Denotation Graph Node Index

Nodes s with a large enough denotation ⟦ s ⟧ have their own HTML page:
500 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧|
100 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 500
50 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 100
10 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 50
5 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 10
Each page provides a sample of up to 100 images from the node's denotation (each image is linked to its own page), links to the most similar nodes, links to the parent nodes in the denotation graph, and an expandable link that shows its children and (part of) the hierarchy below it.

Index to nodes s with 50 ≤ |⟦ s ⟧| ≤ 100

|⟦ s ⟧|s
#ImagesNode label
99group of person walk down street (pmi)
99adult wear jean (pmi)
99adult wear pants (pmi)
99black and brown dog (pmi)
99young kid (pmi)
99school (pmi)
99person play soccer (pmi)
99you (pmi)
99little girl standing (pmi)
99shave (pmi)
99sit outside (pmi)
99group of man standing (pmi)
99run through field (pmi)
99man wear clothing play stringed instrument (pmi)
99female entertainer (pmi)
99white jacket (pmi)
99white building (pmi)
99child climb (pmi)
99person with long hair (pmi)
98some person gather (pmi)
98person race (pmi)
98strike (pmi)
98dirt path (pmi)
98adult wear hat sit (pmi)
98person hold microphone (pmi)
98person wear green clothing (pmi)
98crew (pmi)
98play electric guitar (pmi)
98hoop (pmi)
98cloud (pmi)
98snowy hill (pmi)
98dog run on grass (pmi)
98female performer (pmi)
98woman wear shirt sit (pmi)
98adult seat (pmi)
98walk across street (pmi)
97high (pmi)
97set up (pmi)
97referee (pmi)
97woman talk on phone (pmi)
97metal (pmi)
97person sit down (pmi)
97wear pink shirt (pmi)
97bike race (pmi)
97adult compete (pmi)
97woman hold baby (pmi)
97knit (pmi)
97presentation (pmi)
97person on motorbike (pmi)
97spin (pmi)
97man surf (pmi)
97man point (pmi)
97design (pmi)
97person pose for camera (pmi)
97person sit on couch (pmi)
97woman hold child (pmi)
97brown horse (pmi)
97performer sing (pmi)
97trainer (pmi)
97child play soccer (pmi)
97entertainer sing (pmi)
97man pose for picture (pmi)
97baby sit (pmi)
97walk dog (pmi)
97shape (pmi)
97american (pmi)
97standing in group (pmi)
97black cap (pmi)
96person fight (pmi)
96person prepare (pmi)
96red uniform (pmi)
96woman with hair (pmi)
96young boy look (pmi)
96man wear shirt walk (pmi)
96child play game (pmi)
96adult stop (pmi)
96protest (pmi)
96man wear sunglasses (pmi)
96black bag (pmi)
96closeup (pmi)
96water fountain (pmi)
96try to catch (pmi)
96brick street (pmi)
96two female (pmi)
96man play drum (pmi)
96wear backpack (pmi)
96firefighter (pmi)
96wear red (pmi)
96meet (pmi)
96shoot (pmi)
96group of person wait (pmi)
96adult leap (pmi)
96run down street (pmi)
96hockey person (pmi)
96middle-aged woman (pmi)
96hockey player (pmi)
95person with jacket (pmi)
95song (pmi)
95three kid (pmi)
95adult hold microphone (pmi)
95balcony (pmi)
95tube (pmi)
95wear blue jean (pmi)
95some water (pmi)
95person hold camera (pmi)
95standing wear clothing (pmi)
95stool (pmi)
95courtyard (pmi)
95man hold instrument (pmi)
95adult on bicycle (pmi)
95play basketball (pmi)
95person wear blue clothing standing (pmi)
95african person (pmi)
95mud (pmi)
95young asian adult (pmi)
95adult look at person (pmi)
95young woman sit (pmi)
94person standing in front of building (pmi)
94blond girl_woman (pmi)
94puppy (pmi)
94man read (pmi)
94sock (pmi)
94adult jump in air (pmi)
94teach (pmi)
94woman play stringed instrument (pmi)
94soccer field (pmi)
94person sit on floor (pmi)
94grind (pmi)
94gray jacket (pmi)
94tunnel (pmi)
94person play electric guitar (pmi)
94person in boat (pmi)
94hood (pmi)
94jump into air (pmi)
94person food (pmi)
94group watch person (pmi)
94crowd walk (pmi)
94discuss (pmi)
94child laugh (pmi)
93cow (pmi)
93adult hold umbrella (pmi)
93walk along street (pmi)
93start (pmi)
93two boy play (pmi)
93material (pmi)
93dog sit (pmi)
93big dog (pmi)
93adult with backpack (pmi)
93large crowd of person (pmi)
93person wear clothing sing (pmi)
93fisherman (pmi)
93man jacket (pmi)
93match clothing (pmi)
93some man sit (pmi)
93behind (pmi)
93adult wear helmet (pmi)
93person walk along street (pmi)
93black top (pmi)
93adult wear white clothing standing (pmi)
93gather around (pmi)
93person with brown hair (pmi)
93age (pmi)
92person sit on step (pmi)
92kayak (pmi)
92attention (pmi)
92woman sit in chair (pmi)
92wade (pmi)
92person ride wave (pmi)
92child dance (pmi)
92person wear suit (pmi)
92dark-skinned person (pmi)
92person wear jacket walk (pmi)
92kick soccer ball (pmi)
92person read newspaper (pmi)
92some entertainer (pmi)
92product (pmi)
92bikers (pmi)
92person wear clothing dance (pmi)
92adult wear clothing sing (pmi)
92flight (pmi)
92help person (pmi)
92adult wear green clothing (pmi)
92person smoke (pmi)
92person wear shirt talk (pmi)
92hold cup (pmi)
92straw hat (pmi)
91wear stripe shirt (pmi)
91asian adult standing (pmi)
91pan (pmi)
91person walk across street (pmi)
91attendant (pmi)
91do jump (pmi)
91some performer (pmi)
91white top (pmi)
91string (pmi)
91red short (pmi)
91woman wear shirt standing (pmi)
91tile (pmi)
91dark-haired woman (pmi)
91person ride motorcycle (pmi)
91woman hold hand (pmi)
91girl_child look (pmi)
91storefront (pmi)
91man hold hand (pmi)
91adult fish (pmi)
91guy standing (pmi)
91adult play electric guitar (pmi)
91play with dog (pmi)
91person in background (pmi)
91groom (pmi)
91speak into microphone (pmi)
91adult wear shirt talk (pmi)
90kid sit (pmi)
90rock wall (pmi)
90person and child (pmi)
90some person wait (pmi)
90palm (pmi)
90wear cap (pmi)
90white helmet (pmi)
90two person have conversation (pmi)
90run through water (pmi)
90hallway (pmi)
90adult fall (pmi)
90snack (pmi)
90man talk on cellphone (pmi)
90sweep (pmi)
90adult on street (pmi)
90blue sweater (pmi)
90spread (pmi)
90person wear clothing pose (pmi)
90young (pmi)
90man adult (pmi)
90swim trunk (pmi)
90small group of person (pmi)
90space (pmi)
90barbecue (pmi)
90person with sunglasses (pmi)
90person standing next to person (pmi)
90adult smoke (pmi)
89acoustic guitar (pmi)
89standing in field (pmi)
