person parasails
6man sit in seat
6dog run with mouth open
6adult ride buck bull
6man wear skirt standing
6play with hose
6bald man talk
6walk on track
6adult standing with bicycle
6two person play one
6dance wear white clothing
6child lie on floor
6record person
6athlete make play
6person paint landscape
6man wear white apron
6man sleep on grass
6ride on
6group of person stop
6some person sit on couch
6woman ride train
6play instrument for audience
6adult play billiards
6ride bike on racetrack
6sit with head
6woman standing on curb
6trainer standing
6person be high
6bmx rider ride
6woman use microphone
6person walk by sign
6person play instrument next to person
6person carry gun
6person stretch out
6be talk
6small crowd standing
6person walk down street with child
6adult lift child
6put in
6person look to side
6arabic adult
6man kayaks
6strange look
6person wear orange coat
6person wear clothing block person
6two person make
6trapeze person
6dog leap into water
6person play with two dog
6woman with apron
6person dance wear suit
6adult standing in sand
6enthusiast sit
6person walk across intersection
6woman standing in street
6some person read
6sit on car
6adult walk on rock
6woman stare at something
6adult play guitar while adult sing
6middle-aged asian person
6adult standing in station
6person reach ball
6third person look
6person enjoy outside
6child smile for picture
6play music on street
6overlook person
6person wear clothing and pant play instrument
6person use drill
6person wear white clothing play
6street with person
6adult shop in market
6adult advertise
6two person drive
6adult carry toddler
6adult and person walk on sidewalk
6person touch head
6person standing in body of water
6group of child smile
6person wear clothing and pants jump
6two person smoke
6adult ride horse in arena
6woman hold paper
6boy perform
6person standing at bar
6gray person
6woman look in direction
6man with jacket walk
6adult sit on outdoors
6adult perform surgery on person
6two person walk in front of building
6person laugh with man
6adult play with black dog
6two referee
6brightly color shirt
6boy climb wall
6play in river
6walk down street with dog
6person standing in courtyard
6woman walk down street with umbrella
6group gather around adult
6two performer play stringed instrument
6dog fetch toy
6woman shake hand
6person dance wear group
6person wear blue clothing ride horse
6standing in lift
6person look standing
6person with balloon
6person walk out
6person wear clothing standing with person
6child play in room
6athlete hold basketball
6man sit against building
6standing on it
6person hold coffee cup
6dog tie
6work with yarn
6adult run in field
6two man have drink
6woman photograph
6adult be on beach
6person walk through mall
6athlete about hit ball
6woman standing near person
6man hammer nail
6person wear clothing and hat speak
6collie jump
6woman strike pose
6man play instrument for person
6football player play
6sit on trampoline
6man ring
6shirtless child play
6dog run in woods
6person and man play instrument
6adult work construction
6person color
6adult teach young boy
6man ride yellow bike
6man eat cone
6man with expression
6adult and person both
6woman lean against building
6adult carry gun
6person use gun
6man walk on sand
6person sit play musical instrument
6dog chase soccer ball
6adult work on side of building
6standing in booth
6adult with instrument sit
6carry branch
6hard work person
6standing in church
6person with sleeve
6tropical clothing
6adult with clothing and jean sit
6adult hold one
6blond girl_child standing
6person perform on stage with stringed instrument
6girl_child hold animal
6person wait for ball
6speed bike
6person carry bouquet
6dark color shirt
6person write note
6prepare to enter
6person hold one
6person work on side of building
6person standing in water
6adult standing standing
6sit on stump
6hold wooden stick
6athlete make turn
6three adult sit look
6adult with clothing and pant standing
6adult play instrument on bench
6adult do stunt on bike
6group of young child sit
6man standing in store
6athlete fight over ball
6man climb pole
6adult reach for something
6person look in microscope
6adult interact with person
6some person watch something
6cheer on person
6man spread
6dog play with one
6adult and adult standing talk
6person in raft
6grocery store adult
6man play instrument with performer
6adult be sing
6chef clothing
6older gentleman work
6adult work on site
6read off
6adult sing into microphone while play instrument
6work in office
6woman play in fountain
6person wear shirt read newspaper
6girl_child hold child
6person wear clothing throw frisbee
6person ride bike on dirt path
6hold yellow bag
6person and person both
6dog follow dog
6standing in front of stage
6two woman pose for photo
6adult hold coffee cup
6adult sit on concrete bench
6group of person engage
6man paint on it
6two person compete in event
6carry white umbrella
6tire adult
6adult be hard
6adult sweep trash
6play with rock
6two person watch man
6person wear glasses and hat
6person work on construction
6person sit on bleachers
6man with short brown hair
6be hold
6person hold cat
6crew standing
6man operate piece
6person hold sleep baby
6person and person both standing
6person with glasses and beard
6adult walk on side of street
6person standing pose for picture
6woman spike volleyball
6man standing in formation
6woman lay on beach
6man with sunglasses look
6adult sit hold baby
6person get shave
6person stir food
6adult standing in doorway of building
6man can
6person talk to someone
6person wear shirt and vest play instrument
6person act out scene
6one check phone
6adult make basket
6man have meal
6two person look at water
6adult walk with arm
6person put them
6dog standing in river
6adult and man play instrument
6person wear white clothing speak
6man walk on city street
6person cook over fire
6person ride bike in traffic
6child have fight
6dog play on green grass
6person build structure
6person enjoy others visitor
6dog jump for tennis ball
6person standing look at building
6hold beer bottle
6person play block
6man golf
6adult sit close
6man throw baseball
6person paint graffiti
6surround plant
6two person standing under umbrella