89towel (pmi)
89comedian (pmi)
89obstacle (pmi)
89standing on stage (pmi)
89man watch person (pmi)
89teeth (pmi)
89adult jog (pmi)
89man wear red shirt (pmi)
89craft (pmi)
89surround by plant (pmi)
89adult with long hair (pmi)
89work on project (pmi)
89skateboard trick (pmi)
89two person wear clothing (pmi)
89person slide (pmi)
89three adult work (pmi)
89person play tennis (pmi)
89interact (pmi)
89man rest (pmi)
89mural (pmi)
89woman cross street (pmi)
89bubble (pmi)
89wear white (pmi)
89person hold stringed instrument (pmi)
89man sit on chair (pmi)
88child wear clothing walk (pmi)
88instrument on street (pmi)
88mouth open (pmi)
88adult crouch (pmi)
88little child (pmi)
88some person talk (pmi)
88adult and child (pmi)
88two person sit at table (pmi)
88adult sit look (pmi)
88person bike on street (pmi)
88exercise (pmi)
88adult store (pmi)
88adult read newspaper (pmi)
88man laugh (pmi)
88three athlete (pmi)
88adult do work (pmi)
88sit on rock (pmi)
88child lay (pmi)
88three person talk (pmi)
88person pose for photo (pmi)
88man hang (pmi)
88clown (pmi)
88crowd of person standing (pmi)
87man drink beverage (pmi)
87adult standing next to person (pmi)
87winter (pmi)
87asian (pmi)
87three man sit (pmi)
87ship (pmi)
87chinese person (pmi)
87adult with brown hair (pmi)
87give (pmi)
87person take photograph (pmi)
87young woman walk (pmi)
87group of adult walk (pmi)
87athlete be (pmi)
87adult with sunglasses (pmi)
87musician sing (pmi)
87include (pmi)
87adult wear coat (pmi)
87child ride bike (pmi)
87person walk dog (pmi)
87sit at desk (pmi)
87man hold child (pmi)
87tackle (pmi)
87person wear dress standing (pmi)
87man take photo (pmi)
87adult write (pmi)
87african american man (pmi)
87woman dressed (pmi)
87adult wear dress standing (pmi)
86some child play (pmi)
86woman with bag (pmi)
86person wear clothing lean (pmi)
86sit on park bench (pmi)
86adult pull (pmi)
86drink beer (pmi)
86adult hold stringed instrument (pmi)
86keep (pmi)
86adult wear blue clothing standing (pmi)
86sofa (pmi)
86bank (pmi)
86man look at something (pmi)
86sit on bike (pmi)
86group of friend (pmi)
86gathering (pmi)
86male child (pmi)
86sled (pmi)
86sit on grass (pmi)
86white tank top (pmi)
86man talk to adult (pmi)
86old man sit (pmi)
86stringed instrument on stage (pmi)
86man wear black (pmi)
86person standing wear clothing (pmi)
86yellow dog (pmi)
86person set (pmi)
86person wear orange clothing (pmi)
86person make (pmi)
85brown-haired person (pmi)
85group dance (pmi)
85woman with shirt (pmi)
85adult wear clothing dance (pmi)
85man play electric instrument (pmi)
85hose (pmi)
85person with red-hair (pmi)
85try to get (pmi)
85standing on beach (pmi)
85woman ride (pmi)
85climb rock (pmi)
85long-sleeved clothing (pmi)
85race car (pmi)
85hold beverage (pmi)
85person talk to man (pmi)
85hold something (pmi)
85pink dress (pmi)
85red car (pmi)
85skate park (pmi)
85dark-haired man (pmi)
85man have conversation (pmi)
85person wear dress walk (pmi)
85two person sit on bench (pmi)
85' (pmi)
85perform stunt (pmi)
85adult take break (pmi)
85person wear shirt work (pmi)
85adult with jacket (pmi)
85three child play (pmi)
84cream (pmi)
84adult standing look (pmi)
84headband (pmi)
84some young person (pmi)
84adult play tennis (pmi)
84man wear clothing play guitar (pmi)
84brown-haired adult (pmi)
84play instrument on street (pmi)
84military personnel (pmi)
84hockey (pmi)
84asian adult sit (pmi)
84person move (pmi)
84dog run through field (pmi)
84man on bicycle (pmi)
84adult play soccer (pmi)
84plastic bag (pmi)
84athlete do trick (pmi)
84use tool (pmi)
84brick (pmi)
84some dog (pmi)
84person walk road (pmi)
84white woman (pmi)
84that look (pmi)
84woman walk on sidewalk (pmi)
84woman lay (pmi)
84backdrop (pmi)
84three girl_woman (pmi)
83play stringed instrument on stage (pmi)
83person play stringed instrument on stage (pmi)
83lane (pmi)
83man standing on sidewalk (pmi)
83man fish (pmi)
83performer play stringed instrument (pmi)
83pitch (pmi)
83about (pmi)
83person speak into microphone (pmi)
83woman wear shirt walk (pmi)
83entertainer play stringed instrument (pmi)
83oriental adult (pmi)
83person ride bike on street (pmi)
83person squat (pmi)
83beam (pmi)
83person engage (pmi)
83wine (pmi)
83play volleyball (pmi)
83woman perform (pmi)
83two adult play (pmi)
83hammer (pmi)
83adult sit on street (pmi)
83adult shop (pmi)
83person wear yellow clothing (pmi)
82dark-skinned adult (pmi)
82money (pmi)
82person line (pmi)
82puddle (pmi)
82little boy standing (pmi)
82khaki pant (pmi)
82beige (pmi)
82adult sit on floor (pmi)
82gray hair (pmi)
82standing in room (pmi)
82wear orange shirt (pmi)
82person wear uniform (pmi)
82man play electric stringed instrument (pmi)
82show person (pmi)
82adult hold camera (pmi)
82two woman smile (pmi)
82some rock (pmi)
82man play instrument on stage (pmi)
82adult wear suit (pmi)
82gray pant (pmi)
82adult speak into microphone (pmi)
82sandy beach (pmi)
82man wear hat standing (pmi)
82adult wear dress walk (pmi)
82three guy (pmi)
82enjoy day (pmi)
82two little boy (pmi)
82mound (pmi)
81traditional clothing (pmi)
81adult standing outside (pmi)
81control (pmi)
81raft (pmi)
81man bend (pmi)
81dog swim (pmi)
81speech (pmi)
81spectator watch (pmi)
81adult sit on couch (pmi)
81entrance (pmi)
81meeting (pmi)
81person walk down road (pmi)
81adult play stringed instrument on stage (pmi)
81boardwalk (pmi)
81person wear uniform standing (pmi)
81cake (pmi)
81some guy (pmi)
81adult talk to man (pmi)
81raise hand (pmi)
81group perform (pmi)
81formation (pmi)
81person on beach (pmi)
81person wear short (pmi)
81hurdle (pmi)
81man wear helmet (pmi)
81adult wear shirt work (pmi)
81boy pose (pmi)
81person wear suit standing (pmi)
81job (pmi)
81barrier (pmi)
81person wear jacket sit (pmi)
81word (pmi)
81adult wear jacket walk (pmi)
81dog run in grass (pmi)
81person cross (pmi)
81tend (pmi)
80man go (pmi)
80adult wear clothing lean (pmi)
80two person ride (pmi)
80train station (pmi)
80white coat (pmi)
80two man play instrument (pmi)
80gown (pmi)
80young man look (pmi)
80rink (pmi)
80woman wear dress standing (pmi)
80some adult work (pmi)
80two small child (pmi)
80man wear clothing ride bike (pmi)
80asian boy (pmi)
80person play musical instrument (pmi)
80weather (pmi)
80trick on bike (pmi)
80adult on stage (pmi)
80two person compete (pmi)
80standing wear street (pmi)
80polo shirt (pmi)
80hold drink (pmi)
80two person perform (pmi)
80lunch (pmi)
80person sit on sidewalk (pmi)
80admire (pmi)
80asian girl_woman (pmi)
80adult with red-hair (pmi)
80living room (pmi)
80person on motorcycle (pmi)
79person on bike ride (pmi)
79group run (pmi)
79bike rider (pmi)
79red bike (pmi)
79silhouette (pmi)
79woman wear white clothing (pmi)
79brass instrument (pmi)
79man cross street (pmi)
79woman stare (pmi)
79small boat (pmi)
79kid standing (pmi)
79large body of water (pmi)
79baseball game (pmi)
79crowd of person walk (pmi)
79cane (pmi)
79person face (pmi)
79ride street (pmi)
79guitar on stage (pmi)
79adult eat food (pmi)
79neighborhood (pmi)
79girl_woman smile (pmi)
79discussion (pmi)
79wire (pmi)
79surround by tree (pmi)
79fireman (pmi)
79strap (pmi)
79man wear pants (pmi)
79old building (pmi)
79dog with collar (pmi)
79play football (pmi)
79two musician (pmi)
79heel (pmi)
79woman surround (pmi)
79man wear jean (pmi)
79be picture (pmi)
79pad (pmi)
79brown and black dog (pmi)
78woman talk on cellphone (pmi)
78some side (pmi)
78person wear shirt play stringed instrument (pmi)
78young child sit (pmi)
78line of person (pmi)
78adult wear clothing pose (pmi)
78teen person (pmi)
78man with hair (pmi)
78have arm (pmi)
78lay on (pmi)
78scaffolding (pmi)
78person standing next to adult (pmi)
78adult standing wear clothing (pmi)
78man smoke cigarette (pmi)
78carpet (pmi)
78girl_child walk (pmi)
78hold bottle (pmi)
78onlooker watch (pmi)
78woman wear hat (pmi)
78male entertainer (pmi)
78person play instrument on street (pmi)
78woman hold bag (pmi)
78black and white dog run (pmi)
78tall building (pmi)
78standing around (pmi)
78ride down street (pmi)
78three adult walk (pmi)
78porch (pmi)
78man look at camera (pmi)
78group work (pmi)
78long-sleeved shirt (pmi)
78action (pmi)
78wind instrument (pmi)
78person sit outside (pmi)
78overall (pmi)
78have drink (pmi)
78adult take photograph (pmi)
78blue cap (pmi)
78watch woman (pmi)
77adult standing next to adult (pmi)
77person look at adult (pmi)
77pillow (pmi)
77dark blue clothing (pmi)
77two rider (pmi)
77blond man (pmi)
77adult pose for camera (pmi)
77woman wear clothing walk down street (pmi)
77young girl look (pmi)
77large (pmi)
77person wear coat standing (pmi)
77brown dog play (pmi)
77sit in room (pmi)
77man wear suit (pmi)
77person wear black clothing walk (pmi)
77film (pmi)
77adult wear suit standing (pmi)
77person cheer (pmi)
77little girl look (pmi)
77complete (pmi)
77person wear costume (pmi)
77woman wear dress walk (pmi)
77male performer (pmi)
77young boy run (pmi)
77adult food (pmi)
76dress shirt (pmi)
76magazine (pmi)
76make way (pmi)
76pave (pmi)
76person wear green shirt (pmi)
76outdoor event (pmi)
76two person run (pmi)
76man listen (pmi)
76brown coat (pmi)
76boy wear clothing play (pmi)
76person play guitar on stage (pmi)
76two child look (pmi)
76child slide (pmi)
76farmer (pmi)
76blue helmet (pmi)
76two person wear clothing standing (pmi)
76some young man (pmi)
76red cap (pmi)
76hold piece (pmi)
76brown pant (pmi)
76person with tattoo (pmi)
76small crowd (pmi)
76cry (pmi)
76scale (pmi)
76teen adult (pmi)
76child wear clothing look (pmi)
76use computer (pmi)
76hillside (pmi)
76child surround (pmi)
76african adult (pmi)
76young boy jump (pmi)
76tall grass (pmi)
76play guitar on stage (pmi)
76adult walk city street (pmi)
76pajama (pmi)
76older man standing (pmi)
76man play soccer (pmi)
76indian woman (pmi)
76woman person (pmi)
75demonstrate (pmi)
75two adult have conversation (pmi)
75dog fight (pmi)
75wedding (pmi)
75speed (pmi)
75child walk street (pmi)
75rollerblade (pmi)
75man read book (pmi)
75ware (pmi)
75person walk down path (pmi)
75person in kitchen (pmi)
75group of person dance (pmi)
75and (pmi)
75wear vest (pmi)
75third person (pmi)
75group of person pose (pmi)
75person wear red clothing standing (pmi)
75cement (pmi)
75man play electric guitar (pmi)
75person balance (pmi)
75man eat (pmi)
75adult walk dog (pmi)
75climb wall (pmi)
75have time (pmi)
75standing on rock (pmi)
75adult play instrument on street (pmi)
75push cart (pmi)
75adult play guitar on stage (pmi)
75adult wear shirt play stringed instrument (pmi)
74man hold sign (pmi)
74swim in pool (pmi)
74palm plant (pmi)
74group play instrument (pmi)
74person make face (pmi)
74palm tree (pmi)
74tray (pmi)
74athlete ride wave (pmi)
74clap (pmi)
74woman wear black clothing (pmi)
74adult get (pmi)
74two person wait (pmi)
74black vest (pmi)
74sing on stage (pmi)
74person with instrument (pmi)
74adult wear jacket sit (pmi)
74two person fight (pmi)
74print (pmi)
74airplane (pmi)
74dog play with ball (pmi)
74employee (pmi)
74hold object (pmi)
74sing on (pmi)
74older person (pmi)
74busy city street (pmi)
74child with shirt (pmi)
74young woman standing (pmi)
74person wear blue clothing sit (pmi)
74person have fun (pmi)
74woman eat (pmi)
74child with blond-hair (pmi)
74man wear clothing walk street (pmi)
74play acoustic guitar (pmi)
74two other man (pmi)
74blond girl_child (pmi)
74seat person (pmi)
74young girl walk (pmi)
74busy sidewalk (pmi)
73protester (pmi)
73mix (pmi)
73cat (pmi)
73play hockey (pmi)
73child walk down street (pmi)
73person hold guitar (pmi)
73here be picture (pmi)
73wear hard hat (pmi)
73play in grass (pmi)
73be man (pmi)
73wear red jacket (pmi)
73man read newspaper (pmi)
73girl_woman pose (pmi)
73group sit at table (pmi)
73dark (pmi)
73man relax (pmi)
73checker (pmi)
73dog run in field (pmi)
73two friend (pmi)
73life jacket (pmi)
73man wear clothing walk down street (pmi)
73woman read (pmi)
73two child walk (pmi)
73man drink (pmi)
73person wear clothing speak (pmi)
73person play volleyball (pmi)
73adult walk down city street (pmi)
73person swing (pmi)
73use phone (pmi)
73standing in front of person (pmi)
73writing (pmi)
73lab (pmi)
73person kick ball (pmi)
73homeless person (pmi)
73visitor (pmi)
73adult pass (pmi)
73cook food (pmi)
72inside (pmi)
72beige clothing (pmi)
72moment (pmi)
72person and person look (pmi)
72two person dance (pmi)
72hall (pmi)