6blue and green clothing
6natural water
6woman standing on hill
6woman eat ice cream cone
6child ride on man
6person pull boat
6group ride down road
6man on corner
6person do ollie
6person surround by some person
6group sit on wall
6man work on equipment
6adult hold pipe
6child talk to adult
6adult watch kid
6person wait outside
6person fall off horse
6adult who walk
6man play brown instrument
6look at vegetable
6person standing by table
6person roll bowl ball
6hold sleep baby
6hold string instrument
6climber walk
6adult ride in carriage
6fifth adult
6dog bare teeth
6pink and white dress
6person draw on street
6group of three person standing
6adult perform operation
6adult look to side
6law enforcement adult
6man sleep on couch
6person wear jacket and hat walk
6get excite
6person do maintenance
6adult wear swimsuit
6young oriental woman
6two person and person walk down street
6person play instrument on bench
6athlete challenge player
6muddy person
6policeman sit
6adult give powerpoint presentation
6two person on bike ride
6person bake food
6person wear clothing hold arm
6adult make woman
6two person be on boat
6adult pass man
6give smile
6person hold pose
6person sit nearby
6person wear clothing juggle ball
6person skateboard at skate park
6person dressed standing
6girl_woman hug
6man sit in background
6person flip skateboard
6man person and child
6run behind him
6sit on side
6adult hold photograph
6small street
6soldier talk
6adult carry bike
6group watch race
6troupe of person
6man climb on rock
6girl_woman with long brown hair
6person wear hat and orange clothing standing
6two adult work at site
6person have hat
6person hold by man
6two person watch them
6man watch two person
6woman surf
6person standing near
6child ride sled
6person ride animal in rodeo
6man on top of roof
6push adult
6person look through bag
6person and adult both
6boy play with soccer ball
6woman play volleyball at beach
6child with balloon
6adult walk down pathway
6person and musician play
6play in gym
6adult repel
6two person work on laptop
6adult standing in front of structure
6person be ice skate
6white long-sleeved shirt
6two person work at construction site
6dog pounce
6child run through field
6adult write note
6run wear
6laugh person sit
6man play person
6ride horse on street
6child standing on road
6man standing in front of mountain
6young redheaded child
6child leap into air
6adult try to lasso animal
6adult assist child
6adult hold paddle
6jump over railing
6person sleep in car
6baby girl sit
6adult walk white dog
6child wear red clothing walk
6child sit in tree
6person carry pole
6person wear clothing dig
6some shirt
6man and man sit
6adult dance dance
6walk down street next to building
6two man play frisbee
6two adult sit and look
6businessman sit
6person walk to work
6person standing at corner
6number of person sit
6man take note
6beautiful person dance
6woman in field
6athlete pitch ball
6person look at artwork
6adult wear shoe
6man accompany
6person standing in front of flag
6adult type on keyboard
6sport clothing
6person let child
6man socialize
6child hold basketball
6feather boa
6person grab person
6man bow head
6look while
6amuse person
6person chase person
6young beard adult
6adult hold little girl hand
6adult walk through city street
6man ride on bicycle
6adult sit on lawn
6person have look
6lone athlete jump
6man enjoy view
6woman carry bucket
6child wear clothing and pant run
6adult walk talk on phone
6person and three child walk
6adult climb hill
6look excite
6woman wrestle
6adult smile at man
6person wear black clothing hold bag
6young blond child sit
6man videotape person
6smile person pose
6person watch person play instrument
6adult with haircut sit
6adult standing with person wear clothing
6man perform for crowd
6standing on plant
6hold purple umbrella
6two woman and person look
6person tackle player wear uniform
6person ride bike in front of building
6person lift child
6standing next to animal
6person wear white clothing and short walk
6two person 's
6adult talk to someone
6adult ride blue motorbike
6person play at concert
6person wear ring
6run course
6man get shave
6two man talk to adult
6african american man look
6athlete raise arm
6group play stringed instrument
6adult display flag
6three person sit down
6adult walk by sign
6jump with ball
6person with helmet and clothing
6man standing by sign
6adult attempt to hit ball
6adult walk around
6adult play white guitar
6standing at beach
6watch player
6child standing on shore
6depict man
6person look at flower
6ballerina pose
6motorbike ride
6dog hold toy in mouth
6person cut branch
6woman wear cowboy hat
6adult with guitar standing
6adult standing on top of rock
6adult look at clothes
6man sit in front of monitor
6be plant in background
6woman at store
6walk across path
6play guitar in front of person
6person walk beside building
6lean on adult
6child enjoy swing
6sit beside street
6adult sit drink beer
6girl_child hold bag
6man standing next to door
6man and boy
6woman play tennis on court
6adult play guitar while adult play instrument
6dog be in grass
6fellow man
6dog walk through field
6child walk in field
6athlete perform trick in air
6fashionable woman
6three adult cook in kitchen
6person feed child
6adult standing hold umbrella
6group observe
6hold ski pole
6adult sit in front of door
6tourist standing
6adult take picture with cellphone
6man weld something
6person play stringed instrument for money
6woman standing by car
6doctor look
6adult sing and person play instrument
6man wear short and clothing standing
6adult ride down street on bike
6adult hold red bag
6hold breath
6instrument on side of street
6man with tattoo play instrument
6child hold toothbrush
6adult play instrument next to person
6adult smile at each other
6look at horse
6two puppy play
6girl_child kneel
6person react
6person carry brown bag
6adult cool
6baseball player walk
6person swim in lake
6boy hold instrument
6group sit on street
6adult work behind counter
6woman sit on bus
6some person fish
6woman observe
6two person skate
6person talk to two woman
6standing at edge of water
6jump over water
6man play instrument while person play drum
6group of person in front of building
6second woman
6person on cliff
6girl_woman and adult walk
6adult sit use computer
6adult splash water
6woman sit on white bench
6man sit and read newspaper
6some person hold
6group of person with instrument
6group parade
6american sit
6person standing in front of doorway
6african-american person standing
6adult dive into pool
6blond child jump
6two young boy pose
6athlete turn
6person live
6adult shoot basketball
6school boy
6person appear to be sing
6person balance ball
6elderly lady walk
6girl_woman take photo
6man make woman
6person perform in front of audience
6person get kiss
6woman wear hand
6athlete try to tackle player
6child wear clothing draw
6adult jump over obstacle
6man dance outside
6boy sit on couch
6surprise person
6adult hold coffee
6two entertainer play stringed instrument
6person play rugby on field
6avoid person
6athlete swing racket
6child perform routine
6group have picture
6robe adult
6two man work at site
6child build
6person with shop bag walk
6adult play stringed instrument with adult
6adult get on bike
6interact with adult
6fat woman
6person sit outside store
6adult open box
6person carry thing
6brunette person standing
6crowd talk
6dog chase toy
6person play jenga
6adult with cup
6two person work at site
6walk down middle of street
6some merchant
6adult with long brown hair sit
6person standing in front of stage
6tag out person
6man under umbrella
6adult talk to two woman
6person laugh at person
6adult on car
6boy on team
6athlete be about to hit ball
6talk in group
6boy wear shirt climb
6person blow instrument
6adult repair street
6woman load
6two lady work
6person play instrument while adult play percussion instrument
6person lean on bike
6keep person
6adult do trick with bike
6man clean up trash
6bike trail
6bake food
6man fish in ocean
6run on pavement
6person standing by truck
6adult wear building
6boy hide
6person watch by observer
6child walk hand
6woman wear high heel
6person wear hat watch
6dog jump wear water
6woman standing by man
6try to cross street
6backwards hat
6adult wear cap and clothing
6man with glasses and hat
6person on swing
6person hold baby boy
6woman meet
6middle-aged adult walk
6adult face ocean
6adult wear jacket wait
6two adult pose with adult
6man carry red bag
6person play stringed instrument in front of group
6man look at laptop
6adult sit behind person
6group of person raft
6person wear helmet look
6man with stringed instrument standing
6dance woman
6adult ride buck animal
6adult hold baby boy
6child play with stick
6three person and person sit
6person standing while
6play rugby on field
6person and two adult walk
6group of person at festival
6child play on monkey bar
6boy with arm
6woman line
6person rail
6elderly lady sit
6blond woman play instrument
6two adult and woman look
6white dog with spot run
6man standing on step
6person sit on bench at park
6adult fix person hair
6man smile while sit
6person gaze into distance
6person work stand
6man chase
6person pass each other on street
6person sit in front of window
6adult cut branch
6group of musician walk
6street in front of store
6soccer game play
6person watch match
6two man climb
6man and boy walk
6adult yawn
6two little girl look
6girl_woman have conversation
6man on roof
6light brown shirt
6work in background
6adult light cigarette
6performer hold
6child sit on park bench
6person drive scooter
6child help adult
6some person in area
6person ride red motorbike
6woman and sit
6hold son
6adult push food cart
6child play with car
6woman eat candy
6child with shirt play
6sing into microphone with adult
6person sing karaoke
6two person pause
6person behind counter
6run through street
6adult play stringed instrument in background
6person wear hat and orange clothing work
6standing by truck
6some individual sit
6adult carry flower
6two person wear coat
6three guy sit
6person and son play
6middle-aged asian adult
6adult entertain audience
6in group person
6group wear clothing run
6person walk away from building
6shake hand with adult
6boy gaze
6group of smile person
6person pass group
6man play white stringed instrument
6person pass by store
6person standing next to stand
6make athlete
6some person walk down path
6woman with shirt look
6middle person walk
6adult race on bike
6view of street
6military man standing
6girl_woman sit on couch
6person standing in front of poster
6adult standing on train
6person surround by animal
6person standing on ice
6group of person wear clothing play instrument
6person sit have drink
6person steer boat
6woman hold broom
6two teammate
6some person play percussion instrument
6some person stop
6woman grin
6woman sit on sand
6man with glasses and beard
6adult play at concert
6barefoot person sit
6asian sit
6child run race
6woman wear pink hat
6adult standing next to fence
6adult look at scenery
6adult sit side by side
6adult hold newborn
6child wear clothing throw ball
6man and hat standing
6adult and woman standing look
6dog play catch
6adult perform on stage with instrument
6sit at stand
6man carry item
6group of some adult sit
6adult standing on motorbike
6adult serve ball
6person try to lasso animal
6adult standing fold
6adult standing on foot
6little child walk
6person cook sausage
6person walk while
6child hit pinata
6person walk animal
6go off jump
6adult shield eye
6person pose with instrument
6person and woman standing look
6person sit on roof
6adult standing with back
6three person smile at camera
6person sit in train
6control ball
6dog pull person
6shave in
6back of person
6two person enjoy drink
6adult hold white bag
6adult wear shirt sit next to adult
6person sit at desk with computer
6child and play
6young male adult
6adult with covering
6child with blond-hair walk
6man standing next to motorbike
6blue long-sleeved shirt
6woman stick out tongue
6walk through park lot
6man wear white coat
6adult beat percussion instrument
6standing in front of stove
6person on beach look
6adult work on beam
6man play with dog on beach
6adult jump on trampoline
6adult with glasses and beard
6arm wear clothing
6play on path
6two man point
6dog run on snow
6person walk on street next to building
6person wear clothing and short look
6person walk in woods
6man jog down street
6dog play with red toy
6person back
6adult and man work