72carve (pmi)
72round (pmi)
72adult take (pmi)
72extend (pmi)
72man with backpack (pmi)
72large brown dog (pmi)
72expression (pmi)
72standing wear water (pmi)
72man reach (pmi)
72group watch adult (pmi)
72two player (pmi)
72run race (pmi)
72adult wear green shirt (pmi)
72person climb rock (pmi)
72person boat (pmi)
72team of person (pmi)
72grass field (pmi)
72keyboard (pmi)
72public (pmi)
72person in room (pmi)
72young man walk (pmi)
72goalie (pmi)
72red-haired person (pmi)
72woman wear shirt look (pmi)
72wear black hat (pmi)
72enter (pmi)
72older lady (pmi)
72weapon (pmi)
72one look (pmi)
72flip-flop (pmi)
72adult with tattoo (pmi)
72two person watch (pmi)
72surfer ride wave (pmi)
72person wear blue clothing walk (pmi)
71standing in crowd (pmi)
71adult wear coat standing (pmi)
71tan (pmi)
71look at phone (pmi)
71american flag (pmi)
71subway station (pmi)
71involve (pmi)
71group of some adult (pmi)
71other look (pmi)
71eat meal (pmi)
71woman ride bicycle (pmi)
71run on beach (pmi)
71help child (pmi)
71some clothing (pmi)
71artwork (pmi)
71person sit on park bench (pmi)
71watch something (pmi)
71take nap (pmi)
71woman wear clothing talk (pmi)
71football game (pmi)
71boy wear clothing standing (pmi)
71feature (pmi)
71blue sweatshirt (pmi)
71adult wear black clothing walk (pmi)
71person with helmet (pmi)
71dusk (pmi)
71do flip (pmi)
71run wear race (pmi)
71person play instrument and sing (pmi)
71adult wear blue clothing sit (pmi)
71watch child (pmi)
71dog run through water (pmi)
71adult sit on step (pmi)
71adult wear short (pmi)
71person dive (pmi)
71hold up sign (pmi)
71adult wear orange clothing (pmi)
71man wear suit standing (pmi)
71musician play stringed instrument (pmi)
71on (pmi)
71shelf (pmi)
71orange jacket (pmi)
71two adult sit at table (pmi)
71walk wear street (pmi)
71person help person (pmi)
71person drive (pmi)
71adult wear clothing speak (pmi)
71child play wear water (pmi)
71adult wear yellow clothing (pmi)
71waist (pmi)
70performer play guitar (pmi)
70young blond child (pmi)
70entertainer play guitar (pmi)
70adult and person look (pmi)
70performer perform on stage (pmi)
70man cook (pmi)
70person standing in group (pmi)
70dog catch ball (pmi)
70adult hold guitar (pmi)
70person sit at desk (pmi)
70person hold flag (pmi)
70adult ski (pmi)
70patch (pmi)
70red-haired adult (pmi)
70yellow vest (pmi)
70group of person work (pmi)
70blue top (pmi)
70shake (pmi)
70patio (pmi)
70tv (pmi)
70two man wear (pmi)
70person wear clothing play (pmi)
70a (pmi)
70hold adult (pmi)
70sit on stool (pmi)
70star (pmi)
70person work on project (pmi)
70red t-shirt (pmi)
70caucasian person (pmi)
70wear blue jacket (pmi)
70creek (pmi)
70adult walk across street (pmi)
70red jersey (pmi)
70man play music (pmi)
70person wear black clothing sit (pmi)
70look down (pmi)
70adult look at adult (pmi)
70entertainer perform on stage (pmi)
70asian person walk (pmi)
70man wear jacket standing (pmi)
70woman look at something (pmi)
70group of young man (pmi)
70tub (pmi)
70person standing on stage (pmi)
70man wear hat sit (pmi)
70group of child sit (pmi)
70bundle (pmi)
70officer standing (pmi)
70black boot (pmi)
70score (pmi)
69face each other (pmi)
69gold (pmi)
69woman take photo (pmi)
69case (pmi)
69adult in kitchen (pmi)
69person and adult look (pmi)
69adult on motorbike (pmi)
69liquid (pmi)
69swim trunks (pmi)
69some person watch (pmi)
69child wear clothing run (pmi)
69person use tool (pmi)
69walk on beach (pmi)
69piano (pmi)
69catch frisbee (pmi)
69guy look (pmi)
69person throw ball (pmi)
69shop cart (pmi)
69young man play instrument (pmi)
69brown run (pmi)
69stone building (pmi)
69person wear coat walk (pmi)
69adult and adult look (pmi)
69person gaze (pmi)
69young boy walk (pmi)
69studio (pmi)
69black and white shirt (pmi)
69adult ride motorbike (pmi)
69purchase (pmi)
69person do jump (pmi)
69doctor (pmi)
69opposing team (pmi)
69chain (pmi)
69study (pmi)
69three adult look (pmi)
69person wear white clothing sit (pmi)
69tennis racket (pmi)
69elderly person (pmi)
69adult come (pmi)
69reed instrument (pmi)
68person smile for camera (pmi)
68play ball (pmi)
68child lie (pmi)
68three young man (pmi)
68person wrap (pmi)
68pillar (pmi)
68shoreline (pmi)
68adult play volleyball (pmi)
68play baseball (pmi)
68person drink beer (pmi)
68rug (pmi)
68person play basketball (pmi)
68athlete look (pmi)
68woman hold umbrella (pmi)
68person sing on stage (pmi)
68sit on wall (pmi)
68basketball court (pmi)
68person standing in room (pmi)
68white cap (pmi)
68adult wear black clothing sit (pmi)
68swim wear water (pmi)
68worker standing (pmi)
68two male person (pmi)
68finish (pmi)
68adult wear uniform standing (pmi)
68person sit in room (pmi)
68support (pmi)
68toddler play (pmi)
68brown and dog run (pmi)
68wagon (pmi)
68gymnast (pmi)
68group of asian person (pmi)
68couple standing (pmi)
68two asian woman (pmi)
68person wear white clothing walk (pmi)
68wear gray shirt (pmi)
68cast (pmi)
68pet (pmi)
68adult wear blue clothing walk (pmi)
68await (pmi)
68contain (pmi)
68man wear black clothing standing (pmi)
68some adult walk (pmi)
68drag (pmi)
68past (pmi)
68green hat (pmi)
68some step (pmi)
68guy play instrument (pmi)
68range (pmi)
68terrain (pmi)
68man fall (pmi)
68some person wear (pmi)
68variety (pmi)
68chase ball (pmi)
68ceremony (pmi)
68two person ride bike (pmi)
68long-haired person (pmi)
67collar clothing (pmi)
67coach (pmi)
67child work (pmi)
67person with child (pmi)
67person play acoustic guitar (pmi)
67woman wear sunglasses (pmi)
67perform dance (pmi)
67collar shirt (pmi)
67yellow ball (pmi)
67man carry bag (pmi)
67hood sweatshirt (pmi)
67person wear black jacket (pmi)
67adult wear clothing run (pmi)
67play in sand (pmi)
67play violin (pmi)
67light blue shirt (pmi)
67chew (pmi)
67golden dog (pmi)
67adult standing in front of building (pmi)
67two adult wear clothing standing (pmi)
67girl_child run (pmi)
67adult with instrument (pmi)
67mark (pmi)
67section (pmi)
67slack (pmi)
67face paint (pmi)
67candy (pmi)
67lawn chair (pmi)
67adult play musical instrument (pmi)
67ribbon (pmi)
67train track (pmi)
67person watch him (pmi)
67receive (pmi)
67whom (pmi)
67enjoy (pmi)
67person wear jacket look (pmi)