6person walk down street on sunny day
6elmo shirt
6carry drink
6person hold line
6person wear shirt standing look
6women adult
6person talk at table
6jump to catch tennis ball
6play music for person
6person sit in front of computer monitor
6two man read
6child standing in room
6man wave arm
6person carve meat
6person shake hand with adult
6adult raft
6child lay in grass
6play game with child
6person wait at subway station
6person practice skill
6adult while
6man pose on street
6dog play fetch
6jump in ocean
6man dance on street
6child with braid
6person perform kick
6athlete suspend
6adult sit at table with beer
6person fix net
6person try to take picture
6performer run
6man wear short and clothing sit
6person comfort child
6person wear shirt read paper
6adult hold cardboard sign
6person standing at top of stair
6woman wait for subway
6man play instrument while person play percussion instrument
6chinese boy
6two person kick soccer ball
6adult snap photo
6child hold american flag
6adult and person both standing
6two person surf
6child in class
6hold racquet
6adult wear clothing sit on wall
6lean in
6person wear red clothing kick ball
6person carry woman
6child play with bike
6two adult observe
6dog with leash
6person jump off hill
6another jump
6hold small dog
6look at box
6person at night
6man with tattoo standing
6adult with clothing and backpack
6adult perform surgery on patient
6child standing on grass
6person hold cloth
6two man play board game
6two person share umbrella
6man tune instrument
6man standing on curb
6man drink wine
6adult play music on stage
6woman with jacket walk
6adult wear glasses and clothing play guitar
6person wear clothing and pant pose
6blond-hair child
6two adult share umbrella
6group wear shirt walk
6adult use torch
6person wear shirt and glasses play instrument
6woman sing song
6child wear white clothing look
6woman close eye
6person with braid hair
6two man take break
6person rest arm
6person on clothing
6child wear hat sit
6adult eat snack
6adult smile at adult wear clothing
6standing all
6adult wear clothing and vest play instrument
6two person do trick
6person lift adult
6man group
6man with shirt play stringed instrument
6small child jump
6korean man
6adult standing next to door
6adult sit on mat
6standing in front of cart
6male person play guitar
6embrace man
6person with instrument sit
6female work
6intently look
6dog walk in grass
6worker smile
6child help person
6man pour liquid
6person enjoy beautiful day
6person walk hold umbrella
6adult mountain bike
6group wear clothing pose
6adult standing on hillside
6adult standing on mountaintop
6child with clothing look
6man hold sign on street
6let go
6adult wear bikini sit
6talk on outside
6play with flower
6girl_woman eat food
6group of person lounge
6adult standing next to truck
6bald adult talk
6woman standing with bag
6woman dance at party
6adult in distance
6adult do jump on bike
6person wear shirt and hat
6dog jump through grass
6child sit in plant
6man drill hole
6man and person play
6person dance in front of crowd
6man look at item
6play with machine
6person use blower
6large brown dog standing
6group of person smile for camera
6man sit with child
6adult push cart on street
6person look into window
6woman walk over bridge
6catch person
6white-haired person standing
6go for ride
6person have backpack
6person do trick with bicycle
6leash standing
6person wear white clothing perform
6person play with fire
6group watch child
6medieval clothing
6person clasp hand
6man walk in front of person
6big jump
6person play guitar while adult play instrument
6person paint mural on wall
6woman wear bathe suit
6adult weld something
6tan run
6person and two person look
6watch machine
6girl_woman sit on beach
6two adult kickboxing
6kiss girl_child
6man standing next to motorcycle
6man make hand gesture
6adult look while sit
6person watch two woman
6adult with helmet sit
6person on truck
6man play instrument while adult play percussion instrument
6child watch performer
6person appear to be dance
6work with metal
6adult do demonstration
6baby girl play
6barefooted woman
6adult have bottle
6child standing in front of building
6blond head child
6man do wheelie on bike
6person wear blue clothing and pants standing
6person slide down hill
6woman standing with hand on hip
6person defend
6man play instrument with entertainer
6standing next to it
6person examine equipment
6person work on beam
6standing around car
6two man discuss something
6person do roadwork
6person sit at table with tablecloth
6person sit in front of water
6dog sniff ground
6woman walk by adult
6person sleep while sit
6adult perform ballet
6grocery store person
6entertainer perform at concert
6beautiful woman walk
6person with skateboard
6throw man
6two adult play soccer on field
6diner sit
6look at wall
6adult get kiss
6person wear glasses and clothing play instrument
6shave by adult
6hold mirror
6be two man
6person walk through tunnel
6man perform act
6person walk through marketplace
6bicyclist sit
6adult bowl in bowl alley
6instruct child
6adult entertain
6adult perform trick on bicycle
6standing next to microphone
6wet dog jump
6person face water
6that appear to be
6person look phone
6man standing in alley
6athlete rest
6person sit wear jacket
6person standing woman
6adult play harp
6standing behind microphone
6adult wear dress hold hand
6child hold stringed instrument
6person wear clothing play outside
6feature man
6person on top of mountain
6half naked adult
6child in room
6adult pose with two person
6man hunch
6paper hat
6yellow dog play
6adult hold small boy
6jump on dune
6young beard person
6child sit on rug
6group of person do trick
6person control ball
6adult with brown hair play instrument
6sit in office
6dog jump through field
6pregnant woman
6standing on log
6adult sell something
6person climb on rock
6burn building
6soccer player walk
6person walk wear blue clothing
6watch by child
6man talk while sit
6dark-skinned man sit
6man ride bicycle on trail
6some man run
6athlete tackle player wear clothing
6adult work stand
6two person swim in pool
6person wear gray sweatshirt
6person wear red clothing and pants standing
6person be at event
6adult mix drink
6group of person carry flag
6woman sit on wooden bench
6child wear blue
6two man relax
6three kid run
6adult smoke cigarette outside
6woman look at artist
6man hold tennis racket
6sooners person
6person sit and drink beverage
6person wear headscarf sit
6adult sit in front of monitor
6adult in group of person
6three man jump
6person play brown stringed instrument
6adult hold jacket
6woman sit on some step
6person standing with back
6brick-paved street
6person in booth
6woman standing in front of tree
6person wear clothing hold glasses
6sit by fountain
6walk by sign
6adult cook food in kitchen
6child standing in front of fence
6person look off into distance
6person wear blue clothing climb rock
6water raft
6adult walk down street with child
6person swing golf club
6child wear sweatshirt
6adult swim with child
6very adult
6two person pose with adult
6two homeless person
6boy wear glasses
6dog be on leash
6child smile while
6woman help boy
6person sit on bucket
6walk across intersection
6two adult and man sit
6two person crouch
6person wear clothing standing on corner
6performer of adult
6man with instrument sit
6man wear colorful clothing
6adult sit sleep
6person talk in background
6group of person standing on stage
6middle eastern person walk
6dog shake head
6person mix drink
6woman with child look
6person wear shirt and adult standing
6person type on keyboard
6adult ride animal in rodeo
6adult sit on cement bench
6young adult look
6person hold shirt
6group of american
6two adult sit on ground
6hold fry pan
6adult use power tool
6person with clothing and pants sit
6person pose with two person
6person play brown guitar
6woman group
6person have shoe
6person have sunglasses
6woman sit next to each other
6adult sit on corner
6person ride ski
6adult hold microphone on stage
6person wear shirt and hat walk
6man mountain bike
6person hold fry pan
6group speak
6athlete in pool
6some girl_child walk
6man sprint
6man ride bike through street
6adult standing in water
6person hold hand with man
6tennis player standing
6tie-dye shirt
6woman with long brown hair sit
6pass by adult
6man make call
6adult hold plant
6adult with piercing
6adult sit on city bench
6girl_woman on bike
6two bald adult
6standing by river
6two young man play
6person compete in game
6dirty person
6try to be
6person standing under sign
6adult standing on day
6woman in wheelchair
6adult and son play
6man play saxaphone
6sit on structure
6two person standing on rock
6man ride bull in rodeo
6adult hold string
6sit on water
6person enjoy others person
6walk in store
6white woman sit
6person wear clothing and work
6person talk to adult wear white shirt
6person perform with hula hoop
6man sell balloon
6female person play
6bright blue shirt
6person stroll down sidewalk
6adult standing in front of flag
6woman jeans
6man sharpen tool
6furry dog walk
6man do trick with bike
6hold reed instrument
6person wear clothing and pant talk
6indian adult work
6collie run
6woman walk down street on day
6adult wear black clothing and pants sit
6work with hand
6two adult enjoy beverage
6adult hold card
6man push cart on street
6adult have adult
6old man hold
6two person fix bike
6adult bake food
6adult and two person look
6person standing behind
6person and adult standing talk
6dog play with ball in field
6businessman look
6child sit wear clothing
6adult do maintenance
6three white person
6person surf wave in ocean
6person talk on phone while standing
6adult play blue stringed instrument
6two person and person work
6colorful adult
5adult walk out of building
5dog wear shirt run
5person play game while person watch
5boy wear pant
5two person plant flower
5person play bowl
5person wear outdoors
5walk by water
5person sit outside restaurant
5person sit with adult standing
5athlete ball
5something on phone
5walk next to car
5two bald man
5person sit in office
5one catch ball
5wave at person
5adult help young girl
5person lead musician
5adult clean fish
5gray-haired person look
5two adult paint wall
5man clean street
5female adult look
5man hold poster
5person make announcement
5walk on street of city
5dog wear race
5two officer look
5person raise in air
5person play slot machine
5adult woman and child sit
5young man and person standing
5adult do by person
5very tall building
5woman and man work
5man standing on cliff
5adult walk past brick building
5run to catch frisbee
5young musician sing
5person watch by group
5woman have shirt
5two adult lounge
5person look at fish
5adult standing on toe
5adult with shawl
5dog sit on grass
5person make gesture with hand
5be smile
5man work on wall
5run ball
5person ride transportation
5adult use jackhammer
5child play tug-of-war
5two young boy walk
5adult play guitar while adult play percussion instrument
5man sit at stop
5two young woman talk
5person standing in distance
5adult walk to work
5person sit in bench
5person wear clothing play instrument in front of microphone
5entertainer watch
5adult react
5adult with smile
5black play
5person jump on grass
5two adult play electric guitar
5horse standing
5man with blue clothing look
5parent and child look
5person shop for food
5adult juggle three ball
5adult pull fish net
5child get haircut
5sit on vehicle
5adult standing at corner
5man and two person standing
5adult perform instrument
5person push cart down street
5person look sit
5person run with person
5man sell food on street
5bunch play
5some boy look
5amish man
5dark-haired girl_woman
5man hold brush
5two adult be in boat
5adult do trick with skateboard
5woman at restaurant
5dog rest head
5child walk down path in forest
5man use grinder
5two doctor perform surgery
5person hold acoustic guitar
5play with paper
5person wear shoe sit
5carry grocery bag
5man walk down city sidewalk
5church person
5person use hula hoop
5all the person
5two fireman standing
5child wear shirt hold
5child wear shirt climb
5look at window
5standing at site
5clown run
5person work on window
5person pierce
5man with blond-hair play stringed instrument
5man with clothing sing
5adult help young boy
5adult paint white
5woman play instrument in room
5person have conversation with woman
5old asian person standing
5sit on shore
5person wear clothing and pants lie
5two adult talk on cellphone
5three male sit