67man watch adult (pmi)
67broom (pmi)
67some child sit (pmi)
67two fighter (pmi)
67university (pmi)
67raise arm (pmi)
67standing wear snow (pmi)
67wear cowboy hat (pmi)
66advertise (pmi)
66gray sweater (pmi)
66two adult perform (pmi)
66pause (pmi)
66pave street (pmi)
66person ride skateboard (pmi)
66wear apron (pmi)
66one standing (pmi)
66person with blue clothing (pmi)
66tank (pmi)
66adult in boat (pmi)
66boy play soccer (pmi)
66play on beach (pmi)
66grocery store (pmi)
66chinese adult (pmi)
66guide (pmi)
66activity (pmi)
66child swim (pmi)
66person with umbrella (pmi)
66do stunt (pmi)
66child wear shirt play (pmi)
66gray t-shirt (pmi)
66adult play instrument and sing (pmi)
66woman with red-hair (pmi)
66teen woman (pmi)
66black dog jump (pmi)
66adult squat (pmi)
66wear mask (pmi)
66work on computer (pmi)
66monitor (pmi)
66walk busy street (pmi)
66person chat (pmi)
66adult hit ball (pmi)
66man play instrument on street (pmi)
66blue outfit (pmi)
66group of girl_woman (pmi)
65person sit on bike (pmi)
65man do work (pmi)
65jean short (pmi)
65barrel (pmi)
65person with black hair (pmi)
65stairway (pmi)
65wear headphone (pmi)
65win (pmi)
65person ride bike down street (pmi)
65hold phone (pmi)
65red and black clothing (pmi)
65soccer team (pmi)
65person push cart (pmi)
65adult use tool (pmi)
65adult wear clothing jump (pmi)
65walk with person (pmi)
65person wear pink clothing (pmi)
65little boy look (pmi)
65sit in grass (pmi)
65white wall (pmi)
65military person (pmi)
65adult make face (pmi)
65green t-shirt (pmi)
65walk wear clothing (pmi)
65walk down busy street (pmi)
65clothe (pmi)
65hold by person (pmi)
65exit (pmi)
65adult with child (pmi)
65man gather (pmi)
65adult sit on sidewalk (pmi)
65person wear vest (pmi)
65shopper (pmi)
65white outfit (pmi)
65white jersey (pmi)
65adult wear jacket look (pmi)
65boy ride (pmi)
65leap into air (pmi)
65person sit on rock (pmi)
65group of man sit (pmi)
65wear white t-shirt (pmi)
65trick on skateboard (pmi)
65dark shirt (pmi)
65pitcher (pmi)
65gray dog (pmi)
65little girl walk (pmi)
65car drive (pmi)
65gray-haired person (pmi)
65adult sit down (pmi)
65person with red clothing (pmi)
64sun set (pmi)
64battle (pmi)
64person wear glasses sit (pmi)
64person dig (pmi)
64pink jacket (pmi)
64man wear shirt talk (pmi)
64play wind instrument (pmi)
64man hold stringed instrument (pmi)
64three person pose (pmi)
64person on boat (pmi)
64horn (pmi)
64group of person sit at table (pmi)
64adult play acoustic guitar (pmi)
64man converse (pmi)
64tractor (pmi)
64man paint (pmi)
64person hold stick (pmi)
64do skateboard (pmi)
64person cover (pmi)
64oppose person (pmi)
64shine (pmi)
64adult help person (pmi)
64dog jump in air (pmi)
64two adult wear clothing (pmi)
64sit on ledge (pmi)
64yellow hat (pmi)
64person wear cap (pmi)
64hold boy (pmi)
64musician play guitar (pmi)
64pin (pmi)
64standing in front of wall (pmi)
64blue water (pmi)
64boy with clothing (pmi)
64person use phone (pmi)
64adult wear black jacket (pmi)
64person kiss (pmi)
64man wear white clothing standing (pmi)
64small child play (pmi)
64podium (pmi)
64adult swim (pmi)
64white and brown dog (pmi)
64wait for train (pmi)
64evening (pmi)
64basketball game (pmi)
64group of person play instrument (pmi)
64child wait (pmi)
64girl_child jump (pmi)
64ceiling (pmi)
64adult on motorcycle (pmi)
64group ride (pmi)
64woman read book (pmi)
64venue (pmi)
64group of musician (pmi)
64dancer perform (pmi)
64woman talk to person (pmi)
64brown dog jump (pmi)
64person put (pmi)
64two older man (pmi)
64play wind (pmi)
64scenery (pmi)
64person have hand (pmi)
63help adult (pmi)
63pathway (pmi)
63sail (pmi)
63small (pmi)
63person turn (pmi)
63gray-haired adult (pmi)
63crowd of observer (pmi)
63beautiful day (pmi)
63jewelry (pmi)
63group play game (pmi)
63bicyclist ride (pmi)
63perch (pmi)
63man smoke (pmi)
63official (pmi)
63feed (pmi)
63man speak into microphone (pmi)
63person hold beverage (pmi)
63jump into water (pmi)
63ice cream (pmi)
63wear some black (pmi)
63saw (pmi)
63read paper (pmi)
63adult walk along street (pmi)
63some stair (pmi)
63young asian woman (pmi)
63person wear clothing take picture (pmi)
63person with clothing standing (pmi)
63trim (pmi)
63she walk (pmi)
63stall (pmi)
63man jump in air (pmi)
63person snowboard (pmi)
63person close (pmi)
63adult with blue clothing (pmi)
63ready (pmi)
63two construction worker (pmi)
63person man (pmi)
63card (pmi)
63three adult talk (pmi)
63they walk (pmi)
63dog play wear snow (pmi)
63long brown hair (pmi)
63person do (pmi)
63funny face (pmi)
63telescope (pmi)
63museum (pmi)
63brown hat (pmi)
63person wear white shirt standing (pmi)
63cheek (pmi)
63person wear gray clothing (pmi)
63caucasian adult (pmi)
62dirt track (pmi)
62standing next to man (pmi)
62adult cross (pmi)
62prepare meal (pmi)
62climb mountain (pmi)
62indian man (pmi)
62person talk to woman (pmi)
62young child standing (pmi)
62male sit (pmi)
62some girl_child (pmi)
62two person play stringed instrument (pmi)
62do skateboard trick (pmi)
62pen (pmi)
62man sit on ground (pmi)
62person help child (pmi)
62person show (pmi)
62dog on leash (pmi)
62picnic table (pmi)
62owner (pmi)
62hide (pmi)
62adult set (pmi)
62order (pmi)
62lay on ground (pmi)
62brunette (pmi)
62two woman walk street (pmi)
62ride on bike (pmi)
62red top (pmi)
62person gesture (pmi)
62jump into pool (pmi)
62adult participate (pmi)
62logo (pmi)
62adult wear gray clothing (pmi)
62child hang (pmi)
62entertainer standing (pmi)
62person cook food (pmi)
62play on stage (pmi)
62walk on path (pmi)
62athlete go (pmi)
62cobblestone street (pmi)
62ball cap (pmi)
62black dog play (pmi)
62white robe (pmi)
62two woman walk down street (pmi)
62person wear white clothing look (pmi)
62knife (pmi)
62rock climber (pmi)
62he walk (pmi)
62size (pmi)
62three man work (pmi)
61adult play basketball (pmi)
61two person play game (pmi)
61some girl_woman (pmi)
61adult push cart (pmi)
61sleeveless shirt (pmi)
61person wear suit walk (pmi)
61youth standing (pmi)
61red helmet (pmi)
61child pose for picture (pmi)
61crane (pmi)
61tan pant (pmi)
61adult with black hair (pmi)
61some person pose (pmi)
61young blond person (pmi)
61performer standing (pmi)