5adult jump with skateboard
5athlete shake hand
5adult take sip
5play with football
5adult wear cap and clothing sit
5boy jump bike
5person standing near woman
5woman read book while sit
5adult work at night
5man jump over wave
5run relay race
5senior person
5person kiss person on cheek
5man inspect bicycle
5person with clothing and hat sit
5two man compete in tournament
5adult standing at site
5adult with beard and glasses sit
5person ride pony
5hold dog on leash
5person wear shirt ride unicycle
5woman standing in grass
5very large group of person
5boy in boat
5adult wear clothing and skirt sit
5man with helmet sit
5person wear blue clothing and short sit
5adult wait for customer
5man tune guitar
5person wear cap and clothing look
5walk down street one
5adult and dance
5dog with collar standing
5two person wait at stop
5man with long hair and clothing
5person finish meal
5person watch player
5man standing with back
5two person sit on bus
5try to look
5woman share umbrella
5older woman work
5adult camp
5man take turn
5person have conversation with man
5man with long black hair
5roll pin
5hold some kind
5two person watch something
5person travel down road
5two person have fight
5look at girl_woman
5group watch concert
5child hold butterfly
5sit with feet
5person standing on rocky shore
5dog bark at dog
5two person cheer
5adult laugh while sit
5person walk across road
5person play stringed instrument and man play instrument
5adult create sculpture
5hold pail
5person play instrument in performer
5person walk by fence
5man work on engine
5adult on side
5dog sit on bench
5laugh wear shirt
5man sit on bike on street
5child play on toy
5yong person
5person ride outside
5man prepare food in restaurant
5person adult and person
5man standing talk to each other
5person watch baseball game
5person and daughter sit
5adult blow horn
5question person
5gather sit
5woman red
5sell on street
5hold light
5type of building
5adult obscure
5man grill sausage
5child standing in middle of street
5person from team jump
5adult play instrument while person sit
5person wear clothing and standing
5person sit look at camera
5person serve volleyball
5redhead adult
5adult surf wave in ocean
5adult with shop bag standing
5boy wear clothing hold
5adult jump in air at beach
5group sing song
5group of person play sport
5man carry case
5small crowd look
5group look in direction
5two adult clean window
5person take photo of woman
5adult carry thing
5child look at train
5three band person
5kitchen person
5person wear shirt walk dog
5person wear shirt and helmet
5adult with shirt and jean sit
5woman catch
5standing and wear clothing
5man raft
5person with mustache look
5adult sing and adult play instrument
5man sit in front of door
5man sit on pavement
5hold handbag
5person walk by street
5person wear neon clothing standing
5dog hold tennis ball
5adult sit on staircase
5adult standing by table
5person pour beer
5in group adult
5person attempt
5person sit by fire
5person walk towards water
5woman paddle boat
5adult plow field
5person sit in brown chair
5embrace child
5person with black hair walk
5two adult enjoy food
5person wear shirt fall
5child have arm
5adult sit in chair on sidewalk
5corner on street
5standing in front of picture
5adult standing and play instrument
5adult sit in front of wall
5person play with instrument
5athlete face
5person wear jacket walk dog
5person write on piece of paper
5adult standing in front of blue wall
5man play stringed instrument while person sit
5person cross stream
5adult in background look
5group gather to watch adult
5march band play
5person hold athlete
5person stretch leg
5two person sit on dock
5group walk in front of building
5adult work at table
5adult standing near sign
5two person play on stage
5work on piece
5adult wear attire
5bend look
5teen woman standing
5man standing standing
5man crowd
5adult do backflip
5man appear to be person
5adult in lab
5two man wrestle on mat
5hold candle
5work on floor
5two adult standing in front of person
5man with hat talk
5man pour
5adult in match
5adult hold right hand
5man carry object
5person sell some item
5adult paint building
5brunette hair
5hold picket sign
5man drink water
5partner sit
5adult wear clothing with hand
5walk cane
5two adult run down street
5it be
5person frolic
5adult swing at ball
5person walk in front of truck
5adult sit in front of window
5adult pour wine
5man study something
5child wear shirt and pant standing
5man lean against pillar
5at event person
5athlete wear clothing and helmet
5turn look
5adult walk carry umbrella
5person hold frisbee
5person play ultimate frisbee
5drunk person
5person wear glasses and shirt sit
5adult sit on street play instrument
5woman walk up step
5boy hold skateboard
5dog carry tennis ball
5child mop floor
5athlete wear clothing tackle player
5man play instrument while man play percussion instrument
5two doctor work
5work on scaffold
5person sit with stringed instrument
5child have look
5person sign book
5man play instrument on side of street
5person sit on long bench
5adult make craft
5child wear shirt lie
5adult sit on man
5work on outside
5man sit on cart
5person prepare camera
5boy hold umbrella
5man beat
5young indian adult
5adult engage in match
5dog with eye
5group of person and child
5person sit knit
5person sit by person
5hold part
5adult sit take break
5person with stroller walk
5adult sit on cliff
5two person have time
5ride on ramp
5person look at her cellphone
5adult standing in front of water
5person wear top look
5child wear clothing and hat
5man standing talk on cellphone
5tackle adult
5woman model
5woman cross street in city
5do work on street
5ride up street
5person use cane
5two construction worker standing
5child standing in field of grass
5horse hold
5sit beside her
5person walk around corner
5person wear hat do work
5walk on hill
5standing next to train
5person play instrument in musician
5person next to table
5person hold large stick
5work on piece of equipment
5person play hand instrument
5person wear stand
5man on cellphone walk
5adult put on shirt
5person play guitar and adult play instrument
5adult standing on some rock
5person direct group of person
5child wear clothing and pants run
5adult hold wineglass
5person wear headphone walk
5woman hold violin
5walk on dirt
5man sit sleep
5dog romp
5adult walk down street with purse
5she ride bike
5sexy adult
5adult play instrument while standing
5boy play soccer on field
5man dance at party
5adult sweep outside
5adult play domino
5person while work
5person with white clothing and pants
5person standing hold bag
5person clothing and hat
5man search
5white sleeveless shirt
5fan sit
5group sit and look
5man standing in front of plant
5person hold saxophone
5sing wear clothing
5person standing in tunnel
5adult look sit
5young attractive woman
5follow two person
5adult hold red flower
5sit by wall
5person walk on dirt path
5person gather outside building
5person sit in race car
5child hold doll
5two adult engage in match
5man with glasses on
5person hold megaphone
5dog jump fence
5group of asian person walk
5person get ready to perform
5young caucasian man
5blue person
5adult hold cat
5person walk down street with dog
5person serve tennis ball
5young indian person
5person ride skateboard down street
5number shirt
5person standing and pose
5older couple look
5play instrument in march band
5person standing next to pole
5two person paddle boat
5person wear glasses sing
5athlete wave
5adult walk with dog
5adult sit with beverage
5adult take bite
5adult grill sausage
5man work on house
5man sit use computer
5adult sleep in car
5group peer
5person play in water fountain
5man perform song
5man race on bike
5adult sit in seat of car
5person help baby
5person do dish
5man standing next to pole
5man standing outside store
5adult ride down road
5girl_woman sit on floor
5person watch fly
5adult pass each other on street
5metal building
5person wear clothing and apron work
5person in europe
5person operate crane
5woman with nose
5be focus
5person ride bicycle on track
5person wear clothing hold something
5adult sleep in bed
5adult and two child standing
5person slide down slide
5street performer play
5jump from bench
5adult rock out on instrument
5person wear shirt and tie play instrument
5adult cook outside
5boy standing on rock
5person sit on cart
5child wear clothing hit ball
5adult with pole
5person sit watch person
5person sit indoor
5person gamble
5woman have beverage
5person smile while standing
5adult standing at bar
5person compete in roller derby
5person drive race car
5person wear clothing carry shop bag
5shine adult
5band member play
5man and look
5man drive cart
5male musician sing
5man play stringed instrument while adult play percussion instrument
5senior adult
5adult talk to adult and person
5child with clothing walk
5hold megaphone
5woman walk with purse
5adult with brown hair play stringed instrument
5woman walk down brick street
5child sit on wooden bench
5person with wild hair
5hold drill
5adult walk down pave street
5person fix roof
5play with sparkler
5group and child
5standing next to painting
5adult sit at instrument
5adult show adult something
5adult look at baby
5person repair something
5adult crash
5person submerge
5performer of person sing
5person play violin on stage
5woman sleep on couch
5adult on clothing
5person wear clothing look at adult wear clothing
5person wait for meal
5adult practice form
5run down dune
5man try to get
5adult standing with microphone
5child look into water
5group talk to person
5adult tape
5person with bottle
5person fix wheel
5person play instrument while man play drum
5person standing and woman
5dark color dog
5adult surround by light
5person wear clothing sit next to adult wear clothing
5big black dog run
5woman clean window
5adult walk and carry bag
5person peddle
5adult hold pose
5person hold woman hand
5sit on beam
5man watch by person
5hold up by person
5group of person consist
5sit on pile
5man standing on motorbike
5person do leap
5adult wear clothing and boot standing
5girl_woman tie
5pass by building
5person sit on block
5person contemplate move
5adult watch boy
5person wear jacket and person
5ride on cart
5standing near stand
5person make contact
5person kick around ball
5athlete grab
5person overlook mountain
5two guy play
5person with long gray hair
5two asian woman pose
5adult eat hotdog
5child huddle
5east asian person
5person buy produce
5adult play instrument on side of street
5two adult peer
5child sleep in bed
5person comfort person
5run to help
5person walk along pathway
5two person talk on sidewalk
5lay in
5person enjoy party
5adult on unicycle
5adult walk down cobblestone street
5person hold hand and walk
5adult sing into microphone while adult play instrument
5child take photo
5two person standing on boat
5adult sing in entertainer
5person standing in front of bike
5man browse
5person question person
5man sit in chair in room
5person do flip in midair
5child wear hat walk
5hood man
5boy fly
5man and dog sit
5adult hold son
5dog chase one
5man cross city street
5group wear clothing look
5person with beard smile
5adult teach kid
5person get makeup
5child do arts and crafts
5two person prepare food in kitchen
5caucasian adult sit
5person wear art
5man play instrument on bench
5person sit on public transportation
5person wear pants and clothing talk
5walk graffiti
5some person sit on beach
5man do skateboarding trick
5man standing close
5person walk through woods
5man adjust camera
5man sit at sew machine
5person play with brown dog
5standing on equipment
5adult ride motorbike on street
5adult wait for car
5person walk bike down street
5man sit on subway train
5adult walk through rain
5person walk through park lot
5person look at some paper
5wrestle person
5man pick something
5two small child standing
5person in shadow
5person adult and adult sit
5adult bounce
5standing behind sign
5woman with red umbrella walk
5standing on chair
5person and woman talk to each other
5adult sit while talk
5boy wear clothing pose
5man work at desk
5person walk carry shop bag
5adult look through bag
5standing next to performer
5black and brown dog standing
5adult parking
5guard building
5adult play instrument while adult watch
5silver bike
5show two adult
5be wall
5boy sit on rock
5person wear clothing and pants work
5dog play with outside
5person play with outside
5person twirl ribbon
5most person
5ball on course
5two man and adult look