61red sweatshirt (pmi)
61adult watch man (pmi)
61serve (pmi)
61environment (pmi)
61long-haired adult (pmi)
61urban area (pmi)
61some observer (pmi)
61mountain bike (pmi)
61carry ball (pmi)
61man play stringed instrument on stage (pmi)
61group of onlooker (pmi)
61uniform person (pmi)
61boy wear clothing sit (pmi)
61grocery (pmi)
61business suit (pmi)
61adult wear white clothing sit (pmi)
61person run down street (pmi)
61person and person pose (pmi)
61pink hat (pmi)
61fetch (pmi)
61person standing wear street (pmi)
61two adult dance (pmi)
61play in fountain (pmi)
61some hand (pmi)
61person hold cup (pmi)
61bread (pmi)
61look at water (pmi)
61teen girl_woman (pmi)
61column (pmi)
61model (pmi)
61adult pose for photo (pmi)
61red pant (pmi)
61adult sing on stage (pmi)
61woman lie (pmi)
61person fly through air (pmi)
61three woman standing (pmi)
61person with dark hair (pmi)
61red ball (pmi)
61man wear shirt play stringed instrument (pmi)
61child play with toy (pmi)
61blond-haired person (pmi)
61orange hat (pmi)
61man in boat (pmi)
61adult sit outside (pmi)
61athlete compete (pmi)
61reflective clothing (pmi)
61black tank top (pmi)
61winter coat (pmi)
61four (pmi)
60ball in mouth (pmi)
60adult and person pose (pmi)
60motion (pmi)
60dog lay (pmi)
60person wear shirt play guitar (pmi)
60person wear white (pmi)
60some person sit at table (pmi)
60adult wear white clothing walk (pmi)
60adult man (pmi)
60adult wear cap (pmi)
60person with black clothing (pmi)
60two person jump (pmi)
60young blond adult (pmi)
60child eat food (pmi)
60two brown dog (pmi)
60wear scarf (pmi)
60concrete wall (pmi)
60trailer (pmi)
60woman wear red clothing (pmi)
60person play violin (pmi)
60wait to cross (pmi)
60homeless adult (pmi)
60man ride motorbike (pmi)
60bus stop (pmi)
60near (pmi)
60man wear shirt work (pmi)
60soda (pmi)
60three girl_child (pmi)
60adult make (pmi)
60drop (pmi)
60adult wear pink clothing (pmi)
60athlete wear clothing (pmi)
60talk with person (pmi)
60woman with brown hair (pmi)
60adult wear white clothing look (pmi)
60batter (pmi)
60person peer (pmi)
60adult wear red clothing standing (pmi)
60white male (pmi)
60have discussion (pmi)
60small white dog (pmi)
60red sweater (pmi)
60dark-skinned man (pmi)
60lady talk (pmi)
60cloudy day (pmi)
60sleeve (pmi)
60some worker (pmi)
60dance with person (pmi)
60adult talk to woman (pmi)
60blond-haired adult (pmi)
60professional person (pmi)
60group of student (pmi)
60run through snow (pmi)
60do trick on bike (pmi)
60green pant (pmi)
60man wear short (pmi)
59oppose team (pmi)
59person and person dance (pmi)
59man wear green clothing (pmi)
59good time (pmi)
59adult gesture (pmi)
59two kid play (pmi)
59woman wear blue clothing (pmi)
59carry stick (pmi)
59person hold drink (pmi)
59beautiful adult (pmi)
59railroad track (pmi)
59some asian person (pmi)
59sell food (pmi)
59person with stringed instrument (pmi)
59suitcase (pmi)
59cheerleader (pmi)
59beautiful person (pmi)
59sprinkler (pmi)
59adult sit at desk (pmi)
59person standing around (pmi)
59fish pole (pmi)
59wear white hat (pmi)
59two adult play stringed instrument (pmi)
59adult and person dance (pmi)
59woman sing into microphone (pmi)
59man wear blue clothing standing (pmi)
59person raise (pmi)
59dad (pmi)
59camp (pmi)
59man with jacket (pmi)
59adult with black clothing (pmi)
59man sit on street (pmi)
59adult and adult pose (pmi)
59three person be (pmi)
59person look down (pmi)
59person and adult pose (pmi)
59microscope (pmi)
59large dog run (pmi)
59adult wear glasses sit (pmi)
59adult wear white shirt standing (pmi)
59person wear t-shirt (pmi)
59group sit around table (pmi)
59take place (pmi)
59pedestrian walk (pmi)
59old lady (pmi)
59person and adult dance (pmi)
59black sweatshirt (pmi)
59person work on computer (pmi)
59person perform stunt (pmi)
59person march (pmi)
59person wear blue (pmi)
59girl_child be (pmi)
59adult and adult dance (pmi)
59some rider (pmi)
59adult hold cup (pmi)
59some adult look (pmi)
58adult with clothing standing (pmi)
58blond person sit (pmi)
58ride dirt bike (pmi)
58person catch ball (pmi)
58bounce (pmi)
58wear skirt (pmi)
58adult wear clothing take picture (pmi)
58black helmet (pmi)
58give presentation (pmi)
58adult close (pmi)
58two dog fight (pmi)
58black sweater (pmi)
58person and man (pmi)
58red-haired woman (pmi)
58dog lie (pmi)
58fold chair (pmi)
58guy walk (pmi)
58person on phone (pmi)
58adult use phone (pmi)
58two adult sit on bench (pmi)
58boy watch (pmi)
58hold toy (pmi)
58accordion (pmi)
58capture (pmi)
58red collar (pmi)
58bmx rider (pmi)
58adult help child (pmi)
58package (pmi)
58sit next to person (pmi)
58perform jump (pmi)
58adult cook food (pmi)
58adult hold beverage (pmi)
58two woman pose (pmi)
58learn (pmi)
58decoration (pmi)
58lone adult (pmi)
58boy ride bike (pmi)
58stove (pmi)
58person wear clothing talk to person (pmi)
58be rock climb (pmi)
58village (pmi)
58gray sweatshirt (pmi)
58visit (pmi)
58person stretch (pmi)
58man hold guitar (pmi)
58woman look at camera (pmi)
58adult with red clothing (pmi)
58person use computer (pmi)
58adult ride motorcycle (pmi)
58adult wear suit walk (pmi)
58family sit (pmi)
58black and white (pmi)
57lean against wall (pmi)
57kid look (pmi)
57adult ride bike on street (pmi)
57adult drink beer (pmi)
57man ski (pmi)
57water bottle (pmi)
57two other (pmi)
57woman shop (pmi)
57standing in grass (pmi)
57bin (pmi)
57blond (pmi)
57person play stringed instrument and sing (pmi)
57trampoline (pmi)
57make funny face (pmi)
57short hair (pmi)
57person have drink (pmi)
57checker clothing (pmi)
57elderly man sit (pmi)
57protective gear (pmi)
57person have arm (pmi)
57two person standing on street (pmi)
57person wear clothing sit on bench (pmi)
57third (pmi)
57person lounge (pmi)
57trip (pmi)
57crowd watch person (pmi)
57adult wear clothing talk to person (pmi)
57person play wind instrument (pmi)
57lamp (pmi)
57gymnasium (pmi)
57youth sit (pmi)
57person wear clothing wait (pmi)
57carry child (pmi)
57sideline (pmi)
57paddle boat (pmi)
57adult sit on bike (pmi)
57adult play violin (pmi)
57adult wrap (pmi)
57man play basketball (pmi)
57sunlight (pmi)
57person and child walk (pmi)
57descent (pmi)
57adult standing on stage (pmi)