5woman jog on street
5person standing next to van
5person take nap on bench
5adult have meeting
5woman with black hair and clothing
5crouch adult
5child walk through forest
5adult hang up clothing
5group perform in front of audience
5person kiss person wear shirt
5walk beside her
5person standing behind microphone
5adult hold baby girl
5sit on slab
5group of person standing in front of person
5some person do dance
5adult read on bench
5person walk wear jacket
5man with brown hair play instrument
5group be wear water
5man play volleyball on beach
5portly person
5adult play stringed instrument and adult sing
5person on mound
5be sleep
5man take look
5person carry lot
5adult walk up staircase
5child catch ball
5adult sit on adult
5talk in kitchen
5member jump
5group standing behind fence
5man dance in front of group
5sit next to plant
5man wear glasses and hat
5two elderly woman talk
5two homeless man
5old lady walk
5person look at bird
5person practice karate
5two adult sit against wall
5adult standing in front of doorway
5person sleep in bed
5man with gear
5adult be in midair
5adult play unique instrument
5boy float
5adult with bucket
5person sit use laptop
5person wear clothing carry child
5two person work in field
5two adult with brown hair
5woman lead dog
5group of person arrange
5person toss
5person talk in group
5person play instrument and drum
5sit under canopy
5smile wear shirt
5person walk graffiti
5jump dirt bike
5sit near fountain
5adult spray
5boy play person
5adult carry plant
5man inspect bike
5band of man play
5adult sit down look
5child take bath
5person touch base
5person play instrument for audience
5man jump for joy
5man paint sign
5person cast fish pole
5man shoot
5sit by building
5adult standing in hole
5man sell product
5athlete point
5adult wear shoe sit
5person with surfboard
5walk through puddle
5man scale rock
5person hold scarf
5dog person
5man reach up
5woman look at something in distance
5adult hold scarf
5group of child watch
5some person sit in circle
5adult hold instrument and sing
5person sip
5two male play instrument
5child bike
5person call person
5adult put clothing
5person watch other
5adult with brown curly hair
5child hold hose
5group gather for event
5athlete pass ball
5woman walk by store
5two man ride in boat
5child hold broom
5man lay on street
5dog on leash standing
5adult be about to hit ball
5child hold bucket
5adult watch two child
5adult standing in front of man
5some person with backpack
5adult push person
5two athletic adult
5rest head on person
5person standing stare
5person pose in room
5adult clean up debris
5person pull fish net
5two person put
5adult stop on sidewalk
5man glide
5adult on bike sit
5dog run with something
5adult at station
5clothing standing
5man play instrument and stringed instrument
5adult throw object
5child wear white clothing walk
5lift up person
5woman standing in doorway
5man wear street
5man hold string
5hold green ball
5adult goof
5watch snowboarder
5man with beard and cap
5person walk down pave path
5person sit on transportation
5man have conversation with man
5man wear clothing and helmet sit
5two person standing in front of truck
5man with beard work
5person write in book
5younger man standing
5person standing while adult sit
5adult pour beer
5play on toy
5person pose next to person
5child look through microscope
5group hold banner
5adult with red umbrella walk
5man balance ball
5person with satchel
5adult wear headphone standing
5person use bike
5dog walk in sand
5adult work at desk
5standing in tunnel
5food from adult
5group of boy look
5man dance in front of person
5group do work
5child wear pants
5hold conversation
5person sit down and look
5woman play with toy
5person sit on man
5woman look while person look
5person jump to make shot
5child eat piece
5two japanese adult
5adult sit in chair play instrument
5adult wear gray sit
5person wait in area
5walk across water
5man talk to person on street
5person sit at outdoor restaurant
5child wear clothing and pant standing
5two man with hat sit
5person play on guitar
5group of person show
5man sit side by side
5adult work while person watch
5wave at group
5adult standing on surfboard
5person be walk
5performer perform for person
5man with camera standing
5person ride race motorcycle
5person sing to person
5man standing on stair
5person sing into microphone while person play instrument
5person walk beside bike
5person cross crosswalk
5person wear shirt stop
5work on wood
5two person row
5man with mustache look
5pose for photo with person
5person wear shirt sell food
5person person and adult
5some person standing in group
5woman with bag and clothing
5man standing in front of crowd of person
5child standing on leg
5eat with person
5white child play
5adult carry handbag
5adult apply lipstick
5person walk down country street
5adult play soccer in field
5adult sing in person
5man do kind
5man wrestle on mat
5man play stringed instrument and adult sing
5person talk wear street
5adult cover eye
5two person wear gear
5man standing in front of cart
5woman make funny face
5child sit on outside
5man clothing and hat
5woman talk on cellphone on street
5adult sit while talk on phone
5man play unique instrument
5person sit on picnic table
5man sit play accordion
5man wash
5person wear glasses pose
5two adult make food
5man wear clothing and adult wear clothing standing
5red and black dress
5adult have sunglasses
5person play guitar and adult sing
5person surround by observer
5adult jump off rock into water
5person wear clothing perform dance
5group of person and adult sit
5blue and yellow shirt
5elaborate clothing
5some person sit at desk
5standing around grill
5adult wear helmet walk
5child wear clothing chase
5walk beside wall
5african child play
5man hold skateboard
5bunch of adult standing
5three construction worker standing
5give ride
5child play and ball
5child wear clothing hold stick
5child carry soccer ball
5person hold hand of adult
5walk brown dog
5person standing near stand
5adult sit in front
5woman work behind counter
5be have
5young red-haired adult
5group of person line up
5three other adult standing
5child wear mask
5person talk outside
5child play with tool
5sit at booth
5adult walk up flight of stai