57some person dance (pmi)
57child sleep (pmi)
57young person standing (pmi)
57tuxedo (pmi)
57he standing (pmi)
57adult wear shirt play guitar (pmi)
57person with guitar (pmi)
56leotard (pmi)
56person sing and play instrument (pmi)
56mall (pmi)
56person play guitar and sing (pmi)
56man leap (pmi)
56man wear coat (pmi)
56man on motorbike (pmi)
56red building (pmi)
56dog run through snow (pmi)
56young blond woman (pmi)
56person walk wear street (pmi)
56person and child sit (pmi)
56person travel (pmi)
56adult sit on park bench (pmi)
56person sit on grass (pmi)
56athlete slide (pmi)
56man play guitar on stage (pmi)
56group of person perform (pmi)
56lip (pmi)
56reflection (pmi)
56pit (pmi)
56midst (pmi)
56person sit play instrument (pmi)
56play brass instrument (pmi)
56black uniform (pmi)
56military adult (pmi)
56two soccer player (pmi)
56three entertainer (pmi)
56three other person (pmi)
56african-american person (pmi)
56young girl jump (pmi)
56adult dig (pmi)
56person from team (pmi)
56strip (pmi)
56beanie (pmi)
56person wear blue shirt standing (pmi)
56person wear clothing sit at table (pmi)
56jump over hurdle (pmi)
56consist (pmi)
56record (pmi)
56tower (pmi)
56person lie down (pmi)
56child stare (pmi)
56play reed instrument (pmi)
56grandparent (pmi)
56child have fun (pmi)
56adult wear t-shirt (pmi)
56thumb (pmi)
56child wear hat (pmi)
56person play hockey (pmi)
56bleachers (pmi)
56note (pmi)
56man hold microphone (pmi)
56man wear orange clothing (pmi)
56older man look (pmi)
56woman play guitar (pmi)
56greyhound (pmi)
56man use tool (pmi)
56adult with stringed instrument (pmi)
56adult gaze (pmi)
56juggle (pmi)
56adult wear vest (pmi)
56athlete hit ball (pmi)
56dark pant (pmi)
56one be (pmi)
56bouquet (pmi)
56man hold baby (pmi)
56tree branch (pmi)
56person standing in front of person (pmi)
55person standing in field (pmi)
55we (pmi)
55group eat (pmi)
55dog jump up (pmi)
55adult wear coat walk (pmi)
55life (pmi)
55two person pose for picture (pmi)
55person stroll (pmi)
55text (pmi)
55person practice (pmi)
55person with clothing walk (pmi)
55person wear yellow shirt (pmi)
55performer dance (pmi)
55person wear shirt ride bike (pmi)
55transportation (pmi)
55floral clothing (pmi)
55garage (pmi)
55some item (pmi)
55he sit (pmi)
55hold by adult (pmi)
55entertainer dance (pmi)
55woman wear clothing smile (pmi)
55hay (pmi)
55adult wear clothing talk on phone (pmi)
55homeless man (pmi)
55person wear clothing talk on phone (pmi)
55adult kiss (pmi)
55man prepare food (pmi)
55woman smile at camera (pmi)
55subway train (pmi)
55woman standing on sidewalk (pmi)
55give speech (pmi)
55adult play stringed instrument and sing (pmi)
55person tend (pmi)
55person with camera (pmi)
55wait to cross street (pmi)
55two person play guitar (pmi)
55blond adult sit (pmi)
55group of rider (pmi)
55adult play wind instrument (pmi)
55airport (pmi)
55adult and child sit (pmi)
55seem to be (pmi)
55side by side (pmi)
55person wear red clothing sit (pmi)
55adult work on project (pmi)
55checker shirt (pmi)
55band person (pmi)
55carry purse (pmi)
55man pull (pmi)
55adult wear clothing play (pmi)
55hit tennis ball (pmi)
55skill (pmi)
55adult sit on rock (pmi)
55person prepare meal (pmi)
55adult smile for camera (pmi)
55person celebrate (pmi)
55cameraman (pmi)
55person wear blue clothing look (pmi)
55run wear snow (pmi)
54taxi (pmi)
54duck (pmi)
54adult and child walk (pmi)
54white shoe (pmi)
54man seat (pmi)
54crowd sit (pmi)
54adult play guitar and sing (pmi)
54speaker (pmi)
54green plant (pmi)
54person draw (pmi)
54man wear yellow clothing (pmi)
54rack (pmi)
54person standing on rock (pmi)
54baby girl (pmi)
54adult wear clothing sit on bench (pmi)
54man walk on sidewalk (pmi)
54woman play game (pmi)
54carnival (pmi)
54standing in background (pmi)
54construction worker standing (pmi)
54man hold up (pmi)
54stoop (pmi)
54barefoot person (pmi)
54string instrument (pmi)
54person climb mountain (pmi)
54older man walk (pmi)
54person walk wear clothing (pmi)
54child wear dress (pmi)
54make gesture (pmi)
54person wear clothing and pants standing (pmi)
54pedal (pmi)
54person sit on stool (pmi)
54look person (pmi)
54tan jacket (pmi)
54hold animal (pmi)
54three performer (pmi)
54line up (pmi)
54paint picture (pmi)
54person hold ball (pmi)
54seat adult (pmi)
54play sport (pmi)
54black child (pmi)
54be woman (pmi)
54look out (pmi)
54girl_woman talk (pmi)
54girl_child smile (pmi)
54asian adult walk (pmi)
54mountain biker (pmi)
54company (pmi)
54adult walk down road (pmi)
54adult with dark hair (pmi)
54sit on curb (pmi)
54puck (pmi)
54group of teens (pmi)
54adult wave (pmi)
54hold arm (pmi)
54man look at person (pmi)
54adult with guitar (pmi)
54man with long hair (pmi)
54person surround by person (pmi)
54man sit look (pmi)
54adult sit table (pmi)
54surf wave (pmi)
54adult standing in group (pmi)
54curve (pmi)
54man wear clothing sing (pmi)
54style (pmi)
54adult hold stick (pmi)
54wear black t-shirt (pmi)
54clear (pmi)
54man hold camera (pmi)
54woman wear clothing dance (pmi)
54adult wear blue clothing look (pmi)
53hut (pmi)
53child play instrument (pmi)
53man wear jacket sit (pmi)
53tennis shoe (pmi)
53crowd of adult (pmi)
53white bag (pmi)
53carriage (pmi)
53person hold piece (pmi)
53hold gun (pmi)
53athlete fly (pmi)
53horseback (pmi)
53play in field (pmi)
53dance on stage (pmi)
53person do flip (pmi)
53two officer (pmi)
53adult work on computer (pmi)
53tape (pmi)
53person and woman look (pmi)
53person wear black clothing look (pmi)
53person wear clothing and jean standing (pmi)
53celebration (pmi)
53some person play instrument (pmi)
53adult peer (pmi)
53child sit at table (pmi)
53standing on platform (pmi)
53man wear black jacket (pmi)
53man wear uniform standing (pmi)
53browse (pmi)
53adult and woman look (pmi)
53give person (pmi)
53standing wear line (pmi)
53character (pmi)
53adult wear clothing wait (pmi)
53aim (pmi)
53man play musical instrument (pmi)
53man wear cap (pmi)
53adult and man (pmi)
53write on (pmi)
53saxophone (pmi)
53person surf wave (pmi)
53have person (pmi)
53make food (pmi)
53have meal (pmi)
53while (pmi)
53child wear red clothing (pmi)
53dune (pmi)
53some building (pmi)
53bear (pmi)
53young person sit (pmi)
53man wear gray clothing (pmi)
53blue jersey (pmi)
53sports clothing (pmi)
53group of person run (pmi)
53woman wear clothing play instrument (pmi)
53trashcan (pmi)
53hold tool (pmi)
53watch them (pmi)
53child talk (pmi)
53stuff animal (pmi)
53hold flower (pmi)
53person float (pmi)
53compete wear race (pmi)
53person ride dirt bike (pmi)
53grin (pmi)
53adult have hand (pmi)
53football team (pmi)
53woman kneel (pmi)
52slide slide (pmi)
52clean up (pmi)
52adult standing in room (pmi)
52have good time (pmi)
52woman talk to adult (pmi)
52adult wear black clothing look (pmi)
52blue car (pmi)
52person wear blue shirt sit (pmi)
52cover face (pmi)
52group listen (pmi)
52adult wear clothing sit at table (pmi)
52wheelchair (pmi)
52adult wear clothing and pants standing (pmi)
52loom (pmi)
52person standing in front of wall (pmi)
52park car (pmi)
52wear orange (pmi)
52group pose for picture (pmi)
52third adult (pmi)
52person hold up sign (pmi)
52garbage (pmi)
52woman and person (pmi)
52waiter (pmi)
52person jump into air (pmi)
52adult with helmet (pmi)
52younger man (pmi)
52ride scooter (pmi)
52white sweater (pmi)
52person watch child (pmi)
52person look at phone (pmi)
52toddler sit (pmi)
52tee (pmi)
52swing on swing (pmi)
52mill (pmi)
52adult cover (pmi)
52waterfall (pmi)
52billboard (pmi)
52public area (pmi)
52show adult (pmi)
52man play acoustic guitar (pmi)
52person climb up (pmi)
52run across grass (pmi)
52seat at table (pmi)
52brother (pmi)
52young woman look (pmi)
52person give speech (pmi)
52socialize (pmi)
52slide down slide (pmi)
52large tree (pmi)
52standing on grass (pmi)
52look at each other (pmi)
52bathroom (pmi)
52couple of adult (pmi)
52play outdoors (pmi)
52practice art (pmi)
52man wear clothing smile (pmi)
52adult sit play instrument (pmi)
52huddle (pmi)
52little boy run (pmi)
52exhibit (pmi)
52dog race (pmi)
52couple look (pmi)
52dance with adult (pmi)
52person standing talk (pmi)
52girl_woman jump (pmi)
52standing talk (pmi)
52retrieve (pmi)
52locate (pmi)
52person wear clothing walk sidewalk (pmi)
52adult hold drink (pmi)
52white hard hat (pmi)
52make jump (pmi)
52young girl smile (pmi)
52person on horse (pmi)
52slide down (pmi)
51person sell food (pmi)
51dark room (pmi)
51" (pmi)
51woman point (pmi)
51tattoo person (pmi)
51child dressed (pmi)
51adult wear blue (pmi)
51bmx bike (pmi)
51adult on phone (pmi)
51treat (pmi)
51some individual (pmi)
51group of person watch person (pmi)
51crate (pmi)
51person and man standing (pmi)
51person hold person (pmi)
51person with haircut (pmi)
51adult wear blue shirt standing (pmi)
51beat (pmi)
51woman wear white shirt (pmi)
51look into distance (pmi)
51adult balance (pmi)
51group smile (pmi)
51person make way (pmi)
51woman play tennis (pmi)
51trumpet (pmi)
51pink sweater (pmi)
51two young person (pmi)
51person walk busy street (pmi)
51sit next to adult (pmi)
51sit on beach (pmi)
51wear black pant (pmi)
51person wear clothing walk down sidewalk (pmi)
51khaki short (pmi)
51pattern (pmi)
51beautiful woman (pmi)
51talk into microphone (pmi)
51person have discussion (pmi)
51child go (pmi)
51man crouch (pmi)
51girl_woman wear clothing (pmi)
51adult wear clothing and jean standing (pmi)
51woman have conversation (pmi)
51red bag (pmi)
51look at book (pmi)
51location (pmi)
51two adult play guitar (pmi)
51stick in mouth (pmi)
51adult climb rock (pmi)
51climb rock wall (pmi)
51dog catch frisbee (pmi)
51girl_child wear clothing (pmi)
51rock face (pmi)
51person run wear race (pmi)
51sink (pmi)
51amount (pmi)
51lecture (pmi)
51watch game (pmi)
51person woman (pmi)
51name (pmi)
51pocket (pmi)
51person dance with person (pmi)
51weave (pmi)
51play accordion (pmi)
51handrail (pmi)
51adult fly (pmi)
51sport event (pmi)
51swing set (pmi)
51group of spectator (pmi)
51girl_woman wear (pmi)
51group of person sit around table (pmi)
51man on motorcycle (pmi)
51look at woman (pmi)
51two person wear clothing sit (pmi)
51overlook water (pmi)
51adult sing and play instrument (pmi)
51man wear suit walk (pmi)
51opposite direction (pmi)
50tan shirt (pmi)
50little boy walk (pmi)
50leap in air (pmi)
50walk through snow (pmi)
50redheaded person (pmi)
50some musician (pmi)
50red vest (pmi)
50black outfit (pmi)
50shepherd (pmi)
50boy do trick (pmi)
50try to block (pmi)
50sit wear clothing (pmi)
50blue and white clothing (pmi)
50person wait to cross street (pmi)
50splash wear water (pmi)
50soccer on field (pmi)
50row boat (pmi)
50spoon (pmi)
50two black dog (pmi)
50small child sit (pmi)
50two adult watch (pmi)
50runner run (pmi)
50band perform on stage (pmi)
50adult sit around table (pmi)
50athlete leap (pmi)
50man with instrument (pmi)
50african-american adult (pmi)
50large man (pmi)
50adult with camera (pmi)
50man bike (pmi)
50baby boy (pmi)
50child wear blue clothing (pmi)
50adult hike (pmi)
50person give presentation (pmi)
50person wear white shirt sit (pmi)
50check phone (pmi)
50group of three person (pmi)
50military uniform (pmi)
50woman sit on ground (pmi)
50prop (pmi)
50redheaded adult (pmi)
50two female person (pmi)
50descend (pmi)
50person see (pmi)
50boy skateboard (pmi)
50adult on bike ride (pmi)
50adult put (pmi)
50man standing next to person (pmi)
50get ball (pmi)
50person sit on wall (pmi)
50two person dressed (pmi)
50bystander (pmi)
50supplies (pmi)
50karate (pmi)
50look up (pmi)
50female musician (pmi)
50rugby player (pmi)
50barefoot adult (pmi)
50two cyclist (pmi)
50adult woman (pmi)
50male musician (pmi)
50man standing outside (pmi)
50person play brass instrument (pmi)
50group of child standing (pmi)
50child splash (pmi)
50adult dance with person (pmi)
50person walk down busy street (pmi)
50man wear t-shirt (pmi)
50collect (pmi)
50two car (pmi)
50wave flag (pmi)
50adult sit on stool (pmi)
50skater do trick (pmi)
50some person walk down street (pmi)
50adult have arm (pmi)
50kid run (pmi)
50life vest (pmi)
50male standing (pmi)
50kiosk (pmi)
50person interact (pmi)
50wait wear line (pmi)
50two person wear clothing walk (pmi)
50grassy hill (pmi)
50adult wear yellow shirt (pmi)
50man standing look (pmi)
50adult wear clothing walk sidewalk (pmi)
50some animal (pmi)
50adult ride skateboard (pmi)